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         Serbia & Montenegro Geography:     more detail
  1. Serbia and Montenegro: Economy of Serbia and Montenegro, Geography of Serbia and Montenegro, Politics of Serbia and Montenegro
  2. Culture and Customs of Serbia and Montenegro (Culture and Customs of Europe) by Christopher Deliso, 2008-12-30
  3. Serbia And Montenegor in Pictures (Visual Geography. Second Series) by Alison Behnke, 2006-10-06
  4. Serbia and Montenegro

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4. Geography
503. World,2000,serbia,montenegro,geography people,government,economy communications,transportation,military.
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5. 1Up Travel > Serbia And Montenegro Geography - Geographic Facts On Serbia And Mo
Find all the geographical facts on Serbia and Montenegro related to Location, Geographic coordinates, Map references, Area, Area comparative, Land Boundaries, Coastline, Maritime
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Country Country Facts
Introduction Geography People Government ... Transnational issues
Yugoslavia Geography
Top of Page Location: Southeastern Europe, bordering the Adriatic Sea, between Albania and Bosnia and Herzegovina Geographic coordinates: 44 00 N, 21 00 E Map references: Europe Area: total: 102,350 sq km
land: 102,136 sq km
water: 214 sq km Area - comparative: slightly smaller than Kentucky Land boundaries: total: 2,246 km
border countries: Albania 287 km, Bosnia and Herzegovina 527 km, Bulgaria 318 km, Croatia (north) 241 km, Croatia (south) 25 km, Hungary 151 km, The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia 221 km, Romania 476 km Coastline: 199 km Maritime claims: NA Climate: in the north, continental climate (cold winters and hot, humid summers with well distributed rainfall); central portion, continental and Mediterranean climate; to the south, Adriatic climate along the coast, hot, dry summers and autumns and relatively cold winters with heavy snowfall inland Terrain: extremely varied; to the north, rich fertile plains; to the east, limestone ranges and basins; to the southeast, ancient mountains and hills; to the southwest, extremely high shoreline with no islands off the coast

6. Search
Web Results 110 of 59.000. Powered By Google Geography and Map of Serbia and Montenegro (Yugoslavia) Geography and maps of Serbia and Montenegro (Yugoslavia).

7. Factacular : Serbia
Belgrade is one of the oldest cities in Europe. Its history lasts full 5.4 km. Serbia/Montenegro Geography Tunnels Country
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Belgrade is one of the oldest cities in Europe. Its history lasts full 7,000 years. The intensive development of Belgrade which started after its final liberation from the Turks continued in the first years of the XX century. Serbian army and parts of the Allies' army liberated Belgrade on November 1, 1918. During World War I, Serbia lost 28% of its whole population, while Belgrade was the most destroyed town in Serbia. In May 2006, Montenegro declared independence and Belgrade became the capital of the independent state of the Republic of Serbia. Geography Capitals Serbia uses the Dinar New Yugoslav dinar (YUM); Geography Currencies Serbian is an official language of Serbia Language Official Languages .rs internet domain is used by Serbia Geography Internet Domains Serbia has the anthem Bože Pravde God the Righteous Geography National and Regional Anthems President Boris Tadić is Head of State of Serbia Geography Heads of State Serbia is situated in Europe Geography Which Region Serbia has the national animal Wolf Geography National Animals Serbia has the national flower The Plum Geography National Flowers Aviogenex is based in Serbia Misc Airlines of the World Jat Airways is based in Serbia Belgrade. National carrier.

8. Stragari Na Internetu
Stragari na internetu prezentacija sumadijske varosice On this page you can find basic facts about Stragari - a true serbian village.Read something
WELCOME ! On this page you can find basic facts about Stragari - a true serbian village.Read something about our geographic location, history and economy.Also you can see photos of Stragari and sign our guestbook. Geography Located at 44°8'60"N 20°40'0"E and at 250 m above sea level, it lies 30 km northwest of Kragujevac and about 120 km south of state capital, Belgrade. It lies on the outfall of Srebrnica river in Jasenica river, on the northeastern side of the mountain Rudnik (highest peak - Cvijic's peak, 1132 m) Stragari with 10 surrounding villages forms one of five municipalities of city of Kragujevac.Estimated population is 4,500. History
The XIV century monastery Voljavca Stragari was mentioned for the first time in Tukish census documentation in 1476. At that time, Stragari had only 39 households. It received the status of town in 1922. In monastery Voljavca near Stragari in 1805. the

9. World Country Guide
Belgrade is the capital of Serbia Montenegro. Geography Roughly rectangular in shape and on a major European communications axis north–west and south–east, Serbia Montenegro
Home Info Overview General Information Contact Addresses Passport/Visa ... Map Regions Serbia Montenegro Country Guide Serbia and Montenegro ... Serbia and Montenegro
General Information
Together, Serbia and Montenegro have an estimated total population of 10,664,300 (official estimate 2002).
Population Density
104.4 per sq km.
Government Heads of State: Union of Serbia and Montenegro: President Svetozar Marovic since 2003; Serbia: President: Boris Tadic since 2004; Montenegro: President Filip Vujanovic since 2002. Heads of Government: Union of Serbia and Montenegro: Prime Minister Dragisa Pesic since 2001; Serbia: Prime Minister: Vojislav Kostunica since 2004; Montenegro: Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic since 2003. The Kosovo region is now administered by the UN. Language Serbian, which uses the Cyrillic script, Albanian and Hungarian. Religion Majority Eastern Orthodox Serbs, with a large Muslim ethnic Albanian minority (especially in the province of Kosovo), a Roman Catholic ethnic Serbian minority (mainly located in the province of Vojvodina) and a small Jewish community. Time GMT + 1 (GMT + 2 from last Sunday in March to Saturday before last Sunday in October).

10. 1Up Travel > Serbia And Montenegro Transnational Issues - Transnational Issues O
Serbia Montenegro Guide Serbia Montenegro Maps Serbia Montenegro Flag Serbia Montenegro Geography
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Country Country Facts
Introduction Geography People Government ... Transnational issues
Yugoslavia Transnational Issues
Top of Page Disputes - international: Albanian majority in Kosovo seeks independence from Yugoslavia; Croatia and Yugoslavia are negotiating the status of the strategically important Prevlaka Peninsula, which is currently under a UN military observer mission (UNMOP); the February 2001 agreement with the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia settled alignment of boundary, stipulating implementation within two years Illicit drugs: transshipment point for Southwest Asian heroin moving to Western Europe on the Balkan route
Countryfacts Information Courtesy: CIA Worldbook
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11. Croatia | The Montenegro Times
Serbia Montenegro Geography; Imagine Montenegro; Montenegro Youtube; Serbia And Montenegro Security; Montenegro Review; Auto Parts Serbia And Montenegro
@import url( );
The Montenegro Times
Everything you need to know about the country of Montenegro
Montenegro Videos
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12. Serbia And Montenegro Cup | Encyclopedia
The Serbia and Montenegro Cup is a defunct cup tournament. The competition Serbia Montenegro Geography

13. Europe | The Montenegro Times
Serbia Montenegro Geography; Travel To Serbia And Montenegro; Serbia And Montenegro Holiday Rentals; Restaurant Serbia And Montenegro; Montenegro Photos
@import url( );
The Montenegro Times
Everything you need to know about the country of Montenegro
Travel Montenegro
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Turkey and Portugal agrees visa free travel
Despite the granting of visa-free travel Serbia, Macedonia and Montenegro, calls on the Turkish government calls on business leaders and even a European Court of Justice ruling stating that Turkish businessmen operating in the EU must be able travel to Europe without a visa under the Memorandum of Understanding Additional sign in Ankara in 1973, the EU has refused to budge on a visa waiver agreement with Turkey. The most likely reason is the fact that Turkey is still technically at war with two members of the EU. But it is also possible that religion came in it, while firmly secular and democratic Turkey is still a Muslim country, it is possible that the EU feared that he would make it easier for terrorists to enter the EU. visa free travel to the EU would be very beneficial for Turkish companies hoping to increase EU exports and imports. It is also likely to boost tourism and real estate. However, until Turkey and Cyprus you can find common ground (some say the latter are stronger with Turkey, because they think that Turkey finally bend to get along with the European Union), there is little hope of an agreement on exemption visa, and hope, especially recently joining the EU.

14. Search
Serbia Montenegro Geography History of Serbia Current Map of Serbia Serbia and Montenegro Flag Celebration Traditions in Serbia and Montenegro Serbia WW1

15. Serbia And Montenegro At The 2006 Winter Olympics | Encyclopedia
Jelena Lolovic represented Serbia and Montenegro in four of the five Serbia Montenegro Geography

16. Alfonso Montenegro - Email, Address, Phone Numbers, Everything!
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17. Sandra Montenegro - Email, Address, Phone Numbers, Everything!
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18. - In February 2003 What Country Became The Federation Of Sebia And M
AP Online; Dec 27, 2003; The Associated Press; 424 Words 1227-2003 Facts about Serbia, the larger republic in the federation of Serbia-MontenegroGEOGRAPHY AND PEOPLE

19. Chester > ECO 343 > 031227facts (2009-02-11 20:00:10)
Serbia December 27, 2003 Facts About Serbia By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Filed at 407 p.m. ET Facts about Serbia, the larger republic in the federation of SerbiaMontenegro GEOGRAPHY
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20. Serbia
Serbia, together with Montenegro, was part of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. Since 2003 it has been part of the State Union of Serbia Montenegro. Geography

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Serbia at Web Web
Republika Srbija
Republic of Serbia Flag of Serbia Coat of Arms
of Serbia
Serbia and Montenegro
Kosovo and Metohia


Official language Serbian ... Independence Declared from the Ottoman Empire
Gained autonomy
Independence July 13 Area – Total – % water km² n/a Population – Total ( (not including data for Kosovo and Metohia Province) Density 126.83/km² Major ethnic groups (2002 census) (not including data for Kosovo and Metohia) Serbs Hungarians Bosniaks Roma ... CSD Also Euro EUR ) in Kosovo Internet TLD .yu still used ( .cs reserved) National carrier Jat Airways
  • In Vojvodina, the following languages are also official: Romanian Rusin Hungarian Slovak and Croatian In Kosovo also: Albanian
  • The Republic of Serbia Serbian or Republika Srbija ) is a republic in southeastern and central Europe , which is united with Montenegro in a loose commonwealth known as the State Union of Serbia and Montenegro . The capital is Belgrade . Serbia borders Hungary to the north;

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