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         Tahiti Culture:     more detail
  1. Tahiti (Cultures of the World) by Roseline Ngcheog-lum, 2007-09
  2. Culture of Tahiti: Language of Tahiti, Tahitian Music, Arioi, Tahitian Language, Music of Tahiti, Paul Gauguin Museum, Robert Wan Pearl Museum
  3. The Word, the Pen, and the Pistol: Literature and Power in Tahiti (Suny Series on the Sublime) by Robert Nicole, 2000-11
  4. Cultures of the World: Tahiti (Cultures of the World) by Times Editions, 1996-12-31
  5. The breadfruit of Tahiti, (Bernice P. Bishop Museum, Honolulu. Bulletin 50) by Gerrit Parmile Wilder, 1971
  6. Leeteg of Tahiti: Paintings from the Villa Velour by John Turner, 1999-10
  7. Lecture critique des Immemoriaux de Victor Segalen: Vie et mort d'une culture (Collection Origine du verbe) (French Edition) by Jean Scemla, 1986
  8. Culture of French Polynesia: Beauty Pageants in French Polynesia, Dances of Tahiti, Flags of French Polynesia, Languages of French Polynesia
  9. Recent publications.(The Influence of Pre-Raphaelitism on Fin-de-Siecle Italy: Art, Beauty, and Culture, vol. Giuliana Pieri)(Sacramental Realism: Gertrud ... An article from: The Modern Language Review by Gale Reference Team, 2007-01-01
  10. Legends of Polynesia, Legendes de Tahiti et des iles

1.® - Culture Of Tahiti, French Polynesia. Information about the Culture of Tahiti, French Polynesia.
ADVERTISING INFORMATION Tahiti - Culture Tahiti , often called "The Island of Love" , is the largest of the 118 Islands and atolls that comprise French Polynesia. The 1,042 sq. km. (402 sq. miles) of Tahiti's surface area consists of mountain peaks reaching over 2, 000 meters ( 7,000 ft.) into a lei of wispy clouds; deep green valleys covered with rainforests and soft ferns, waterfalls cascading into cool sweet rivers and streams and flat coastal land, with luxurious tropical vegetation. Around Tahiti-Nui (big Tahiti) a 114 km. (71 miles) road winds between the mountains and the sea. And on the peninsula of Tahiti-lti (little Tahiti) the road continues down each coast for 18 km. (12 mile). An interior road leads past dairy farms and citrus groves to a panoramic view on the Plateau of Taravao-the isthmus that connects the two Islands. Papeete , the bustling capital of Tahiti and Her Islands, contains the territorial government offices, gendarmerie, hospitals and clinics, banks, telecommunications center, airline and travel agencies, boutiques and black pearl shops. International cargo freighters, copra schooners, luxury liners and sailing yachts share the harbour. A modem city, it hums with happy voices as the daily drama is staged. Tahiti , however, offers enough interesting excursions and sites to make it worth a short stay.

2. Tahiti History And Tahitian Culture
Culture The Tahitians of the modern era maintain their heritage and traditions of their Maohi ancestors. Oral

3. Foreign Correspondent - 22/03/2005: Tahiti Mahu
Mahu are not just tolerated in Tahiti culture, they hold a very special place in it. They are thought to possess the virtues of both men and women.
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Tuesdays at 9:20pm on ABC TV.
Tahiti Mahu
Broadcast: 22/03/2005 Reporter: Trevor Bormann FINAL STORY
EPISODE 28 Synopsis In the South Pacific island paradise of Tahiti - traditionally a conservative place with a missionary background - reporter Trevor Bormann finds a society that's not only multi-cultural and multi-lingual - it's also multi-sexual. He meets the Mahu - Polynesia’s ‘third sex’: people of ‘ambiguous gender’ who physically remain men but act like women.
The Mahu have been a part of Polynesian life for hundreds, possibly thousands of years.
‘Its always been the case in some families that the eldest boy would be raised as a girl’ says Bormann. ‘The Mahu take on traditional female roles like cooking and helping to raise the children.’
Mahu are not just tolerated in Tahiti culture, they hold a very special place in it. They are thought to possess the virtues of both men and women. In modern Tahiti effeminate men are maintaining the custom and role with pride.
‘I am proud of being a Mahu because in Polynesia we belong and we are recognised in this society’, says Coco, a Mahu. ‘We belong in everyday life.’

4. About-Tahiti-Culture
Tahiti and Her Islands has something to offer every visitor, whether you are looking for ultraluxury or you prefer a more rustic experience.
Region Top Ten Location FAQs ... Gay Tahiti CULTURE
From the 18th Century, European navigators indicated the existence of tattooing in Tahiti. Tattooing was prohibited at the time of the missionaries, but it didn’t disappear totally.
For the Polynesians, the tattoo is a means of asserting their ‘ma’ohi’ cultural identity and most of the time, has symbolic significance.
Like the tattoo, the Polynesian Dance – considered by the missionaries as too erotic – had to be practiced in secret until the beginning of the 20th century. Power and charm, symbolic body movements, beautiful costumes and ornaments characterise the Tahitian dance which is still a popular practice, an element of social cohesion. Some dancing groups like ‘Les Grands Ballets de Tahiti' are on tour on the international stage. Site By Capture Sitemap Privacy Other Tahiti Tourisme sites ... Tiare

5. Galerie Elsa Vanier : 18ct White Gold (750°/°°) Ananta Pendent, Marc Alexandre D
18ct white gold (750 / ) Ananta pendent, A large and beautiful Tahiti culture pearl is protected like the forbidden fruit, by an elegant white gold snake.

6. Tahitian Culture
Tahitian Culture and Food. The easiest way to explore Tahitian culture is on a circle island bus tour.
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    From Cynthia Blair
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    zSB(3,3) (Continued from Page 2) The easiest way to explore Tahitian culture is on a circle island bus tour. Tour companies on each island offer excursions, such as Paradise Tours on Tahiti, Albert Transports on Moorea, and Tupuna Mountain Safari on Bora Bora, all with friendly, knowledgeable guides. The Culture of Tahiti and Her Islands
    Tahiti, the center of French Polynesia, has three outstanding cultural sites. The Tahiti and Her Islands Museum features exhibits on every aspect of Tahitian culture from fishing to tattoos to thatched roofs. The Paul Gauguin Museum The James Norman Hall Home replicates the home of the author of Mutiny on the Bounty . The house provides a peek into the life an American who spent his days in this tropical paradise.
    To immerse yourself in Tahitian culture, visit

    Inside Papeete Culture Before you visit Papeete, visit TripAdvisor for the latest info and advice, written for travelers by travelers.

    8. Tahiti People And Culture
    Gain insight into Tahiti culture, customs, traditions, and common traits of the people in Tahiti.

    9. Tahiti Tourisme - Official Web Site
    Official Tahiti Tourism site. A wealth of information about Tahiti, Bora Bora, Moorea and every other Island in this South Pacific Paradise, as well Cruise, Vacation and Honeymoon

    10. Tahiti -Society Islands - French Polynesian Islands Culture Guide: Tahiti -Socie
    During this time of price volatility the Tahiti Culture vacations, travel deals, tour deals and cruise line deals can fluctuate within the same day.

    11. Tahiti Culture ! Le Portail De La Polynésie Sur Le Web ! Découvrez La Polynésie
    Stevenson, K., ' Heiva continuity and change in a Tahitian celebration', The Contemporary Pacific a journal of island affairs, 22 (1990), pp 255278 Tahiti/ Culture/ France
    @import url(style.css); Accueil Histoire Géographie Musique ... Autre Maeva (bienvenue) sur Tahiti-Culture ! Le portail de la Polynésie Française. Bienvenue sur le site des îles les plus paradisiaques au monde. Vous vous apprêtez à découvrir la Polynésie Française. Venir découvrir la culture polynésienne, les lagons de Bora Bora, la langue tahitienne, son histoire, ses mets ainsi que sa musique ! Aider Tahiti Culture à se développer et à se faire connaître et à lui permettre d'obtenir un nom de domaine (ex : ) ect...

    12. Tahiti Culture
    Tahiti culture is multifaceted. There are many things that speak only to the originality of Tahiti. Others are a mix of the French Polynesian islands.
    Tahiti Travel
    Tahiti Travel
    Tahiti Culture Written by Norene Anderson Tahiti culture is multi-faceted. There are many things that speak only to the originality of Tahiti. Others are a mix of the French Polynesian islands. One of the things that was for centuries pure Tahitian was that of the art of tattooing. It was first practiced in the 1500s and was an integral part of the culture until missionaries influenced the society to stop. It was revived, however, in the 1980s and is once again growing in popularity. Dances and great celebrations are also a vital part of Tahiti culture. Everything is commemorated by an elaborate show of music and dance. All celebrations are with excitement, music, and colorful attire nothing like you have seen any place else. The French Polynesian dances are filled with movement that is a language all its own. Every move is an interpretation of whatever is being sung about. Words and movement take on a meaning of celebration.
    Tahiti Culture Is Exciting
    The food is another part of Tahiti culture that you just cannot appreciate until you have tasted. Polynesian music adds a special dimension to the French and South Pacific food. Many of the better restaurants offer dinner shows or outside festivities that exudes with the ultimate of the culture of Tahiti. Any event can be made a celebration by embracing the Tahiti lifestyle.

    13. Louvat Marc - Louvat On Dailymotion
    Tout sur le groupe Tamariki Poerani, ori tahiti, culture paumutu, chants, danse

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    15. Tahiti Culture - Rich And Vibrant Multiethnic Culture
    Tahiti has a rich and vibrant multiethnic culture, with some of the friendliest people in the South Pacific. Historians believe that the other smaller islands of French

    16. Tahiti: Culture - TripAdvisor
    Inside Tahiti Culture Before you visit Tahiti, visit TripAdvisor for the latest info and advice, written for travelers by travelers.

    17. Tahiti Culture
    Tahiti culture and cultural information and history of the the changes in culture.
    Tahiti Culture
    Wednesday, November 17, 2010
    Islands Accommodation Vacation Interests ... History
    A background of French Polynesia, its people and its culture.
    French Polynesia is home to 220,000 people who are reknowned for their joie de vivre, beauty and elegance.
    While 75% of the population is classed as Polynesian, 12% is Chinese, mostly the descendants of plantation labourers, and 10% is local and expatriate French 10% and 3% other Europeans. However, over the centuries of European contact, there has been much genetic mixing, with some authorities saying that only 20% of the people are full Polynesian. The result is a fabulous people mixing the best of all races, and where racism does not exist.
    A third of the population is under 15 and people now have a life expectancy of over 70.
    French and Tahitian are the official languages and English is widely spoken and understood.
    Virtually all children attend school, and the country has a 98% literacy rate.
    RELIGION Religion plays an important part of daily life, and in rural areas, is reserved as a day of worship. Church services are uplifting, with the choirs singing passionately and clearly, the voices reaching for Heaven itself. 'Sunday best' means white for the women, whose flowing white dresses are accessoried by white hats of all shapes and sizes. Almost half the population is Protestant, with 37% being Catholic and the remaining 16% being different Christian religions and other religions such as Buddhists.

    18. Tahiti And French Polynesia - A Look At The History And Culture Of French Polyne
    A look at the history and culture of Tahiti and French Polynesia
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    A look at the history and culture of French Polynesia
    By John Fischer , Guide
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    Flag of French Polynesia Territory of French Polynesia zSB(3,3) Spread across nearly 2,000,000 square miles of the South Pacific, in an area as large as the continent of Europe, lies the Territory of French Polynesia and its principal island, Tahiti. Settlers from Southeast Asia are thought to have first arrived in the Marquesas Islands, in the northeastern part of what is today called French Polynesia, around 300 AD and in the Society Islands, including Tahiti, to the west by about 800 AD. Prior to the first European contact, the islands were ruled by a hierarchy of hereditary tribal chiefs. The first Europeans to visit the area were the English explorers Samuel Wallis in 1767 and James Cook in 1769. French explorer Louis-Antoine de Bougainville arrived in 1768 and claimed the islands for France. In the late 1700s occasional ships arrived in the islands, most notably the

    19. WELCOME TO TAHITI.COM__Your Complete Guide About Tahiti And Its Islands__Tahiti
    ia orana, welcome, bienvenue to the pages of arts associations climate cuisine culture dance economy education fauna flora geography government history language local

    20. Tahitian Culture Pictures Tahiti Islands
    A unique tahitian culture pictures guide showing scenery and beaches around the island. Includes an interactive photos and travel shows of the tahiti islands, plus a comprehensive
    Tahitian Culture
    Tahiti Pictures Home

    Tahiti Picture Library
    Tahiti Travel Photos
    tahiti island pictures
    ... Hawaii Pictures
    Tahitian Culture Pictures
    Tahitian Dance
    tahitian dancer
    tahitian dancer
    dance troupe
    dance Ceremonies gauguin print tatoos priest wedding traditional dress Nature humpback whale humpback whale View Our Tahiti Travel Guide This Hotel Picture Guide is brought to you by South Pacific Picture , the photographic division of Pacific Travel Guides. This leading independent travel publisher is based in Fiji and aims to provide unbiased travel information to help potential holiday-makers plan their trip to the South Pacific. We do not sell individual hotels, tours or packages - we simply provide an overview to help you make the decision and provide links for you to make further enquiries and bookings. All the pictures in this website have been taken by us and try to show a true representation of our destinations. No picture has been staged - all were taken as presented. Our small team of researchers travel around the south pacific on a regular basis to update our guides and to ensure their accuracy. Please feel free to contribute your own travel experiences to pass on to fellow travellers.

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