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         Mauritania Culture:     more detail
  1. Mauritania (Cultures of the World) by Ettagale Blauer, Jason Laure, 2008-12
  2. MAURITANIA: An entry from Macmillan Reference USA's <i>Countries and Their Cultures</i> by GARBA DIALLO, 2001
  3. Executive Report on Strategies in Mauritania, 2000 edition (Strategic Planning Series) by The Mauritania Research Group, The Mauritania Research Group, 2000-11-02
  4. Feasibility study of fish culture projects in the Gorgol Region (Farming systems research along the Senegal River Valley) by Donald T Rivard, 1987
  5. Climate, cattle, and culture: Collision course in Mauritania by Donald E Vermeer, 1981
  6. Mauritanian Culture: Ethnic Groups in Mauritania, Languages of Mauritania, Mauritanian Music, National Symbols of Mauritania

1. Mauritania Culture History And Archaeology
Mauritania Culture History and Archaeology Culture history, archaeological sites, and other information related to the past of the nation of Mauritania.
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  • Mauritania Culture History and Archaeology
    Culture history, archaeological sites, and other information related to the past of the nation of Mauritania.
    Iron Smelting in Mauritania
    MEN: Mauritania
    Kumbi Saleh
    The Iron Age archaeological site of Kumbi Saleh was built by the west African Soninke society about AD 600, and was probably used as a capital city for the Ghana empire.
    The archaeological site of Tegdaoust is a Berber site in Mauritania, and probably represents the historical town called Awdaghost, a site on the crucial caravan trade network in Saharan Africa during the 9th century AD.
    Dhar Tichitt (Mauritania)
    Dhar Tichitt is the name of a group of villages located along the edge of a limestone cliff in south central Mauritania from between 2000-800 BC. Free Archaeology Newsletter! Sign Up if(zSbL<1)zSbL=3;zSB(2);zSbL=0

    2. Mauritania: History, Geography, Government, And Culture —
    Information on Mauritania — geography, history, politics, government, economy, population statistics, culture, religion, languages, largest cities, as well as a map and the
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    3. Arabic News Weekly Edition For Mauritania, 11/29/1999
    Mauritania, Culture, 12/1/1999 Mauritania prevents a demonstration by the opposition The Mauritanian government on Sunday prevented the opposition parties from organizing a people's
    Weekly Edition, Mauritania - Week of November 29, 1999 Front Page
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    Israel, Mauritania exchange economic, agricultural delegations Israeli Radio said on Friday that several steps and decisions were adopted between Israel and Mauritania with the objective of strengthening bilateral relations. Mauritania Israel, Politics, 12/4/1999 Israel's ambassador starts his mission in Mauritania The Israeli ambassador to Mauritania on Thursday submitted his credentials to Mauritanian President Maaouya Ould Sid Ahmed Taya after Mauritania decided to raise its diplomatic relations to the ambassadorial level on October 28, despite the public and official anger expressed by several Arab and Islamic states in confrontation of the "denounced" Mauritanian step. Mauritania Israel, Politics, 12/3/1999

    4. Mauritania - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
    Inside Mauritania Culture Before you visit Mauritania, visit TripAdvisor for the latest info and advice, written for travelers by travelers.
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation search This article is about the North African country. For other uses, see Mauretania Islamic Republic of Mauritania
    Al-Jumhūriyyah al-Islāmiyyah al-Mūrītāniyyah
    Republik bu Lislaamu bu Gànnaar
    République Islamique de Mauritanie Flag Seal Motto Arabic ) (English: Honor, Fraternity, Justice) Anthem National Anthem of Mauritania

    (and largest city)
    ... Demonym Mauritanian Government Islamic republic President Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz ... Independence from France Date Area Total
    Density 3.2/km
    PPP Total $6.326 billion Per capita GDP (nominal) Total $3.029 billion Per capita Gini medium HDI medium Currency Ouguiya MRO Time zone ... Drives on the right MR Internet TLD .mr Calling code According to article 6 of Constitution: The national languages are Arabic Pulaar Soninke , and Wolof ; the official language is Arabic
    Not recognized internationally. Deposed leaders President Sidi Ould Cheikh Abdallahi and Prime Minister Yahya Ould Ahmed El Waghef no longer have power as they were arrested by military forces. Mauritania Arabic ‎ Mūrītāniyā;

    5. Www.mauritaniatours.comTranslate This Pagemauritania Presentation . Mauritania C
    Mauritania Early History through Colonialism On Nov. 28, 1960, Mauritania became fully independent. Its leader at independence was Makhtar Ould Daddah, who in 1961 formed the
    mauritania presentation , mauritania culture , mauritania tourism English Espaol Franais Deutsch Italiano Danish Greek e,g Portuguese Norwegian 'D91(J) Chinguitty voyages - Welcome to Mauritania ***Welcome to Mauritania ***Welcome to Mauritania ***Welcome to Mauritania ***Welcome to Mauritania ***Welcome to Mauritania *** mauritania presentation - mauritania culture - mauritania tourism 'D91(J) English Franais Italiano Espaol Deutsch Adrar and Arguin basin in 4X4 Desert and ocean (11days) Panorama of Senegal (8days) T rip Senegal and Mauritania (8days) Desert and natural parks (5days) Business trips in Mauritania Wonders of desert 3-Chinguetti and beauty of Adrar 4-The desert crocodiles 5-Adrar and Tagant in 4X4 6-Discovering Mauritania

    6. Mauritania Culture
    Mauritania Culture Virtuoso Travel Specialists Recommended by NBCand Travel Channel TV Get value, priceless Africa safari vacation information, complimentary upgrades, and
    Sitemap Africa Vacations Mauritania Vacation Advertise on this Site ... Email this page to a friend Mauritania Culture
    Population: 2,667,859 (July 2000 est.)
    noun: Mauritanian(s)
    adjective: Mauritanian
    Ethnic groups: mixed Maur/black 40%, Maur 30%, black 30%
    Religions: Muslim 100%
    Languages: Hasaniya Arabic (official), Pular, Soninke, Wolof (official), French
    definition: age 15 and over can read and write
    total population: 37.7% male: 49.6% female: 26.3% (1995 est.) Expert Mauritania Culture Vacation Planning Start Planning your Mauritania Culture Vacation, Tour or Cruise Here Search here for your Vacations, Tours or Cruises Ab out Us Video About Us Africa Vacation Feedback and Testimonials Today's Africa Specials Africa Vacation Accommodations Africa Luxury Villas Africa Luxury Vacations Luxury Travel Videos Helpful Travel Links Travelex Luxury Travel Insurance CSA Luxury Travel Insurance International Phone Service Other Helpful Vacation Links Our Newsletter Sign up for our Mauritania Culture Newsletter and get our special vacations, tours and cruise deals. Travel Agent Jobs Full Service Mauritania Culture Vacation Planner Click here to start planning a great vacation, tour or cruise

    A home made out of clay in Mauritania.
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    8. : Mauritania Culture
    Information of Mauritania culture, tradition, social life, group, newspaper, musium, books, novels
    Country Info Home Introduction General Data
    Time and Date
    Mauritania : Culture
    Mauritania's nineteenth century French colonizers envisioned the nation as a geographic and cultural bridge linking North Africa and West Africa. In the late 1980s, Mauritania bore little resemblance to this vision. Instead, it was a society undergoing profound transformation, torn between two cultural and linguistic traditions. The process of compelling nomads to settle that was begun by the colonial government earlier in the twentieth century was accelerated by the severe drought that began in the mid-1960s. For the next two decades, the rate of urbanization was unprecedented; Mauritania was transformed from a nomadic pastoral society to a predominantly urban one. Large pastoral populations were forced to leave land that could no longer support them. The already-overpopulated cities, almost all of which were located in the far south, were unprepared to obtain these displaced populations. In the late 1980s, ethnic tensions further contributed to an unstable social environment. Even the similarities that linked Maures with peoples of African descent were comparatively superficial. Religious unity within Islam, for example, masked wide differences in religious observances among Maures and blacks. Government officials hoped that the nation's rapid urbanization might increase social and cultural interaction and reduce prejudices, but most admitted that the task of developing a true national identity and a unified society promised to be long and difficult.

    9. Mauritania | Define Mauritania At
    Mauritania culture –noun. 1. Official name, Islamic Republic of Mauritania. a republic in W Africa

    10. Culture Tours And Vacations In Mauritania
    Culture tours in Mauritania We have compiled a list of culture tours in Mauritania. If you are interested in any of these culture tours, please contact the operator directly with
    Home Culture Journey Mauritania culture tours
    Mauritania Culture Tours We have compiled a list of culture tours in Mauritania. If you are interested in any of these culture tours, please contact the operator directly with any questions for ordering free brochures or booking. The list is updated frequently so visit often. Picture Name Highlight Price South Mauritania and Mali Tour 29 Jan 2012 07 Feb 2012 10% off.
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    Have a wonderful tour around south Mauritania and Mali. Come over Nouakchott, explore the Brakna region, witness the desert safaris which is a quiet elusive natural phenomenon. USD 2640 Per person Mali and Mauritania Sahara Desert Expedition, January 17 - February 6, 2012
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    Follow this full circuit with all cultural and natural wonders of Mauritania. Have a desert expedition combined with a cultural vacation. USD 4320 Per person Mauritania Sahara Desert Expedition 02 Jan 2012 18 Jan 2012
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    Covering all five World Heritage sites of Mauritania in a single trip. USD 3070 Per person Mauritania and Mali Grand Expedition (21 Days)
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    Have a 21-day Sahara desert expedition through all the cultural and natural wonders of Mauritania.

    11. ClickAfrique Directory For Mauritania Arts, Mauritania Culture, Mauritania Educa
    ClickAfrique Magazine for Mauritania articles on Mauritania arts, Mauritania culture, Mauritania education, Mauritania history and Mauritania business Web sites
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    Arts and Culture

    12. Mauritania Culture
    Travel Document Systems; Passport and Visa Services. This is the site for the latest Travel Information and the most complete collection of online Visa Applications on the web.
    Mauritania Africa
    CULTURE Moorish society is proud of its Arab and Muslim heritage. Theology, poetry, and music flourish. Goldsmithing is a fine art. Kewri societies have a rich and varied folklore. Mail, telephone, and telegraph services are combined in the main post offices. Fewer than 6,000 telephones are in use, and administrative contact is primarily through radiotelephone. International telephonic communications are run through Paris. The media are owned or controlled by the government. A national radio network broadcasts in the prevailing languages and in French. There are also two Earth satellite stations with telecasts in French and Arabic. A daily, Ach-chaab; a fortnightly, Journal Officiel; and a bimonthly, Le Peuple, are published in the two official languages. Movie theatres are found in the main urban centres, and cercles (social, sporting clubs) provide recreational opportunities in Nouakchott, Nouadhibou, and Rosso.
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    13. How Big Is Mauritania?
    Mauritania travels Travels mauritania Mauritania news Culture mauritania Culture of mauritania Rivers in mauritania

    14. Mauritania Travel Information And Travel Guide - Lonely Planet
    Wild coast meets Saharan dunes. This should be enough to lure you to Mauritania. If you’re still diffident, a limited amount of hyperbole may strike a chord think grandiose

    15. Mauritania Info, Mauritania Profile, Mauritania Facts, Mauritania
    Blacks and Berbers were the first settlers on Mauritania and later on in the 11th century it was center for the Berber Almoravid movement, which spread Islam through out the

    16. Mauritania Culture
    Mauritania Culture Thanks for submitting links or comments about Mauritania Culture

    17. Mauritania - Culture
    A selection of articles related to Mauritania Culture Mauritania, Mauritania - Culture, Mauritania - Demographics, Mauritania - Economy, Mauritania - Geography

    18. Mauritania Struggles With Love Of Fat Women - Health - Health Care - More Health
    Apr 16, 2007 In Mauritania, to make a girl big and plump, ‘gavage’ — a borrowed French word from the practice of fattening of geese for foie gras — starts early. Obesity has
    var collarity_appid = 'msnbc';var collarity_kw = 'Mauritania,World Health Organization';var collarity_tags = ''; Jump to story headline More health news on Search ad info
    Mauritania struggles with love of fat women
    Government trying to change desert culture that force-feeds girls
  • ad info Schalk Van Zuydam AP Women and men exercise around a sports stadium in the city of Nouakchott, Mauritania. Husbands often get upset when their wives try to shed weight because the desert culture prizes corpulence. The Associated Press updated 4/16/2007 7:05:58 PM ET Mey Mint struggles to carry her weight up the flight of stairs, her thighs shaking with each step. It will take several minutes for the 50-year-old to catch her breath, air hissing painfully in and out of her chest. Her rippling flesh is not the result of careless overeating, though, but rather of a tradition.
  • 19. Mauritania Society And Culture
    Mauritania society and culture is influenced by the Islamic religion. Mauritanian society is also influenced by its Moorish past. This is particularly true for the musical culture
    Your Window to the World
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    ... Mauritania > Society and Culture
    Mauritania Society and Culture
    Contemporary Mauritania society and culture derives its sustenance from the Islamic religion. A majority of Mauritanian citizens belong to the Sunni sect of Islam.
    The Islamic Republic of Mauritania follows Islamic teachings in practical governance. The Sharia law is used in jurisprudence. The constitution of the West African country champions Islam as the only State religion. The present Mauritania society and culture bears a significant influence of Islam in its practical applications. The Mauritanian people follow the Maliki rite of the Sunni branch of Islam.
    The Islamic Republic of Mauritania has a thriving music culture. This is partly due to the region's Moorish past. Modern Mauritania has professional musicians who are paid to sing in public concerts and also at private parties. A number of musical instruments are used to compose music. The musical culture of Mauritania includes traditional musical instruments like the hourglass shaped four stringed tidinit. The tidinit is usually accompanied by an ardin. Percussion musical instruments used in composing Mauritanian music include the daghumma and tbal. The music is progressively played through five modes. Further submodes are present in Mauritanian musical culture. Music is played in public by both male and female musicians. Mauritanian culture exhibits a strong influence of the country's pre-Islamic cultural characteristics.

    20. Mauritania Flag,Mauritania Map, Mauritania Culture :
    Mauritania Tradition, islamic republic mauritania,mauritania iron ore, History of Mauritania, Mauritania Culture, Mauritania Economy, Mauritania Religion, Mauritania climate
    Home Add Link Articles Resources ...
    Mauritania Nationl Anthem/Song

    Country List Afghanistan Albania Algeria Andorra ... Zimbabwe
    Mauritania Culture, Map, Flag, Tourist Places
    Mauritania (Muritaniyyah in arabic), officially the Islamic Republic of Mauritania, is a country in northwest Africa. It is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean on the west, by Senegal on the south-west, by Mali on the east and south-east, by Algeria on the north-east, and by Moroccan-annexed territory of Western Sahara on the north-west. The capital and largest city is Nouakchott, located on the Atlantic coast. It is named after the ancient Berber kingdom of Mauretania. Most of Mauritania has a Saharan climate, being hot and windy with little or absolutely no rain. The strong desert winds appear in March and April. However, the coastal area has a milder climate, being relieved by pleasant sea-breezes. Daytime temperatures in the desert are usually above 38C (100F), but in the cooler season the daytime desert temperature can average around 24C (75F). Less then 100mm (4 in) of rain falls in the desert annually. In Nouakchott, Temperatures reach about 33C (92F) in the hottest months and average about 13C (56F) in the coolest month. The state of Mauritania has a constitution which establishes the country as an Islamic republic and decrees that Islam is the religion of its citizens and the State; the Government limits freedom of religion. Non-Muslim resident expatriates and a few non-Muslim citizens practice their religion openly with certain limitation on proselytization and transmission of religious materials. Relations between the Muslim community and the small non-Muslim community are generally amicable.

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