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         Single Parenting:     more books (100)
  1. Single Parenting That Works: Six Keys to Raising Happy, Healthy Children in a Single-Parent Home by Kevin Leman, 2006-10-04
  2. Successful Single Parenting by Gary Richmond, 1998-03-01
  3. Single Parenting for Dummies by Marion Peterson, Diane Warner, et all 2003-05-02
  4. The Ministry of Single Parenting by Norma Jordan, 2003-09-09
  5. The Single Father: A Dad's Guide to Parenting Without a Partner (New Father Series) by Armin A. Brott, 1999-04-01
  6. Tony Evans Speaks Out On Single Parenting (Tony Evans Speaks Out Booklet Series) by Tony Evans, 2000-10-24
  7. Positive Discipline for Single Parents : Nurturing, Cooperation, Respect and Joy in Your Single-Parent Family by Jane Nelsen Ed.D., Cheryl Erwin, et all 1999-07-28
  8. The Complete Single Mother: Reassuring Answers to Your Most Challenging Concerns by Andrea Engber, Leah Klungness, 2006-03-08
  9. The Single Mom's Devotional: A Book of 52 Practical and Encouraging Devotions by Carol Floch, 2009-12-03
  10. The Single Mother's Guide to Raising Remarkable Boys by Gina Panettieri, Philip S. Hall, 2008-02-01
  11. Raising Great Kids on Your Own: A Guide and Companion for Every Single Parent by David Frisbie, Lisa Frisbie, 2007-03-01
  12. Single Moms Raising Sons: Preparing Boys to Be Men When There's No Man Around by Dana S Chisholm, 2006-09-19
  13. Impact of Divorce, Single Parenting and Stepparenting on Children: A Case Study of Visual Agnosia
  14. From One Single Mother to Another by Sandra P. Aldrich, 2005-03-08

1. Single Parenting: Educational Parenting Video For Single Parents
InJoy Birth Parenting Education, the most trusted name in childbirth and parenting education, offers a large selection of videos, See What You Read parent guides (including

2. Single Parenting - Life Choices Women's Center Longwood Florida Pregnancy Resour
Life Choices Women's Center abortion clinic alternative offering hope to those who are facing an unexpected pregnancy. Free pregnancy tests. Servicing Longwood, FL and
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Single Parenting
Single parenting is not an easy choice to make. You will have many days where you might not think you can make it. Even though we're glad you chose life, we want to make sure that you are not putting yourself into a stressful and harmful situation. Remember to learn about all of your options! Our pregnancy center advocates are ready to assist you in discovering all the support services that exist in your area. We exist to support you throughout your pregnancy and beyond!Here are some questions to consider about single parenting:
I can't afford to live on my own, where can I live with my baby?

3. Single Parenting Better Health Channel
Being a single parent can be difficult but rewarding. Parents may be single by choice or circumstance. Single parents and their children can face challenges, but there are also

4. Facts About Single Parenting - Facts About Single Parenting
Single parenting is not an easy thing to do. You must be both mother and father to a child or children. Many times, a single parent gives up their social lives in order to be

Support for Single Parents
Free Background Checks.

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Facts About Single Parenting
Single parenting is not an easy thing to do. You must be both mother and father to a child or children. Many times, a single parent gives up their social lives in order to be there for the children. Let's discuss the single statistics parenting facts in order to dispel the myths of single parenting. Based on US Census data for 2000 (the last census year) there were 13.5 million single parents with custody. This is a very large number. Another fact that the 2000 census brings to light is that most single parent households have more than 1 minor child in the home. Just looking at these two facts and you can see what an impact single parenting is having on society . When added up there are over 13.5 million minor children in single parent homes. What does this mean to these children and how are these parents dealing with raising them. Another question to consider is of these million of single parents, how many never have been married? One myth about single parents is that single moms live on the support they receive from the children's father. This is untrue.

5. Christian Family Services Of Kansas City, Crisis Pregnancy And Counseling Servic
Single Parenting . Frequently asked Questions about Single Parenting . 1. Where can I live with my baby? Look into your housing options before you deliver.
Single Parenting
Frequently asked Questions about Single Parenting 1. Where can I live with my baby? Look into your housing options before you deliver. Some possibilities include living with a friend or relative, living with your parents or the birth father's parents, living in a group home for single mothers, living in subsidized housing (may have a waiting list), or finding your own apartment. Look for a safe, convenient, and affordable place. If you are a student, ask if your school offers day care most universities and many high schools do. 2. Can anyone help me with baby items? Christian Family Services (CFS) maintains a collection of both maternity and baby items to assist those that require help in this area. Also, many churches, Crises Pregnancy Centers and other community agencies are available to help with these items. 3. How do I get support from the birth father?

6. Single Parenting : Articles For Single Parents
Articles for all single parents and related issues faced by single moms, single dads, and their kids while parenting alone
Add Articles New Articles Best Articles Search Articles ... Top : Single Parenting Advance Search Building Strong Single-Parent Families
    What is a Family? Families have always been diverse, but today we see more families who have experienced divorce and remarriage. Families come in a...
Status Information: 4-May-2004 Hits: 1238 Rate It
    Today, many marriages end in divorce and in many cases parents are choosing joint custody arrangements for their children. This means that any major d...
Status Information: 14-Aug-2003 Hits: 1505 Rate It Divorce is Up 700%
    The number of children who were living with only one of their biological parents from 1900 to 1972 increased by 700%. Can we call this beneficial on t...
Status Information: 2-May-2001 Hits: 1375 Rate It Empower Your Child to Make Right Choices
    With this simple 10 minute solution It has been said, "The three best ways to teach are by example, by example and by example." Many parents have...
Status Information: 6-Oct-2002 Hits: 626 Rate It How To Establish A Conflict Free Co-parenting Experience
    Has it crossed anyone's mind that single parents ought to have it as easy as married parents?

7. Single Parenting Booklist
Accidentally On Purpose a OneNight Stand, My Unplanned Parenthood and Loving the Best Mistake I Ever Made. Mary Pols, $26.95
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U.S. Publishers Single Parenting
Featured Books in this Category Main Booklist Featured Books Accidentally On Purpose: a One-Night Stand, My Unplanned Parenthood and Loving the Best Mistake I Ever Made . Mary Pols, $26.95 With humour, insight and honesty, movie critic Mary Pols describes the compromises, love and learning she has found as an “accidental” mother — and a life suddenly full of purpose and joy.
Amber Waiting . Nan Gregory, illustrated by Kady Macdonald Denton. Amber loves everything about Kindergarten. Except not being picked up on time when school is done. Her father is always running late, so she must wait and wait and wait in the secretary's office after everyone else has left. So Amber concocts a world in which she sends her dad to wait for her — on the moon — while she has all kinds of wonderful adventures. This, she knows, would teach Dad a lesson he'd never forget, and all the moms and dads around the world would, like him, turn up on time to collect their children and not leave them feeling so sad and scared.
Choosing Single Motherhood: the Thinking Woman’s Guide . Mikki Morrissette, $18.95

8. Single Parents - Help, Support, And Encouragement For Single Parents
A comprehensive resource for single parents, including practical information and support for every step of the journey. Read updo-date, relevant articles about parenting
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    Connect with other single moms and dads through our online single parent support community, available 24/7. Read more
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    Plan a Co-parenting Meeting Medical Release Forms
    Find out how establishing paternity can benefit your child, and what steps you need to take to get the process started. Read more
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    Single Parents Spotlight
    Jennifer's Single Parents Blog
    Highlights for Single Parents:  71 st Edition
    Sunday November 14, 2010

    9. A Single Parents Network - Support & Resources For Single Mothers, Single Father
    A single parents web community geared to single parent resources, information, and discussions, combined with the largest single parenting social club just for single parents
    Single Parent Forums Articles Personal's Live Chat , and Shopping Blended Parents The One, The Only... Single Parents Network Our Mission here @ Single Parents Network is to provide a hub, as you will, that has collectively gathered single parent web sites, articles, information, government resources, online discussion forum support boards, books and so much more, for any one looking for single parent information. We are not only about single mothers , or single fathers . We are also about our future, our children . We are about the people, the family, though broken, still connected through our children. It's about everyone, mothers, fathers, step parents, grandparents, children, counselors, lawyers, non custodial, custodial, shared parents, adult children of divorce, widowed parents: All and anyone who have been touched by single parenting and the issues that single parents face!. We are about connecting together the single parent resources so that 'WE' can make single healthy choices as we parent. Single Parent Resources Announcements


    Todays Hot Topics
    Advertisements Welcome All Single Parents I personally have gone through many of my own stages of single parenting. I have meet so many wonderful single parents along the way. Over the decade we shared web sites, articles, books, friendships and support. So we decided to share what we gathered for ALL single parents. On 1997 we began putting all this found information together and Single Parents Network was born. This year we have over a decade of infomation in one convient place

    10. Parents Without Partners -- Home Page
    An international organization that focuses on single parents.

    11. Single Parenting |
    Single Parenting Single parents are parents without partners. Below are the facts about single parenting, children in single parent families and effects of single parenting.
    Home World News Latest Articles Escape Hatch ... Endless Buzz
    Single Parenting
    Single parents are parents without partners. Below are the facts about single parenting, children in single parent families and effects of single parenting.
    Single Parent Families

    Major lifestyle changes have influenced the concept and structure families and one of it's offshoot is single parent families. But raising a child, being a single parent, is not a cake walk. To know more about single parent families, read on...
    Single Parent Statistics

    Single parents have their work cut out as far as raising a child is concerned, yet some single parent households cope with such a situation much better than others. Here are some general single parent statistics that only throw light on a few figures and numbers, but don't prove anything at all.
    Single Parenting Issues

    Single parenting issues affect not only the parent and the child involved, but the society as a whole. Through this article, I have attempted to understand and put forth the issues that concern single parenting...
    Single Mother Grants for Homes

    There are various government programs like home grants for single mothers, to assist them in efficiently carrying out the responsibilities of a single parent. This article can give you some information on single mother grants for homes. Read on...

    12. Single-parent - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
    Disadvantages in these factors that often accompany single parenting appear to cause most of this association rather than single parenting itself.
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia   (Redirected from Single parent Jump to: navigation search "Single Father" redirects here. For the the 2010 BBC television series, see Single Father (TV series) Single-parent (also lone parent solo parent and sole parent ) is a parent who cares for one or more children without the physical assistance of the other parent in the home. "Single Parenthood" may vary according to the local laws of different nations or regions. Single parenthood may occur for a variety of reasons. A few possible scenarios are by choice, as in, divorce adoption artificial insemination surrogate motherhood , while others are the result of an unforeseeable occurrence, such as a death child abuse child neglect , or abandonment by biological parents. The living and parenting arrangements for single parents are diverse. A number live in households with family , other adults or alone in home, apartments, condos or government assisted housing. When parents separate, one party, usually the primary parent, has the children the majority of the time but secondary or 'non-resident' parents continue to share some type of parenting time and responsibility, to some extent, with their child. It is a term that is mostly used to suggest that one parent has most of the day to day responsibility in the raising of the child or children. In western society in general, following separation, a child will end up with a '

    13. Dr. - Advice - Single Parenting: Advice For Moms
    If you're a single mother, you may have to deal with a father who isn't very involved in your child's life. How you explain the situation to your child is important.
    Dr. Phil
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    Single Parenting:
    Advice for Moms
    If you're a single mother, you may have to deal with a father who isn't very involved in your child's life. How you explain the situation to your child is important. Dr. Phil shares his advice:
  • Realize that no matter what you do, you can't force your child's father to be involved.
  • Although having a father figure is important, it's not everything. As a good mother, you don't need a father to raise your child in a quality fashion.
  • Forcing a reluctant father to talk on the phone will only confuse your child.
  • If you try to force a relationship with a father who doesn't want one, your child is bound to feel disappointed and rejected.
  • Don't talk negatively about your child's father, but don't glorify him, either.
  • 14. A Single Parents View
    Offers parenting resources, chat rooms and forum, and helpful stories from other single parents.
    Build your own FREE website at Share: Facebook Twitter Digg reddit document.write(lycos_ad['leaderboard']); document.write(lycos_ad['leaderboard2']); A Single Parents View Parenting Resources Helpful Links A story for single mothers About My Family ... Contact Me Welcome to my parenting site! My name is Julie, and I am a single mother. I have a profound respect for all other single parents, both mothers and fathers alike. Our job is not an easy one. With a great balance of hard work and much love for our children, we can make our future doctors and lawyers very respectable individuals. Every day if we as parents can take 5 individual minutes to tell our children how proud we are of them, and how much we love and care for them, wouldn't this world be a better place to live in ! I love being a parent, and would not give it up for anything. My parenting philosophy... Parenting is a very exciting, and very thought provoking choice. A child is like a chalkboard, and from the very beginning everything you place on the chalkboard will either be remembered by everyone that sees it, or erased like it was never there. Memories should be good and all new writing upon your chalkboard should be understandable and commendable. For children are our future, and we should put every ounce of energy into them. Anyone can be a "mom" or "dad", but it take a special person to be a "mother" or "father." Serve as the best example for you children, for they are our future. They see how you act and react, be there when they need you.

    15. Help For Single Parents – Tips On Raising Children – Single Parenting Skill offers tips on raising confident children from single parent families. Find out what the single parenting myths are, resources for single parents

    16. Single Parent - Effects Of Single Parenting -
    Learn about single parent strategies, and read stories from other single parents. Find out everything you need to know about parenting.

    17. Single Parents Online Network - Resources For Single Mothers And Fathers, Moms A
    A resource for single parents. Chat and comparison shopping.
    Resources of Shared Experiences by Single Mothers and Fathers
    Single Moms and Dads helping each other!
    Single Parents Online Network
    Are you a Single Parent
    going every which way? We know how you feel. But now it's YOUR TIME Put on some relaxing music,
    sit back and relax,
    and enjoy!
    Being a Single Parent doesn't mean you have to do it on your own. There are others out there, thank goodness, from whom we can all learn. Single Parents Online is dedicated to the shared experience. On this site you will find special sections geared towards single parents plus a chat board with stories, tips, comments, and questions from other Single Parents. Topics include relationships and dating, parenting, child support, spirituality, humor, jobs and money, health and fitness, plus whatever you want to talk about. We also have a special comparison shopping section so you can shop for the lowest price and best availability on toys, books, movies, and video games. Your participation is most welcome!
    Stay Strong!
    "Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired, and success achieved."

    18. Single Parenting Advice - Help And Support For Single Parents
    Single parenting advice and articles on issues that provide single parents tips on looking after their family, children and kids.

    19. Single Parenting
    Find out if single parenting is right for you and your situation.
    this site all nchs sites WHAT ARE MY OPTIONS?
    Single Parenting



    Raising a child will definitely change your life in many ways. Not only will you be making decisions for yourself but also for your baby. There are several things for you to think about when considering single parenting:
    • How will a baby change my everyday lifestyle? Where do I plan on living with my baby? Will my living arrangements provide enough space and storage for me and my baby? What am I currently doing to prepare for the baby financially and physically? Have I taken or am I interested in parenting classes? What expenses do I have right now and how am I paying for them? After my baby is born, who will be responsible for my personal needs, laundry, baby clothing and diapers, baby food and formula, medical costs, babysitting costs, and living expenses? Do I have transportation for me and my baby? Do I have a car seat for my child?

    20. Solo Parents Network
    A single parents social club for support by other single parents.
    Click on the Robin to enter Solo Parents Network is an Online Social Club
    For single parents by single parents to meet single parents.
    We are dedicated to making healthy changes and relationships.
    Single parents share and provide resources, inform, introduce and help in the lives of other single parents. The best experts on the subject of single parenting is...
    A single parent who lives the single parent life, and has tried out the resources, and information.
    Our social club is for any single parent at any stage of single parenting.
    ~ A Network of Single Parents ~ single parents site devoted to giving single parents a resource and support site to find the right stuff for child support, divorce, fathers, mother, singleparenting is hard why do it alone when you can have the information on single parenting at your finger tips. Solo Parents (c) A single parents on line social club for Single parents by single parents to meet single parents. . . Single parent single parents single parenting single singles parent parenting parents For Visually Impaired... single parent dating, single parent meet, meet the parents, single parent, singleparentmeet ,single parents dating single parent: connecting single parents to parent magazine and parent definition of parenting in parenthood with parenting tips about parent advice with good parenting of parenting articles of good and bad parenting or parenting classes on parenting styles. When pregnant, child development should start right at the pregnancy stage. When we parent alone, we worry about divorce and custody thus, as parents, we seek support, and help. Help for other single parent who are parenting alone or without another parent can be scary but it needs not be. Find help here, at Solo Parents, were we are all parents that just happen to be single and parenting our children, though some tough times, like divorce, death or separation.

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