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         Speleology General:     more books (33)
  1. Speleology: Caves & the Cave Environment by George W. Moore, G. Nicholas Sullivan, 1997-06
  2. Caves and Speleology in Bulgaria by Petar Beron, Trifon Daaliev, et all 2006-11-30
  3. Karst Hydrology and Physical Speleology by Alfred Bogli, 1980-06
  4. Speleology the Study of Caves by George W. Moore, G. Nicholas Sullivan, 1981-06
  5. Caves of Northern Thailand by Pindar Sidisunthorn, Simon Gardner, 2007-02-01
  6. Caving: Sport, Cave, Speleology, Cave rescue, Urban exploration, Caving organizations, Pit cave, Cave diving, Outdoor exploration
  7. Cave: Sea cave, Rock shelter, Grotto, Speleology, Glacier cave, Anchihaline caves, Caving, Cave Conservancies, Cave Research Foundation, Cenote, Flowstone
  8. Caves: Exploring Hidden Realms (Imax) by Michael Ray Taylor, Ronal C. Kerbo, 2001-03-01
  9. Cave Sleuths: Solving Science Underground (Science On The Edge) by Laurie Lindop, 2004-08-13
  10. Dark Life: Martian Nanobacteria, Rock-Eating Cave Bugs, and Other Extreme Organisms of Inner Earth and Outer Space by Michael Ray Taylor, 1999-04-09
  11. Venturing Underground: The New Speleo's Guide by Ben Lyon, 1984-07
  12. The Wilderness Underground: Caves of the Ozark Plateau by H. Dwight Weaver, 1992-06
  13. Beneath the Mountains: Exploring the Deep Caves of the Asturias by David Rose, Richard Gregson, 1987-06-01
  14. Trapped!: The Story of Floyd Collins by Robert K. Murray, Roger W. Brucker, 1982-12-31

1. Shopping > Recreation > Outdoors > Speleology
Speleology is the scientific learn of cave s and more karst features, their makehigher, structure, physical properties, history, life forms, a processes by which it form

Shopping Recreation Outdoors ...

Speleology is the scientific learn of cave Crucial subdivisions of speleogy come cave hydrology , cave biology geochemistry of speleothems, cave surveying and mapping. Speleology is likewise occasionally applied to the activity of exploring caves. This is additional usually called caving or spelunking.
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2. General Information
In this section you will find some background information about caving and speleology. Speleology is the scientific study of caves. Speleothems are secondary mineral deposits formed

3. Glossary Of Speleological And Caving Terms - S
Australian Speleological Federation glossary of speleological and caving terms with references to related literature.
Glossary of Speleological and Caving Terms
Contents R T SAFETY LINE A safety rope attached to a climber in addition to the main rope or ladder.
Climbing and SRT . Ref JJ SALT WEATHERING Detachment of particles from a rock surface by the growth of crystals from salt solutions. A feature of the Nullarbor and other desert caves.
Processes . Ref JJ SANDSTONE CAVE A cave formed in sandstone.
Cave - Kinds of . Ref MM SAPROPHAGE A scavenger feeding on decaying organic material.
Cave - Biota . Ref JJ SATURATED Water which has dissolved as much limestone or other material as it can under the prevailing conditions.
Speleology term . Ref JJ SATURATED ZONE The zone below the water table, composed of shallow, deep (bathyphreatic) and stagnant phreatic zones. Syn. Phreatic zone.
Hydrology terms . Ref AC SCALE The ratio of the length between any 2 points on a map to the actual distance between the same points on the ground or in a cave.
. Ref JJ SCALING CHIP A small, thin, flat piece of limestone that has fallen from the ceiling or wall of a cave. May be the result of Salt weathering, a cave breakdown process.
. Ref WM SCALING POLE A light weight pole, often in short sections and assembled where used, to raise a ladder to points inaccessible by climbing.

4. General Resources - Sciences, Earth Space, Geology, Rocks Gems Minerals, Speleol
Earth Space / Geology / Rocks, Gems Minerals / Speleology / General Resources General Resources

5. Bill Storage - Speleology
Photographs and articles dealing with speleology and cave exploration.
Home: Speleology is the study of caves. If you're interested in the general topic of cave exploration, visit the National Speleological Society at Cave photos
West Virginia 2007 West Virginia 2005 More West Virginia 2005 Alabama 2005 ... California Granite Caves Web versions of articles that appeared in the National Speleological Society News, NSS Bulletin, Cave Science and other speleological publications in the 1980-90s:
Structural and Stratigraphic Influences on the Development of Solution Conduits in the Upper Elk River Valley, West Virginia (with Doug Medville) text with diagrams Aging Carabiners with John Ganter) text Using the Tools of Science and Industry to Build a Comprehensive Caving Safety Program (with illustrations by Linda Heslop) text On Techniques and Safety text My Cave Fatal Accident Case Study (with John Ganter) text Physics for Cavers: Ropes, Loads, and Energy with John Ganter) text with diagrams Artificial Rigging - Anchors for the Present and Future with John Ganter) text with diagrams
John Ganter surveying Big Run Cave, May 1983

6. General Resources - Education Resource - StudySphere
Earth Space / Geology / Rocks, Gems Minerals / Speleology /General Resources

7. Jamarsko Društvo Sežana
Program details, history, contact information, photos and speleology school. English, Slovenian and Italian
Partizanska 61, Sežana STATUT ZGODOVINA ODPRAVE ... KOLEDAR DOGODKOV NOVICE 9. november 2010: 7.11.2010 je JDS organiziralo strokovno ekskurzijo na Plitvička jezera (Hrvaška), ki se je je udeležilo 32 udeležencev. Klikni... 3. november 2010: Od 29.10. do 1.11.2010 smo se udeležili mednarodnega jamarskega srečanja, ki se je letos odvijalo v Casoli (Italija). Tu smo si ogledali nekaj jam v sadri. Udeleženci: Tjaša Korelc, Jaka Jakofčič, Federica Papi, Andrej Peca, Branko Pipan in Zdenka Žitko. Klikni... 24. oktober 2010: Pri vasi Orlek smo skupaj s člani JOSPD Trst in JDDR Ajdovščina sklenili skleniti moči pri raziskovanju dihalnika, ki je v nekaj akcijah postal že prava jama. Moč nam daje upanje, da je jama povezana s podzemnim tokom Reke. Z nekaj sreče bi lahko dosegle tok za Breznom v Stršinkni dolini. Klikni... 07. september 2010: 5. septembra 2010 se je pred Vilenico odvijala že 25. mednarodna literarna nagrada Vilenica.

8. UIS Cave/Karst Field List - Draft
CA 60 APPLIED SPELEOLOGY GENERAL 41 Cave use 72 Contents CA 63 LAW, PROTECTION 228 Owner - person ID 418 Owner - name 417 Owner - organisation ID 42 Owner type 229 Local
UIS Cave and Karst Data Fields - Draft
This version generated on 5-Sep-1998
Caution: The material below is under preparation and has not yet been released for discussion. Its details are being changed.
This is the current full list of the draft cave and karst data fields under discussion as referred to in the Cave Data Exchange Proposal of the Informatics Commission (UISIC) of the International Union of Speleology. It is part of UISIC's project to facilitate data exchange between different cave/karst databases. When the definitions have been finalised in English, they will be translated to other languages. The list will be updated as discussion proceeds. Further fields will be added whenever necessary. The fields and their definitions and coded values will be discussed, one group at a time, via the CaveData mailing list prior to circulation to UISIC delegates for voting. The first group for discusion will be "basic" fields used by most databases. In this initial full list, the fields have been grouped firstly according to the entity they belong to (such as caves, maps, articles, etc), and then by their subject, according to UISIC's interim Speleological Subject Classification (SSC) scheme.

9. Bulletin Bibliographique Spéléologique
An annual review of the world s speleological literature available on paper and CD.
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Bienvenue Welcome Willkommen
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10. Myspace
Speleology General Info Member Since 5/17/2009 Band Website Band Members
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11. Christmas Island Speleology
Pictures of caves on Christmas Island, presented by the Western Australian Speleology Group.
Christmas Island Speleology
Eventually there will be some cave maps and descriptions of this area. Before then please enjoy some of the images taken on the 1987 expedition to the Island. The first picture is of Vanda Longman in the streamway of Daniel Roux Cave. Click on the picture to receive the JPEG version. This second picture is of a helictite in Lost Lake Cave. Click on the picture to receive the JPEG version. The third picture is of Brian Vine in a well decorated cave on Christmas Island. Click on the picture to receive the JPEG version. The fourth pictire is of the main chamber in Bishop's Cave. This cave was named after Roy Bishop who did a considerable amount of early cave exploration on the Island. Click on the picture to receive the JPEG version. The first picture is of a richly coloured pool in Daniel Roux Cave. Click on the picture to receive the JPEG version. This second picture is of Vanda Longman in the upper level chamber in Daniel Roux Cave. Click on the picture to receive the JPEG version.

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13. Grottomrĺde: Borĺs
Grottor och liknande bildningar i Bor s kommun.
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14. - Napoli Underground - Speleologia Urbana [Urban Speleolog
http// Component 1.101 0.198902 5.53538928718665
Napoli Underground - Speleologia Urbana [Urban speleology]
General data KB Sec KB/Sec Page source Total page KB 9.80851641370388% Page source KB 90.1914835862961% Components Sec 26.2955844546622% Page source Sec 73.7044155453378% Components More from our Tech Blog Components KB Sec KB/Sec KB 5.69166262388246% Sec 2.87435472268896% Component KB 0.158968050453947% Sec 1.18185913783025% Component KB 1.64180354378913% Sec 1.79111357819497% Component KB 0.958573012682792% Sec 1.83788240542578% Component KB 1.44096379975512% Sec 1.73582404225511% Component KB 0.504626100214845% Sec 1.28584268204815%

15. Speleology Servers On The Web
A list of worldwide caving links.
Speleology Servers on the Web
This is one of the places on the Net where you can find a lot of pointers to Caving servers. Many other such directories can be accessed through those pointers.
  • Mailists, Digest, Link Pages, and Archives Events General Caving Servers, Ftp sites Web sites France Europe North America Rest of the world ... People
  • Mailing Lists: the Cavers Digest, and others...
  • The Cavers' Digest began in 1988 as a mailing list and was converted in 1992 into a ever growing digest. There are currently near 1000 addresses in the list, only may be half of them in the USA (;-).

  • Past articles on the Cavers' Digest have included equipment reviews, event announcements, caving news, topography, cave protection, rescue... Send subscription requests, and all admin stuff, to . Please post a short introduction to the list after having subscribed. And there are a couple of sites that maintain a full index of the digest archive, e.g. at lmu, UK . The Speleology server at Yale had a retrieval facility through the digest archives (but it is currently broken).

    Links for Croatia and the world.

    17. Speleology
    Magazine covering popular science and technology related to caving and the activities of BCRA s special interest groups. Publication contents, past issues, submission and subscription details.
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    BRITISH CAVE RESEARCH ASSOCIATION Home Contact Us BCA Search Show/Hide Site Index Enlarge/Reduce Font Sizes About BCRA
    Subscription Fees
    Contact Us
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    Speleology Cave Studies CREG Journal Special Interest Groups SIGs Info Biological Recorder Explosives Users Cave Surveying BCRA Surveying Grades Grants, Prizes, Awards Grant-aid Info Research Fund (CSTRI) Ghar Parau Foundation (GPF) Cave Conservation (UKCCEF) National Awards BCRA Photo Salon Events Info Science Symposium Tech. Symposium Regional Meetings Annual Conference Library British Caving Library Journal Exchanges Cave Science Index Insurance Travel Public Liability retrieveSiteIndexState('pub');
    Speleology (ISSN 1478-999X)
    Editorial Address Guidelines for authors BCRA Publications Publishing/Despatch Schedule ... Subscription Fees BCRA BIBLIOGRAPHY ONLINE Logon info not available to this browser. IP: Host:

    18. Sportno Drustvo Grmada
    Member of Slovenian Caving Association (JZS), the Speleological Federation from Trieste (FST) and the Italian Speleological Association (SSI). Includes contact details. Italian, Slovenian, and English.
    Ĺ portno druĹĄtvo Grmada
    Associazione Sportiva Grmada
    Sport Club Grmada Slovenščina Italiano English

    19. Osnovna škola Antuna Augustinčića Zaprešić - Naslovnica
    Based in Zapresic and aiming to promote speleology and related natural sciences among school children. Includes, history, project information, excursions and contact details.

    20. Browse Resources
    Applied Speleology General (32) Applied Speleology Health (23) Applied Speleology Law, Protection (52) Applied Speleology Mines, Engineering

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