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         Ragtime Music:     more books (105)
  1. The Complete Blues and Ragtime Guitar Player (The Complete Guitar Player Series) by Russ Shipton, 1992-01-01
  2. Vernon and Irene Castle's Ragtime Revolution by Eve Golden, 2007-11-30
  3. Ragtime: Its History, Composers, Music (Macmillan popular music series) by John Edward Hasse, 1986-05-12
  4. Ragtime Cowboy Joe - Sheet Music - (Maurice Abrahams, Piano Solo) by Music by Maurice Abrahams and Lewis Muir, 1942
  5. Black Popular Music in America: From the Spirituals, Minstrels, and Ragtime to Soul, Disco, and Hip-Hop by Arnold Shaw, 1986-03
  6. That American Rag! The Story of Ragtime from Coast to Coast by David A Jasen, Gene Jones, 2000-12-22
  7. The Art of Ragtime: Form and Meaning of an Original Black American Art (A Da Capo Paperback) by William John Schafer, 1977-06
  8. Ragtime Songbook (Music Sales America)
  9. Scott Joplin & the Age of Ragtime (Life, Times and Music Series) by Timothy Frew, 1996-06
  10. Jazz Bibliography: International Literature on Jazz, Blues, Spirituals, Gospel and Ragtime Music by Bernhard Hefele, 1981-11
  11. Ragtime Dance Scott Joplin Easy Piano Sheet Music by Scott Joplin, 2010
  12. Ragtime Nightmare Tom Turpin Easy Piano Sheet Music by Tom Turpin, 2010
  13. Ragtime (Music Scores) by Scott Joplin, 1998-01-31
  14. They All Played Ragtime - The True Story Of An American Music by Ridi Blesh, 2008-11-04

1. Ragtime_music Synonyms, Ragtime_music Antonyms |
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2. Ragtime Music - Discussion And Encyclopedia Article. Who Is Ragtime Music? What
Ragtime music. Discussion about Ragtime music. Ecyclopedia or dictionary article about Ragtime music.

3. Ragtime Music - Definition
This is an article about Ragtime music. For other uses of the word Ragtime see Ragtime (disambiguation). Ragtime is an American musical genre, enjoying its peak popularity
Ragtime music - Definition
This is an article about Ragtime music. For other uses of the word "Ragtime" see: Ragtime (disambiguation)
Ragtime is an American musical genre, enjoying its peak popularity around the years . Ragtime is a dance form written in 2/4 or 4/4 time, and utilizing a walking bass , that is, the bass note played legato on the 1-3 beats with a staccato chord played on the 2-4 beats. Much ragtime is written in Sonata form , with four distinct themes and a modified first theme appearing in the work. Ragtime music is syncopated , with the melodic notes landing largely on the off-beats. The etymology of the word ragtime is not known with certainty. One theory is that the "ragged time" associated with the walking bass set against the melodic line gives the genre its name. Contents showTocToggle("show","hide") 1 Historical context
2 1950s Ragtime Revival

3 1970s Ragtime Revival

4 Ragtime composers
6 See also
Historical context
Ragtime originated in African-American musical communities, in the late 19th century . By the start of the 20th century it became widely popular throughout North America and was listened and danced to, performed, and written by people of many different subcultures. A distinctly American musical style, ragtime may be considered a synthesis of African-American syncopation and European classical music, though this description is oversimplified.

4. - Who Composed Ragtime Music
Many people composed ragtime music. The first composer of note was Scott Joplin.

5. Ragtime_music | Define Ragtime_music At
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6. Warren Trachtman's Ragtime MIDI Website
A source for ragtime music. Includes some downloadable tunes in GIF format and a links to other ragtime music.
Ragtime Piano MIDI files
by Warren Trachtman
Home Ragtime
Midi Files
Piano Roll ... Contact Me
Download Some Free Ragtime Sheet Music
Also, links to Ragtime Audio CDs and Tapes, collections of ragtime sheet music, and books about ragtime, which you can purchase mail-order, are provided below.
As an experiment, I am going to provide some FREE downloadable, GIF format, scanned images of sheet music for some ragtime pieces. The available scores will be EXCLUSIVELY LIMITED TO PUBLIC DOMAIN COMPOSITIONS! Please do NOT ask me to include copies of any compositions published more recently than 1922.
These GIF files can be printed out on your own printer, from your own computer, once you download and unzip the graphic archive file. The quality of these scanned images produces a very good result when printed using a reasonably good graphic program and printer, with 100dpi resolution or better.
One program which works very well for printing the sheet music scans in Windows is a freeware graphics program called IrfanView.
However, it is important that you do not use settings in your graphic program which may reduce the image resolution prior to printing the score. For example, some graphic programs have a setting which reduces the image to fit it entirely within the display screen on your CRT. If this setting is enabled, it generally will reduce the quality of the image, and the printed result will be very poor. Let the image on the computer screen spill outside of the viewable area, and fit the image to a single page when printing from the program.

7. Ragtime - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
He also used the term swing in describing how to play ragtime music Play slowly until you catch the swing . The name swing later came to be applied to an early genre of jazz
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation search This article is about ragtime music. For other uses, see Ragtime (disambiguation) Ragtime (music) Stylistic origins Cakewalk jig classical music Cultural origins 1890s: US Typical instruments Mainly piano , sometimes banjo orchestra, brass band Mainstream popularity Derivative forms Stride novelty piano honky tonk Fusion genres Jazz boogie woogie bluegrass Second edition cover of "Maple Leaf Rag." It is one of the most famous rags. Ragtime (alternately spelled rag-time is an original musical genre which enjoyed its peak popularity between 1897 and 1918. Its main characteristic trait is its syncopated, or "ragged," rhythm. It began as dance music in the red-light districts of American cities such as St. Louis and New Orleans years before being published as popular sheet music for piano. It was a modification of the march made popular by John Philip Sousa , with additional polyrhythms coming from African music. The ragtime composer Scott Joplin became famous through the publication in 1899 of the " Maple Leaf Rag " and a string of ragtime hits that followed, although he was later forgotten by all but a small, dedicated community of ragtime aficionados until the major ragtime revival in the early 1970s.

8. Colin D. MacDonald's Ragtime - March - Waltz Web Site Welcome Page
Features ragtime, march and waltz midi files. This is the largest ragime midi collection on the internet by one sequencer. All files have been edited by Greenfield Bowie.
Welcome to Colin D. MacDonald's Ragtime - March - Waltz Web Site
Click on the titles for samples
Atlanta Rag
1922, by Charles "Cow-Cow" Davenport
Black and White Rag
1908, by George Botsford played by Greenfield Bowie
Maple Leaf Rag
1899, by Scott Joplin
Sensation Rag
1908, by Joseph Lamb arranged by Scott Joplin
Choose frames or non-frames to go to 422 more
The West Coast Ragtime Society has moved to:
The Sutter Creek Ragtime Festival has moved to:
The Sacramento Ragtime Society has moved to:
visits since October 27, 1996 Colin D. MacDonald
This website lives on, in memory of Colin “Mac” MacDonald, who passed away on March 31, 2008 after a long struggle with cancer.

9. Ragtime Music
Though many associate the birth of jazz music with the city of . New Orleans, its origin may be a bit more ambiguous. Like many . other musical forms, jazz evolved over a
How Jazz Got Started
Monday, July 14th, 2008 Though many associate the birth of jazz music with the city of New Orleans, its origin may be a bit more ambiguous. Like many other musical forms, jazz evolved over a period of years. Many agreed, however, that jazz music as we know it today was born in the southern United States. It is also accepted that it developed from a variety of different influences, culminating in a style that became its own genre. to the United States in the 1800s. In fact, African music influenced many styles of music, including rock and roll. The form that evolved into jazz consisted specifically of call-and- response singing, syncopation and improvisation. Ragtime, which may be considered a precursor to modern jazz, drew upon many of these elements. Ragtime music originated after the emancipation of African slaves. The newfound freedom of slaves was bittersweet. Though freedom was deserved and appreciated, there were few job opportunities for freed slaves. Many had no means of self- support, and some simply stayed on with their former owners.

10. Ian Whitcomb - The Foremost Ukulele, Ragtime, And Tin Pan Alley Recording Artist
Performer of Tin Pan Alley, novelty, and ragtime music. Includes biography, songbooks, discography, audio samples, and CD ordering.
America's Foremost Tin-Pan Alley Man,
Ukulele Virtuoso,
and Grammy Award-Winning Recording Artist PICKLEHEAD MUSIC PRESENTS
Ian Whitcomb
America's Foremost Tin-Pan Alley Man,
Ukulele Virtuoso,
and Grammy Award-Winning Recording Artist Ian was recognized in the "Best Of L.A." August, 2008 issue!
This Sunday, and Every Sunday
9am Eastern, 6am Pacific.
Tune in to XM 24 Music Summit.
or, for a limited time only, listen to the FREE podcast online by clicking here: Also, you can easily download and burn shows to CD!
Ian's book "Letters From Lotusland" now available at
Click on image to see full size cover Click here to go to NEW! Digital downloads of two Ian Whitcomb CD's not available anywhere else! Click here to go to Ian's Digital Download Page See Ian on YouTube! Go to and search for Ian Whitcomb and see lots and lots of great video! Lots of new Vintage Ian Pics
Click here
Ian's Vintage Dance Bands are for hire!

11. Ragtime
There are four main types of ragtime music. The only type still commonly heard today is the classic instrumental rag that was so popular in ragtime's heyday.
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12. History Of Ragtime Music In Nashville Tennessee
Ragtime Music page buying, selling, and trading antique sheet music as well as band bookings for the Ragtime band Tennessee R and R (Ragtime and Rhythm) a local Nashville
CD Sales
Sheet Music Sales Recent Ragtime Party A Brief History of Nashville Ragtime

Many people today don’t realize that Nashville, Tennessee is a major source in the development of the happy, frolicking, syncopated rhythms of the ragtime tunes. As ragtime music was being developed by composer Scott Joplin in the St. Louis area, Charles Hunter, (1876-1906) a Columbia, Tennessee native and graduate of the Tennessee School for the Blind was composing major folk rags in Nashville. His rags have today become one of the most important works by a Southern Folk Ragtime composer. H. A. French published the first known Nashville Rag in 1898 by Thomas Broady. Today Broady is considered by many scholars to be the other ragtime great. Both Hunter and Broady’s rags were published by H.A. French. During this period Nashville ragtime was beginning to become more popular through other Nashville publishing companies known as Fite Music Publishers, O.K.Houk, and Lew Roberts Publishing. As ragtime was developing in Nashville, a lesser known composer, W.H. Petway was publishing his own music. Petway was pictured on all the covers of his music with a missing leg. He played in homes of the most affluent in Nashville and sold his music at parties and on the downtown streets. In 2004 Jon Weaver III recorded on the Stargold Music Label three of W.H. Petways lesser known rags. This is a premier recording of the Petway rags. The rags can be heard on the CD, JON Weaver lll plays THOSE LONG GONE DOG GONE NASHVILLE RAGS.

13. - Bio, Albums, Pictures – Naxos Classical Music.
Detailed biography traces his career including introducing ragtime music to Europe with recommended Naxos recordings.

14. Colin D. MacDonald's Ragtime - March - Waltz Web Site
This site contains ragtime march and waltz midi files

15. Ragtime Music Books (Overview)
This is a listing of music books containing scores of ragtime and related music. If you know of a music book that I don't have listed here, please email me and include the
Ragtime Music Books
Overview Overview Page 1 Page 2 Page 3
This is a listing of music books containing scores of ragtime and related music. If you know of a music book that I don't have listed here, please e-mail me and include the title, publisher, address, ISBN number, and the list of compositions. Some of the more common music books (especially the classic ragtime books) can probably be ordered through your local music store. Ragtime festivals always carry folios of the artists that are performing, so be sure to attend the festivals and support the ragtime performers!

16. Ragtime
Devoted to Scott Joplin and ragtime music.

17. Warren Trachtman's Ragtime MIDI Website
Ragtime MIDI files of piano pieces by Scott Joplin, James Scott, Joseph Lamb, JellyRoll Morton, Eubie Blake, and others. Piano Soundfonts.
Ragtime Piano MIDI files
by Warren Trachtman
Home Ragtime
Midi Files
Piano Roll ... Contact Me
This section of my site contains MIDI files, which I have sequenced, of ragtime piano pieces by :
Scott Joplin, James Scott, Joseph Lamb, Jelly-Roll Morton, Eubie Blake, and others.
Your computer can sound like a REAL PIANO when you play these MIDI files!
click here for my Steinway Grand Piano soundfonts and samples
Be sure to explore the MIDI files made from old piano rolls!
click here for the piano roll music.
My website is being re-designed.
All of the familiar content should still be there, but a few things may not work right for a while until I sort everything out. Please be patient if a link doesn't work, a file isn't found, or a feature is missing. I hope to have everything working by the end of the month. Thanks for your understanding, and please enjoy the website. Warren Trachtman
Scott Joplin (1868 - 1917)
Click on the song title to play or right-click to download an individual piece.

18. Ragtime Music In Canada By Ted Tjaden
Ragtime Music in Canada Featuring Some Rag (1910) by Willie Eckstein and other Piano Rags by Canadian Composers. By Ted Tjaden . Ragtime music in Canada has a unique history
Home What's New Ragtime Sources
Ragtime Music in Canada
Featuring Some Rag (1910) by Willie Eckstein and other Piano Rags by Canadian Composers
By Ted Tjaden Set out below are links to more information on ragtime music in Canada (each link will open a new page on this website): The Introduction of Ragtime into Canada from the United States
Early Canadian Ragtime Personalities and their Music

Canadian Ragtime Publishers and Record Producers

Piano Manufacturing in Canada
... top This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.5 License This site created by Ted Tjaden . Page last updated: August 05, 2006

19. Home Of The Rocky Mountain Ragtime Festival
Performances, symposia and workshops, schedule of events, and reviews of ragtime music.
The 2005 Rocky Mountain Ragtime Festival was the last one planned.
If you are interested in organizing a rebirth of the RMRF, contact us at
ragtimers - at - Check out Jack Rummel's Music Reviews Listen to Ragtime 24/7 on Internet Radio!! For useful information about pianos and ragtime related stuff check out:
Anything about Pianos and Music in Colorado
Click here to see the website for the 2005 RMRF festival Review of the 2004 festival by Fred Hoeptner Click Here to see the website for our successful 2004 Ragtime Festival. Reviews of the 2003 Festival: Previous festival info is in the Archives The Terra Verde Corner is now hosted by Oleg Mezjuev. The Rocky Mountain Ragtime Festival
is supported in part by a grant from the
The Maple Leaf Rag Ring-Devoted To Scott
Joplin is made possible by the Webring Go to the NEXT site... Previous 5 Sites Skip Previous ... List Sites Web server provided by Steven Stiller via

20. Free Ragtime Music, Download Ragtime Songs - EZ-Tracks
Ragtime music is where the piano became king. Come check out our 100s of free Ragtime music downloads.
var addthis_pub="themuffinmeister"; Free Ragtime Music Downloads! YOUR FREE SONGS: 80'S CHRISTIAN COUNTRY HIP HOP ... World Music NEW: Play All Your Favorite Ragtime Hits right now, Try Ez-Beats For Free, CLICK HERE!
Free Ragtime Music!
During its heyday from 1899-1915, Ragtime music was extremely popular and turned out to be one of the precursors of early jazz. Now you can enjoy this special period in America's musical development by downloading free Ragtime music here. We feature the phenomenal piano pieces of Scott Joplin , a famous musician who wrote Ragtime music, and his songs for the soundtrack to the movie, "The Sting ." We've also got such free Ragtime music as " Alexander's Ragtime Band " from the Andrews Sisters and "The Entertainer," (also featured in The Sting), from The Ragtimers . It's freeing, joyful music that has stood the test of time, laying the groundwork not only for jazz, but for rock, show tunes, pop and many other genres of music. You can't help but whistle along to the quintessentially American Ragtime music so be prepared for a rollicking good time. Download Ragtime Music now!* Become Your Favorite Ragtime Performers!

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