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         Jamaica Culture:     more books (100)
  1. Culture and Customs of Jamaica (Culture and Customs of Latin America and the Caribbean) by Martin Mordecai, Pamela Mordecai, 2008-10-30
  2. Sound Clash: Jamaican Dancehall Culture at Large by Carolyn Cooper, 2004-09-15
  3. In Focus Jamaica: A Guide to the People, Politics and Culture (The in Focus Guides Series) by Peter Mason, 2000-07
  4. Wake the Town and Tell the People: Dancehall Culture in Jamaica by Norman C. Stolzoff, 2000-01-01
  5. Jamaica the Culture (Lands, Peoples, and Cultures) by Amber Wilson, 2004-03
  6. Modern Blackness: Nationalism, Globalization, and the Politics of Culture in Jamaica (Latin America Otherwise) by Deborah A. Thomas, 2004-01-01
  7. Martha Brae's Two Histories: European Expansion and Caribbean Culture-Building in Jamaica by Jean Besson, 2002-11-25
  8. Slaveholders in Jamaica: Colonial Society and Culture During the Era of Abolition (Empires in Perspective) by Christer Petley, 2009-09-15
  9. Jamaica the Land (Lands, Peoples, and Cultures) by Amber Wilson, 2004-02
  10. Reggae Heritage: Jamaica's Music History, Culture & Politic by Lou Gooden, 2003-10-14
  11. Jamaica the People (Lands, Peoples, and Cultures) by Amber Wilson, 2004-03
  12. Urban Life in Kingston, Jamaica: The Culture and Class Ideology of Two Neighborhoods (Caribbean Studies, Volume 3) by D. J. Austin, 1984-01-01
  13. Folk Culture of the Slaves in Jamaica by Edward Brathwaite, 1970-06
  14. Jamaica Fi Real!: Beauty, Vibes and Culture by Kevin O'Brien Chang, 2010-11-05

1. Jamaica Culture
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Government of JamaicaJamaica Information Service
The Jamaica Information Service (JIS) is the multifaceted information agency of the Government of Jamaica that gathers and disseminates information on Government policies and programmeslocally and overseas. out corruption in the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF). the operations of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) and Continued rainfall throughout western Jamaica over the past two
was founded in1994 by Peter Haberler and Joerg Schwemmlein with Jochen Simon support. After a Jamaica visit was builded the sound system with self-constracted speaker style.Three times per 1999 with the Flow from Culture Rock Sound (Mnster/Germany) connection was
Jamaica - Wikipediathe free encyclopedia
From Wikipediathe free encyclopedia. Jamaica. 2 695 867 (July 2003) 245/km. - Date. Contents. History. The original Arawak or Taino people from South Americafirst settled on the island between 1000 and 400 BC. Though a small nationJamaica is rich in cultureand has a strong global presence.

2. Jamaica Culture -Truly Distinctive
Jamaica Culture Uniquely singlular Read more about it here!
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Jamaica Culture
Uniquely Distinctive!
Symbolic of our heritage and history, 'Jamaica culture' was fashioned around the mixture and influences of its many peoples. Our motto "Out of Many one People" perhaps provide the perfect definition and insight into our culture. We boast a rich blend of African, European, Chinese, Indian and some middle eastern cultures. Of course the early Taino settlers played a pivotal role in our culture as well. Many of our foods today, for example, are prepared similar to the way it was prepared by the eary Taino settlers then. The concept of 'Jerk' as well as cassava preparations were inherited from this friendly tribe that inhabited Jamaica then. By the way, the name Jamaica came directly from them, who called the island 'Xaymaca' meaning 'the land of wood and water'. The areas of Dance, Music, Folklore, Religion and Language have benefited tremendously from this amalgamation of cultures. Visit my Religions in Jamaica Revivalism in Jamaica and my Reggae Music pages for more.

3. Culture Of Jamaica - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Jamaican culture represents a rich blend of cultures that have inhabited the Greater Antilles island, Jamaica. The original Taino Settlers, followed by their Spanish conquerors (who
Culture of Jamaica
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation search Jamaican culture represents a rich blend of cultures that have inhabited the Greater Antilles island, Jamaica . The original Taino Settlers, followed by their Spanish conquerors (who were in turn conquered by the British ), all made major contributions. However, it is the blacks and slaves who became the dominant cultural force as they suffered and resisted the harsh conditions of forced labour . After the abolition of slavery, Chinese and Indian migrants were transported to the island as indentured workers, bringing with them ideas from the Far East. The official national language is English , heavily spiced with local idioms and Elizabethan usage. The primary local language is patois , or Jamaican Creole
  • Arawak (Taino) natives Religion
    edit Arawak (Taino) natives
    The original inhabitants of the Caribbean region, including Jamaica, were the Arawaks, sometimes referred to as Tainos . While it appears that some Arawaks survived the arrival of the Europeans citation needed there are no self-identified Arawak communities living as such in Jamaica, and recovering traces of their original culture requires sophisticated archaeological techniques.

4. Jamaica: Jamaica Culture, Sandals Royal Caribbean, Sandals Resorts
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About Pamela Smith
I consider Jamaica my "Home Away From Home". I love the island and the people. My expertise lies in the travel industry, so I can help you figure out which resort will fit your wants, desires and your budget. I can also recommend tours and activities that you can enjoy off property.
I travel often to Jamaica, and have stayed at many of the resorts. I am familiar with the difference's between the two sides of the island, and will be able to find the right resort to fit your vacation needs and your budget. You are here: Experts Cultures Caribbean for Visitors Jamaica ...
Jamaica - Jamaica culture
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5. The Jamaica Cultural Development Commission
The official government web site for Jamaican culture.

6. Jamaican Culture |
Jamaica is known for its culture, where everything from Rastafarians to African dance rituals has become a part of daily life.
The Segmental Info System
Jamaican Culture
The unique Jamaican culture is kept alive by its extraordinary people
Ethnic Stew Nowhere else on earth will you find a culture as dynamic as the one visitors encounter in Jamaica. Its people are a mixture of the many ethnicities that have landed on the island's shores over the past several centuries. Weathering enslavement and oppression, the Jamaicans are survivors, and their past is full of fascinating stories just waiting to be told.
Cultural Heritage
Whether they are the descendants of the colonists or recent immigrants from the Middle East, people of all nationalities live and work together in Jamaica. Cultures have been mingling on Jamaica's shores for hundreds of years. And while this mixture inspires pride, it is also the source of Jamaica's characteristically brassy banter that, to an outsider, might seem inappropriate at times. The , who inhabited the island long before European discovery, also left behind a cultural history. Most Jamaicans are always willing to talk about subjects most find uncomfortable, peppering their speech with terms such as 'browning,' 'redman,' 'coolie,' 'whitey,' 'blacka' or 'Miss Chin.' It is not uncommon to find people of all ethnic backgrounds on Jamaica, and the islanders are comfortable with their outward racial differences because they know this is part of what makes their culture unique.

7. Jamaica Culture| Culture In Jamaica
Jamaica is a very diverse country. The island houses within its walls many different cultural mixes. Thus, Jamaican culture is as diverse as the people that live in it.

8. Jamaican Culture & Jamaican Traditions
Jamaica culture is unique not just to the Caribbean, but to the world and the Jamaican Diaspora has carried the Jamaican culture worldwide. It is reported that there is at least one Culture.asp
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Jamaican Culture
Jamaican culture describes the Jamaican religion, Jamaican lifestyle and Jamaican society on a whole. Jamaican culture is what defines a people. This portal links to all websites that deal with Jamaican culture. Christmas Past Mento Music Classical Musicians Mystic Online ... Jamaicans Culture
Jamaican Culture And Jamaican Traditions
Jamaican culture can be aptly described as the Jamaican human activity within different aspects of everyday life that relate to Jamaican traditions. Jamaican culture can be divided into several sectors or sects, usually called Jamaican aspects of culture. Origin Jamaican culture is defined as the origin of its entire population. The Jamaican culture is mixed as most of the society is ethnically diverse. There are several nations and peoples, the majority are African, then Indian and Chinese, then the minority being European. There is a North American contingent but they did not contribute to the origin and main stream Jamaican society.

9. Jamaica
Jamaica online takes a real look at Jamaica and Jamaican culture with recipes guides to patois, reggae, how to be a tourist, Negril, Montego Bay, Ocho Rios, Port Antonio, Kingston
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10. Jamaica Culture - Jamaican Language Lesson
Free lessons of English as a Second Language (ESL) and of other languages

11. Jamaica Cultural Alliance
Expanding American awareness of Jamaican culture and heritage. The Jamaica Cultural Alliance promoting the best of Jamaica, its people and their multifaceted lifestyles
The Jamaica Cultural Alliance promoting the best of Jamaica, its people and their multi-faceted lifestyles email: Home About Best of Jamaica ... Online Resources
20th Annual Jamaica Ocho Rios
International Jazz Festival 2010
June 12-20, 2010
celebrating the life of the late great
Cecil "Sonny" Bradshaw Find out more about the jazz festival here..
The 20th Jamaica Ocho Rios International Jazz Festival is being staged by the Sonny Bradshaw Foundation, Myrna Hague being one of three directors, as its major fund-raising event. The intention is to raise money to support young musicians, preferably trumpeters, who are serious about their craft. Both the foundation and the 2010 staging of the festival will be launched on April 28. Read more.. Sonny Bradshaw: "dean" of Jamaican music From Times Online, October 16, 2009 Read more.. Rex Nettleford - Guardian of our crossroads
Jamaica Gleaner
The first time I met Rex Nettleford was when he came to our Kingston high school in 1968, around the time of the Rodney uprising, to speak to our sixth form about black power. I don't remember what he said, because I didn't understand it. Read more..

12. Home Location::www.jamaica
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13. Jamaican Culture (Jamaica)
New Poems We added 2 new poems If There Was A Jamaican Halloween By Margaret Bailey and A Ms. Dulcie Halloween DUPPIE!!!!! by Dulcimer Peaches Robothom
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14. Jamaica - Culture Smart! By Nick Davis - EBook - Random House
Jamaica Culture Smart! by Nick Davis, Category Travel - Caribbean West Indies, Format eBook , 168 pages, ISBN 9781857335651, On Sale February 15, 2011, Price $9.95, Item

15. Jamaica Culture
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Jamaica North America
CULTURE Jamaica has a wide range of food. Most of it features exotic spices and tropical friuts and vegtables, due to its location. Some delicacies include Mannish water, a soup claimed to cure infertility, impotence and even the common cold; cowcod soup is a soup made from bananas, yams, rum, and "cowocd" (a jamaican secret!), and jerk chicken, which is chicken marinated in spices and then fried. It's not for the faint of tongue! They also eat ackee ( salted fish) and fried plantains, among other things.
Jamaican Music
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17. Jamaican Culture. Jamaican People. Music Of Jamaica.
Jamaica has a diverse culture. Learn about Jamaican people, language, music, and Jamaican art.
  • Home About Jamaica
    Jamaica has a rich and diverse culture blended from around the world. Jamaica's motto is "Out of Many, One People". Nearly ever different race is represented here. This diversity is most apparent in the various foods. African and European influences dominate the culture; however, the spanish, Irish, Indians, Chinese and Germans have all left their mark. The Jamaican people are inherently friendly telling it like it is. Due in part to its strong British influence, Jamaicans are modest and conservative dressers. The display of skin is frowned upon in formal environments. The official language of Jamaica is English. However, most likely you will hear traces of what sounds like a foreign tongue. The language on the streets is called Patois. Patois is a combination of English, spanish. Portuguese and African phrases which sounds more rhythmic then traditional English. Jamaicans have a musical heritage that stems from their African and European roots. Reggae music is Jamaica's most recognized sound. These thumping sounds are rich and infectious and encompass expression of personal freedom, independence, religion, and gossip. Jamaica's most famous is Bob Marley whose influence helped bring Reggae music into the Jamaican main stream. Jamaica's lush colorful landscapes act as muse for its people. These vibrant colors are reflected in the visual arts. Jamaicans have produced some of the best paintings, sculptures, and pottery in the Caribbean. Jamaican artists draw influences from their diverse culture. These colorful works of art include precious treasures produced by unconventional artists ranging from the academic to the self-taught artisan.

18. Jamaica Culture & Customs - Flight Centre
Culture and customs for travellers to Jamaica find out about local culture, social customs, interactions and religion

19. Jamaica - Culture, Customs & Etiquette
Jamaican Culture Guide to travel, doing business, and studying in Jamaica culture, greetings, gestures, etiquette, taboos, negotiations, gift-giving, and more.

20. Jamaica Information Service
Enter your email address below to subscribe to the JIS weekly newsletter.

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