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         Romania History:     more books (100)
  1. Romania: An Illustrated History (Illustrated Histories) by Nicolae Klepper, 2003-02
  2. Concise History of Roumania
  3. Modern Romania: The End of Communism, the Failure of Democratic Reform, and the Theft of a Nation by Tom Gallagher, 2008-03-01
  4. Stalinism for All Seasons: A Political History of Romanian Communism (Societies and Culture in East-Central Europe) by Vladimir Tismaneanu, 2003-10-15
  5. A History of the Balkans, 1804-1945 by Stevan K. Pavlowitch, 1999-05
  6. Red Storm over the Balkans: The Failed Soviet Invasion of Romania, Spring 1944 (Modern War Studies) by David M. Glantz, 2006-11-16
  7. The Silent Holocaust: Romania and Its Jews (Contributions to the Study of World History) by I. C. Butnaru, 1992-01-30
  8. Waiting for Jerusalem: Surviving the Holocaust in Romania (Contributions to the Study of World History) by I.C. Butnaru, 1993-04-30
  9. Taste of Romania: Its Cookery and Glimpses of Its History, Folklore, Art, Literature, and Poetry (New Hippocrene Original Cookbooks) by Nicolae Klepper, 1999-09
  10. Purifying the Nation: Population Exchange and Ethnic Cleansing in Nazi-Allied Romania (Woodrow Wilson Center Press) by Vladimir Solonari, Joseph J. Brinley, 2009-12-29
  11. Orthodoxy and the Cold War: Religion and Political Power in Romania, 1947-65 by Lucian N. Leustean, 2008-12-11
  12. A short history of Romania by Ion Bulei, 1998
  13. Security Intelligence Services in New Democracies: The Czech Republic, Slovakia and Romania (Studies in Russian & Eastern European History) by Kieran Williams, Dennis Deletant, 2001-03-07
  14. The Playboy King: Carol II of Romania (Contributions to the Study of World History) by Paul D. Quinlan, 1995-10-30

1. Bookfinder.US: Romania History
Night Elie Wiesel 0374500010 January 2006 Paperback In Nobel laureate Elie Wiesel's memoir Night, a scholarly, pious teenager is wracked with guilt at having

Europe History Romania History Night
Elie Wiesel
January 2006
In Nobel laureate Elie Wiesel's memoir Night , a scholarly, pious teenager is wracked with guilt at having survived the horror of the Holocaust and the genocidal campaign that consumed his family. His memories of the nightmare world of the death camps present him with an intolerable question: how can the God he once so fervently believed in have allowed these monstrous events to occur? There are no easy answers in this harrowing book, which probes life's essential riddles with the lucid anguish only great literature achieves. It marks the crucial first step in Wiesel's lifelong project to bear witness for those who died.
The New York Times
"A slim volume of terrifying power"
See all Editorial Reviews The Last Romantic: A Biography of Queen Marie of Roumania
Hannah Pakula Come Lord, Come Carmin Clifton June 2002 Paperback Book Description Come Lord, Come . Uncertain about what would come next, the people were too caught up in their newly found freedoms to focus on the distant and uncertain future. Among many new freedoms was the freedom to worship openly. Through faith and prayer, the Romanians turned to their deep... Sight David Clement-Davies August 2003 Paperback Book Review In an epic tale of good and evil, legend and history, and the blessing and curse of an extraordinary gift of the Sight (an ability to see through others' minds and into the future), David Clement-Davies obliges the many fans of Fire Bringer with a new fantasy novel. The Sight features a Transylvanian wolf clan faced with the terrifying changes brought about by Morgra, a bitter she-wolf determined to fulfill an ancient legend in order to have supreme power over all Vargs (wolves). Young Larka, a white wolf pup born with the Sight, embarks with her brother Fell and the rest of her family on an extraordinary quest for truth and salvation, with shocking consequences that even the most astute reader may not foresee. Clement-Davies's multilayered and elaborate plot will keep young readers riveted for hours on end, drawing on...

2. Romania History - Flags, Maps, Economy, Geography, Climate, Natural Resources, C
Romania History Flags, Maps, Economy, Geography, Climate, Natural Resources, Current Issues, International Agreements, Population, Social Statistics, Political System

  • Country Ranks Romania History Index
    Source: The Library of Congress Country Studies
  • 3. Romania History | Romania History Information | CTTours Travel Agent
    Important events in the history of Romania, the early history, from The Middle Ages to the Modern Age ans the December 1989 Revolution CTTours Travel Agency
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    Early History
    Life has been documented on the present-day territory of Romania ever since the earliest ages. Archaeological excavations throughout the country have revealed that people have lived in the region for one or even two million years. Among other artifacts of historic importance, their life is also attested to by beautiful polychrome pottery of outstanding quality, such as the Cucuteni-Ariusd.
    What is better known and much better documented is that later in Antiquity, Romania's present-day territory was inhabited by Dacians who were of a Thracian origin. They lived in tribes throughout the Carpathian Mountains, in Banat, Oltenia and in Transylvania.
    On the shores of the Black Sea, Greek colonies were set up in the 7 th th century B.C. at Histria, Callatis or Tomis. Part of their remains, which make up a valuable heritage from the point of view of art and archaeology are still being researched by archaeologists to this day.
    During the process of eastward expansion of the Roman Empire across Europe, the Romans attacked Dacia several times (in 89 A.D. and 101-102 A.D.) and eventually conquered it in 105-106 A.D. The ruler of Dacia, King Decebal, was forced to flee his capital, Sarmizegetusa, and committed suicide.

    4. Romania History
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    Search for books and compare prices on all major online booksellers with one click! Home About Us Suggest Bookstore Recommend Us Title/Keywords ISBN HOME History Europe History Romania History Romania History Top Sellers for Romania History Books: Romania : An Illustrated History
    AUTHOR: Nicolae Klepper
    Publish Date: May 2002 Romania (Reaktion Books - Topographics)
    Lucian Boia
    Publish Date: January 2, 2004 The Wasted Generation: Memoirs of the Romanian Journey from Capitalism to Socialism and Back
    Silviu Brucan
    ISBN: Romania AUTHOR: Terrie Willis ISBN: Format: Library Binding Publish Date: March 2001 Sight AUTHOR: David Clement-Davies ISBN: Format: Paperback Publish Date: August 2003 The Last Romantic: A Biography of Queen Marie of Roumania AUTHOR: Hannah Pakula ISBN: Romanian Cassandra AUTHOR: Larry L. Watts ISBN: Format: Hardcover Publish Date: October 15, 1993 Romania AUTHOR: Mark Sanborne ISBN: Format: Hardcover Publish Date: January 2004 The Dumbest Moments in Business History : Useless Products, Ruinous Deals, Clueless Bosses and Other Signs of Unintelligent Life in the Workplace AUTHOR: Adam Horowitz ISBN: Format: Hardcover Publish Date: February 2004 Romania AUTHOR: Sean Sheehan ISBN: Format: Hardcover Publish Date: April 1994 The Romanian Revolution Of December 1989 AUTHOR: Peter Siani-Davies ISBN: Format: Hardcover Publish Date: March 30, 2005

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    by A. W. A. Leeper
    Publisher: London ; Hodder and Stoughton
    ISBN: 0665840993 DDC: 940.3498 The origins of the Rumanians
    The origins of the Rumanians: the early history of the Rumanian language
    by Andre Du Nay
    Publisher: Toronto ; Matthias Corvinus Publishing ISBN: 1882785088 Franța, model cultural și politic volum editat de Alexandru Zub, Dumitru Ivănescu Publisher: Iași : Junimea ISBN: 9733709050 LCC: DR212
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  • 6. History Of Romania - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
    See also Timeline of Romanian history and Military history of Romania. This article provides only a brief outline of each period of the history of Romania; details are presented
    History of Romania
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation search History of Romania
    This article is part of a series Prehistory Dacia Dacian Wars ... Romania since 1989 Topic Timeline Military history Romania Portal
    ... e See also: Timeline of Romanian history Military history of Romania This article provides only a brief outline of each period of the history of Romania ; details are presented in separate articles (see the links in the box and below).
    edit Prehistory
    Main article: Prehistoric Romania The oldest modern human remains in Europe were discovered in the " Cave With Bones " in present day Romania. The remains are approximately 42,000 years old and as Europe’s oldest remains of Homo sapiens , they may represent the first such people to have entered the continent. The remains are especially interesting because they present a mixture of archaic, early modern human and Neanderthal morphological features. One of the fossils found—a male, adult jawbone —has been dated to be between 34,000 and 36,000 years old, which would make it one of the oldest fossils found to date of modern humans in Europe. A skull found in Peştera cu Oase (The Cave with Bones) in 2004-5 bears features of both modern humans and Neanderthals . According to a paper by Erik Trinkaus and others, published in the

    7. CST-Transylvania
    Article by Zhidas Daskalovski about Hungarians in Romania, their history and issues.
    CST Transylvania - ESSAY
    Different people, different destinies:
    Transylvanian Hungarians
    by Zhidas Daskalovski (MK)
    As we can see, today the Hungarians (Magyars, Szeklers) in Transylvania are a national minority. As a matter of fact 99% of Hungarians in Romania live in: Transylvania. Hungarians in Transylvania practice three religions: Roman Catholic, Calvinist and Unitarian. Hungarians live in 16 counties of Transylvania, where out of a total population of 7.7 million, they make up 20.8 per cent. Around 700,000 Hungarians live in the counties of Harghi?a and Covasna alone - in central Romania and the eastern part of Transylvania - where they constitute between 80 per cent to 95 per cent of the population. However, the number of Hungarians in Transylvania is declining. According to the 1910 census, of a Transylvanian population of 5.2 million, 32 per cent were Hungarians. Many Hungarians left Transylvania due to political, economic, or historic reasons. Since 1970s it is estimated that more than one hundred thousand Hungarians left Transylvania. The ethnic Hungarian party in Romania claims that 650,000 Hungarians from Romania left since 1919. The changes in ethnic structure of the urban population of Transylvania have been more drastic. Since 1930, the Hungarian population of Transylvanian towns - including Arad, Timis oara, Bras ov, Petro?ani, Aiud, Cluj, Oradea, Satu-Mare and Targu-Mures - have in most places halved. As a result today Romanians make up 74 per cent of the Transylvanian population, an increase of 20 per cent since 1910.

    8. Romania: History, Geography, Government, And Culture —
    Information on Romania — geography, history, politics, government, economy, population statistics, culture, religion, languages, largest cities, as well as a map and the
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    Daily Almanac for
    Nov 16, 2010
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    9. Romania History
    History. Man first appeared in the lands that now constitute Romania during the Pleistocene Epoch, a period of advancing and receding glacial ice that began about
    Man first appeared in the lands that now constitute Romania during the Pleistocene Epoch, a period of advancing and receding glacial ice that began about 600,000 years ago. Once the glaciers had withdrawn completely, a humid climate prevailed in the area and thick forests covered the terrain. During the Neolithic Age, beginning about 5500 B.C., Indo-European people lived in the region. The Indo-Europeans gave way to Thracian tribes, who in later centuries inhabited the lands extending from the Carpathian Mountains southward to the Adriatic and Aegean Seas. Today's Romanians are in part descended from the Getae, a Thracian tribe that lived north of the Danube River.
    The Getae
    Originally polytheistic nature-worshippers, the Thraco-Getae developed a sun cult and decorated their artwork with sun symbols. Herodotus, a Greek historian, reports that the Getae worshipped a god named Zalmoxis, a healing thunder god who was master of the cloudy sky; however they did not depict Zalmoxis in any plastic form. The people offered agricultural products and animals as sacrifices and also cremated their dead, sealed the ashes in urns, and buried them. By about 300 B.C., the Lower Danube Getae had forged a state under the leadership of Basileus Dromichaites, who repulsed an attack by Lysimachus, one of Alexander the Great's successors. Thereafter, native Getian leaders protected the coastal urban centers, which had developed from Greek colonies. From 112 to 109 B.C. the Getae joined the Celts to invade Roman possessions in the western Balkans. Then in 72 B.C., the Romans launched a retaliatory strike across the Danube but withdrew because, one account reports, the soldiers were "frightened by the darkness of the forests." During the third and second centuries B.C., the Getae began mining local iron-ore deposits and iron metallurgy spread throughout the region. The ensuing development of iron plowshares and other implements led to expanded crop cultivation.

    10. Romanian History - History Of Romania
    History of Romania INTRODUCTION. Romania is the perfect land of contrasts and paradoxes the country of Constantin Brancusi, Eugene Ionesco, Emil Cioran, Mircea Eliade, and Nadia
    Romanian History - History of Romania
    • Agentii de turism Cazare Hoteluri Pensiuni ... History Introduction
      • Adamclisi "Tropaem Traiani" - triumphal monument
      INTRODUCTION Romania is the perfect land of contrasts and paradoxes the country of Constantin Brancusi, Eugene Ionesco, Emil Cioran, Mircea Eliade, and Nadia Comaneci, but also of Dracula and Nicolae Ceausescu. The Old World of Romania is a vast museum of ancient heritage and still alive even if only through its famous painted churches and monasteries, its folk art, or its feudal castles in the Carpathian Mountains. The New World may be embodied by the Parliament Palace and the subway network in Bucharest, or by the Western styles of life adopted by Romania's townsfolk. Romania lies in South-Eastern Europe. Its neighbours are Bulgaria (South), Yugoslavia (South-West), Hungary (North-West), Ukraine (North), Moldavia (East), the Black Sea (East). The area of Romania is 91,699 sq. miles (237,500 sq. km and its population, according to the 2003 census, is 21,680,974, mainly Romanian, alongside Hungarian, German and Gypsy minorities. About 55% of Romania's inhabitants live in urban areas, and the rest in rural areas. Romanian is a Romance language with some archaic forms and with admixtures of Slavonic, Turkish, French and Magyar words. There is a wealth of folk tales, legends, poetry, music and dance passed on through the centuries. The main religion is the Romanian Greek Orthodoxism (86.9%). The other significant denominations in Romania are Roman Catholicism (5%), Lutheranism, Calvinism (3.5%), Greek-Catholicism (1%), Pentecostalism (1%), Baptism (0.5%), Islamism (0.24%) and Judaism (0.04%).

    11. Romania History News - Media Monitoring Service By EIN News
    Romania History News. Service for global professionals. Constantly updated news and information about Romania.
    This is a service of a digital news provider setRoots(''); Tuesday November 16, 2010 Home News by Country News by Topic Editor's Picks ... About
    Romania History News
    All Romania News Sections History setRoots(''); Romania History News. Service for global professionals. Constantly updated news and information about Romania.
    Latest Romania History News
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    • Geopolitical Journey, Part 3: Romania 16 Nov 2010 10:41 GMT
      ... weeks as he travels to Turkey, Moldova, Romania , Ukraine and Poland. In this series, he ... that resonates in Romania . Nothing in their history tells Romanians that they rule their fate or dominate ... terms of the modest needs of a historical victim. The problem Romania has is that ... Romanian Catholics' Silent Protest over Tower Block 16 Nov 2010 16:21 GMT
      ... The Romanian Catholic church and its supporters may have won ... period of urbanisation which has seen many historical buildings razed to make way for commercial ...

    12. ROMANIA - Official Travel And Tourism Information. History
    About Romania History . Romania's History. Romania's history has not been as idyllically peaceful as its

    13. Romania - HISTORY
    Romania History Romania EARLY HISTORY. Man first appeared in the lands that now constitute Romania during the Pleistocene Epoch, a period of advancing and receding glacial

    14. Romania - History
    Romania History. Since about 200 B.C., when it was settled by the Dacians, a Thracian tribe, Romania has been in the path of a series of migrations and conquests.
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  • Romanian Rulers
  • Anti-Semitism in Romania
  • 102 - Roman Dacia
  • 1360 - Principality of Moldavia ...
  • 1953 - Anti-Soviet resistance
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    Romania - History
    Since about 200 B.C., when it was settled by the Dacians, a Thracian tribe, Romania has been in the path of a series of migrations and conquests. Under the emperor Trajan early in the second century A.D., Dacia was incorporated into the Roman Empire, but was abandoned by a declining Rome less than two centuries later. Romania disappeared from recorded history for hundreds of years, to reemerge in the medieval period as the Principalities of Moldavia and Wallachia. The province of Wallachia in 1396, and Moldavia in 1511, were conquered by the Ottoman rulers, thus extinguishing the Roumanian Independence. Russia, by the treaty of Kainardji, in 1774, and by subsequent conventions with Turkey, secured right of intervention in those provinces; and in 1812, at the Peace of Bucharest, she acquired Moldavia, the province of Bessarabia, and later Wallachia. This was partly superseded, however, by the treaty of Paris, and the provinces of Wallachia and Moldavia were declared to be tributary to Turkey, under a Christian governor, to which the Sultan acquiesced quite readily.
  • 15. Romania History | IExplore
    Ethnic Romanians are descendants of the Dacians, one of the Romanised Thracian tribes that inhabited the Balkan peninsula during the first millennium BC.

    16. Romania History
    Nation by Nation the story of the countries of the world

    17. Romania - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
    Romania is a country located at the crossroads of Central and Southeastern Europe, north of the Balkan Peninsula, on the Lower Danube, within and outside the Carpathian arch
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation search This article is about the modern country. For other uses, see Romania (disambiguation) Romania România Flag Coat of arms Anthem Deşteaptă-te, române!
    Awaken, Romanian!

    Location of Romania dark green European continent
    European Union
    green Legend Capital
    (and largest city)
    Bucharest Bucureşti
    26°06′E 44.417°N 26.1°E Official language(s) ... Romma , 1.4% other minority groups Demonym Romanian Government Semi-presidential republic ... First Unification Reunification of Valahia and Moldavia Officially recognised independence from the Ottoman Empire Unification with Transylvania EU accession January 1, 2007 Area Total
    Density 90/km
    PPP Total $258.892 billion Per capita GDP (nominal) Total $168.644 billion Per capita Gini low st HDI high Currency Romanian leu RON Time zone ... Drives on the right RO Internet TLD .ro Calling code Other languages, such as Hungarian German Turkish Crimean Tatar ... Ukrainian and Serbian , are official at various local levels.
    Romanian War of Independence

    Treaty of Berlin

    The .eu domain is also used, as in other

    18. Romania: History - TripAdvisor
    Inside Romania History Before you visit Romania, visit TripAdvisor for the latest info and advice, written for travellers by travellers.

    19. Romania: History —
    Encyclopedia — Romania History History to 1881. Romania occupies, roughly, ancient Dacia, which was a Roman province in the 2d and 3d cent. A.D. The ethnic character of

    20. Romania History
    Romania Local History Romania Home. Romania Actors, Acting Romania Agency, Travel Romania Agriculture

    Romania Home
    Romania Actors, Acting
    Romania Agency, Travel

    Romania Agriculture
    Romania Web Designer

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