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         Korea Culture:     more books (101)
  1. Korea - Culture Smart!: the essential guide to customs & culture by James Hoare, 2006-09-05
  2. Culture Shock! Korea: A Survival Guide to Customs and Etiquette (Culture Shock! Guides) by Sonja Vegdahl, Ben Seunghwa Hur, 2008-07
  3. China, Japan, Korea: Culture and Customs by Ju Brown PhD., John Brown, 2006-10-09
  4. Culture and Customs of Korea (Culture and Customs of Asia) by Donald N. Clark, 2008-10-30
  5. The Culture of Fengshui in Korea: An Exploration of East Asian Geomancy by Hong-Key Yoon, 2008-05-06
  6. Pop Goes Korea: Behind the Revolution in Movies, Music, and Internet Culture by Mark James Russell, 2009-01-01
  7. Culture and the State in Late Choson Korea (Harvard East Asian Monographs, 182)
  8. Divided Korea: Toward a Culture of Reconciliation (Borderlines) by Roland Bleiker, 2008-02-18
  9. Changing Korea: Understanding Culture and Communication (Critical Intercultural Communication Studies) (Critical Intercultural Communication Studies) by T. Youn-ja Shim, 2008-03-06
  10. Militarized Modernity and Gendered Citizenship in South Korea (Politics, History, and Culture) by Seungsook Moon, 2005-01-01
  11. The Northern Region of Korea: History, Identity, and Culture (Center for Korea Studies Publication)
  12. Shamanism: The Spirit World of Korea (Studies in Korean Religions and Culture 1) by Richard W. I. Guisso, 1988-02-01
  13. Korea: Its History & Culture
  14. Freud and the Far East: Psychoanalytic Perspectives on the People and Culture of China, Japan, and Korea by Salman Akhtar, 2009-07-16

1. Life In Korea: Cultural Spotlight
An in-depth look at various aspects of Korean culture and society.
Life in Korea takes an in-depth look at different aspects of Korean culture, society, and customs. Here you can learn more about Korea and get a better understanding of the Korean people. If you would like to see a particular part of Korean culture discussed, please send your suggestions to Life in Korea
Current Spotlight: Korean Buddhism
Buddhism has a long history, originating in India over 2,600 years ago. Travelers introduced the religion to Korea around the fourth century A.D. Since that time, Buddhism has greatly influenced Korean society, culture, and the arts. Although Buddhism's influence over society has declined in recent years, the devout still make regular pilgrimages to give offerings at temples. Korean Buddhism Past Spotlights Korean War Korea gained independence from Japan in August 1945 at the end of WWII. Ideologically split by the U.S. and the Societ Union into South and North, both sides dreamed of eventual reunification. On June 25, 1950, North Korea invaded South Korea, starting a bloody war lasting more than 3 years and involving more than 20 countries. Learn about the Korean War Oriental Astrology Oriental astrology assigns twelve animals according to the year of ones birth, as opposed to Western astrology which goes by the month of ones birth. Koreans believe that ones animal determines ones personality and fate. Each year holds different things in store for each animal. See what this year holds in store for you! Discover

2. Korean Culture
Korean Culture . The Korean culture has continued many of the traditions and events that came into their culture generations ago. These very special aspects are what make Korea
Korean Culture
The Korean culture has continued many of the traditions and events that came into their culture generations ago. These very special aspects are what make Korea what it is today. Korea was first inhabited by many primitive tribes. Many were ancestors of the Mongolian culture. These tribes moved East into new lands where they began their new era. Many of the people living in Korea today are related to these first settlers. As time went on these tribes united to form a single culture. Since the start of this culture the most important thing has always been the family. All things are done with the families permission. The eldest in the house is considered the most wise, and therefore makes most of the decisions. This tradition was started years ago, and is still being used today. Every relative in the family that is of the same blood is referred to as ilga . This means one house . Another term that is continually heard is tongjok . This is the group of paternal relatives. These relatives are a very tight knit group that, in many cases, live together in one home. Only paternal relatives can be in the tongjok . Maternal relatives can never join this group. The tongjok is mainly controlled with the property of the head family. In other words, the oldest living relatives take care of this group. Officials are appointed, and the family has a type of small government running the show. These officials hold special meetings where they discuss things ranging from ancestral rights to repair of graves. The final decisions of these meetings are made by the oldest living male. This leader takes care of things like funeral planning, festivals, graveside rituals, and helps with daily life.

3. Korean Culture
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    Korean Culture
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4. Welcome To The Korean Cultural Service
Information on facilities, activities, events, pictures, forum of the organization. Includes a country study of Korea.

Exhibition: Hyong Nam Ahn Solo Exhibition "Seeing (through) Music"

Gallery Korea of Korean Cultur.... more KOREAN MOVIE NIGHT: GOODBYE MOM Director : Ki-Hoon Chung Tuesday, November 23, 7:00pm Annual Holiday Concert
Friday, December 17, 7PM Gall.... more
Dec 17
Annual Holiday Concert Dec 9 ... Taekwondo Poomsae Worksh...
Taekwondo Poomsae Workshop on Sunday October 3rd at Queeuns Community .... more The opening reception of...
The special exhibition to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Korean Cul.... more
Are you planning an event that would help bring Korean culture into the mainstream?
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5. Korea Orbit - Korean Culture, Travel, Economy
Korea Orbit Information about Korean language, culture, history, politics and travel.
  • Travel
    About Korea Orbit
    Welcome to! This web portal offers Korea newcomers and experts alike the opportunity to become informed and exchange information about the republic of Korea, Korean culture, Korean politics and Philosophy, Korean history, as well as current events and developments in and about Korea.
    Top Article
    Seoul 600 Years of Korean history can be found back in the capital of South-Korea: Seoul. Seoul is the Korean center of architecture, religion, politics, film, literature, art, music, dance, food and fashion. It can all be found in this metropolis, where 10.3 million Koreans find their home. Although the city is surrounded by mountains and split by the Han-river...
    Korea - Travel
    How to get there
    Traveling to Seoul

    History of Seoul

    Sightseeing in Seoul
    UN war memorial in Busan
    Planning a trip to Korea? Our travel section provides information about all the major attractions in South Korea along with essential travel advice for your upcoming visit. Become better acquainted before you go so as to make the most of your time there. Here you will find out how and where to eat, shop, sightsee, and relax with tips from fellow travellers to help your trip go as smoothly as possible.
    Korean Culture
    Korean New Year
    Marriage Ceremony in Korea

    Do's and Don'ts in Korea

    Korea Flag
    Korean Martial Arts
    Take a step into Korea and you will find yourself immersed in a rich and vibrant society. Here is a country that combines its historic routes with the fruits of modernity to create something truly unique and full of character. Learn more about this lively culture through our articles about popular Korean traditions, customs, and ceremonies.

6. South Korea Travel Information And Travel Guide - Lonely Planet
A brief look at South Korean culture. Includes links to general facts about the country and tourist information.

7. Culture Of Korea - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Dates are calculated from Korea's meridian, and observances and festivals are rooted in Korean culture. The Korean lunar calendar is divided into 24 turning points (jeolgi), each
Culture of Korea
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation search This article is about the traditional culture of Korea . For the modern culture, see culture of North Korea and culture of South Korea Dancheong , decorative paintings on a building at Gyeongbok Palace Lotus lantern festival The current political separation of North and South Korea has resulted in divergence in modern Korean cultures; nevertheless, the traditional culture of Korea is historically shared by both states, and is more than 5000 years old and is considered one of the world's oldest.
  • Traditional arts
    edit Traditional arts
    Main article: Korean art
    edit Music
    Main article: Music of Korea Pansori Pungmul Apart from the instruments used, traditional Korean music is characterized by improvisation and the lack of breaks between movements. A pansori performance can last for over eight hours during which a single singer performs continuously. Rather than contrasting different speeds as it is common in Western music, most traditional Korean music begins with the slowest movement and then accelerates as the performance continues. Korean court music , called jeongak, is closely related to the literate upper-class, and has a strong intellectual emphasis. Jeongak is played at a very slow pace, with single beats taking as long as three seconds. The beat matches the speed of breathing rather than the heartbeat as in most Western music, and feels static and meditative.

8. Korean Culture Books For Adopted Children
Book reviews on Korean culture. Recommended books on Korean Culture for families involved in adoption from Korea.
Children's Books on Korean Culture
Recommended books on Korean Culture for families involved in adoption from Korea. This section is currently being expanded. Reviews and more books are on the way. Back to Adoption Books Bee-bim Bop!
by Linda Sue Park, Ho Baek Lee

"A colorful and lively little book with images and sounds of making Bee-bim Bop (Korean "suishi") in the kitchen." (Allison Martin)
Order Book from Amazon
Land of Morning Calm: Korean Culture Then and Now
by John Stickler, Soma Han Stickler
From the publisher: What was life like in Ancient Korea? What did people eat? What did they believe in? How is it different now? Read about the legend behind the founding of Korea, the meaning of the flag, and the creation of the Korean alphabet. Learn how to make kimchi, how to celebrate Korean holidays, and how people ironed their clothes before electricity. Every page explains an aspect of Korean culture and its changes through the years. Grades 3-8.
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Sori's Harvest Moon Day : A Story of Korea
by Lee Uk-Baeand Ok-Pae Yi
"The story of Sori's visit from the city to her grandmother's home in the country portrays the Korean celebration of the Harvest Moon, with an interesting mixture of past and modern, reminiscent of present day lift in Korea. The pictures are enticing, and at times humorous. This children's book will engage parents and children, while they learn about the Korean celebration of the Harvest Moon festival." (Allison Martin)

9. Korean Lunar New Year
A detailed look at how Koreans observe this popular holiday. Includes answers to common questions, an overview of traditional foods, and a description of a popular New Year s game. Includes pictures and drawings.

10. White Girl Who Is Fascinated By Korean Culture
Annyong) I am an artistic, easygoing young female who is inspired by different cultures. Recently, within this year, I came to love Korean culture its spicy food, interesting
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11. Korean Culture
Fan Dance As with music, there is a distinction between court dances and folk dances. Common court dances are jeongjaemu performed at banquets, and ilmu, performed at Confucian
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    Seoul City Seoul is located on the Han River in the center of the Korean Peninsula, and was settled in 18 B.C. when Baekje, one of the Three Kingdoms of Korea, established its capital in what is now south-east Seoul.
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    K-pop K-pop is similar to the boy bands of America in the 2000s. However, unlike American pop music, which had most of its boy bands and girl groups either break up or informally disband, bubblegum pop is still very popular in South Korea.
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    Kim Yu-Na Kim is the first South Korean figure skater to win a medal at an ISU Junior or Senior Grand Prix event, ISU Championship, and the Olympic Games. 

12. PBS Online: Hidden Korea/Culture
Like all agricultural societies, Korean life has always centered on tightly knit families. Large families have been prized and over many
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Korean Culture:
Three Mrs. Kims dressed in traditional hanboks Couple on their way to Ch'usok ceremony Confucian Ideas: Mrs. Kim teaches her grand-daughter the art of cooking Women and Village Life: The idea of cooperation based on a system of authority worked in the old villages. Villagers often banded together to help one another in times of need and for important events. If a member might need help in a harvest or perhaps house repairs all the rest would gather to help. When a village needed a new well or a bridge, for example, everyone pitched in to build them. For important occasions such as funerals, weddings, or major birthday party (usually when a man reached the age of 60), villagers often pooled their moneys to make a grand party. That sense of solidarity with one's neighbors and even one's nation still flows through Korean life today. For more information on this subject:

13. Korean Culture - - Product Reviews, Compare Prices, And Shop At
korean culture night 2010 will take place on april 8th @ 7 p.m. in royce hall. tickets for kcn will be available beginning april 1st at cto for ucla students.

14. Welcome To The Korean Cultural Service
the raucous shouts of masked dancers, it is a source of pride to share with readers this exploration of Korean culture
Symbols of Korea
Korea is a land of spectacular landscapes, rich culinary arts, and a profound historical legacy. An almost unbelievable array of artifacts and living culture awaits your discovery. From mediations on a stone Buddha to the raucous shouts of masked dancers, it is a source of pride to share with readers this exploration of Korean culture.
Hanbok - Korean Dress
Kimchi and Bulgogi - Two Healthy Korean Foods Hangeul - The Korean Alphabet Jeryeak - The Music of the Jongmyo Ancestral Rites ... Gardens

15. Korea Culture: Ixs
The traditional culture of Korea is historically shared by North Korea and South Korea Nevertheless, the current political separation of the north and the south of the peninsula

16. Korean Culture Camp Minnesota: Home Page
Welcome to Korean Culture Camp! For a great week of Korean culture, history, language, art, dance, martial arts, and food! KCC is a nonprofit
Welcome to Korean Culture Camp! For a great week of Korean culture, history, language, art, dance, martial arts, and food! KCC is a non-profit organization entering its thirty-second year. Our family of current and former campers, teen helpers, teachers, and volunteers continues to grow. Our campers include adoptees and their siblings, children of former adoptees, first-generation Korean Americans and their children, and anyone interested in learning more about the Korean culture. Our doors are open to all! Check out our New Photo Gallery Click for more information:
Camp Schedule and Location

Signing up for Classes, Parent Volunteer Work

Important Update: Teen Guidelines *Please Read
KOREAN CULTURE CAMP WEEKLY DETAILS GENERAL INFORMATION Korean Culture Camp Main Entrance : Athletic #1 at the north end of the large parking lot in front of the school. Look for signs. Children Drop Off and Pick Up: Children should be dropped off after 9:15 and picked up each day at their homerooms at 2:50.

17. Welcome To The Korean Cultural Centre UK
Korean Lifestyle (Han Style) It is generally surmised that the Paleolithic man began to inhabit the Korean Peninsula about 40,000 to 50,000 years ago, although it has

18. Korean Culture Meetup Groups - Korean Culture Meetups
Helps groups of people with shared interests plan meetings and form offline clubs in local communities around the world about Korean Culture

19. Photos Of Korean Culture
Julian Pye's Photo Diary at What i like about the Korean memorial is that it lists the names of all the countries who participated and all the live s lost .
Visit my Flickr page
Photodiary Facebook Group Home Timeline ... Guestbook Search
Korean BBQ Keyword: Korean Culture Korean Food
Sponsors of this site: Traditional Korean Costumes 25 March 2002 Seoul Keywords: Korean Culture Korean women in traditional Korean costume s.... Thousand Dishes 5 May 2002 Los Angeles Keywords: Bernd Janice Korean Culture Korean food in downtown LA.... Korean BBQ 25 September 2002 San Jose Keywords: Korean Culture The great Korean BBQ Buffet place on El Camino Real in San Jose . This is after close, so that's why it's so empty... Visitors from South Korea 20 September 2003 National Mall Keywords: Korean Culture What i like about the Korean memorial is that it lists the names of all the countries who participated and all the live s lost.... Too many... The inscription at the US side of the memorial is poignant: "Our nation honors her sons and daughters who answered the call to defend a country they never knew and a people they never met". Korean Dishes 29 March 2007 Osaka Keywords: BBW Korean Culture At this great restaurant I went to with Masataka.

20. Learn Korean - Korean Culture And Traditions
Provides details on Korean culture and traditions, including pictures. Mentions geography, people, education, holidays, and religion.
Korean Culture
Korean culture is very interesting and full of wonderful traditions. It is a magical place where you find both perfect peace and harmony, but unfortunately wars and tragedies as well. Korean culture rarely falls short of amazing. Use the table below to quickly jump to the section you are interested in.
Language Major Cities Traditional Korea ... People
Korea is a small penninsula on the far East side of Asia. It is between China and Japan. It is connected to mainland Asia in the North. It is separated from China and Russia by the Yalu River and the Tuman River. Between Korea and Japan is the East Sea. To the West between Korea and China is the Yellow Sea. The size of Korea is roughly 1,000 kilometers in length. Korea is a divided country. At the End of World War II in 1948, Korea was divided at the 38th parallel. This resulted in North Korea and South Korea. North Korea became communist, while South Korea did not. (This was based on the deal at the end of the War, dividing the country in two just as Germany had been). North Korea is also known as the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, and South Korea is also known as the Republic of Korea. South Korea, or the Republic of North Korea is slightly larger in physical size, while South Korea's population size is about twice as large as North Korea's population size. The fact that this division occurred has left both North and South Korea on the bridge of war
The Korean language is shared between both North and South Korea and is part of the Altaic language family. There are various dialects but the language is generally understood everywhere. 65 million people speak the Language, with 45 million speaking it in South Korea. The language is considered one of the best and most well planned languages in history. Hangul is the Korean name of the language. The alphabet was created by King Sejong in 1446. The alphabet is extremely easy to

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