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1. Travel In San Marino - Europe - Culture - Information about travel in San Marino,Europe,restaurants,hotels,car rentals,campings,travel agencies.!
San Marino - Culture San Marino is a completely independent nation, member of the U.N. and everything. According to tradition, it has been independent, more or less, since 301 A. D. when a Christian stonemason called Marinus the Dalmation hid from the anti-Christian Roman Emperor Diocletian on the peak of the beautiful, foreboding and easily defended Mount Titano. The total landmass of the country is 61 km . It is completely surrounded by Italy. The citizens speak Italian. No, the San Marino Grand Prix is not actually held in the country itself. The rights have been farmed out to a nearby Italian town. They celebrate their founding day, September 3rd, with among other things a world-renowned crossbow competition and a nation-wide bingo game. San Marino is also stunningly picturesque. Out of the centre of the country just the medieval majestic Mount Titano, itself crowned by the three defensive forts that have made independence possible. Spectacular cliffs face the Adriatic while the Old City tumbles like a veil down the back of Titano, towards the Apennines. The country's major industry is its past. Most of the three MILLION tourists who visit each year come to see a seeming historical anomaly. They drive straight through the undulating Romagna countryside to Borgo Maggiore, a traditional market town at the foot of the Titano cliffs. Then it's right up the cable car to the San Marino city itself.

2. Culture Of San Marino - Traditional, History, People, Clothing, Women, Beliefs,
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Countries and Their Cultures
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La Serenissima Repubblica di San Marino (The Most Serene Republic of San Marino)
Identification. San Marino takes its name from its founder, Marinus, who according to legend founded the republic in 301 C.E. San Marino is comprised of native Sammarinese and Italian citizens. Although Italian-speaking and heavily influenced by the surrounding Italian culture, the Sammarinese have maintained their individuality through the centuries, have a strong sense of identity, and are proud of their unique culture. Location and Geography. San Marino, one of the smallest republics in the world, is located in the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy, south of the city of Rimini on the northern part of the Adriatic coast. Approximately 24 square miles (61 square kilometers) in size, San Marino is completely landlocked. Situated in the central part of the Apennine mountains, San Marino is dominated by the three-peaked Mount Titano, which is 2,437 feet (743 meters) high. There are several streams and small rivers, including the Ausa, Marano, and the San Marino. The terrain is rugged but the climate is Mediterranean with mild to cool winters and warm, sunny summers. The capital is located in the main town, also called San Marino. Other important towns include Serravalle, Borgo Maggiore, and Domagnano.

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4. San Marino Society And Culture
Music is also an integral part of San Marino culture. Cuisine of San Marino has great similarities with Italian food. To know more about San Marino Society and Culture, click on
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San Marino Society and Culture
San Marino Society and Culture is an extremely interesting thing to explore. There are many things that are typical of the society and culture of San Marino. Most of the people are Sammarinese and there are some ethnic groups and clans too in the country. Italians are found in quite large number in this particular country. Italian culture and tradition is known all over the world. Some glimpses of the tradition and culture can be seen at San Marino too.
San Marino Society and Culture has been a favorite topic of research for many scholars and researchers. Roman Catholic is the dominant religion in the country, while Italian is the most widely spoken language. On an average 96% of the people are literate in San Marino. There are good facilities of general as well as high education. Lifestyle of the country is good. People in the San Marino society are hospitable and friendly.
San Marino culture is extremely rich. There are several interesting places that can be visited on a trip to San Marino. Sports, specially soccer is the most important sport that is played in the country. Many renowned players belong to San Marino, who play for Italy in big championships. Apart from football, Formula One and baseball are also very popular in the country. Music is also an integral part of San Marino culture. Cuisine of San Marino has great similarities with Italian food.

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6. San Marino: History, Geography, Government, And Culture —
Information on San Marino — geography, history, politics, government, economy, population statistics, culture, religion, languages, largest cities, as well as a map and the
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8. San Marino Culture
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San Marino Europe CULTURE
The World Travel Guide has some useful information on the Social Profile of San Marino.
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11. San Marino Economy, San Marino People Culture And Flag.
Gather information on the economy of San Marino. Get a brief idea about the various features related to San Marino. Find detailed information on people, culture and flag related to
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... Country Profile San Marino Economy
San Marino Economy
People of San Marino there are only two ethnic races in San Marino. They are the Sammarinese and Italians. They are a peace loving race who adheres strongly to their ethnic roots. They are also some of the staunchest Christians. Arts, Culture and Music of San Marino :
  • Art the country of San Marino prides itself in being home of the most important Renaissance and Baroque art. Art too is dominantly Italian in nature. The country also boasts of a number of fabulous sculptures that are scattered all over the country's public places. The traditional art forms of san Marino, however, are stone carving, coin minting and ceramics. Culture the culture of San Marino is uniform and homogenous. It is predominately Italian. The culture is termed as Sammarinese. For this reason the country is also called La Serenissima Repubblica di San Marino which means Most Serene Republic of San Marino'. This title in itself says a lot about the culture of the country.

12. San Marino People & Culture
The republic has a population of about 30,000, including some Italians who live Share what you know about San Marino culture

13. San Marino Culture
San Marino Culture Thanks for submitting links or comments about San Marino Culture

14. YouTube - Property Ocean Front San Marino Panama -
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15. San Marino Culture | San Marino History
Complete, objective information on San Marino travel, including photos and reviews. Add your own wikistyle contributions.
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History in San Marino
Edit This Olivia San Marino is comprised of native Sammarinese and Italian citizens. Crop farming sheep farming and the working of stone from the quarries formed the early backbone of San Marino's economy. San Marino has no mineral resources and today most of the land is cultivated or covered by woods. According to tradition San Marino was founded in AD 301 when a Christian stonemason named Marinus the Dalmation fled the island of Arbe to escape the anti-Christian Roman Emperor Diocletian. Marinus hid on the peak of Mount Titano and founded a small community of people following their Christian beliefs. It is certain that the area had been inhabited since prehistoric times although evidence of existence on Mount Titano dates back only to the Middle Ages. In memory of the stone cutter the land was renamed "Land of San Marino then called the Community of San Marino and was finally changed to its present-day name, Republic of San Marino." The original government structure was composed of a self-governed assembly known as the Arengo which consisted of the heads of each family. In 1243 the positions of Captains Regent (Capitani Reggenti) were established to be the joint heads of state.

16. Sammarinese Lira | Encyclopedia
ISO 4217 Code SML User(s) San Marino, Italy, Vatican City ERM Since 13 March 1979 San Marino Culture

17. San Marino Flag, San Marino Culture, And San Marino History, Map
Overview of San Marino, including flag, history, economy, cultural customs, and people.
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San Marino
San Marino - Stamp Kingdom San Marino is located in northeastern Europe, the Apennine peninsula, surrounded by neighboring Italy, all known as the Republic of San Marino, an area of 61 square kilometers. Population of 29,000, 90% of San Marino. Residents are Catholic, the official language of the Italian language. Currency is the euro. The capital of San Marino (san marino)

18. Taxation In Italy
Sammarinese culture; Sammarinese law; Sammarinese people; Sammarinese society; San Marino (Climate) San Marino (Culture) San Marinorelated lists; more

19. San Marino Flag,San Marino Map, San Marino Culture :
San Marino Tradition, geography, history, politics, government, economy, population statistics, culture, religion, languages, largest cities, History of San Marino, San Marino

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