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         Sewing General:     more books (100)
  1. Sewing Activewear (Singer Sewing Reference Library) by Singer Sewing, 1987-12-27
  2. The Encyclopedia of Early American & Antique Sewing Machines (Encyclopedia of Early American Sewing Machines) by Carter Bays, 2006-11-01
  3. Sewing Specialty Fabrics (Singer Sewing Reference Library) by Singer Sewing Reference Library, 1996-03
  4. The New Handmade: Simple Sewing for Contemporary Style (That Patchwork Place) by Cassie Barden, 2008-11-11
  5. Clothing Care and Repair (Singer Sewing Reference Library) by Singer Sewing, 1987-12-27
  6. The Busine$$ of Teaching Sewing: How to Be a Great Teacher, How to Run a Home-Based Teaching Business, How to Make Money Doing What You Love by Marcy Miller, Pati Palmer, 1996-03-01
  7. Dream Sewing Spaces: Design & Organization for Spaces Large & Small by Lynette Ranney Black, 2010-04-19
  8. Sewing for Style (Singer Sewing Reference Library) by Singer Sewing, 1987-12-27
  9. Dress Cutting: Instructions and Illustrations for Sewing 26 Vintage 1930s Fashions by Margaret Ralston, 2008-10-28
  10. Make It You(tm)-Sew Hip: Easy Step-by-Step InstructionsUnmistakably You Projects Sewing 101 DVD by Shannon Nina Mullen, Shannon Mullen, 2006-06-25
  11. Weekend Sewing: More Than 40 Projects and Ideas for Inspired Stitching by Heather Ross, 2009-03-01
  12. Last-Minute Fabric Gifts: 30 Hand-Sew, Machine-Sew, and No-Sew Projects (Sewing) by Cynthia Treen, 2006-10-01
  13. Sewing for Children (Singer Sewing Reference Library) by The Editors of Creative Publishing international, Singer, 1999-08-15
  14. Martha Stewart's Encyclopedia of Sewing and Fabric Crafts: Basic Techniques for Sewing, Applique, Embroidery, Quilting, Dyeing, and Printing, plus 150 Inspired Projects from A to Z by Martha Stewart Living Magazine, 2010-03-30

1. Sewing – General · Sewing |
Crafty Staci shares a free pattern and tutorial on her blog showing how to make a hobo bag. This style of bag looks great in virtually any type of fabric print.
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Tutorial: Handprint turkey Thanksgiving shirt Cammie from

2. Fabulous Fabric Flowers: Floral Arrangements Made With Scraps: Compare Prices, V
Fabulous Fabric Flowers Floral Arrangements Made with Scraps 4 Sellers Found - Lowest Price $10.73 - Subgenre Flower Arranging, Sewing, General - Format Paperback - Author N

3. Sewing - Free Sewing Patterns And Project Ideas, Sewing Basics, More -
Directory of sewing terms and directions for free projects.

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Crafts Sewing
Learn the basics of sewing and have a blast with these adorable sewing projects.
Topics in Sewing
What you need to know before beginning your first sewing project. Accessories Dress up your wardrobe with these easy-to-sew projects. Home Projects From window treatments to slipcovers, check out these simple sewing projects for your home. Pillows Create a one-of-a-kind pillow perfect for your home.
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4. Sewing, General : Quilter's Way, A Quilt Shop And So Much More!
Quilter's Way sewing, general classes books + patterns kits notions gift certificates clubs fabric bundles monthly programs quilt, quilter, quilting, quilt patterns, quilt
... notions :: sewing, general
sewing, general
our favorite notions for general sewing
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Lightning Bug Designs

5. General Resources - Family, Crafts, Sewing, General Resources,
(General Resources)StudySphere Educational Resource for language school, study abroad, education online, education, school, high school, career education, business school, driver

6. Split Hemz | The Blog
Sewing resources and content for people with interests and skills in sewing at all levels, including message boards and online community, swaps, products, instruction, events calendar, patterns, and chat.
Include comments in search Posted on 10. October 2010 0 Comments
Back To Basics : How To Fold Fabric
Ok, this tutorial from turning*turning might seem pretty basic, but it's surprising how easily you can transform your sewing room just by folding your fabric properly! It makes your stash look so much neater, and it's WAY easier to find what you're looking for. There are a few tutorials around the internet, but I like this one in particular as it uses a basic quilters ruler and explains how to perform the technique on different sized fabrics (like fat quarters). fabric ideas sewing tips tutorials ... Post RSS
Posted on 9. October 2010 0 Comments
Sewing Machine Cover Tutorial
When I bought my Pfaff sewing machine last year it came with a very sterile looking, cream colored, hard plastic cover. Don't get me wrong, it keeps the dust out, and also my daughters prying fingers, but it's a bit blaaah looking. So I think I might have a go at making one of these cute fabric sewing machine covers that I found a tutorial for at Spool . I've seen a lot of covers with open sides, but I'd much prefer to keep it well and truly covered like the ones below, and how cute do they look! Just click on the link under

7. Beaded Forest: Sewing - General
Musings on (and making of) stuff to wear, stuff to adorn, and stuff to cuddle, from my home in the woods.
Beaded Forest
Musings on (and making of) stuff to wear, stuff to adorn, and stuff to cuddle, from my home in the woods.
Sewing - general
December 06, 2009
Asher letters
Posted at 05:08 PM in Sewing - general Softies Permalink Comments (3) ... TrackBack (0)
October 24, 2009
Skirt with kimono fabric
Sew What! Skirts Denyse Schmidt , and really enjoyed her "improv" style of putting together fabrics.  I also bought a pack of vintage kimono scraps from her, and just got around to using them for the first time.'s what I ended up with: Gorgeous Fabrics
Posted at 03:51 PM in Sewing - general Permalink Comments (0) TrackBack (0)
October 17, 2009
Marcy Tilton vest website
The collar is a velveteen, and the back detail and arm facings are a poly satin, both from
Posted at 01:14 PM in Sewing - general Permalink Comments (0) TrackBack (0)
December 21, 2008
I'm back!
I got the pattern from Posted at 04:57 PM in Sewing - general Permalink Comments (1) TrackBack (0)
October 04, 2008
Vogue 8499 , by Marcy Tilton, who does some really innovative designs (check out her website before
Lotus Skirt
And the back:
The skirt looks nice on me...I was little worried about that drapey thing emphasizing my "problem areas" too much, but fortunately it poofs in places I don't, and it all manages to work out.  It's a little on the dressy side.  I'm not sure if it's too "funky/special occasion" to wear to work or not.  Maybe depends on what I wear it with...I'll have to play around.  I like it too much to save it for way-once-in-a-while wear!

8. Jacksonville Sewing General Listings | Jacksonville Job Listings |
Find Jacksonville Sewing General listings for finance jobs, sales jobs, marketing jobs and more. Start your Jacksonville Job search at

9. The Sewing FAQ
Answers frequently asked questions about sewing and provides lots of handy information about sewing tools, techniques, and resources.
The Sewing FAQ
by Tom Farrell and Paulo Ruffino
with contributions from the readers of alt.sewing and rec.crafts.textiles.sewing
This document reflects opinions of the authors and opinions expressed by others on alt.sewing and rec.crafts.textiles.sewing and rec.crafts.textiles.quilting and may vary from your opinions and/or experiences. Mention of specific companies does not constitute endorsement thereof or guarantee of quality or availability of goods or services therefrom. Latest revision:
  • Buying sewing machines
  • What sewing machine should I buy?
  • How do I choose a sewing machine?
  • Are plastic parts bad? ...
  • What size pattern should I use? or
    How come my size is larger in patterns than it is in the clothing store?
  • Where can I get the pattern for the kinesale cloak?
  • Isn't it OK if my friend gives me a copy of the pattern they bought?
  • How do I preserve my patterns? That tissue looks awfully flimsy. ...
  • What brands of thread are available, and how do they differ?
  • What fibers of thread are available, and how do they differ?
  • Fabrics
  • Knits
  • How do knits differ from woven fabrics?
  • 10. Not So Fancy Nancy: Sewing - General
    In which a disciple of basic black plunges into the colorful world of fiber, fabric, paper ink.
    Not So Fancy Nancy
    About Me

    11. Addicted To Rubber Stamps - The Papercrafting Superstore
    Buy Sell Handmade Goods. Scrapbooking Supplies. Sewing General Crafts. Crafty Community
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    12. Free Sewing Patterns And Sewing Machine Help At AllCrafts!
    More than 40 free patterns, techniques and links.
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    Welcome to Sewing at AllCrafts!
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    Over 150 Free Sewing Projects
    Tell a friend about this page of free sewing projects :
    New Over 100 Free Purse Sewing Patterns New Over 50 Free Baby Sewing Patterns New Over 100 Free Kitchen and Dining Sewing Patterns New Over 100 Free Clothing Sewing Patterns

    13. SEWING (General)
    Minimum Order of $75. Orders of $3,500 or more are guaranteed 10% freight to the contiguous 48 states.

    14. PFAFF Fine Sewing — General Sewing
    What different stitch types are there? What is meant by a knotted stitch ? What does crosswise seam strength mean? What are the causes of seam pucker?
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    PFAFF fine sewing
    Sections Search
    General Sewing
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    What different stitch types are there? What is meant by a "knotted stitch"? What does crosswise seam strength mean? ... What do I check when the sewing material is damaged?
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    15. Everything Sewing
    Smocking and sewing projects and how to s.

    16. Sewing - General Sewing Methods
    A selection of articles related to sewing general sewing methods sewing - general sewing methods A Wisdom Archive on sewing - general sewing methods

    17. Janome Sewing Wizards Sewing & General Use Scissors. - Page 62-63 - Scissors - S
    Janome Sewing Wizards Sewing General Use Scissors.. 6.5 ins (16.5 cms) total length.

    18. Free Sewing Patterns With Modern Flair -
    Free sewing patterns and projects with a modern flair, for all levels of sewing skill.
    It was fun while it lasted!
    This website is officially 'retired' and will no longer be updated. The patterns will still be available here for some time to come, and I'll still respond to questions, but there won't be any new additions. Enjoy what's here, and happy sewing!
    What is
    It is a part-time project distributing free original sewing patterns and projects under a Creative Commons license . Instructions and tutorials are available as webpages with photographs, and patterns are available as downloadable pdfs.
    Did you make something with, or inspired by, a SavvySeams pattern or tutorial? Send a photo to for the visitors' gallery (coming soon).
    To view the PDF files, you need to download Acrobat Reader (it's free!)
    Creative Commons License
    . See About SavvySeams for more information or contact
    All of the patterns and information at are "use at your own risk". No guarantees are made and SavvySeams assumes no responsibility or liability for use of our patterns.
    If you are unsure of a pattern or technique test it first on muslin or scrap fabric.

    19. Sewing-General One Stray Pea
    The Flea Market Fancy Freaks is offering a sweet giveaway. I’d give my right arm to win some fabric, ok..I’m lying, I would just start offering better stuff on the fabric swap.
    One Stray Pea
    Flea Market Fancy Giveaway
    Sew Mama Sew! Sewing Machine Meme
    What brand and model do you have?
    Husqvarna Viking Designer 1. How long have you had it?
    Being a Crafty Participant.
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