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  1. Cumulative Subject and Contributor Indexes Including Tables of Contents, and a Comprehesive Keyword Index for Volumes 1-44, Volume 45: Cumulative Subject ... 1-44 (Advances in Organometallic Chemistry)

1. La Recherche-intervention Pour Une Transition Vers Le Développement Durable
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La recherche-intervention pour une transition vers le développement durable
Intervention-research: an approach for transition towards sustainable development Pierre M. Stassart , Marc Mormont et Daniel Jamar p. 8-22 Résumé Index Texte Citation ... Auteurs
Français English La transition vers le développement durable est ici abordée par la démarche de la recherche-intervention. L’implication des chercheurs dans une action collective les oblige à construire de nouveaux rapports entre recherche et acteurs de manière à rendre la première pertinente par rapport aux enjeux identifiés. La démarche étudiée dans cet article, le cas d’une filière bovine bio, comporte une étape d’identification des préoccupations et des points de vue. Leur analyse conduit, d’un côté à une proposition d’action qui reconfigure les relations et les stabilise via des objets intermédiaires, et de l’autre à une proposition de recherches qui peuvent répondre aux défis de l’action en cours. Ces recherches relèvent de différents modèles selon la manière dont les acteurs et les objets peuvent y être associés. Leurs résultats alimentent l’action en cours et débouchent sur un nouveau référentiel de filière.
Intervention-research: an approach for transition towards sustainable development
The transition towards sustainable development is tackled by the “deliberative research” approach. The involvement of researchers in the collective action, obliges them to build new relations between research and actors, making the research relevant regarding the identified stakes. The approach – in this case of an organic beef food chain – starts by an identification step of concerns and viewpoints. The analysis leads on one hand to a proposal of action, which reconfigures the relations and stabilizes intermediary objects and on the other hand to research proposals which are intended to give answers to issues related to the action. These researches are related to different models according the way they associate actors and objects. Their outcomes feed the running action and open to a new food chain «référentiel» (frame of reference).

2. UF/IFAS Center For Organic Agriculture Index
Center for Organic Agriculture. What is the Center for Organic Agriculture? The Center for Organic Agriculture is a publicprivate partnership between the
mission links IFAS home Center for Organic Agriculture
What is the Center for Organic Agriculture?
The Center for Organic Agriculture is a public-private partnership between the University of Florida, Gainesville and organic farmers. It is an affiliated organization with the Institute for Food and Agricultural Sciences. It is the result of a successful grant proposal application to the USDA. Who are the directors of Center for Organic Agriculture? Director: Dr. M.E. Swisher Co-director: Dr. Rose Koenig What is the mission of Center for Organic Agriculture? The mission of the center is to improve the development of food and fiber production systems that include the principles and practices of organic farming as defined by the USDA What is Organic Agriculture?

3. Guatemalan Organic Agriculture With Mayan Women
EarthWays promotes sustainable vision and action for the earth and humanity, a vision for the future that all living things can share. Through our projects and educational events
These projects have achieved such success that they are now serving as a model for many of the surrounding villages in this rural mountainous region of Northwest Guatemala. If you would like to witness this sustainable project in the process of growth, please contact us about ways to donate and to visit the projects. Julie Siegel makes an annual Project Evaluation Visit. Donors are invited to accompany her to Casaca and stay in the AFOPADI Resource House.
Contact: Earthways Project Director for Mayan Food Security Program
Julie Siegel
J. Siegel Designs, Inc.
P.O. Box 167
Evanston, IL 60204-0167 Email: Phone: (847) 733-9854 Fax: (847) 733-9864
About EarthWays
Earthways Projects Events Memberships ... Home

4. Organic Agriculture Development And Promotion, Morarka NGO
M. R. MORARKAGDC Rural Research Foundation - Organisation engaged in the development and promotion of organic agriculture.
Offer for Collaboration
Career Opportunities

Business Query

... Human Resource

Orgainc Agriculture Development and Promotion

Information Technology Enabled Services

Biotechnology for Agriculture and Environment

Agribusiness Value Chain
HIV-AIDS Prevention and Control

Email : Home Organic Agriculture Development and Promotion
Organic Agriculture Development and Promotion
Morarka Foundation has been engaged in the promotion of organic agriculture since last 10 years. In this period it has worked on: For more details on Organic Agriculture Development and Promotion, kindly click on the links given below: Morarka Foundation Initiatives Organic Program Coverage Product Portfolio Professional Services ... Back to Top Web Solutions from Cyberpark.

5. Business Agriculture And Forestry Organic Agriculture (index): ABC Directory
Business Agriculture and Forestry - Organic Agriculture 25 October, 2010

6. Green Living Newsletter Archive: Issue #11, Organic Agriculture
Nobody’s got all the answers. We all need advice. Millions of readers get the advice they need from LifeTips. Our writers are so great–we call them Gurus!

7. SunOpta To Close Acquisition Of Tradin Organic Agriculture - Business News - Red
SunOpta has announced that it expects to close the acquisition of the outstanding shares of The Organic Corporation, operating as Tradin Organic Agriculture on April 1, 2008.

8. Compost Research And Organic Agriculture - Science News - RedOrbit
A RECENT STUDY by an organization called Organic Monitor reported that there are almost 57 million acres of organic farmland under cultivation worldwide, ''with even more farmers

9. International Developments In Organic Agriculture
This paper states how MAF views the contribution that organic farming can make to achieving more sustainable agriculture, better returns to producers and increased export
Search MAF Advanced Search Help About MAF Climate Change ... What's New
International Developments Relating to Organic Agriculture
March 2005
Worldwide Overview
Organic Standards and Regulations


Countries Update
Worldwide Overview
. Nevertheless, the organic sector is still a niche in the total food sector. The organic market share in Denmark is estimated at almost 3% of the total food sales, probably the highest in the world. It is followed by Switzerland and Austria with 2% and 1.8% respectively. More than 24 million hectares of farmland are under organic management worldwide, according to the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM) 2004 report. The market for organic products, previously dominated by Europe and America, is now growing in more than 100 countries around the world. Its market value in 2002 was estimated at $US 23 billion and in 2005 is predicted to be valued at $US 31 billion a projected increase of 34%. Total area under organic management - share for each continent 2004
Source: IFOAM report 2004 Organic farming has been increasing at a slower rate than it was five years ago and even in some countries a drop in organic farm conversions has been observed. For example in the Netherlands the number of farmers in the process of converting from conventional to organic methods fell by 30% between 2002 and 2003. The area under conversion also fell by a third to 3000 hectares.

10. Farming Wiser, Not Poorer - Mobile
Wed, 30 Apr 2008 122200 ET Farming wiser, not poorer Rolling back industrial agriculture should not require a reversion to primitive scrounging in the dirt

11. Organic Agriculture
UF/IFAS Center for Organic Agriculture Index UF/IFAS Center for Organic Agriculture Index Organic Agriculture Organic Agriculture New Agriculture Network organic, sustainable
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Welcome to the organic agriculture resources page. If you can't find the organic agriculture information you are looking for, try navigating through to another category - some listings are shown in more than one place. If you still can't find the information on organic agriculture that you want, please email us at Organics Only, and we will endeavour to help track it down for you. Organic Guide
A complete guide to leading an organic lifestyle. Barambah Organics
Barambah Organics is a family owned company, based in Brisbane QLD, producing high quality certified organic dairy products. Ayurhealth
Since 2003 Ayurhealth (a divison of Nu-Looks Imports) has been a leading distributor of Natural, Organic and Ayurvedic products in Australia. Holistic Arkansas
Arkansas's premier alternative healing directory, with more than 1,000 listings in over 90 different categories of health, healing and wholeness in the Natural State. Welcome Saskatchewan Organic Directorate
title= Organic Farm Apprenticeships

12. Index []
Index Acaricides 246, 2558, 264 Africa (see also agricultural productivity, disease, Ethiopia, food security, Kenya, Uganda) livestock farming in 245-6, 249, 255- 69 organic farming in

13. 󥿡ͥåȥӥץХߥ饤ͥå - ۡ
Prev by Date FAO report reveals GM crops not needed to feed the world; Next by Date Re Apply the precautionary principle to organic agriculture; Index(es)

14. Plow Sharing
Plow Sharing An Interesting And Informative Newsletter About Alternative and Organic Agriculture
"Plow Sharing"
An Interesting And Informative Newsletter About Alternative and Organic Agriculture
Droughts, hurricanes, floods, blizzards, ice storms, when it is all said and done, weather is still the dominating force that controls our agricultural systems. The nice warm sunny weather we were experiencing this winter seemed to be just a tease. The lettuce, spinach, arugula, mache, miner's lettuce, and other greens were really growing in my cold frame at the house. Now its buried under a snow drift glazed over with an inch of ice after the temperature bottomed out around 10 degrees. I haven't dared to open it up yet for fear of tearing up the plastic. My large low polytunnel I set up for a demonstration plot blew away 8 times in the last 2 weeks. In 15 years of using polytunnels, that is the most times I have seen one become so aerodynamic.. You just never can let yourself be to complacent.
Southern SAWG Conference
I attended the annual gathering of Southern SAWG (Sustainable Agricultural Working Group) down in Jekyll Island, GA. Now I was expecting a tropical type paradise but this particular weekend was fairly cold with even some freezing temperatures there among the palm trees and sand dunes. However, the thermal mass of bodies inside the convention center more than made up for it. The sessions were extremely informative and alot of great connections with other like-minded folk were made.

15. Re: What Bad Results? USDA Report
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GENTECH archive [Index] [Thread]
Re: what bad results? USDA report

16. Plant-It 2009: Highlights
They actively support organic agriculture, index purchase 100% of its energy from wind power and have created SynerTrees™ a reforestation program to
Download Passages - The Plant-It 2020 Quarterly Newsletter.
Current Newsletter
Newsletter Archives Page The above file is an Adobe Acrobat PDF file.
Please Select A Year of Highlights to View
2010 Tree-Planting Highlights:
The Qalauma Centre Youth Offenders Tree Project is in Viacha, Bolivia. It is the first Bolivian youth criminal offenders and rehabilitation center. 150 young men and women currently interred in unsuitable adult prisons will be transferred here and part of their rehabilitation will be to plant and maintain 500 trees around the barren facility. Plant-­It 2020 is sponsoring this tree-­planting project coordinated by Trees For Cities and Progetto Mundo. Plant-­It 2020 is sponsoring 602 trees as part of the project ‘Reforesting a Peruvian Desert City’. The city of Ica in Peru is the driest inhabited place on Earth. The goals of this project are to -Halt and reverse desertification, soil erosion, poor soil quality, salination and falling water tables through the planting of the huarango tree

17. OMAFRA Vegetable Production Information - Commercial Vegetable Production
Organic Agriculture Index Page; Organic Crops - Index Page; Recommended organic crop resources Introduction To Organic Farming Organic Food and
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In This Section
OMAFRA Vegetable Production Information - Commercial Vegetable Production
Author: OMAFRA Staff Creation Date: 22 June 2009 Last Reviewed: 26 October 2010 Crop Management Pest Management Food Safety
Environmental Stewardship
... Vegetable Statistics
Text Audio Use web apps to stay informed
Crop Management
Managing the Crop Irrigation Organic Managing the crop - Growing the crop, transplants, season extension and more. For crop-specific information, visit the index page for that crop: Brassicas Cucurbits Leafy Greens Legumes ...
Other Vegetables (Asparagus, Culinary Herbs, Rhubarb)

18. Re: Irradiation
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Re: Irradiation

19. EnviroOne - Environmental Stewards
Organic Agriculture Index (http// The

20. Re: [SANET-MG] Scientific Investigation Of Organic Agriculture
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Re: [SANET-MG] Scientific Investigation of Organic Agriculture
Hi Dale, I think that integration of organic and conventional agriculture is an oxymoron (A rhetorical figure in which incongruous or contradictory terms are combined, as in /a deafening silence/). Organic(sustainable)agriculture will survive only if it keeps at arms length from conventional chemical based agriculture. Organic agriculture programs may co-exist in agricultural faculties in a university only so long as there is mutual respect for true academic freedom.The USDA organic program seems to have been forced into prostituting organic agricultural to the whims of congressmen who serve the chemical industry.Grant money will have to be portioned out to organic

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