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         School Violence Prevention:     more books (112)
  1. School Violence and Primary Prevention
  2. Peace Train: A School-Wide Violence Prevention Program by Joe Wittmer, 1999-07
  3. Learning How to Stay Safe at School (The Violence Prevention Library) by Susan Kent, 2001-07
  4. At Zero Tolerance: Punishment, Prevention, and School Violence by Ronnie Casella, 2001-06-01
  5. Challenge for the third century, education in a safe environment: Final report on the nature and prevention of school violence and vandalism : report of ... to Investigate Juvenile Delinquency by Birch Bayh, 1977-01-01
  6. Prevention of School Violence through Civic Education Curricula:Year One of a National Demonstration Program (Policy Research Project Report No. 136) by Kenneth W. Tolo, 2000-09-21
  7. Days of Respect: Organizing a School-Wide Violence Prevention Program by Ralph J. Cantor, Allan Creighton, et all 2002-05-10
  8. Bullying and school violence.(PREVENTION IN ACTION): An article from: Clinical Psychiatry News by Diana Mahoney, 2007-06-01
  9. Wide scope, questionable quality: Three reports from the study on school violence and prevention : executive summary by Unknown, 2002-01-01
  10. School violence prevention planning by L. Dean Webb, 2000
  11. A primer on school violence prevention.: An article from: Journal of School Health by Jeffrey H. Coben, Harold B. Weiss, et all 1994-10-01
  12. Workplace and School violence prevention.(Threat Assessment Teams)(Brief article): An article from: The FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin by Steve Albrecht, 2010-02-01
  13. Orgullo o vergüenza.(prevención de violencia escolar; Tejas)(TT: Pride or shame.)(TA: school violence prevention; Texas)(Columna): An article from: Semana
  14. Wide Scope, Questionable Quality Three Reports From the Study on School Violence and Prevention Executive Summary DOC #2002-21

1. School Violence Prevention
Category Training. School Violence Prevention Before Columbine and After Virginia Tech br / (An AwarenessBuilding seminar)

2. School Violence Prevention | Education Development Center
Education Development Center (EDC) is an international nonprofit organization dedicated to enhancing learning and promoting health.
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Education Development Center: Improving education and health worldwide
  • About Divisions News Publications ... Articles
    School Violence Prevention
    Aggressors, Victims, and Bystanders
    August 31, 2001 On her way to school Anna sees two girls taunting one another, surrounded by a dozen other students. She notices that one of the girls begins to push the other girl and then pull her hair. EDC Health and Human Development Programs . In many cases of averted school violence, he adds, bystanders saw a red flag and took action that effectively prevented a tragedy. Aggressors, Victims, and Bystanders AVB The goal of AVB
    About the Curriculum
    AVB U.S. Department of Education and was selected by the Illinois Commission for the Prevention of Violence as one of a handful of recommended curricula. It also received an A rating from Drug Strategies, a nonprofit research institute that promotes effective approaches. It is used in 44 states and has been formally adopted by many county and state groups and agencies. In West Palm Beach, Florida, where the county has adopted AVB for its middle school students, police officers have been trained to teach the curriculum to 12,000 sixth graders each year (see sidebar). In the fall, the program will be expanded to reach twice that number of students.

3. School Violence Prevention Manual | Colorado State Attorney General
The School Violence Prevention and Student Discipline Manual is prepared by the Attorney General's Office and distributed to schools in cooperation with the CU Center for the Study

4. Violence Workshop™
This is an online New York state certification workshop in School Violence Prevention And Intervention for teaching professionals.

5. - Helping Teachers To Develop Safer Schools And Prevent Sch
Helping school personnel to develop a supportive, safe learning environment, with evidencebased information and techniques to assist schools in the prevention of school violence.

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The information presented here will help you bridge the gap between research findings and the practices and procedures for violence prevention that are needed in your school
This website's mission is to help school personnel develop a supportive, safe and inviting learning environment where students can thrive and be successful. It provides evidence-based information and techniques to assist the school community in the prevention of school violence.
Get started in your school
Child Anxiety: Signs and Symptoms of Problematic Reactions By Wendy K. Silverman, Ph.D., ABPP Scientific Board, The Melissa Institute for Violence Prevention and Treatment All children have anxiety reactions. Transient or temporary child anxiety reactions are expected and cause relatively little interference in functioning for the average child. Transient child anxiety reactions tend to be associated with new or unexpected events (e.g., the first day of school). Most importantly, transient child anxiety reactions can be handled with minimal reassurance or encouragement. Some children show anxiety reactions that are more than transient or temporary. Some children may begin showing signs and symptoms of anxiety disorders. Anxiety disorders are one of the most common disorders in young people. The most important signs to look for relate to interference or impairment in functioning. That is, are the childs anxiety reactions beginning to interfere with functioning in the areas that are most critical for children? These include the areas of peer relationships, academics, family relationships, and the childs feeling excessive internal, subjective distress. If interference or impairment is evident, it is possible that the childrens reactions are more than just transient. They may be suggestive of a clinical anxiety disorder.

6. Home | Cafe Prevention - Educational Resources
Cafe Prevention prevention resources to inspire change in the lives and minds of the people who use them.

7. School Violence Prevention Resources
Links to sites dealing with all aspects of school violence prevention.
General Resources Parent Resources ... Resources Welcome to the School Violence Prevention Resources site. Before browsing this site, please visit my Dedication Page The reason I work so hard to prevent violence. Also, before leaving be sure to tell me what you think about this page or any suggestions or comments by E-mail Webmaster I hope this page can provide some help, thanks for visiting. This site is a member of WebRing.
To browse visit Here

8. Reason Foundation - Strategies To Keep Schools Safe
We divide school violenceprevention methods into three classes—measures related to school management (that is, related to discipline and punishment), measures related to
Reason Foundation
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Today's Top Topics
Strategies to Keep Schools Safe
Policy Study 234 Alexander Volokh and Lisa Snell
January 1, 1998
School violence is a serious problem, especially in public schools. Improving the quality of American education is difficult without also addressing school violence, since regardless of how good the teachers or curriculum are, violence makes it difficult for students to learn. Our research leads us to the following conclusions: There is no one-size-fits-all solution. As William Modzeleski of the U.S. Department of Education put it, "There is no one program, no silver bullet, so that you can get one program up and say, Here it is if you put this program in your school, you are going to resolve violence." If all schools were the same, in demographically similar neighborhoods, with similar crime rates in the surrounding community, with similar-quality teachers and similarly committed staffs, and similar budgetary constraints, then we could feel safe advocating a common policy for all schools. But schools are self-evidently not like that. The ideal violence-prevention policy will likely be different for each school.

9. Center For Civic Education School Violence Prevention Demonstration Program
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10. The U.S. Conference Of Mayors : Best Practices Database
Search the United States Conference of Mayors site for what mayors have reported about school violence and prevention programs.

11. | Center For The Prevention Of School Violence
Area based research center. Offers resources for parents and school administrators.

Alternative Learning



Community Outreach
Teacher's Lounge

Permission to reproduce contents of the Center's site will be granted under the condition that source credit is given to the Center, and the purpose of reproduction
is educational.

12. School Violence Prevention Act |
School Violence Prevention Act. The North Carolina School Violence Prevention Act is a law meant to codify a generally accepted definition of what bullying is, where it can be
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Home North Carolina Grants School Violence Prevention Act
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School Violence Prevention Act
By Christopher Herhalt eHow Contributor updated: May 7, 2010 I want to do this! What's This? The North Carolina General Assembly narrowly voted in favor of this bill in June 2009. The North Carolina School Violence Prevention Act is a law meant to codify a generally accepted definition of what bullying is, where it can be seen to occur and what state teachers and principals can do to stop it. It expands the definition of bullying to include gender identification and sexual orientation. It was signed into law June 30, 2009, by North Carolina Governor Bev Perdue. It was intended to begin addressing the issue of bullying in North Carolina public schools during the 2009-2010 academic year and beyond.
Students, Teachers and Staff
  • The statute says that bullying is caused by any "acts being motivated by any actual or perceived differentiating characteristic." These characteristics include race, color
  • 13. Violence Prevention Page
    Welcome to the School Violence Prevention and Intervention issue area on the Center for Effective Collaboration and Practice's web site.
    About the Center Products Current Events Links ... Search Issue Areas Child Welfare Cultural Competence Families Juvenile Justice ... Alternative Schools Miniwebs Functional Behavioral Assessment Prevention Strategies that Work Prevention and Early Intervention Promising Practice in Children's Mental Health ... Strengthening the Safety Net Interactive! CECP Discussions Information Resources Need Help Finding What You're Looking For?
    Contact CECP
    School Violence Prevention and Intervention
    Welcome to the School Violence Prevention and Intervention issue area on the Center for Effective Collaboration and Practice's web site. Compilation for this issues area is not yet complete. There are, however, several active links on this page. Check back often for updates!
    Center Documents The following documents were produced with the support of the Office of Special Education Programs Safe and Drug Free Schools Program , the Center for Mental Health Services , and the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Early Warning, Timely Response - A Guide to Safe Schools

    14. School Violence Prevention
    School Violence Prevention Find out everything there is to know about School Violence Prevention on! Images, videos, blog posts, news, tweets and more!
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  • 15. SAMHSA Publications
    Current grant information and programs for school violence designed to develop knowledge about what works best to reduce school violence.
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    16. School Violence Prevention. ERIC Digest
    Provides fulltext access to the ERIC Digest of this name.
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    Walker, Dean
    Source: ERIC Clearinghouse on Educational Management Eugene OR.
    School Violence Prevention. ERIC Digest, Number 94.
    Eighty-nine percent of respondents in 700 cities and towns surveyed by the National League of Cities in 1994 said that school violence is a problem in their community (Randy Arndt 1994). Researchers have identified several major causes for the increase in violent behavior, causes so entangled that attempting to address one while ignoring another is to risk failure altogether. Poverty, racism, unemployment, substance abuse, easy access to weapons, inadequate or abusive parenting practices, and frequent exposure to violence through the media are all culpable (National Association for the Education of Young Children 1993). Tactics to deal with the burgeoning violence of youth have been mostly one-dimensional, relying on removal of the offender by suspension or placement outside of the mainstream classroom. This can protect other students; however, it has proven ineffective in preventing children from developing criminal careers. Educators and psychologists are eyeing the PREVENTION of violent behavior as both a more humane and more cost-effective response to this multidimensional problem (Hill Walker 1994).

    17. Christian Action League » Articles » The School Violence Prevention Act: A Wol
    The only lasting cure for evil and injustice is Christian action
    The only lasting cure for evil and injustice is Christian action Menu Eden Toon of the Week
    for full toon CAL Video 2010 NC Leg Wrap-up 2009 NC Leg Wrap-up National News
    • Growing demand vs. fewer donations Lame-duck quackery Midterms give hope for Minn. marriage Ezell, state execs discuss future direction ... Alert to Prayer
      By Rev. Mark H. Creech
      Christian Action League of North Carolina, Inc. Such is very much the case with Board of Education members steered clear of specific classifications in their policy for a number of reasons. Several were concerned that a list would cause school administrators to overlook bullying of other groups that were not on the list; and at least one member feared the classifications list would create a victim mentality in students who feel they fit the criteria. So why insist on enumerations in the legislation? It is because there really is a hidden agenda by pro-homosexual influences. Lawmakers should not be fooled. No matter how beautiful The School Violence Prevention Act with its controversial language may be expressed, it is not a grape but a buckthorn. It is not a fig, but a thistle. Rev. Mark H. Creech is executive director of the Raleigh-based Christian Action League of North Carolina.

    18. Safe Schools - Learning Support (CA Dept Of Education)
    California Department of Education offering a variety of resources on high-risk students, gangs, and after school programs.

    19. School Violence And School Safety HELP
    We provide school safety and school violence prevention information in the form of opinion only. We are not safety experts, each school community must decide what to do on their
    School safety, security, and violence prevention resource
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    When Defusing Techniques Fail
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    20. School Violence Workshop - School Violence Prevention Online Course By Workshops
    School Violence Prevention Intervention Workshop take the course online. New York State Certified School Violence Prevention Intervention online course. Take the course online
    New York State Certified Workshops
    Child Abuse Prevention Workshop (NY)

    School Violence Prevention Workshop (NY)

    Infection Control Workshop (NY)

    Needs of Students with Autism Online Course (NY)
    Frequently Asked Questions

    WA State Health Professions Licensure Workshops
    2 Hour HIV/AIDS Mandated Training (WA)

    4 Hour HIV/AIDS Mandated Training (WA)

    7 Hour HIV/AIDS Mandated Training (WA)

    OTHER LINKS: Infection Control Course Online Funeral Continuing Education Social Worker Continuing Education *** SPECIAL *** Take both Child Abuse Prevention and School Violence Prevention Workshops for only $74.95. Who Needs to take this workshop? All individuals applying for a teaching certificate are required to complete two clock hours of course work or training in school violence prevention and intervention in accordance with section 3004 of the Education Law of the state of New York. Training in school violence prevention and intervention is available through this website, an approved provider for the New York State Education Department. Workshops Express offers an online program for the training in school violence prevention and intervention. All of the work for this training is completed through the online course at a cost of $44.95.

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