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         Rubber Stamp Making:     more books (24)
  1. Making Greeting Cards With Rubber Stamps by Maryjo McGraw, 1997-03
  2. Making Cards With Rubber Stamps: Over 100 Illustrated Projects and Inspirational Ideas by Maggie Wright, 2003-08
  3. Making Gifts With Rubber Stamps by Sandra McCall, 2000-11
  4. Making Cards with Rubber Stamps, Ribbons and Buttons by Jill Haglund, 2006-01-03
  5. The Great Rubber Stamp Book: Designing Making Using by Dee Gruenig, 2000
  6. Simple Printmaking: A Beginner's Guide to Making Relief Prints with Rubber Stamps, Linoleum Blocks, Wood Blocks, Found Objects by Gwen Diehn, 2002-03-28
  7. The Great Rubber Stamp Book - Designing, Making, Using by Dee Gruenig, 1996
  8. Elegant Card Making: Handmade Greeting Cards with Rubber Stamps, Brass Stencils & Paper Punches (All Night Media, # 9742) by Anna Griffin, 2003-01-01
  9. THE RUBBER STAMPER magazine January / February 2003 (For Rubber Stamp Enthusiasts - Projects, Techniques for Chalks & Chalk Inks, Stamped Cards With Glitter & Gems & Special Paints, Using Templats with Die-Cuts, Stamps & Stamping Making Cards cardmaking, Volume 7, No. 1) by Various, 2002
  10. Rubber Stamping: Delightful Projects Galore For Rubber Stamp Lovers
  11. Anna Griffin Elegant Monogram & Embellishments - Cards, Invitations Gifts and Scrapbook Projects with Rubber Stamps, Brass Stencils & Embellishments by Anna Griffin, 2005
  12. Elegant Card Making (All Night Media, # 9742) by Anna Griffin, 2003
  13. The Decorative Stamping Sourcebook: 200+ Designs for Making Stamps to Decorate Your Home by Juliet Bawden, 1997-04
  14. Simple Printmaking, A Beginner's Guide to Making Relief Prints With Linoleum Blocks Wood Blocks Rubber Stamps Found Objects & More - 2000 publication by Gwn Dhn, 2000-01-01

1. Rubber Stamp Making
FREE Rubber Stamp Making FREE REPORT! MAKING RUBBER STAMPS for profit and fun. Now let us explain to you in greater detail the simple process by
Rubber Stamp Makers

Platemaking Systems

Photopolymer Systems

Flexo Platemakers
Stamp Pens

Self Inking Units
Photopolymer Resins

Photopolymer Plates


Pre-Inked Stamps
... AOL users email us Your request Go to portal: PrintMarking Click Here FREE REPORT! MAKING RUBBER STAMPS for profit and fun. Now let us explain to you in greater detail the simple process by which you can produce these MONEY MAKING STAMPS. To make this easily understood we have avoided "in words". 1. Make a negative from your artwork. Simple procedure exposing the artwork to a photo sensitive sheet in your POLYDIAM Platemaker, for a short time span. 2. In the POLYDIAM Platemaker you will find two pieces of glass with clamps at both ends. Separate them and place the negative flat on the bottom piece, and around it lay an adhesive edging. Then place a cover film flat over the area , rubbing down to remove all air bubbles. 3. Around the negative, place foam strips to form a complete outer border to the image. Then pour as much resin as required to form a pool filling the frame. Air bubbles must be removed and your POLYDIAM Stamp Platemaker has an air blower to do this.

2. Rubber Stamp Making - The Online Printing Service
rubber stamp making the cheap online printing service for your print-outs - fast delivery - save up to 80% - order now online!

3. Rubber Stamp Making Machine Products, Buy Rubber Stamp Making
Rubber Stamp Making Machine, Find complete details about Stamp Making Machine from K Y STAMPER TRADE. You may also find other Stamp Making Machine products or Other Machinery

4. Cheap Brochure Printing - Rubber Stamp Making
A traditional sideline for general printers, using types, matrix, raw rubber, glue and wood mounts
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call 1-877-987-7855.
Printed Samples
(Click to enlarge) 4 color brochure Cheap 4 Color Printing Cheap Brochure Printing Cheap Brochures ... Direct Mail Printing
Rubber Stamp Making A Traditional sideline for general printers, using types, matrix, raw rubber, glue and wood mounts
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Cheap Printing means printing purchased at a cheaper price than the normal sources, and not printing that is cheap in quality. Cheap printing is achieved by mass production of large quantities of similar jobs for different clients, thereby reducing the cost of tooling and automating the processes of production through the utilization of technology, production-line processing of manufacturing where the peak efficiency and cost effectiveness play a major role in production of the cheap printing. Print Outlet is the leaders of very high volume of printing of brochures, flyers, leflets, business cards, inserts and other promotional printed material, utilizing high efficienciesin the printing and finishing processes of the print industry.
With decades of experience and knowledge in the depth of the industry and the fine tuning of processes that yield the highest efficiency and the lowest cost to printed item, we present to you the most efficient source of printing in North America.

5. Rubber Stamp Making
You can make your own rubber stamp design to decorate cards and household items.
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Rubber stamp making
You can make your own rubber stamp design to decorate cards and household items.
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What we refer to as crafting stamps today were most commonly used in the Roman times right through the nineteenth and twentieth century in the form of a seal or, at times, royalty and nobles used a signet ring. Most people in that time were unable to read or write and seals or stamps were a convenient way to authenticate documents or letters when the contents were important. The oldest stamps or seal of record are a Babylonian seal dating from an estimated 4000 BC and a seal from modern day Syria from around 3000 BC. Ancient stamps were made from clay, bone, stone, wood, ivory and a variety of different metals. They were also available in a variety of sizes and shapes just as they are today. Rubber stamps are typically manufactured by creating three parts. The design or "die" is cut from rubber. Then the design is attached to a wooden or plastic block to be used as a handle. A Layer of foam acts as a cushion and is sandwiched in between.

6. Rubber Stamp Making - Groundspeak Forums
Ack! Group Premium Members Posts 3,161 Joined 10September 03 From Nowhere You Know Of

7. Thermoflan : Produits Et Matériels Pour Tampon Marqueur, Signalétique, Tampogr
French equipment supplier for rubber stamp making, sign making, pad printing and laser engraving. Available in French and English.
English version Contact Recherche ok Gravure Tampons Marqueurs
Spécialiste des technologies de marquage depuis plus de 50 ans Vous êtes ici
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Thermoflan propose une large gamme de lasers CO2 faciles à utiliser : les ILS. Ils sont compacts et permettent, pour un faible investissement une large diversité d'applications sur de nombreux matériaux....

8. Rubber Stamping,Making Rubber Stamp,Scrapbooking Stamps,Rubber Stamping Machine,
In about 30 minutes the InstaStamp Rubber Stamp Making system converts printed artwork and text into polymer rubber stamps in 4 simple steps. Processing plate size is up to A4

9. Video Watch Rubber Stamp Making With Craft Stamp Maker. - Making Rubber Stamps,
video Watch rubber stamp making with craft stamp maker. Have you ever seen how rubber stamps are made? Watch out rubber stamp making with craft stamp

10. Art-Rubberstamps - Make Your Own Art Stamps In Seconds
This is an old Proven System but there is going to be a Learning Curve for you on this product like there is on Any Rubber Stamp Making System.
How To Project - You Can Make Art Rubber Stamps In Your Own Home or Shop in just Minutes! For Less Than 20 Cents Per Square Inch Of Stamp With Our Two NEW Art Stamp Makers! Just Look at These 6 Free Extra Bonuses: Designer Stencils With Your Copy Or Artwork. New Bonus! ..Now You Can Also Etch Glass See Details on FREE Starter Kit Included. Decals In Two Colors With Your Artwork. Aluminum Nameplates, Make Commercial Quality Rubber Stamps. Put yourself in this Picture below,
Now You can make Art Rubber Stamps like these or even better,
Design it, Make it, Sell It! You Can do It! Take a Moment
to Explore what it Costs to Have a Company Set Up a Special Mold with YOUR Design or Artwork. This could Cost You Anywhere From $25.00 To $50.00, And Then Make You Buy In Quantities Of 12 Or More Of Each Style At $1.50 to $2.00 Per Square Inch. This being said, Wouldn't it be Much Easier to Make Your Own Art Rubber Stamps Yourself - Let Us Show You How! Here are some Examples of Commercial Art Stamps to give you an Idea of what You can do Also. Now You can Design Your Own line of Art Stamps and Let Your Creativity run Wild!

11. Index.
Rubber Stamp Making Machine KiVi 4 KiVi - 8 Sheet Polymer Machine Flash Machine - KiVi Flash
Home About us Product Ecatalog Contact us
KIVI is now one of the major player in field of Rubber Stamp. Over period of times, we have added numerous new products to our portfolio. KIVI offer now, one stop solution to the Stamp maker.
We serve more the 50 countries around the globe through channel of agent and distributor. Our goal is to channelized sales in most of countries in world. In today competitive world, our aim is to provide products at most reasonable price baked by best possible after sales service. Among range of item in portfolio, our Major products are LIQUID PHOTOPOLYMER RESIN and BASE FILM SUBSTRATE. Perhaps, we are only company in world who make both products under one roof.
Product Rubber Stamp Making Machine KiVi - 4
KiVi - 8

Sheet Polymer Machine

Flash Machine - KiVi Flash
Raw material For Polymer stamp Liquid Photopolymer Resin
Substrate Sheet (Baking Sheet)

Cover Film

Acrylic Handles
Company Seal and Embosser Delrin Sheet (Engraving Plastic Sheet) Raw Material For Pre Ink Stamp Flash Foam Ink For Pre Ink Stamp Crystal Mount Atom Mount ... NO.2 DIY

12. Rubber Stamp Making - Australian Made Equipment
The InstaStamp Stamp Making Machine produces rubber stamps using the latest polymers, the most cost effective method to make rubber stamps.
RUBBER STAMPS! Complete stamp making system for $549 AUD plus delivery and GST if applicable! Shipped to anywhere in the World! Make rubber stamps easily using this inexpensive stamp making system. Makes rubber stamps the same way commercial manufacturers make rubber stamps using stamp making materials identical to that used with commercial stamp making equipment. You can easily make 50 professional rubber stamps per day with this stamp maker, everything is supplied to start making self inking stamps, hand stamps, dater stamps or craft stamps. To view the types of stamps that you can make with an InstaStamp Stamp Maker Any design or text can be made into a rubber stamp, all you need is a computer and laser printer. The stamp maker will produce a sheet of rubber stamps ready for cutting up and mounting in only 25 minutes! Each A6 sheet makes a batch of stamp dies up to 120 square centimeters in area. For example, this equates to seven Colop Printer 40 self inkers or seven Trodat 4913 self inkers in a 20 minute period! You will receive enough consumables with the stamp maker to make the stamp dies for 70 self inkers such as the ones mentioned above, discover how profitable stamp making can be.

13. Rubber Stamp Making Kit Video Instructions - - 6347310
Rubber Stamp Making Kit Video Instructions, Learn һοw tο υѕе tһе Rubber Stamp Mаkіחɡ Kit available frοm Metal Clay Supply

14. Rubber Stamps - Jackson Marking Products
Equipment Information on our rubber stamp making and hot stamping equipment. Includes specific details on art stamp manufacturing using the Precision Rubber Stamp Press, custom
Looking for Golf Ball Stamps? Click here:
Welcome to the most comprehensive rubber stamp resource on line! To best serve our customers we've divided our website into three sections.
  • Equipment - Information on our rubber stamp making and hot stamping equipment. Includes specific details on art stamp manufacturing using the Precision Rubber Stamp Press, custom rubber die molding services, the Polymer Plus Exposure System for making custom rubber stamps and the Brother Stampcreator PRO System for instant pre-inked stamp production. Made-To-Order Rubber Stamps - Online ordering of custom rubber stamps and gifts! Includes made to order traditional knob handle stamps, Ideal self-inking stamps, pre-inked stamps, dating and numbering stamps and a variety of custom laser engraved signs and gifts.
    Rubber Stamp Materials
    - Order all of your rubber stamp making supplies online! Unvulcanized rubber, matrix material, photopolymer resin and sheets, Brother Stampcreator PRO systems and supplies, mounts, self-inkers, many equipment items ... the list goes on and on. Everything needed to make and sell stamps can be dropped into one convenient shopping cart!
Contact Information Company History

15. Rubber Stamp Making Machines, Singapore
Goldprint Enterprise. 65654454 Bukit Batok, Singapore …to explore the process of making the fastest and best quality of rubber stamps with his expertise team of

16. Making Rubber Stamps,Making Stamps,Rubber Stamps,Scrapbook,Rubber Stamps Machine
InstaStamp, who manufactures the Craft Stamp Maker, has been supplying the commercial rubber stamp industry with rubber stamp making equipment for numerous years now.

17. All About Getting Into The Rubber Stamp Business
Learn How Rubber Stamps Are Made. Start You Own Business Making Rubber Stamps.
All About Getting Into Rubber Stamp Business
Every business and most households use rubber stamps routinely - they are accepted as a necessary part of life. Although there are several variations (self-inking, impregnated rubber), the "old fashioned hit the ink pad" type is still far and away the most popular and is likely to remain so for the future. Making rubber stamps can be both interesting and profitable. There are at least six different methods for making rubber stamps and anyone considering this as a business show know about them. The oldest method is hand carved type, which is still used today in the orient - Chinese in little stalls on the streets of Taipei for example will hand carved your "han" (Chinese family name) into a rubber stamp for a few cents, or into an ivory or bone han for a little more. Not long ago, it was possible to have a genuine signature stamp made this way. It took one of these artist (who speaks Chinese) about 10 minutes to carve a complete signature (in any language) from a carbon (backwards) copy at a cost of less than a dollar. A similar art is still practiced in this country - but more on that later. The most common method of making rubber stamps is with hand set "foundry" type. Individual printer's type is hand-set, along with any borders or illustrations (cuts) into a holder (chase).

18. How To Make Rubber Stamps From Scratch - Associated Content From Yahoo! - Associ
With nothing more than a piece of tracing paper, pencil, rubber band or eraser, and craft knife, you can make rubber stamps. The stamps you make are limited only by your

19. Self Inking Stamps & Machine - Brother StampCreator At
Official distributor of the Brother International's StampCreation System! GREAT prices on the SC2000, SC900, SC300 Machines Stamps!!!
Self Inking Stamps
Items in your Cart: Items in your Cart: $0.00 HOME CHECKOUT POLICIES CONTACT US ... RUBBER STAMPS
This exclusive commercial system creates a major profit center by turning signatures, graphics, text, clip art, photos and logos into pre-inking stamps... ...while your customers wait! NEW LOW PRICE!! $799 view SC2000
view supplies
A Brother self-inking stamp is designed to stand up to everyday office use. It features the highest quality components to ensure a lifetime of trouble-free service and reliability. view stamps
Four stamp sizes are available in black, red and blue. Size 40 : 2-3/4" x 1-1/8", Size 35 : 2" x 3/4", Size 30 : 2-3/4" x 3/8", Size 10 : 1-1/4" x 3/8" Stamps are pre-inked and do not require a messy ink pad. view stamps Home View Cart About Us ... Pre-Inking Stamp

20. IdeaMarketers | Free Content Directory
Learn how to make rubber stamps Featured Books. Friendship on Fire 52 Weeks to Passionate and Intimate Connections for Life

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