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         Skunks Wild:     more detail
  1. Wild America - Skunk by Tanya Stone, 2002-08-23
  2. Salvajes (Wild) - La Mofeta (Skunk) by Lee Jacobs, 2004-04-16
  3. Skunk Kits (Wild Baby Animals) by Ruth Owen, 2011-01
  4. Stop and smell the wildflowers. (the dandelion, Queen Anne's lace and Skunk Cabbage): An article from: Children's Digest by Anthony Ryan, 1996-07-01
  5. A CENSUS OF RED FOXES AND STRIPED SKUNKS IN CLAY AND BOONE COUNTIES, IOWA from J. Wild. Manage. by Thos. G. & Lyle F. Selko Scott, 1939-01-01
  6. Andy and the wild wood ducks by Mayo Short, 1959
  7. Wild Animals - Pictures - Facts - Activities (Science Safari Series) by Educational Insights, 1990

1. For The Pasr 4 Yrs I Have Been Feeding And Taking ... – Answer By Jkgrandma On
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Discuss jkgrandma's answer to: For the pasr 4 yrs I have been feeding and taking ...
For the pasr 4 yrs I have been feeding and taking care some orphan baby possums, and all of a sudden I had a mother skunk which was fine until she gave birth. Well that was fine until the babies ... jkgrandma Answered: You should stop feeding ALL of them.

2. Owners Of Pet Skunks: Wild Encounters
Skunk Musk Removal And Information . Some helpful hints on removing that pungent spray emitted by our black and white wild neighbors.

3. A Ground Skunk's Diet |
A Ground Skunk's Diet. The common skunk is an omnivorous creature, meaning that it will eat both plant and animal matter. This can cause problems with both wild and pet skunks that
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A Ground Skunk's Diet
By Erin Maurer eHow Contributor updated: July 4, 2010 I want to do this! What's This? The common skunk is an omnivorous creature, meaning that it will eat both plant and animal matter. This can cause problems with both wild and pet skunks that may eat inappropriate foods when they come into contact with them. It is important to monitor the diet of a pet skunk to keep it healthy. Trash, animal eggs and crops should be guarded from wild skunks.
Wild Skunk Diet
  • According to the Havahart website, wild skunks commonly eat a combination of foods and are not very picky about their diets. Common foods eaten by wild skunks include beetles, insect larvae and earthworms. Skunks have also been known to feed on eggs, field mice, lizards, fallen fruit and garbage.
  • Winter Feeding
  • During the winter, skunks naturally fast and often skip many meals, according to the Skunk Haven website. As a result, it is common for skunk owners to fast their pets over the winter. This is recommended especially for overweight skunks.
  • 4. Do Skunks Make Good Pets?
    Have them contact you when they find these skunks. Wild skunks are, and always will be, wild animals. They are afraid of strangers and new situations, and need a
    F or most people the answer is NO, because skunks require a tremendous amount of attention and care, are usually destructive, and are illegal in most states. They are also escape artists, and cannot survive without their defense mechanism. They are, without a doubt, demanding little "stinkers", capable of turning your life upside down, and have special diet, training and health problems. Wildlife rehabilitators occasionally get unreleasable wild and domestic skunks, most being descented. These usually make good educational animals. I don't advocate skunks as pets and talk hundreds of people a year out of the decision to have a wild pet skunk, but because our organization doesn't discriminate, we have learned much about the wild skunk by studying the domestics over the years. Skunk owners are a growing group. There is a contingent of owners who are serious devotees managing to keep their animals responsibly and successfully. But for many owners, they range from neglect of the animal's special needs to a high probability of having its life ended by euthanasia. Experts make it clear that the problems are not due to bad animals, but are rather the result of the owner's lack of knowledge about the skunk. It is an inappropriate-pet and irresponsible-owner problem. There are important organizations for skunk caretakers to join. (See Links.) You can obtain good diet information from them and S.K.U.N.K.S., another organization that is so important to join if you are in the care of skunks, whether they are "rehabilitated" or "unreleasable wild or pet" skunks.

    5. A Allstar Animal Removal - Local Business Information For A Allstar Animal Remov
    Text from Ad 24 Hour Emergency Services Removal Of Bees Rats • Mice Snakes • Raccoons Moles • Voles Pigeons • Skunks Wild Hogs • Armadillos Bats • Squirrels Coyotes

    6. Agway - Chelmsford, MA
    Living in the sticks (or at least that's what the kids used to call it) means that there's always the possibility of seeing deer, raccoons, skunks, wild rabbits, and coyotes, not

    7. Allstar Animal Removal - Local Business Information For Allstar Animal Removal
    Golfer, Lizards, Pigeon, Skunks; Wild Hogs Much More; Flat Fees, No Hidden Costs! Serving Hillsborough, Pinellas, Pasco, Sarasota, Manatee, Charlotte, Hernando, Polk, Osceola And

    8. Owners Of Pet Skunks: Catch Me If You Can!
    * Special Note * No skunks, wild or domestic, were harmed in the making of this game!
    Can You Help Bernie Out of the Window Well?
    Help me out please!
    I really hate this!
    Hey I'm Clausterphobic!
    I'm getting hungry!
    Come on now, Hurry Up!
    I need a bathroom!
    Sorry Bernie! Game Over!
    * Special Note *
    No skunks, wild or domestic, were harmed in the making of this game!
    Webmaster: Tacy A. Kessler OOPS Images, artwork, and verbiage are the sole property of the designer and may not be used in any form without express written permission.

    9. Louisville South Campground & RV Park - Find A RV Park Today!
    Also trees (trimmed high), flowers, squirrels, chipmunks, racoons, skunks, wild turkeys, deer and eagles. We usually have a few ducks in the fish pond as well and miles of trails

    10. Marty Stouffer's Wild America Year Ten
    THE FIRST TEN YEARS A decade of North America’s fascinating and varied creatures, spectacular locations, and imaginative filmmaking have combined to make WILD AMERICA one of
    Year Ten
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    A decade of North America’s fascinating and varied creatures, spectacular locations, and imaginative filmmaking have combined to make WILD AMERICA one of the highest-rated programs on PBS and a favorite for millions of viewers. Marty Stouffer proudly hosts a retrospect of WILD AMERICA’S first ten years. He also presents a peek at the future of the Series.
    Ridiculed for its awkward appearance and homely face, this largest member of the Deer family is actually one of the most graceful. It moves with equal ease in water or on land. Solitary and restless, a bull Moose may weigh half a ton and stand nine feet tall — a formidable foe during the fall rut. Learn about these mighty animals as we follow them through a year’s seasons.
    They were here even before the Dinosaurs appeared, and they remain with us today — tough and adaptable, patient and persistent. Their unique design includes an armored shelter that enables the Turtle to prosper in deserts, forests, swamps, rivers, and seas. This program highlights the casual lifestyles of several noteworthy North American species of Turtles.
    You may not be able to turn one into a prince, but Frogs are certainly royal in their ability to adapt to many types of habitat. Commonly seen, yet little known, these water-loving Amphibians are usually smooth-skinned, sleek and speedy. We examine the surprising life cycles of the Leopard and Bullfrog, the tiny Tree-frog nicknamed the “Spring Peeper” and other croaking creatures.

    11. Anyone Selling Wildlife?
    Is Any one out there selling Wild animals such as FOxes, Owls, Skunks, wild cats, or Anything wild that they'd like to give away Let me know!

    12. The Persimmon
    Then the raccoons, foxes, squirrels, skunks, wild turkeys and bobwhite quail all have a feast. Then the possums get fat and sassy. This fruit is something like a big round
    Forest Preserve District of Cook County (Illinois)
    Nature Bulletin Index Go To Top NEWTON Homepage Ask A Scientist ...
    is an electronic community for Science, Math, and Computer Science K-12 Educators.
    Argonne National Laboratory, Division of Educational Programs, Harold Myron, Ph.D., Division Director.

    13. Copyright 2006 By The American Museum Of Natural History And
    LEGACY Conserving New York State's Biodiversity ix 1 For Wilde beasts there is Deer, Bear, Wolves, Foxes, Raccoons, Otters, Musquashes and skunks. Wild Fowl there is great store of, as

    14. Pet Skunks
    Pet skunks, wild skunks, pictures of skunks, videos of skunks, skunk facts, email us your skunk pics for your skunk to be the skunk of the day.

    15. Services
    We are a full service wildlife control and exclusion specialist. We will prevent, locate, trap, exclude, relocate, and inspect your property.

    16. Dragoo's Skunk Page
    Development of a vaccine will allow us to better understand how the rabies virus functions in skunks, wild and domestic. The goal of that organization is to obtain a

    17. Santa Ynez Valley Journal | GOLETA'S LAKE LOS CARNEROS BECKONS
    Today, the lake and surrounding acreage are still home to numerous species of wildlife bass, bluegill and black bullhead fish; while raccoons; gray foxes; striped skunks; wild
    Search articles
    GOLETA'S LAKE LOS CARNEROS BECKONS By Martha Lannan, Journal Correspondent A walk around Goletas Lake Los Carneros is a relaxing, delightful way to not only get some exercise, but to take in the beauty of the region. Though not especially well known to those outside the immediate neighborhood, the lake now about 25 acres has existed in one form or another for more than 9,000 years. Members of the Chumash tribe lived in the area and utilized what they needed of the waterfowl, fish, land mammals and tules around what was then a vernal pool or pools at the north end of the Goleta Slough. The lake, or Stow Pond as it was sometimes called, was enlarged substantially by Sherman Stow after he built a home on adjoining acreage where he began farming in the late 1800s. While Stow and his wife, Ida Hollister Stow, were raising a family on Rancho La Patera , he had an earth-fill dam constructed that doubled the lakes capacity, allowing irrigation of the homes extensive gardens and orchards. Today, the lake and surrounding acreage are still home to numerous species of wildlife: bass, bluegill and black bullhead fish; while raccoons; gray foxes; striped skunks; wild bunnies; and opossums are known to inhabit the preserve.

    18. Wild Animals: Skunks, Family Mustelidae, Order Carnivora
    You are here Experts Animals/Pets Veterinary Medicine Wild Animals skunks Wild Animals skunks
    zGRH=1 zJs=10 zJs=11 zJs=12 zJs=13 zc(5,'jsc',zJs,9999999,'') zDO=0 AllExperts Wild Animals Search Wild Animals Volunteer
    Answers to thousands of questions Home More Wild Animals Questions Answer Library ... Encyclopedia zmhp('style="color:#fff"') More Wild Animals Answers
    Question Library

    Ask a question about Wild Animals

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    About Jonathan Wright

    I have a zoology degree and have been interested in animals since I was two. I am a zoo volunteer at London Zoo. I have appeared on a BBC Radio Quiz, 'Wildbrain'.
    Organizations WWF. ZSL. Natural History Museum. RSPB. London Bat Group. Publications Newsletters of London Zoo volunteers and the London Bat Group Education/Credentials BSC degree in Zoology. 'A' level in Zoology. 'O' Level in Biology. You are here: Experts Animals/Pets Veterinary Medicine Wild Animals ...
    Wild Animals - skunks
    Expert: Jonathan Wright Question What group of animals is the skunk from? ie: rodent? Answer Dear Gretchen Thanks for your question. Skunks belong to the Order Carnivora, which also includes bears, cats and dogs. Until a few years ago, most zoologists placed skunks in the Family Mustelidae, which also includes weasels. David McDonald edited the second edition of the Encyclopaedia of Mammals about six years ago, where skunks are placed in a separate family, Mephitidae. It seems that skunks diverged from weasels several million years ago. One source I read suggests that skunks are related to red pandas, which are often placed in the raccoon family, but may be related to giant pandas and belong to the bear family.

    19. Welcome To McEvoy Ranch
    protect the land and the olive trees, it also helps the local wildlife, which at McEvoy Ranch includes everything from badgers, deer, opossums, raccoons, skunks, wild

    20. Wild America - Those Smelly Skunks - AOL Television
    information on Those Smelly Skunks and other Wild America episodes, cast and crew, photos, listings and more on AOL TV!

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