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         Iris Gardening:     more books (64)
  1. Iris: The Classic Bearded Varieties by Claire Austin, 2002-03
  2. The Gardener's Iris Book by William Shear, 2002-01-15
  3. Iris: Flower Of The Rainbow by Graeme Grosvenor, 1999-10-01
  4. Gardening in the Caribbean by Iris Bannochie, Marilyn Light, 1993-08
  5. The Iris Book by Molly Price, 1973-06-01
  6. Iris throughout the seasons. (Gardening In General).: An article from: Prairie Garden by Jennifer Moore, 2001-01-01
  7. Wild Iris. (Gardening In General).: An article from: Prairie Garden by Shirley Froehlich, 2001-01-01
  8. Tall Bearded Iris (Fleur-de-Lis) (Gardening in America) by Walter Stager, 2008-01-06
  9. The Book of the Iris (Gardening in America) by Richard Lynch, 2008-11-11
  10. ALPHABETICAL IRIS CHECK LIST by Wheeler Peckham, 1929
  11. The Iris, An Ideal Hardy Perennial (1947) / Genetics for Iris Breeders (1968-Pamphlet) by Written by Members of the American Iris Society, 1947
  12. The New Illustrated Encyclopedia of Gardening (Volume 10 (Ice to Lig))
  13. Basic Iris Culture by American Iris Society, 1982-12
  14. The Iris by Brian Mathew, 1989-11-05

1. Gardening And Flowers-Care Iris Gardening
Care Iris Gardening

2. ガーデニング初心者“レイ”の花生活
IRIS GARDENING THE NOFAIL OUTDOOR CLASSROOM These Classroom Iris Project (C.I.P.) information sheets were prepared by Valerie Mertz, Biology instructor at Marquette High
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3. IGS Ltd - Iris Gardening Services - Grounds And Landscape Maintenance Specialist
Iris Gardening Services are a grounds and landscape maintenance specialist.
Iris Gardening Services Limited
grounds and landscape maintenance company
Iris Gardening Services Ltd are a young and forward thinking local business, dealing primarily with domestic and small commercial gardens. We provide a refurbishment and maintenance service to a very high standard. At Iris Gardening Services we believe everyone deserves to be welcomed by a beautiful garden, at work or at home every single day of the year. But keeping a garden at its best can be time consuming, even stressful.
We Can Help You
Thats where Iris Gardening Services can help. Well join forces with you to transform your commercial or residential garden into the special space you want it to be. Most importantly, we make it our business to keep it that way. Iris Gardening Services prides itself on employing people you can trust. Our professional gardeners are fully security checked.
  • Local Authority Approved Fully Insured Personnel CSCS Accredited Heath and Safety Compliant Herbicide Application and Employers Liability
Our Company
Our Services

4. Iris Planting Guide And Iris Gardening Guide
Bearded Iris Planting Guide and Iris Gardening Guide, Information on your bearded iris plants. We provide gardening tips bearded iris.
Home All Iris Internet Specials Map Nolas Iris Garden Bearded Iris Planting and Gardening Guide
About Bearded Iris
Irises prefer a full day of sun, but will grow and bloom well if given six or more hours of sunlight. The best time to plant is after the Iris has finished the bloom season and before it starts new growth. In most cases, this will be between July and October avoiding periods of temperature extremes. The ideal time is when the summer heat has ended and cooler fall weather arrives. For climates with severe winters and early freezing temperatures, we recommend planting prior to August 15. This will ensure early root development. The bearded Iris is drought tolerant but will rot if too wet. Gardeners can avoid many problems by providing good drainage to protect the Iris from getting "wet feet".
When You Receive Your Iris
When you receive your shipment of Irises you should remove them immediately to let them air out for a day or so before planting them. If you are unable to plant them within a day or two lay them outside in the shade. Do not put in a closed building where they might get too hot. Irises can remain out of the ground for a week or two but you should try to plant within three days of receipt. Water at planting time and keep moist but not soggy for the first month (see About Sunlight and Water section below).
Prepare Your Soil
A well-prepared bed for your Irises will result in better growth and bloom. Irises grow in average garden soils with a PH close to neutral (6.5 to 6.8). They like loose well-drained soil since they do not tolerate standing in wet soil. In heavy clay, we recommend raised beds or raised rows with lots of compost. Some say that adding coarse sand is good, but you will need to add at least 30% or you run the risk of creating concrete. We have had very good results with compost but, as with the sand, it takes a lot.

5. Re: Darkest Day In Iris Gardening
A discussion list all about Iris and other Iridaceous plants including cultivation, propagation, and breeding tips.
gallery of plants plant profiles mailing lists top stories ... sitemap Navigation Gallery of Plants Plant Profiles Mailing Lists FAQ ... Tom Clothier's Archive Donate Help support! 30.95% of goal reached! Top Stories Legions of compost microbes infect gardener Shifting priorities for public gardens Moth brings the smuggler's blues First dwarf oakleaf hydrangeas developed ... story archive
Re: Darkest Day in Iris Gardening
Connie Eggen
Warsaw, MO zone 5+
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A history of Schreiner s Iris Gardens, and photos of a private iris garden in Chicago.
C O N T E N T S About BPI My Irises Schreiner Tribute Wish List ... owners.

7. Garden Tips Growing Iris
Due to the nature of the topic and the wide range of information available, in order to cover only a tiny bit of it properly, some of the websites included here
Growing Iris Home Gardening, Wildflowers, Garden History, Landscape Anthropology Cultural Landscapes European Wildflowers Floral Festivals / Flower Shows Gardening History ... Organic Gardening Wildflowers by State Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas ... Wyoming Due to the nature of the topic and the wide range of information available, in order to cover only a tiny bit of it properly, some of the websites included here may have a commercial element in addition to the excellent information they provide. Such inclusion does not constitute an endorsement of product or service by Sites are included for information value only. American Iris Society Learn about the 100 most popular irises. You will find growing information, society information, photo's, and more. - illustrated - From - Aril Society International You will find terminology, culture and recommended cultivators on aril and arilbred irises. - illustrated - From -

8. Iris, Gardening. Iris Flowers, Iris Gardening, Iris Plants, Caring For Iris, Gar
Iris, Gardening. Iris Flowers, Iris Gardening, Iris Plants, Caring for Iris, Gardening Tips for Iris, Flowers, Iris, Plants. Buy Iris. Send Flowers, Iris. Selecting Iris Plants.

9. ACXK[fjOhbgR | K[fjȎSĂER~jeBT
Definitely iris, the prettiest and easiest flower to grow. Submitted by Geri H. There are hundreds of different species of Iris; some that favor warm areas, others that like a
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CARE OF BEARDED IRIS If you've noticed parts of your iris plants turning soft and mushy, usually with a foul smell, bacterial soft rot (BSR) may be taking its toll.
CARE OF BEARDED IRIS If you've noticed parts of your iris plants turning soft and mushy, usually with a foul smell, bacterial soft rot (BSR) may be taking its toll. It usually appears in the spring as the weather warms. Some causes of BSR include:
  • too much water/rain
  • poor drainage
  • soil too rich
  • too much nitrogen or use of manure
  • plants are too deep
  • winter mulch not removed soon enough.
If the ground is poorly drained and remains soggy, the rhizomes stay wet. Add our Texas heat and the iris "cooks." Problems can also be caused the nitrogen/manure application in the fall. Plants exhibit lush growth, but turn to mush in mid-spring. Go easy on fertilizer. Too much soil over the tops of the rhizomes traps both heat and moisture. The poorer the drainage, the more important it is to keep the plants near the surface of the soil. Remove mulch from the plants early in the spring. The ability of mulch to retain heat and moisture can have the same effect as planting too deep. Follow these steps to salvage iris afflicted with BSR:
  • lift plants, trim dried leaves and diseased foliage

11. Sutton's Iris Gardens
Commercial iris garden offering a range of iris varieties.
Our site is closed for the season! Please feel free to browse our online catalog. - Thank you for your continued business! Sutton's Iris Gardens
Iris selections
Welcome to Sutton's Iris Gardens
We are California's largest commercial iris nursery dedicated to growing and supplying quality iris rhizomes at reasonable prices. Sutton's is located on over 80 acres of prime agricultural land in the heart of California's San Joaquin Valley. Growing and soil conditions are perfect for raising bearded iris. The gardens are open April 1 through May 2nd, 10am to 6pm. We have over two thousand named varieties and many thousands of seedlings under trial. The Porterville Chamber of Commerce will hold the eleventh Annual Porterville Iris Festival April 24th. In addition to the many iris, there will be onsite iris sales, with a shuttle service to and from the City of Porterville.
For more information please contact the Porterville Chamber of Commerce.
2010 Introductions
Adventurous Coral Cove Boundless Glacier Park Malibu Mango Orange Juice Highlighter Glacier Melt Fusion Sweet Latte Australian Rose All Smiles Strawberry Sorbet Bottle Rocket Soft Side Deep Dark Space Coffee Song Dots And Splashes Autumn Ring Autumn Colors Strawberry Frosting Spring Wings Savoy Jazz Bandwidth Golden Apricot Perfectionist Stylish Blues Rainlike Peach Frappuccino Scone Newbie Midnight Sharp Ruby Sands Bahama Blues Doctor Who
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12. Pesche's Flowers | Garden Rx | Autumn | Iris Gardening
Give a Pesche’s Gift Card to that special person and you can’t go wrong! Order Now
Order Now
Iris Gardening
+ Enlarge A clean, weed free garden is important. Remove dead or diseased leaves, be careful when doing a clean up not to disturb healthy foliage! Stems with spent blooms should be cut off at base of plant. August to September planting will help establish a healthy root system before the cold weather sets in. Iris still may be planted in September and October if the fall is exceptionally warm! Iris need at least 5 hours of sun. Full sun is preferred. Heavy clay soils that drain poorly should be amended with Back to Nature Cotton Burr Compost. Apply at the rate of one bag per 6 sq. ft., work deeply into the soil. Iris like soil levels of pH at 6.8 (slightly acidic). The Cotton Burr compost has 1% sulfur that will help improve soil pH. Plant the Iris so that 1/3 of the rhizome is above the ground. DO NOT COVER THE ENTIRE RHIZOME IT WILL NOT FLOWER! The most common mistake is to plant too deeply! Planting distance varies from a 1 foot to 2 feet apart. Plant at a foot apart for instant affect, but remember Iris needs to be divided and thinned out every few years. Overcrowding causes lack of vigor. Water deeply after planting and establish a schedule for it. Remember that deep watering is healthier for plants. Over watering is a mistake. Your plants need 1 inch of water a week.

13. Iris Gardening Services Co (irisgardeningservices Co Uk) Website
Post or Read reviews and testimonials for IRISGARDENINGSERVICES.CO.UK and other websites, submitted by users just like you.

14. How To Divide Bearded Iris
Bearded Iris are tall, elegant additions to the flower border, but they are also relatively high maintenance. You can help cut down on the incidence of soft rot and borer damage
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  • Home Gardening
  • Gardening
    How to Divide and Care for Bearded Iris
    By Marie Iannotti , Guide
    See More About:
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    Carefully Dig and Lift the Bearded Iris Rhizomes
    Bearded Iris are tall, elegant additions to the flower border, but they are also relatively high maintenance. You can help cut down on the incidence of soft rot and borer damage through regular division of the iris rhizomes every 2-3 years. This will also keep bearded iris performing and blooming at its best. If left undivided, the flowering will decrease and the rhizome will be subject to more pests and damage. You can divide bearded iris anytime after flowering through August. Using a pitch fork, carefully dig around the bearded iris plant, starting about a foot away from the outer most edge. Try not to pierce the rhizome with the fork. Work the fork around the bearded iris plant and gently lift the rhizomes out of the soil. Since bearded iris are grown at soil level, this is one of the easiest plants to lift. Prev Next More on Perennial Gardening

    15. Dividing Iris And Other September Gardening Tips
    University of Vermont Extension Department of Plant and Soil Science Fall News Article DIVIDING IRIS AND OTHER SEPTEMBER GARDENING TIPS
    University of Vermont Extension
    Department of Plant and Soil Science
    Fall News Article
    Charlie Nardozzi, Senior Horticulturist
    National Gardening Association, and
    Dr. Leonard Perry, Extension Professor
    University of Vermont
    Lifting and dividing iris and daylilies, rooting cuttings of tender plants, and burying bean vines are some of the gardening tips for this month.
    Root cuttings of coleus, geranium, and herbs to bring indoors over the winter. Cut a three-inch section of stem, remove the bottom half or two thirds of the leaves, and place in moist soilless mix, vermiculite, or sand. (Some gardeners dip the cut ends in rooting hormone; others find this unnecessary.) Place the entire container in a loosely tied plastic bag to maintain humidity.
    When the daytime temperatures no longer rise above 65 degrees F, it's time to pick the green tomatoes. Wrap them individually in newspaper and let them ripen indoors.
    Lift bearded iris clumps with a shovel and break them apart. Save the plumpest, firmest rhizomes, and discard the old, leafless ones. Trim the leaves to about six inches long. Let the rhizomes air dry overnight before planting. Daylily clumps are so dense you'll need to slice through them with a shovel or spade. Separate them into smaller clumps, leaving at least three plants per clump. Trim leaves to about six inches long and replant.

    16. Presby Memorial Iris Gardens
    Volunteer-run garden entirely dedicated to irises in Montclair, New Jersey. Site offers bloom status and iris cultivation information.
    Help keep our flowers blooming!
    Contact us
    474 Upper Mountain Ave Upper Montclair, NJ 07043
    email presby
    Upcoming events

    17. Iris Gardening - Education Resource - StudySphere
    Education Portal, Educational Resource for language school, study abroad, education online, education, school, high school, career education, business school, driver education

    18. Dutch Iris (Iris Hollandica)
    Dutch Iris (Iris hollandica) see it and grow it Recommended Temperature Zone sunset 224 USDA 8-11. Sun Exposure Full sun to partial shade

    19. Leota's Iris Garden - Iris Garden In Northern California Specializing In Tall Be
    California grower and retailer of tall bearded iris.
    Specializing in Tall Bearded Iris, grown in California We at Leota's Garden wish to announce our retirement. Our entire inventory has been sold to Nola's Iris Garden . We are confident Nola's Iris Garden will fulfill your future iris needs, whether it be for information or plant sales.
    We would like to thank all of our past customers for your support, it has been pleasure serving you.
    Our site will remain available for your reference
    Unauthorized use of photos is prohibited

    20. Iris Gardening Tools |
    Iris Gardening Tools. Iris plants are very popular in home growing for their beautiful flowers and easy maintenance. Iris gardening requires only some simple tools and guidelines.
    • Family Food Health Home Money Style More
    Home Bulbs Iris Gardening Tools
    Top 5 To Try
    Related Topics
    Iris Gardening Tools
    By Carrie Terry eHow Contributor updated: December 31, 2009 I want to do this! What's This? Iris plants are very popular in home growing for their beautiful flowers and easy maintenance. Iris gardening requires only some simple tools and guidelines. To garden irises, a shovel, water and fertilizer are the only real necessities.
    Growing Irises
  • Iris plants need lots of sun, although they can tolerate some shade. They need quick-draining soil, but don't require heavy fertilizing or mulching. The plants get thirsty, so a hose or other water source is important.
  • Planting Irises
  • Iris plants grow from bulbs that contain their roots and growing material. To plant iris bulbs, gardeners use shovels to dig holes a couple inches deep and place the bulbs in them. Rhizomes, or bulbs, generally sprout within a couple of weeks, with adequate watering.
  • Maintaining Irises
  • Iris plants need only minimal fertilization during their lifetimes, but do grow and spread rapidly under the right conditions. Rakes are used at this stage to spread fertilizer and mulch around the plants. To keep them from crowding each other out, gardeners divide iris plants every two years or so.
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