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         Russian Art:     more books (105)
  1. The Russian Experiment in Art 1863-1922 (Revised Edition)(World of Art) by Marian Burleigh-Motley, Camilla Gray, 1986-10-17
  2. The Art of Russian Cuisine by Anne Volokh, Mavis Manus, 1989-10-17
  3. Russian Art and American Money, 1900-1940 (Harvard Paperbacks) by Robert C. Williams, 1982-04
  4. Defining Russian Graphic Arts: From Diaghilev to Stalin, 1898-1934
  5. The Art of the Russian Matryoshka by Rett Ertl, Rick Hibberd, 2008-10-01
  6. The History and Art of the Russian Icon from the X to the XX Centuries by Nikolai Aleksandrovich Vorob' Ev, 1986-04
  7. Socialist Realist Painting During the Stalinist Era (1934-1941): The High Art of Mass Art by K. Andrea Rusnock, 2010-12-30
  8. The Ransom of Russian Art by John McPhee, 1998-01-30
  9. Art Into Life: Russian Constructivism 1914-1932 by Henry Art Gallery, Richard Andrews, et all 1990-07-15
  10. The Wanderers: Masters of Nineteenth-Century Russian Painting : An Exhibition from the Soviet Union
  11. Framing Russian Art by Oleg Tarasov, 2010-12-15
  12. Russian Folk Art Painting: Techniques & Projects Made Easy by Priscilla Hauser, Boris Grafov, 2002-10-28
  13. The Art and Architecture of Russia: Third Edition (The Yale University Press Pelican Histor) by George Heard Hamilton, 1992-11-25
  14. Moscow & St. Petersburg 1900-1920: Art, Life, & Culture of the Russian Silver Age by JohnE. Bowlt, 2008-10-01

1. Russian Art
Peredvizhniki (Itinerants or Wanderers). Peredvizhniki (Itinerants or Wanderers). From the mideighteenth century, the Russian school of painting and sculpture had been

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Russian Art:
"Ideological Realism" Peredvizhniki (Itinerants or Wanderers). Peredvizhniki (Itinerants or Wanderers).
From the mid-eighteenth century, the Russian school of painting and sculpture had been controlled by the Imperial Academy of Arts in St. Petersburg. In the relatively liberal atmosphere of Alexander II's "Great Reforms," there was growing discontent among some artists with the traditionally conservative attitude of the Academy of Arts. In 1863, a group of students at the Academy rebelled at the proposed topic for the annual Gold Medal painting competition: "The Entrance of Odin into Valhalla." They felt that this mythological fantasy was too remote from the real life of Russia that, they believed, demanded their artistic attention. Thirteen painters and one sculptor resigned from the Academy. Soon after they withdrew from the Academy, these "Thirteen Contestants" formed an Artists' Cooperative Society. In 1870, they formed the "Society for Traveling Art Exhibitions," and the painters became known as " Peredvizhniki " (in English, they are known as "Wanderers" or "Travelers" or "Itinerants." The

2. RUSSIAN ART - Associated Content From Yahoo! -
Introductory Joke When Stalin was head of the Russian government he asked one of Russian's top artists, How is your art going? The artist said, I can't complain.
Associated Content Home Lifestyle Home Education
For Contemporary World Cultures
Matt Cole Yahoo! Contributor Network
May 27, 2008 "Contribute content like this. Start Here Now to explain about Russian art, first ask yourself one question, "Should you invest in Russian Art?" The answer isn't all that complicated nor simple. The first thing anyone should do when deciding on an investment is a look into the history of Russian Art. Russia has a long and storied history when it comes to art. Their artwork dates back some 860 years. Moscow was not only the capital of Russia, it was also the largest center for Russian art. The Moscow Art School was created there, toward the end of the 15 th and 16 th centuries. Which was called the Golden Age of Russian Art.
Some of the prominent names of Russian art that stemmed from this age are: Theophanes the Greek, Andrei Rublev, Daniil Cherny, and Dionisi. Of these Andrei Rublev is perhaps the most famous. He was called the most outstanding painter of Old Russian Art. It was his icon-painting manner, which was considered to be the best of the 15 th and 16 th centuries.

3. The Russian Art Gallery: A Home To Great Works Of Art
The Russian Art Gallery. Nonprofit presentation of famous Russian paintings. Contemporary Russian art for sale.
AC_FL_RunContent( 'codebase',',0,28,0','width','780','height','200','title','tree','src','tree_sky2','quality','high','pluginspage','','movie','tree_sky2' ); //end AC code A collection of Russian icons from the 1200-1600s, including works of the celebrated master, Andrey Rublev (c. 1360-1430). Selected works by famous Russian painters from the 1720s to 1920s. All must-see art works are here. Isaak Levitan (1860-1900) is one of the greatest Russian landscape painters. Mikhail Vrubel (1856-1910) is a renowned Russian symbolist painter. What is Russia like? Take a look at photographs that capture Russia's architecture, landscape and soul. Works of prominent contemporary Russian artists can be viewed and purchased here. To see more contemporary art visit our Russian website ART9.RU

4. The Museum Of Russian Art
The Museum of Russian Art (TMORA) is presently the only nonprofit museum in North America dedicated solely to the preservation and presentation of educational exhibitions and
The Museum of Russian Art
Main Menu
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or become a member today.
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On November 16, help support The Museum of Russian Art's mission and be a part of the Great Minnesota Give Togethera day to inspire charitable giving!
The Museum of Russian Art
Traveling Exhibitions Available
TMORA In the News
  • Russian Imperial Porcelain Press Release
    Dinner with the Tsars: Russian Imperial Porcelain Opens November 14
    [NOTE: Link will open a new window] IMLS Press Release
    The Museum of Russian Art Awarded Prestigious Grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services
    [NOTE: Link will open a new window] TMORA wins AAM Publications Competition Award
    TMORA wins second place in American Association of Museum's annual Museum Publications Design Competition award! Congratulations to our designer, Carole Grinde, of Grinde Design. The winning entries include TMORA's invitations to the exhibition openings of Revealing the Silk Road, and Matryoshka: The Russian Nesting Doll.
In consideration of our residential neighbors

5. Russian Art. Moscow Museum And Art Gallery Of Russian Impressionism
Moscow museum and art gallery of Russian impressionism.
Our Art Gallery was founded in 1991. The Collection consisits of some 300 works produced in 1920-1970. The website contains a selection of paintings available for sale. To view them visit
the exhibition center and inventory section. To find out how to buy and read more about us, visit the
information center
If you don`t find what you are looking for, please e-mail us with your requirements. The site is renewed constantly.

6. Russian Culture - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
their careers in Western Europe, forced to emigrate by the Revolution. Wassily Kandinsky, Marc Chagall, Naum Gabo and others spread their work, ideas, and the impact of Russian art
Russian culture
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation search Saint Basil's Cathedral on the Red Square Moscow Dmitry Medvedev with Russia men's national ice hockey team Kuban Cossack Choir performing. Scarlet Sails celebration in Saint Petersburg Watch Russian culture is associated with the country of Russia and, sometimes, specifically with ethnic Russians . It has a rich history and can boast a long tradition of excellence in every aspect of the arts , especially when it comes to literature and philosophy classical music and ballet architecture and painting cinema and animation , which all had considerable influence on the world culture. The country also has a rich material culture and a strong tradition in technology Russian culture started from that of the East Slavs , with their pagan beliefs and specific way of life in the wooded areas of Eastern Europe . Early on, the culture of Russian ancestors was much influenced by neighbouring Finno-Ugric tribes and by nomadic , mainly Turkic , peoples of the Pontic steppe . In the late 1st millennium AD the Scandinavian Vikings , or Varangians , also took part in the forming of Russian identity and Kievan Rus' state. Kievan Rus' had

7. Russian Art
Painting and sculpture of Russia, including art from the USSR 1917–91
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Russian art
Russian art was dominated by the Orthodox Church which drew on the traditions of Byzantine art, producing outstanding icons, carvings, metalwork, and embroidery.
18th century
19th century

Last Days of Pompeii
is in the Academy of Fine Arts (St Petersburg).
It was not until the 1870s, when Savva Mamontov assembled on his Moscow estates the group of artists later known as The Wanderers The Boyarina Morosova
Portrait of Valery Briussov
1905) and even, in some pencil drawings, anticipates the Futurists.
Early 20th century
founded the review Mir Iskoustva , and from this stemmed the brilliant phase of Russian ballet design, in which the names of Benois, Leon Bakst, Nicolas Roerich, and others are eminent.
Although working mainly in France and Germany, Marc Chagall took his subjects from Russian life and folklore, his highly personal idiom being far removed from current Russian styles. Wassily Kandinsky, who was to become the first truly abstract artist, left Russia 1896, though Russian folk culture played an important role in his development.
Black Square 1914 is the ultimate expression of his suprematism school, which stressed the spiritual values of abstract art. In sculpture constructivism became a major force, the attempts by Naum

8. Don't Buy From Or DIADA USA
Details negative buying experiences with DIADA USA, owner of and Unigift.
Don't Buy From
Home Other Victims The Emails Add Your Horror Story
Don't Buy from or DIADA USA
Don't buy from , owned by DIADA USA , which also markets under the name Unigift . sells Russian gifts and souviners , such as Russian matryoshka nesting dolls. There are lots of other online Russian gift shops . Avoid the risk of buying from this firm, which has sent us a defective watch, twice broken its promise to replace the watch, refuses to provide a refund or replacement, and now has both our money and the defective watch. This page details the horrible experience we have had with The case concerns a Russian Poljot Albatross watch . It's a beautiful watch. I'd enjoy wearing it - if it worked. According to Poljot's specifications for the watch it should rune 37 hours with the stopwatch turned on and 43 hours with the stopwatch turned off. This particular watch never made it for 24 hours, often stopping after as little as 6 to 8 hours on a full winding. This problem was quickly evident to me once I received the watch from It's pretty obvious when your new watch stops in less than a day. I put it on the shelf to observe it - at's suggestion - and it continued to stop after just a few hours. After a few days' testing like this, said I could return it for replacement - in accordance with their return policy giving 14 days to return items for replacement or refund. So, I promptly shipped it off.

9. Russian Art Gallery Offering Fine Paintings For Sale Online
Dealing in Russian and other fine Realist, Impressionist and Contemporary paintings. Fine art dealers since 1975.

impressionist socialist realism abstract ...
Today's Bargains

Welcome to Today's Bargains. Grab selected paintings at greatly discounted prices here now. Don't miss out as these bargains are only offered for a short time. Make sure to visit every week as NEW paintings are offered.
of Twentieth Century
Russian and Soviet Painters

RUSSIAN ART FOR SALE ONLINE Since the chaotic days of the Gorbachev era
, Russian Art has been gaining popularity in the West. There's evidence of ever growing international interest in the rich and varied talents of Russian artists and artists from the ex-Soviet Union republics. Exhibitions of Russian art are being staged in Europe and America nearly every month. The two major auction houses Sotheby's and Christie's hold Russian Art Sales in London and New York twice a year. A new auction house, MacDougall's, devoted entirely to the sale of Russian Works of Art has been established in London over the last couple of years. The number of commercial galleries specialising in the sale of art by Russian artists has been growing ever since the first Russian Art auction in Moscow organized by Sotheby's in 1988. We have seen an influx of numerous publications on the history and the development of Russian Art - just type "russian art" in the search window of Amazon.Com and you'll be presented with an endless list of subjects ranging from Russian icons and Russian Folk arts to the Russian avante-garde of the 1920's, from Soviet non-conformist artists of the 60's and the 70's and to the present

10. Russian Art Week At Christie's In London
The First Art Newspaper on the Net., art daily,art news,artdaily, daily art, art, art newspaper, Museums, Exhibits, Artists, Milestones, Digital Art, Architecture, Photography

11. Classical Music ONLINE
MP3 and RealAudio selections from several centuries of Russian vocal chamber music.
main page classical music online russian classical composers web design for musicians ... classical music links
Listen to classical music online - free downloads Enter your search terms Submit search form Web Dmitry Bortnyansky
Concerto for harpsichord and strings D-major

fragment 4:09, mp3, 1465 Kb
Musica Antiqua Russica
Dmitry Bortnyansky
Aria from opera "ALKID"
(live recording)
3:06, mp3, 1096 Kb
Musica Antiqua Russica
Antonio Vivaldi
"Folia" variations for two violins and basso continuo

(live recording) fragment 1:54, mp3, 677 Kb
Musica Antiqua Russica
Tchaikovsky. Souvenir de Florence
Allegro con spirito (fragment) [4:00, mp3, 1876 Kb] The Divertissement String Ensemble Schoenberg Transfigured Night (fragment) [3:35, mp3, 1683 Kb] The Divertissement String Ensemble Bartok Romanian Dances (4:48, mp3, 2 250 Kb) The Divertissement String Ensemble Schnittke Concerto Grosso #1, Rondo (fragment 3:20, mp3, 1566 Kb) The Divertissement String Ensemble Bach-Gounod. Ave Maria

12. Russian Art: Isaak Levitan (1860-1900)
Russian Art Gallery Isaak Levitan. A nonprofit presentation of Russian art.
Read a brief biographical sketch on Isaak Levitan. Autumn Day. Sokolniki 1879, Oil on Canvas, 63.5x50 cm, The Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow, Russia Self-Portrait 1880s, Charcoal, ink, whiting on paper, 37.7x27.8 cm, The Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow, Russia Savvinskaya Sloboda near Zvenigorod 1884, Oil on Canvas, 25.6x44.2 cm, The Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow, Russia
The Birch Grove 1885-89, Oil on Canvas, 28.5x50 cm, The Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow, Russia
The Overgrown Pond (study) 1887, Oil on Canvas, 31.8x42.8 cm, The State Polenov Museum-Reserve of History, Art and Nature. Russia
Evening on the Volga 1886-88, Oil on Canvas, 50x81 cm, The Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow, Russia After the Rain. Plyos 1889, Oil on canvas, 80x125 cm, The Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow, Russia Evening. The Golden Plyos 1889, Oil on canvas, 84.2x142 cm, The Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow, Russia Golden Autumn. Slobodka 1889, Oil on Canvas, 43x67,2 cm, The State Russian Musem, St. Petersburg, Russia GO TO PAGE 2 Victor Potoskuev © 2000-2006

13. Collecting Russian Art
By John Wurdeman Telegraph News has put out an interesting article about MacDougall’s auction house.
Collecting Russian Art
By John Wurdeman
Russian Art in Seattle
August 15, 2010 in Uncategorized Ida Kay Greathouse Frye Museum Seattle ... Leave a comment Two Russian American artists are featured in an exhibition now on display at the Frye Museum of Art link The exhibition runs through September 19.
Hymn To Labor
August 14, 2010 in Uncategorized Hymn to Labor Russian Museum Socialist Realism ... Leave a comment On August 5th a new exhibition opened at the Russian Museum Update 8/18: This article (in Russian) has a small gallery of images from the exhibition.
Russian Eastern and Oriental Fine Art Fair
May 24, 2010 in Uncategorized Leave a comment website
March 7, 2010 in Uncategorized auction Bonham's Christie's ... Link  to full article
Kursk Art Exhibit
February 25, 2010 in Uncategorized Alliance Ohio auction Kursk ... Leave a comment Mount Union College in Alliance Ohio is holding an exhibit and auction of Russian landscapes through March 4th. The school has been organizing events with Kursk State University in the city of Kursk in Western Russia since 1997. Since 2000, they have held three exhibitions of paintings by artists at Kursk State University. In 2006, they auctioned the exhibit to raise money for future collaboration between the schools, and they are holding another auction this year. Images of all 35 paintings chosen for the exhibition are online . They are landscapes of the Russian Realist school, and provide a small but satisfying glimpse of how the Russian landscape tradition persists in the 21st century. 

14. Galerie Blue Square
Contemporary Russian art. Located in the heart of Paris gallery district.
galerie blue square
galerie blue square

Dealing in Russian Paintings and Prints as well as other Realist, Impressionist and Contemporary paintings. World fine art dealers.
For Sale: Interested? Contact rusart1 [at] gmail [dot] com

16. Artists And Craftsmen Guild Of Kostroma
russian art, russian, art, art russian, russian impressionism, socialist realism, soviet art, art of ussr, russian paintings, XX century artrussian art, art russia, art
c) Sergey Yepifanov
This website represents the most well know artists of Kostroma, Russia.

17. Venäläistä Taidetta Arkangelista Jurij Vasendin
Russian art, landscape, storm, waves, forest, mystery, oil paintings.

18. Art & Architecture Of Russia
F rom icons and onion domes to suprematism and the Stalin baroque, Russian art and architecture seems to many visitors to Russia to be a rather baffling array of exotic
F rom icons and onion domes to suprematism and the Stalin baroque, Russian art and architecture seems to many visitors to Russia to be a rather baffling array of exotic forms and alien sensibilities. Without any sense of the rich tradition of Russian culture, an appreciation of the country's enormous artistic wealth becomes a game of historical anecdote"the church where so-and-so took refuge from what's-his-name"or a meaningless collection of aesthetic baubles"I like the blue domes the best." In fact, Russian art and architecture are not nearly so difficult to understand as many people think, and knowing even a little bit about why they look the way they do and what they mean brings to life the culture and personality of the entire country. Icons The best collections of icons are to be found in the Tretyakov Gallery and the Russian Museum, though of course many Russian churches have preserved or restored their traditional works. The Great Experiment The rising influence of European culture in Russia during the 17th and 18th centuries brought Russian artwork closer to the familiar traditions of western painting. It wasn't until the end of the 19th century that the next great body of uniquely Russian artistic styles arose, having developed in conjunction with liberal forces of social reform. This modern movement took many different directions almost from its inception, and it would be impossible to describe all of them. However, even a very general acquaintance with their common ideas and interests makes their work much more accessible.

19. Russian Art Gallery
Dealing in Russian and other fine Realist, Impressionist and Contemporary paintings. Fine art dealers since 1975 and now on the Internet
One of the greatest artists of our times, Vasyl Krychevsky (1873-1952) , an outstanding personality and artist of broad inspirations represents a whole epoch of development of the Ukrainian modern art of the first half of our century. Over a period of a full half century, the entire artistic movement in the center of Ukraine was in one way or another connected with the name of this artist. In the field of architecture V. Krychevsky represents the whole artistic trend of the rebirth of Ukrainian style. Basing his works on the historical heritage of Ukrainian architecture, the artist espoused, to a larger degree the utilization of popular (peasant) motives of building. Industriously gathering this rich material, the artist-architect transformed them in a modern spirit, applying architectural forms to contemporary constructional means and material. In spite of the picturesque of his architectural forms, which he created, his buildings were built in conformity with the constructive principle whereby, he used few moderate ornaments and details and tended to apply less and less frequently purely decorative means.

20. Russian Lacquer Boxes | Wooden Santa | Matryoshka Nesting Doll | Amber Jewelry
Assortment of Russian art, collectibles, antiques, souvenirs, and jewelry.
Russian Lacquer Box Kritov Russian Religious Gifts and Souveniers Russian Cultural Collectibles
Russian Lacquer Box Kritov Russian Religious Gifts and Souveniers
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  • Event Calendar Special Deals ... Mstera and Kholui are known to connoisseurs around the world for their inimitable lacquer miniatures. Deeply rooted in history, this art form, along with traditional folk art, icon-painting, and the secular paintings of the mid-18th to late 19th centuries, is among the most splendid and distinctive of Russia’s artistic achievements. The art of Russian lacquer miniatures became famous all over the world owing to the activities of the four old handicraft-centers: Fedoskino , where in the first half of the 19th century the workshops of the Vishnyakov family and Lukutin’s factory expanded large –scale production, exploiting both the Oriental and Western European tradition of lacquer miniatures, and the ancient icon-making centers- Palekh Mstera , and Kholui , where lacquer miniature painting as an art industry came into being, so to say, “through force of circumstances”, for in the 1920’s highly qualified icon-painters were compelled to seek some other field for application of their talents. Nevertheless, those difficulties didn’t prevent the icon-painters from achieving the greatest heights in the creative field that was new to them.

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