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         Quantum Physics:     more books (100)
  1. Physics of the Soul: The Quantum Book of Living, Dying, Reincarnation and Immortality by Amit Goswami, 2001-09
  2. Quantum Mechanics (2nd Edition) by B.H. Bransden, C.J. Joachain, 2000-02-07
  3. Introduction to Quantum Mechanics (2nd Edition) by David J. Griffiths, 2004-04-10
  4. Everyday Quantum Reality by David A. Grandy, 2010-09-22
  5. Compendium of Quantum Physics: Concepts, Experiments, History and Philosophy
  6. Principles of Quantum Mechanics by R. Shankar, 1994-09-01
  7. Elementary Particles and the Laws of Physics: The 1986 Dirac Memorial Lectures by Richard P. Feynman, Steven Weinberg, 1999
  8. Quantum Theory: Concepts and Methods (Fundamental Theories of Physics) by A. Peres, 1995-09
  9. Schaum's Outline of Quantum Mechanics, Second Edition (Schaum's Outline Series) by Yoav Peleg, Reuven Pnini, et all 2010-05-04
  10. Dr. Quantum Presents: Meet the Real Creator--You! by Fred Alan Wolf, 2005-10-01
  11. Quantum Mechanics Non-Relativistic Theory, Third Edition: Volume 3 by L. D. Landau, L. M. Lifshitz, 1981-01-15
  12. Relativity and Quantum Mechanics: Principles of Modern Physics (Secrets of the Universe) by Paul Fleisher, 2001-05
  13. An Introduction To Quantum Field Theory (Frontiers in Physics) by Michael E. Peskin, Dan V. Schroeder, 1995-10-02
  14. Principles of Quantum Mechanics: As Applied to Chemistry and Chemical Physics (Volume 0) by Donald D. Fitts, 1999-08-28

61. Summum - Sealed Except To The Open Mind
Philosophy using Egyptian spirituality and the laws of quantum physics to explain creation.
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The Teachings of Gnostic Christianity

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"Even the teachings of the Gnostic and Early Christians drew their roots from the Summum Principles."
And he said, "Whoever discovers the hidden meaning of these sayings will not taste death."
In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.
And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free. Romans And be not conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. "Bread of Life" courtesy of Kilmore Church Seven Summum Aphorisms
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Seven Aphorisms Monument Click image for a larger view Visit ToP, our online cultural center featuring ancient art and artifacts from around the world. Donate your art and artifacts , receive a tax deduction, and help us show culture to the world. Willkommen zu Summum Benvenuto a Summum Bienvenido a Summum!

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Table of Contents: Volume III - Semiconductors SOLID-STATE DEVICE THEORY
Quantum physics
We need your help! This page requires proofreading - If you notice any errors, please post on our forums Physicist Richard P. Feynman To say that the invention of semiconductor devices was a revolution would not be an exaggeration. Not only was this an impressive technological accomplishment, but it paved the way for developments that would indelibly alter modern society. Semiconductor devices made possible miniaturized electronics, including computers, certain types of medical diagnostic and treatment equipment, and popular telecommunication devices, to name a few applications of this technology. But behind this revolution in technology stands an even greater revolution in general science: the field of quantum physics Many of us have seen diagrams of atoms that look something like Figure below Rutherford atom: negative electrons orbit a small positive nucleus.

63. Welcome To D-Wave Systems
Portal to the state of the art in the design of quantum computers, operating systems, algorithms, hardware, superconductors, and quantum physics.
D-Wave Systems
Welcome to D-Wave Systems
D-Wave is pioneering the development of a new class of high-performance computing system designed to solve complex search and optimization problems, with an initial emphasis on synthetic intelligence and machine learning applications. D-Wave systems are architected around an innovative processor that uses a computational model known as adiabatic quantum computing (AQC). These processors exploit quantum effects to solve search and optimization problems in a new way. They are fabricated using superconducting metals instead of semiconductors and are operated at ultra-low temperatures in a magnetic vacuum.
D-Wave Blog
D-Wave founder and CTO Dr. Geordie Rose discusses D-Wave science and technology
Quantum Computing Basics

Good places to get an understanding of the
promise and limitations of quantum computers

What D-Wave is trying to build
Featured Science

The latest science from D-Wave
D-Wave's AQUA @home ( A diabatic QU antum A lgorithms) is a research project whose
goal is to predict the performance of superconducting adiabatic quantum computers on
a variety of hard problems arising in fields ranging from materials science to machine learning. AQUA@home uses Internet-connected computers to help design and

64. Quantum Physics
Planck's constant Early in the investigation of what makes up atoms, a physicist named Planck noticed a logical problem for the structure of the atom.
Planck's constant Early in the investigation of what makes up atoms, a physicist named Planck noticed a logical problem for the structure of the atom. Planck noticed a fatal flaw in our physics by demonstrating that the electron in orbit around the nucleus accelerates. Acceleration means a changing electric field (the electron has charge), when means photons should be emitted. But, then the electron would lose energy and fall into the nucleus. Therefore, atoms shouldn't exist! To resolve this problem, Planck made a wild assumption that energy, at the sub-atomic level, can only be transfered in small units, called quanta. Due to his insight, we call this unit Planck's constant (h). The word quantum derives from quantity and refers to a small packet of action or process, the smallest unit of either that can be associated with a single event in the microscopic world. Changes of energy, such as the transition of an electron from one orbit to another around the nucleus of an atom, is done in discrete quanta. Quanta are not divisible. The term quantum leap refers to the abrupt movement from one discrete energy level to another, with no smooth transition. There is no ``inbetween''. The quantization, or ``jumpiness'' of action as depicted in quantum physics differs sharply from classical physics which represented motion as smooth, continuous change. Quantization limits the energy to be transfered to photons and resolves the UV catastrophe problem.

65. Qwiki
Quantum Physics Wiki hosted by Stanford, with pages on quantum information, quantum computation, quantum control and quantum optics.

66. Quantum Physics |
Quantum Physics Quantum physics is a branch of physics of atoms and molecules that is governed by the uncertainty principle. It states that the velocity and position of any
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Quantum Physics
Quantum physics is a branch of physics of atoms and molecules that is governed by the uncertainty principle. It states that the velocity and position of any given molecule cannot be stipulated with absolute accuracy at the same time. All the results are based on probability.
What is Bose-Einstein Condensate

Bose-Einstein Condensate (BEC) theory is named after its theorists, Satyendra Nath Bose and Albert Einstein. It is the effect of super cool temperatures on the state of matter. When the temperature goes a few billionth of a degree above absolute zero, certain elements exhibit Bose-Einstein condensation.
Basics of Quantum Mechanics for Dummies

Next time when a Physics Professor says that the probability of your position at any given time, in the whole universe, is never zero, don't think he has lost his marbles. This is where we can start with the basics of Quantum Mechanics for dummies. Just read on...
Basics of Quantum Physics

Quantum physics encompass many basic principles regarding the nature of matter and energy. Here is some information about the basics of quantum physics.
Quantum Enigma: Physics Encounters Consciousness

A Social Responsibility in Teaching Physics - Physicists properly join today’s arguments involving the teaching of Darwinian evolution. There is, however, a social issue even closer to the responsibility of physicists: quantum physics is increasingly invoked to promote pseudoscience.

67. Ekert, Artur
Professor of Quantum Physics, Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford, U.K.

68. Quantum Physics
Empower Yourself With Seven Principles of Quantum Physics and Mind Creation.
Quantum Physics
Empower Yourself With Seven Principles of Quantum Physics and Mind Creation
quantum physics quantum theory for your life. You want to know how to use quantum principles to create the life of your dreams! 2. The implications of quantum physics truly empower you. See how the five basic quantum "meanings" below enable you to enjoy a richer life. 3. Our physical universe is shapeable! Yes, quantum physics teaches us that our physical reality is moldable, and this truth excites a lot of us. It means we can create what we want, if we work with the quantum laws. 4. Our thoughts shape the universe and the matter we see. Quantum research proves that particles of light and matter behave differently when we humans "watch" them! We co-create our physical universe via the power of our minds, by using "holographic creations" made from waves of sound and light. create the reality you want and deserve.

69. Far Out, Man. But Is It Quantum Physics? - New York Times
Mar 14, 2006 The quantum mysticism industry raises a disturbing question Do we have to indulge in bad physics to feel good?

70. Louis De Broglie - Biography
A biography of the French scientist who postulated the wave nature of electrons, one of the basis of the quantum physics.
Home FAQ Press Contact Us ... Nobel Prize in Physics Louis de Broglie - Biography
Prince Louis-Victor de Broglie (Researches on the quantum theory), which gained him his doctor's degree. This thesis contained a series of important findings which he had obtained in the course of about two years. The ideas set out in that work, which first gave rise to astonishment owing to their novelty, were subsequently fully confirmed by the discovery of electron diffraction by crystals in 1927 by Davisson and Germer; they served as the basis for developing the general theory nowadays known by the name of wave mechanics , a theory which has utterly transformed our knowledge of physical phenomena on the atomic scale.

71. Max Planck - Biography
Personal life, works, and achivements of the man who was the father of the quantum physics, by the Nobel Prize Organization.
Home FAQ Press Contact Us ... Nobel Prize in Physics Max Planck - Biography
Max Karl Ernst Ludwig Planck was born in Kiel, Germany, on April 23, 1858, the son of Julius Wilhelm and Emma ( Planck studied at the Universities of Munich and Berlin, where his teachers included Kirchhoff and Helmholtz, and received his doctorate of philosophy at Munich in 1879. He was Privatdozent in Munich from 1880 to 1885, then Associate Professor of Theoretical Physics at Kiel until 1889, in which year he succeeded Kirchhoff as Professor at Berlin University, where he remained until his retirement in 1926. Afterwards he became President of the Kaiser Wilhelm Society for the Promotion of Science, a post he held until 1937. The Prussian Academy of Sciences appointed him a member in 1894 and Permanent Secretary in 1912. Planck's earliest work was on the subject of thermodynamics, an interest he acquired from his studies under Kirchhoff, whom he greatly admired, and very considerably from reading R. Clausius' publications. He published papers on entropy, on thermoelectric ity and on the theory of dilute solutions.

72. Quantum Physics Explored
some recent computer problems are stoping me from being able to keep up with posting, but fear not, posting will be back to normal soon…
Quantum Physics Explored
The Blog For everyone, Making Quantum physics Enjoyable
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New Program writen By me
hi,ive been thinking, insted of having to work out light year values, why cant you just type them into a computer then the computer give you the value in KM. Well, i have built that program, heres a look at the code: Imports System.Windows.Forms Module Sub Console.WriteLine( Console.WriteLine( Do Dim light As String Dim test As String Console.Write( Dim cal As String Dim answer As String = light * 60 * 60 * 24 * 365.25 * cal Console.WriteLine( My .Computer.Clipboard.SetText(answer) Console.WriteLine( Loop End Sub End Module This code was written in Visual Basic and is a simple command line program, you can download the package by clicking here . This includes a setup file, when you run this the program will instal itself on your computer, it will be acsessable from the start menu. Please note, the code above is the atchual code for the program, there is no malware of any sort hidden in this program.  Also please unzip the whole package before instaling. Thanks.
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Does Quantum physics provide means for a new type of super weapon
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I know the first video starts of a little strange, but when it gets into the physics it becomes intresting, and a great way to travel faster than the speed of light. Remember this is just a theory, nothing proved. I look forward to your views on these videos, or any comments you mite have, but for now, im going to let you get on with the second video.

73. School Of Mathematics And Physics | School Of Mathematics And Physics
Covers biophysics, quantum physics, computational physics, engineering and optics.
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The University of Queensland
Mathematics and Physics
Search Entry

74. Quantum Physics: David Bohm. Bohmian Wave Mechanics, Holographic Universe, Bohm
David Bohm Quantum Physics. Explaining Bohmian Mechanics with the Wave Structure of Matter (WSM). Discussion of David Bohm Quotes on Quantum Theory, Wholeness and the
Quantum Physics
Max Planck
Light Quanta
Einstein 'Photon' Photoelectric Louis de Broglie Matter Waves ... Milo Wolff: Wave Structure Matter By Subject Discrete Standing Wave Interactions Explain Light Quanta 'Photon Particles' WSM: Particle Wave Duality Light Matter High Velocity de Broglie Phase Waves Explain EPR Non-Locality Spooky Action-at-a-Distance, Einstein To be completed
Truth Reality (Home) Simple
Science Metaphysics
Substance Mathematical
Physics Einstein
Relativity Quantum Physics Cosmology
Space Philosophy
Truth Theology
Religion Evolution
Ecology Health
Nutrition Education Wisdom Politics Utopia The Spherical Standing Wave Structure of Matter (WSM) in Space Site Introduction (2010): Despite several thousand years of failure to correctly understand physical reality (hence the current postmodern view that this is impossible ) there is an obvious solution.

75. IB Physics Compendium 2005
Notes include measurement, mechanics, thermal physics, waves, electricity, quantum physics, optics, TOK and natural sciences.
The IB Physics Compendium 2005 Thomas Illman ( Version: 13 August 2005 Important notice: I will, from 2008 onwards, no longer teach IB physics but switch to the Finnish national system at the same school (Vasa övningsskola). This IB compendium will remain online and free for anyone to use and develop, but I will not make a new version of it for the new IB curriculum. Those who understand Swedish may find some useful material (also free for anyone to use and translate) in the Gymnasiefysikkompendiet For a group where SL takes the Mechanics and Atomic physics extensions, the following level separation can be used:+ = section for HL only, (+) = partially for HL only, * = section not in the IB programme but in the Finnish national. HL takes two of the options, SL none. Introduction : The IB Physics Compendium - a tool for non-constructivist education. Measurement 1.1. What is physics? 1.2. The SI-system 1.3. Vectors and scalars 1.4. Graphs 1.5. Errors and uncertainties 1.6. Orders of magnitude 1.7. Logarithms

76. Quantum Physics With Regard To Spirituality
An article discussing the parallels between quantum physics and spirituality.
Alex PATERSON Updated: 11 March 2008 MASTER INDEX of articles written or recommended by Alex Paterson
QUANTUM PHYSICS is at the cutting edge of Western science and in many respects goes way beyond Einstein's Theory of Relativity. The interesting thing about quantum physics is that the original impetus giving rise to it, namely the pursuit of the elemental building blocks of the Universe (separate elementary particles) has become meaningless with the discovery that the Universe appears to be an undivided Whole in a perpetual state of dynamic flux. Like Einstein's Theory of Relativity, Quantum Physics reveals the Universe to be a single gigantic field of energy in which matter is just a 'slowed down' form of energy. Further, Quantum Physics has discovered that matter/energy does not exist with any certainty in definite places, but rather shows 'tendencies' to exist. (i.e. the 'Uncertainty Principle' ) Even more intriguing is the notion that the existence of an observer is fundamental to the existence of the Universe - a concept known as 'The Observer Effect' - implying that the Universe is a product of consciousness. (i.e. the Mind of God)

77. The Matrix And Quantum Consciousness
Detailed analysis of the film s ideas, utilizing explanations from the fields of quantum physics and artificial intelligence.
Tony's Home
The Matrix and Quantum Consciousness
In the 1999 movie The Ma tr ix and the book The Art of The Matrix (Newmarket 2000) most of the Humans on Earth are cultivated by Machine/Computer Life Forms If Humans have a 100 year life span, you would have to grow 5 x 10^7 = 50 million Humans per year in order to maintain a steady population of 5 x 10^9 = 5 billion Humans. If it takes 10 years to grow a Human until the Brain is Mature, the total number of immature Humans being grown at any particular time would be 500 million. If each Human has a 10 meter square area, or 100 square meters, the total Farm area would be 10^2 x 5 x 10^8 = 5 x 10^10 square meters, the area of a square about 2 x 10^5 meters on a side. The Farm would fit in a square about 200 kilometers on a side After being grown to have a Mature Brain , each Human is put in a Pod connected to a huge Matrix Network.

78. Quantum Physics
Welcome to the Quantum Physics community. Here you will find interesting discussions, knowledge sharing and clarification sessions led by various domain experts of

79. Transfer Point
Experimental poetry and prose thrown in a blender with Buddhism, transpersonal psychology, quantum physics, genetics, and transhumanism.
I was never here. This did not exist. Back out the in-door.
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80. How Quantum Physics Could Power The Future | LiveScience
Quantum physics might seem too unpredictable, but new technologies hope to capitalize on its very strangeness.

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