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         Quakers:     more books (100)
  1. What Makes Me a Quaker? by Adam Woog, 2004-10-29
  2. The Philadelphia Quakers in the industrial age, 1865-1920 by Philip S Benjamin, 1976
  3. Friends in Life and Death: British and Irish Quakers in the Demographic Transition (Cambridge Studies in Population, Economy and Society in Past Time) by Richard T. Vann, David Eversley, 2002-07-25
  4. Orange and Green: A Quaker Study of Community Relations in Northern Ireland, by Denis P. Barritt, 1972-01
  5. The Quakers in South Africa: A Social Witness (Quaker Studies, 3) by Betty K. Tonsing, 2002-09
  6. Historical Dictionary of the Friends (Quakers) (Historical Dictionaries of Religions, Philosophies and Movements) by Margery Post Abbott, Mary Ellen Chijioke, et all 2003-06
  7. Founded by Friends: The Quaker Heritage of 15 American Colleges and Universities
  8. Quakers in the Colonial Northeast by Arthur J. Worrall, 1980-05-15
  9. Dolly Madison: Quaker Girl (1944 Orange Hardcover Printing) by Helen A. Monsell, 1944
  11. Preaching the Inward Light: Early Quaker Rhetoric (Studies in Rhetoric & Religion) by Michael P. Graves, 2009-11-25
  12. The Naked Quaker (paperback) by Diane Rapaport, 2007-09-01
  13. Strength in Weakness: Writings of Eighteenth-Century Quaker Women (Sacred Literature Trust Series) by Gil Skidmore, 2010-05-25
  14. Quaker Silence (Elizabeth Elliot Mystery) by irene Allen, 1992-10-06

81. Shamrock The Quaker Parrot
Story about the author s Quaker parrot, with pictures and audio track.

Offers blue and yellow face varieties. With pictures, and a price list.
I enjoy raising rare Quakers and Orchids; Please feel free to use these pictures but email me where and state the name and reference to the URL - Thanks - Rare Quaker Parrots First The American Yellow Face Then The American White Face and now Introducing my newest addition The American Snow Blue! If you are wondering why I put “American” in front of all the names, it is both because they were made in the United States, and the events of September 11, 2001 instilled in me a heightened sense of patriotism See below for QUAKER MUTATION GENETICS and descriptions of Mutations. This is one of our Blue Males split to Yellow Face: American Snow Blue Hen with a Cinnamon Blue Male Lutino, White Face, Yellow Face and Cinnamon Blue
My Other Hobby: They even let you come out to their Nursery and get a tour

83. RootsWeb: Genealogy Mailing Lists: QUAKER-ROOTS
For anyone with an interest in their Quaker heritage.
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Topic: A discussion group for anyone with an interest in their Quaker heritage. Our Quaker ancestors kept excellent records and documented their migration into new areas. If you find one Quaker family on your family tree, you probably have many more! For questions about this list, contact the list administrator at

84. Zahzoo's Quaker Paradise
Story told in the quaker parrot s perspective. Has some pictures.
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~*Zahzoo*~ My QS's (Quaker Slave) name is Helene... she is a cool human... She feeds me fresh fruits and veggis.. pasta, rice, beans, pellets and even bakes special muffins just for me to keep me healthy!! I enjoy sharing a bagel with her every morning... (like she has a choice but to share with me?) I wish she would let me have some cream cheese!! She rubs my neck and back and tail and tummy and my head... it makes me fluff up and I purr like a kitten! LITERALLY!! I love going bye bye in the car with my pet... She listens to rock and roll.. and sometimes.. I get all fluffed up on my perch in the oppopsite seat of the car and sway to the music and chirp under my breath... (My favorite is the Beatles) It's not wise to have a parrot on your shoulder in the car... That's where I would prefer to be! Doncha love my picture my QS hasn't figured out how to use her digital camera very well yet... When she does... I will add more of my pictures!!! I hope you enjoy your stay... There is much more coming soon! There are many places on the net to learn about birds and their humans.... tons of info...! You'll find them in my links!

85. Quaker City Volunteer Fire Department |
Presents overview of the department, personnel, and equipment.
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Quaker City Volunteer Fire Department
Posted: Mon, 10/13/2008 - 07:58pm
Updated: Mon, 10/13/2008 - 07:58pm
Quaker City Volunteer Fire Department
Business Phone:

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About Quaker City Volunteer Fire Department - Ohio
Type of Department: All Volunteer
Number of Personnel:
  • Active volunteer firefighters
Services provided:
  • Vehicle Rescue (Extrication) ALS Emergency Medical Services Firefighting
Type of Area Served:
  • Rural
No information entered
Department Apparatus

86. Quaker City News - Topix
Local, regional, and statewide news collected from diverse sources on the web.

87. Quaker City, Ohio (43736) Conditions & Forecast : Weather Underground
Current conditions, forecast, and links to weather maps.

88. Welcome To The Quaker Council For European Affairs Website
Provides membership information, issues and programs, and online publications.
programmes peace human rights economic justice energy security ... other issues about introduction contact vacancies meeting room s financial support events study tours conferences publications stay informed around europe links related websites Recent News QCEA/QPSW October 2010 Conference: Building Peace in the Middle East
Jean Zaru calls Friends to action.
Around Europe 325 - September 2010 (pdf - 1.08MB)
Roma Rights: The decade of inclusion; Introducing our new Programme Assistant; The Story of Budrus; Votes in Prison: An opportunity for social reintegration
QCEA Briefing Paper: Security Co-operation between the EU and Israel
QCEA Briefing Paper: EU and Israel: the Arms Trade
QCEA's work on Palestine and Israel
New information about why QCEA is working on issues relating to Palestine and Israel and the principles that guide QCEA's advocacy work.
Around Europe 324 - July-August 2010 (pdf - 1.21 MB)
Restorative Circles: A Testimony for Justice?; Introducing a new Programme Assistant; The Universal Declaration of Human Rights: In Pictures; Protecting the Human Rights of Prisoners
Around Europe 323 - June 2010 (pdf - 1.42 MB)

89. Product: More Products From Quaker - Specialty Items, Quaker Instant Grits, Orig
Provides grits recipes, product information, where to find and buy grits, and how to get in touch with Quaker.

Print car cards and waybills for operations. Demo and upgrades for download.
Quaker Valley Software
Operations Software for Model Railroader
New Address
2669 Shillington Road
Suite 102
Sinking Spring , PA 19608 email: Web Site Table of Contents JMRI CTC Panel AD4 Accessory Decoders The Quaker Valley HO Layout ... Aggregates Pictures
Welcome to the home page of Quaker Valley Software!
This Web page introduces you to our operations related software for model railroaders. Computer Printed Car Cards and Waybills Quaker Valley Software now has available a set of programs to print car cards and waybills compatible with those available from Old Line Graphics as described by Tony Koester in his March '93 Model Railroader magazine article. The newest versions of the software provide new car card formats and access to a large database of prototypical shipper locations. Check out the details at:
  • PROGRAM Upgrades

  • Return to Quaker Valley
    Homepage Last updated: March 21, 2010. This Web page was written and is hosted by:

    Pictures and general information about green monk parakeets at the University of Bridgeport.
    The Monk or Quaker Parakeet
    An unexpected sight on the University of Bridgeport campus are the green monk parakeets. Natives of Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay, and central Bolivia, they have been imported into the United States as pets. It is often said that in the late 1960's, a container of parakeets was dropped and broke open at Kennedy Airport in New York. Several birds escaped and established wild populations in Long Island. While there is no evidence to support this story, parakeets were imported into the United States as pets in the 1960's. Most likely some of these did escape or were released into the wild when their owners found them to be undesirable pets. These individuals have established colonies with populations reported from Branford to Norwalk. On the U.B. campus, the parakeets nest in the white pine trees near Barnum Hall. The nests are large and made of sticks. One in the Black Rock section of Bridgeport measured 9 feet by 5 feet. Some nests in South America have been known to be as big as 15 to 20 cubic feet and weigh several hundred pounds. Within a nest, the nesting chamber is 7-9 inches in diameter and connected to the entrance hole by a short tunnel. The entrance hole is at the bottom or lower side of the nest. This is apparently effective protection against predators. A single nest can contain up to 12 nestlings, with the average being five to nine. Most nests are started by a single pair of birds. Over time, the nest is added to by other pairs of birds. It is thought that the additional nests are established by offspring of the original pair.

    92. Guggemusig Quaker, Hünenberg
    Intro Flash, Vereinsportr t mit Fotos und Links. G stebuch und Shop.
    Quaker Design:
    Nachricht: Hoppler Urs 20.11.
    Geiser Franco 25.11.
    Gabriel Isabella 12.12.

    93. Peaceweb
    Nancy Pocock, Friend of Refugees, 1910 - 1998

    94. Quaker City Weather Forecast And Conditions
    Provides current conditions, 5-day forecast, and Doppler radar maps. City, OH&lswa=Weat

    95. A Web Site About The Wild Parrots Of Brooklyn
    Facts, lore, audio files, and pictures about Brooklyn s flocks of wild quaker parrots. Information on free monthly trips to see the parrots. A Web Site About the Wild Parrots of Brooklyn
    Quaker Parrot Facts, lore, audio files, video clips, photos, pictures, photo comics, and other information about Brooklyn's flocks of wild Quaker Parrots (AKA Monk Parakeets).
    Tuesday, November 09, 2010
    Next Brooklyn Wild Parrot Safari: Saturday, December 4, 2010
    What are wild parrots doing in Brooklyn? It's a long story (photo credit: Stephen Baldwin)
    Attention all Urban Parrot fans: the next Wild Brooklyn Parrot Safari will happen on Saturday, December 4, 2010, at 11 AM. All will please gather at Brooklyn College 's Hillel Gate, which is at the intersection of Hillel Place and Campus Road.
    Please e-mail me if you want to attend. Note: there is no rain date for this trip. I ordinarily do not cancel the tour unless the forecast is for sustained inclement weather in which birds will not fly.
    Wild Parrot Safari (Brooklyn College): 11:00 AM to 12:30PM
    At 11 AM, we'll inspect the Brooklyn Parrots' "Ellis Island." Their large nests around the soccer field represents the first major colony in Brooklyn. The site is easy to get to via public transportation. Just take the Number 2 train (Seventh Avenue IRT) to the end of the line, walk one block Southwest on Hillel Street past the new Starbucks, and look for the main Brooklyn College date. The tour begins at the entrance at 11:00 AM sharp. Allow some extra time, given that the MTA is doing lots of construction/train re-routing on weekends. Driving instructions are available at

    96. Athens Religious Society Of Friends
    A small unprogramed Quaker Meeting. View the newsletter, calendar of events, and a description of Quaker beliefs.

    97. The Quaker Tapestry Exhibition Centre Museum At Kendal
    An embroidery of community art, the creation of more than 4000 people in 15 countries over a period of 15 years. The exhibition shows 300 years of social history, beautifully illustrated, in 77 separate narrative crewel embroidered panels telling the story of the Quaker movement.

    98. Quaker City Weather Forecast | For Quaker City, OH
    Current, hourly, and extended forecast, UV index, and radar maps.

    99. The Religious Society Of Friends
    Large listing of Quaker links, plus hosting for a number of Quaker groups.
    The Religious Society of Friends
    Navigating this web site: Entries are not in alphabetical order but instead age order. New entries are added to the bottom of each section. Use the search function of your browser to locate entries. is mirrored at Summersault . Quaker blogs may be found at Planet Quaker
    Introductory Items
    Quaker Organizations

    100. Street Corner Society - A Quaker Page
    Very helpful organized listing of Quaker writings and historical materials available on the Web.
    Street Corner Society
    Skip to site-wide links Quaker page
    A Quaker Page
    (Quakers are also known as the Religious Society of Friends) This page indexes Quaker-specific historical materials available, here and elsewhere. Actually, this goes against a major premise of this site - that Quaker history can be better understood in the broader historical context. (See the World Upside Down page for one rendition of that context, and Macaulay's History for another rendition.) But for what it's worth, here's the distilled version:
    At this site:
    Original writings:
    Reflecting back:
    Guides to the reading.
    Using the 'frames' capability of the web-browser, these pages will provide direct access to a sampling of passages in the texts at this site.
    • Journal of George Fox - A guide Journal of John Woolman - A guide Macaulay's History of England - A guide
    Some maps of the early "seedbed" area of Quakerism, of the areas of growth in the early 1650s, and of England and Wales generally.

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