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         Searching Safe For Kids:     more detail

1. Restricting Access For Kids
sift through a lot of porn and sites I'd rather not have to be bothered with when I do a search. It makes website searching safe for kids. I have it set as my default
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Restricting access for kids
Soft32 Home Win3 Arch Security Admin Next: xp Feb 8 update package: Invisible files in some .. Author Message Rob
Since: Dec 06, 2004
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(Msg. 1) Posted: Sat Feb 12, 2005 8:01 pm
Post subject: Restricting access for kids
more info?
I've got XP Home and have the admin account set up for me and a limited
account for my son. I've been trying to change the settings so his account
cannot access objectionable websites and keep my account at the normal
settings. Every time I turn on the content advisor, it keeps the restricted
settings for both accounts and not just my son's. Is there any way to restrict just his account from accessing sites he shouldn't be at? Thanks! Back to top Login to vote Phil Agcaoili External Since: Feb 13, 2005 Posts: 39 (Msg. 2) Posted: Sun Feb 13, 2005 5:29 am Post subject: RE: Restricting access for kids [Login to view extended thread Info.] Archived from groups: per prev. post ( more info? If you have your own Broadband connection already (i.e.don't need AOL, Earthlink, etc.), there are several really good parental control software

2. Integrated Curriculum Enrichment
Kids Search Tools A fun site that makes searching safe for kids Fact Monster - Research a variety of topics Sparky The Firedog - Learn more about fire safety
W ebsites The US Presidents learn something new about our Presidents Globetracker's Mission - se e if y ou can locate Louie Chocolate - celebrate Chocolate Week with this yummy site The First Thanksgiving - you get to be the historian at this interactive site Why Leaves Change Colors - discover why fall is a beautiful season Mystery State Game - test your knowledge of U.S. State trivia Maps and Globes - links to online maps and globes Gramophone - 120 years ago, this invention changed the way we hear sound The Presidential Timeline - an impressive timline of our nation's leaders Safe Boating - a great resource for boating in any season Migratory Birds - check out this unique international holiday History of the Lone Star State - timelines, documents and images Jamestown - activities, videos and different perspectives on Jamestown Jamestown - The History Channel's online exhibit Star Spangled Banner - Our National Anthem was accepted on March 3 Peanut Butter Lover's Day - celebrate on March 1 Home Baking Fun Month - baking for the whole family Whatbird - get great tips on how to identify birds Hot Air Balloons - learn how to make your own hot air balloon Eli Whitney - find out how the cotton gin changed the cotton industry National Arbor Day Foundation - What is our national tree?

3. KidZui In The News - Page 2
What's that Internet program that makes searching safe for kids? ocregister, 05.20.08 By Carol Veravanich. 10 Summer Kids MustHaves Kaboose, 05.08.08
More KidZui Press
Making the Internet Safe for Kids, One Video at a Time

June 22, 2010 Etcr Computers Blog
Internet Access for Kids

June 20, 2010 Exact-007 Blog
KidZui Web Browser for Kids

June 7, 2010 MomBlogNetwork

June 4, 2010 A Harried Housewife Blog
Check out KidZui

June 3, 2010 KidZui: No Pornography Here Gigaom, 3.18.08 By Stacey Higginbotham KidZui is now free! The Sleepy Geek, 06.05.08 Finally, A Kid-Friendly Internet – Kidzui Rotor Blog, 06.05.08 By Arnold Zafra KidZui Browser for Youngsters, Now Free Mashable, 06.04.08 By Kristen Nicole KidZui Persuaded by the Power of Free TechCrunch, 06.04.08 By Mark Hendrickson KidZui's Kid-Safe Site and Software Now Free U.S. News, 06.04.08 By David LaGesse Kidzui: The Internet for Kids Associated Content, 06.04.08

4. What's That Internet Program That Makes Searching Safe For Kids? | Kids, Child,
News What's that Internet program that makes searching safe for kids? kids, child, internet, program, reports, goasktheteacher, inappropriate, mentioned, contact, ground

5. Site Makes Internet Searching Safe For Kids And Muslims - Filters Explicit Conte
This search engine returns only familysafe search results from the internet and it would also prevent children from searching the Internet using any adult queries.

6. Safe Search For Kids Powered By The Google Kids Friendly Safe Search Engine.
Google Safe Search for Kids is a powerful search tool that filters search results to enhance your kids safe searching experience. Safe Search for kids was designed by Google for

7. Muslim Search Engine Makes Internet Searching Safe For Kids As Well
Muslims generally use the term Halal to designate food items that they are allowed to eat under the Islamic law (like fish). The opposite

8. KashTech | Tech & More: October 2009
Muslim Search Engine Makes Internet Searching Safe for Kids As Well

9. What Makes Us Feel Hungry And Over-Eat ?
Find a Good Place to Eat in a New City – Restaurant Guide Reviews; How to Stop Eating Snacks InBetween Meals; Muslim Search Engine Makes Internet Searching Safe for Kids As Well

10. KidZui : Internet For Kids (and Those Young At Heart) | TakePart - Inspiration T
KidZui vets Web for kids; KidZui, The Internet for Kids, Is Now Free to Families Everywhere; What's that Internet program that makes searching safe for kids?
TakePart Social Action Network: Controversial Issues, Activism, Environmental, Human Rights, Political News
  • Join TakePart Login Members Project® ... Home
    KidZui : Internet for Kids (and Those Young at Heart)
    Facebook Twitter takepart_998: StumbleUpon Digg MySpace Reddit ... Flag this KidZui has decided that we adults have had enough fun and it's time that kids have their own internet. The Internet for Kids (KidZui) is a new free browser or portal that offers 600,000 kid-friendly websites, videos, and pictures reviewed by trained parents and teachers. Also it is pronounced Kid-Zooey!Instead of blocking the bad stuff from the adult internet, KidZui takes the opposite approach and just includes all of the positive, all of the awesome stuff that kids can and should enjoy.You can visit to sign up today and get your kid (or you for that matter) started on a new journey to have more fun on the internet.
    "With KidZui in our home, we look forward to our children exploring the Internet," said Robyn Jackson, a San Diego resident and mother of three kids aged 2, 5 and 8. "KidZui is a great way to give my kids some freedom on the Web, without having to worry about what they might see. I have already been telling all my friends about it, and now that it's free, I'm sure everyone will be signing up their kids." [EarthTimes] takepart and support the good folks who are working make the internet beneficial for all age groups.Also, read on:

11. -the Family Search Engine, Safe For All
Site Makes Internet Searching Safe for Kids and Muslims Filters Wed, 20 Oct 2010 064900 GMT This search engine returns only family-safe search results from the internet and

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