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         Sugargliders Pet Care:     more detail

1. Sugar Glider Info : Trust, Bonding, Biting, Diet,
Research site for the sugar glider owner. Offers an list of links for the novice and the experienced.
Sugar Glider Info
Whose page is this anyway

Where do I Start to Research ? Want A Glider? Helpful Links Owner Info Message Bases New or Wanna be? Start here
Jane's O
Downsides Page
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Glider Diets and Ingredients

Sugar Glider Info Tree
State Restrictions/Urls Ruth's ... Open These pages are the property of Sugarglider Info, do not place them on a website. There are already several websites that are mirroing this info, however they have done it with permission first. We generally don't give permission to actually copy the pages, however If you wish to link any page here it is legal to do so, but it is also more polite to ask. I generally don't have a problem with anything being linked directly in fact we do encourage it, we would however; like to know where it is going. Thank you. Other Interesting Links Free Web Page/and Email Account A Free Angelfire Email Account. Best homepage of the month. News from Angelfire. ... Glider Trading Post

An online source for information about sugar gliders offering a discussion forum, links, pictures, and articles.
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Where to start?
What is a sugar glider? A sugar glider is a small nocturnal marsupial native to Australia and Indonesia. Is this a good pet for you?
Read about this animal's drawbacks What do I feed my sugar glider?
See Diet in the Gliderpedia.
Where can I learn more about this animal?
The Gliderpedia is a searchable encyclopedia full of information about sugar gliders. Looking for a sugar glider?
Click here
to find homeless sugar gliders.
Looking to buy a cage or other supplies?
We have some links to popular items for keeping sugar gliders as pets.

3. Haltungsinformationen Zum Flugbeutler Petaurus Breviceps | Sugar
Diese Website h lt viele Informationen zum Sugarglider und seiner Haltung als Haustier bereit.
Zum Menü gehen Zum Inhalt gehen Haltungsinformationen Forum ... Kleinanzeigen Exoten
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Sugar Glider Haltungsinformationen - Petaurus breviceps
Flugbeutler in der Heimtierhaltung
Sugar Glider sind richtige Exoten, die nicht in das allgemeine Schema der typischen Heimtiere passen und nie passen werden. Die Flugbeutler sind rein nachtaktiv, lassen sich nicht in die Hand nehmen (festhalten oder schmusen) und brauchen täglich lebende Insekten, die sie jagen können. Die Unterbringung muss in einer Goßvoliere von mindestens 1qm Grundfläche und mindestens paarweise erfolgen. Ein Durchschnittskäfig entspricht in etwa der Größe eines guten Kleiderschranks und sollte ca 80cm tief, 1,80 breit und entsprechen mindestens 1,80 bis 2 Meter Höhe aufweisen.
Kostenfaktor Sugar Glider
Die Haltung von Sugar Glidern ist im Vergleich zu anderen Heimtieren recht kostspielig. Neben der Erstbeschaffung einer artgerechten Voliere und ihrer Einrichtung (zuammen ca. 250 - 400 Euro) sind auch die Nahrungskosten recht hoch. Da die Sugar Glider bei einer regulären und kostengünstigen Bodeneinstreu einen sehr starken Geruch entwickeln, muss zum Beispiel innerhalb der Voliere mit teureren Einstreumitteln (Buche, Hanf) gearbeitet werden. Durch die tägliche Fütterung von Insekten, abwechlungsreichen und frischen Obstsorten sowie Nektar kommt jeden Monat je nach Anzahl der Gruppenmitglieder eine fast dreistellige Summe hinzu.

4. GliderCENTRAL
Directory of sugar glider information including links, a message board, glider-only search engine, breeder and vet databases, and supplies.
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5. - Home To The Publications And Services Created By Bowtie Inc.
Descriptive article on the sugar glider habitat, its diet and care.
Ponds USA and Watergardens
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6. Sugar Gliders In The Gliding Room
Offers sugar glider supplies bonding and sleeping pouches, exercise toys and wodent wheels. Also useful information about this pet.
Buy 2 Bonding Pouches And Get A FREE Cage Buddy Bag! Flate Rate $8.25 Shipping On All Orders With Tracking By PayPal! The Gliding Room Store Links Are Below! The Gliding Room
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7. Sugar Glider Central
Message board and care information.
Active Topics Memberlist Calendar Search Help Register Login Click here to Enter the Sugar Glider Central Chat Room The time now is 4:39pm
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08 August 2007 at 10:24pm
By Jake Glider Diet
Feeding Your Sugar Gliders 06 November 2010 at 4:02pm
By Cora Bonding
Question About Bonding to Your Sugar Glider 24 October 2010 at 4:52pm
By Nspeel Joey Care
Questions on How to Care for Your Joey Yesterday at 2:51pm
By Enclosures (1 Viewing)
Questions About Sugar Glider Enclosures 12 November 2010 at 8:22pm By Health (1 Viewing) Questions About Sugar Glider Health 29 October 2010 at 9:05am By Cora Sugar Glider - General This should be used for General Questions. Yesterday at 9:07pm By Buy - Sell - Trade (2 Viewing) A place to buy, sell, or trade sugar gliders and related stuff. Today at 10:36am By LillianF Off Topic Off Topic Posts - Not related to Sugar Gliders 01 October 2010 at 5:44pm By Jenny Kat 09 What's Going On? Forum Statistics Our users have posted 19,441 Posts in 4,469 Topics in 9 Forum(s) Last Post; Today at 10:36am By

8. Choosing Sugar Gliders -TalkToTheVet Pet Health
Physical signs to look for when purchasing a Sugar Glider to determine if it wil be a healthy pet.
Feel free to embed the news in your website or Myspace

Consult Plans Vet Finder ...
Pet Freebies

Sugar Glider Health Considerations
What to look for in a sugar glider
Purchase a captive-raised animal because they are usually healthier, of known age, and have adapted as a companion animal.
Take your glider to an exotic animal veterinarian for a physical examination and fecal check for parasites.
The veterinarian will look for:
-bright eyes -moist, pink nose -pink gums and mucus membranes -ability to grip with all four feet -clear ear canals -smooth fur coat -good elasticity of gliding membrane -parasites in the feces -type of feed and how much given and when Sugar gliders need lots of attention, for they are social creatures. This can include running around in a glider-proofed room, finger wrestling, riding around on your shoulder or in your hair, etc. They need attention at least two hours everyday. If they become lonely or do not have a cagemate, they will become depressed. They are much happier when caged with a fellow sugar glider. CLICK HERE for more Pocket Pet Articles CLICK HERE for other Pet Articles CLICK HERE to see Kids Spot Fun Home ... Vets Get Listed

9. Sugar Gliders
General information on the Sugar Glider as a pet. Discusses its care, diet, breeding, and offers other informational links.
Sugar Glider Squirrels
Sugar Glider Squirrels Pictures
Puppies for Sale, Dogs for Sale, Dog Pictures, Dog Breeds, Cats for Sale, Kittens for Sale. Advertise here
Picture source:
Pets With Hands
Nolan Le Blanc
Sugar Glider Squirrels - Description
Sugar Glider Squirrels are not rodents. These animals belong to the group of small marsupials, and look similar to flying squirrels. Females have a pouch where her little ones grow after birth. They are nocturnal, and are usually most active late at night. These squirrels are capable of gliding through the air when they jump from place to place. The animals have a thin stretch of skin between their front and back legs, which is very helpful for their jumping ability. These gliding membranes are only noticeable when they jump.
Scientific Name: Petaurus breviceps
Size: An adult Sugar Glider Squirrel has a body, which is about five inches long.
Life Span: Sugar Glider Squirrels tend to live about four years in the wild. In captivity, properly cared for, they can live up to fifteen years.
Sugar Glider Squirrels - Habitat
It is one of the most common mammals in Australia. The species inhabits the large territory across the southeast, east and the north coastal regions inland to the mountains. The animals' distribution also covers New Guinea and Bismark Archipelago. The animals also range on a great part of Indonesia. Sugar Glider Squirrels live in open eucalyptus woodland. Sugar Gliders can live in various types of forests. Sugar Glider Squirrels tend to build their nests in the branches of eucalyptus trees.

10. A Pocket FULL Of Sugar
Personalized information with pictures of pet sugar gliders.
Hedgehog links

Hedgehog picture gallery

please note: all photos © A Pocket full of sugar/Virginia Needham, unless otherwise noted. Please do not use images without written permission. Thank you.

11. Sugar Glider As A Pet - Exotic Pets
Care instructions and related links.
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Exotic Pets Site Diana Geiger
BellaOnline's Exotic Pets Editor
Sugar Glider as a Pet
The Sugar Glider is a gentle, social marsupial from Southern Australia. They glide from tree to tree using a membrane that stretches from their ankles to their wrists. Sugar Gliders are a social animal living in the wild in colonies of usually six to up to 40 animals. Since they are a social animal, they should not be raised as a single pet. They are much healthier and happier when raised in a group. Sugar gliders are affectionate and very intelligent. They make an excellent pet for the right family. Just like any other exotic pet, they have some very special needs.
Sugar gliders love human attention and they love to play. You need to bond with the little ones when you bring them home. Since they sleep in the daytime, you can bond with them by letting them sleep in your pocket or even a fanny pact, facing front, mainly so you do not forget, and sit on it! Sugar gliders will form very strong bonds with their owners. Scent is important to Sugar Gliders; they use it in the wild to recognize their groups. Scent has influence in the bonding process as well. Wearing gloves will defeat your purpose in the bonding process. Play with them in the evening and at night. They love hide and go seek. They enjoy "finger" wrestling with you. I love it when I come home at night, open their cage and they all converge on you, excited to see you!

12. Flying Fur Ranch Website
USDA licensed wholesale breeders, with information on pricing and shipping.
We were fortunate that we had twin sisters, allowing us to expand our breeding program twice as fast. We also owned some half sisters and brothers that proved to carry the gene. They are typically easy to handle and prolific breeders, which is not always the case with special colored gliders I have found homes for all but a few retired breeders that I am keeping. They will continue to entertain me and keep me company. Sugar gliders have been a huge part of my life since 1999. and my grandchildren. I thank all my customers for their patronage and loyalty. I will be available for advice and glider chat at the same e-mail and phone number. I plan to re-do this website so that lineage on the gliders that I sold can be easily accessed. I will also keep the site because I still have a few breeding kinkajous. Thank you, Susan CONTACT INFORMATION Flying Fur Ranch Phone: 281-485-5873 PO Box Fax: Pearland Texas Email:

13. Sandman's Sugargliders
A breeder in Texas offers cages and supplies as well as general care information.
updated apr. 28, 2005 v.6.1
navigation Current Stock What is a...? F.A.Q. Contact Us ... How to Introduce New Gliders
Welcome to Sandman's

Sandman's Sugargliders and Exotics is a USDA licensed sugarglider breeder based in the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex (Texas). You can visit our shop in the Traders' Village flea market ( Booth # 1353 - Grand Prairie, Tx.)
Not only do we take great pride in the quality of our products - we take customer service very seriously. Have any questions or comments? Email us at Visit us at Traders' Village Flea Market ( Booth # 1353 ) every saturday and sunday. The market is located at 2602 Mayfield Rd. / Grand Prairie, Tx. 75052 . For more information about Traders' Village visit their website here: or call them at (972)647-2331.

14. Sugar Glider Food, Sugar Glider Cages And Accessories
Sugar Glider speciality store offers foods, cages, recommended vets and information department.
"Best Sugar Glider Product Selection On The Web!" Have Questions?
Call Us Toll Free 1-866-988-0301
Outside the U.S. -757-988-0301 Sign-up for our FREE newsletter and receive DISCOUNT COUPONS emailed to you!
Click Here to Read More>>
Time To Play! Fun cage accessories to keep your Sugar Glider entertained all day long! Sugar glider toys will add hours of quality interactive time to your pets' day. Click Here For Details Nectars
Glider Cages What's for Dinner? Find Out More Featured Items Brisbane Sugar Glider Cage Price: $149.95 Sale Price: $133.87
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Oriental Tall Cage (DS)
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Wodent Wheel 11 inch size

Sugar Glider Basketball Toy
SNUGGLE TEEPEE / CHEETAH ... NEW - Sleep-N-Teepee / DEAL of the Week ! Price: $14.95 Sale Price: $8.39 Specials NEW ... Fruit-Mix - Gumivore-Fare Infared Lighting System (2) Glider Grubs / Dried Mealworms 1.4 oz. (0.25) Brisbane Sugar Glider Cage Price: $149.95 Sale Price: $133.87

15. Sugar Glider Stuff
Sugar glider and small animal accessories including pouches, tents and play things.

16. To&Fro Homepage
Custom made pouches, Elimina, Repcal, Herptivite, Gliderade, Monkey Biscuits and toys. USDA breeder in Oklahoma.
Please support me by ordering your pet supplies through these sites.
Gliders me know. The InfoPouch contains information about Gliders.Meet the Family is an area where you can see pictures of all my Gliders.Of course, the rest is self explanatory. News

17. Click To Enter
Specializing in sugar glider color variations. Also offer services in glider training, photography and a FAQ section.
Click To Enter Click To Enter

18. Glider Daydreams
Custom made sugar glider pouches and toys.

19. CalleJean's Sugar Glider Toys
Sales of toys, food and treats.
We will be closed this year from Nov. 8, 2010 until Jan. 15, 2011. You can still place an order and it will ship after Jan. 15, 2011. Happy Holidays!!! CalleJean's is your one stop, sugar glider toy shop. As much as we love sugar gliders we want to provide you with the very best in products for your sugar gliding gang. A happy and healthy sugar glider is our number one goal!

20. Sugar Gliders
Information on the care, bonding, feeding, and housing of sugar gliders; picture gallery, message boards, chat and links to sugar glider supplies and breeders.

~Sugar Gliders~
General Information
Living with Sugar Gliders

Sugar Glider Diet

Housing Requirements
... Picture Gallery
New pictures added 7/8/98
Sugar Glider Breeders List

Sugar Glider Supplies

Books Available

Sugar Glider Message Board
... Results Of The Cutest Sugar Glider Photo Contest 1998 This Ultimate Sugar Glider Web Ring site is owned by

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