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         Namibia Regional History:     more books (38)
  1. Namibia's Post-Apartheid Regional Institutions: The Founding Year (Rochester Studies in African History and the Diaspora) by Joshua B. Forrest, 1998-12-31
  2. Homecoming: The Gdr Kids of Namibia
  3. Walvis Bay: Decolonization and International Law (Yale Historical Publications) by Lynn Berat, 1990-05
  4. The Revolt of the Hereros (Perspectives on Southern Africa) by Jon Bridgman, 1981-05
  5. The Occupation of Namibia by Allan D. Cooper, 1990-12-21
  6. Historical Dictionary of Namibia by John J. Grotpeter, 1994-06
  7. Namibia & Southern Africa (A Publication of the Graduate Institute of International Studies, Geneva) by DREYER, 1994-01-04
  8. Genocide in German South-West Africa: The Colonial War of 1904-1908 and Its Aftermath
  9. The South West Africa/Namibia Dispute: Documents and Scholarly Writings on the Controversy Between South Africa and The United Nations (Perspectives on Southern Africa) by John Dugard, 1973-10-02
  10. Negotiating the Freedom of Namibia by Hans-Joachim VErgau, 2010-09-07
  11. Namibia Under South African Rule: Mobility and Containment, 1915-46
  12. Report of the International Conference for the Immediate Independence of Namibia: Vienna, 7-11 July 1986 by Benjamin Mkapa, 1986-09
  13. Debts to humanity: do the rich, industrial nations of the North owe the peoples of Africa some sort of compensation for the wrongs that were done? (Africa ... from: Canada and the World Backgrounder
  14. Herero Heroes: A Socio-Political History of the Herero of Namibia, 1890-1923 by Jan-Bart Gewald, 1998-11

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