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         Togo Culture:     more books (27)
  1. Vie, energie spirituelle et moralite en pays kabiye, Togo (Culture et cosmologie) (French Edition) by Georges Oulegoh Keyewa, 1997
  2. Vie, mort et ancestralite chez les Moba du Nord Togo (Culture et cosmologie) (French Edition) by Dominique Banlene Guigbile, 2001
  3. Executive Report on Strategies in Togo, 2000 edition (Strategic Planning Series) by The Togo Research Group, The Togo Research Group, 2000-11-02
  4. The Legacies of Transition Governments in Africa: The Cases of Benin and Togo by Jennifer C. Seely, 2009-08-15
  5. TOGO: An entry from Macmillan Reference USA's <i>Countries and Their Cultures</i> by BENJAMIN NICHOLAS LAWRANCE, 2001
  6. Culture Togolaise: Evala, Culture Du Togo, Zémidjan, Fêtes Locales Non Fériées Du Togo, Nouvelles Éditions Africaines, Hip-Hop Togolais, Zem (French Edition)
  7. Some notes on African languages and cultures: Lome-Togo by Tuleasi Kokou Victor Emmanuel, 1981
  8. Ewe (for Togo) : communication and culture handbook by Paul R Kozelka, 1980
  9. Togolese Culture: Ethnic Groups in Togo, Languages of Togo, Museums in Togo, National Symbols of Togo, Religion in Togo, Sport in Togo
  10. Connaissances et perceptions des violences domestiques a Lome (Togo) [An article from: Neuropsychiatrie de l'enfance et de l'adolescence] by S.K. Dassa, B. Balaka, et all
  11. Etude sur la maltraitance des enfants dans les familles au Togo et reflexion sur les normes educatives educational norms conception [An article from: Neuropsychiatrie de l'enfance et de l'adolescence] by S.K. Dassa, B. Balaka, et all
  12. Les Processus de transition à la démocratie: Bénin, Togo, Hongrie, Pologne, République Tchèque, RDA, Roumanie, Russie, Slovaquie by Cultures et Conflits, 2000-05-03
  13. Cord of Blood: Possession and the Making of Voodoo (Anthropology, Culture and Society) by Nadia Lovell, 2002-11-20
  14. Determinants of Democratization in Africa: A Comparative Study of Benin and Togo by Mathurin C. Houngnikpo, 2002-01-15

1. Togo Culture History And Archaeology
Togo Culture History and Archaeology Culture history, archaeological sites, and other information related to the past of the modern country of Togo.
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  • Togo Culture History and Archaeology Togo Culture History and Archaeology - Culture history, archaeological sites, and other information related to the past of the modern country of Togo. Togo on the World Atlas Togo culture, history, and archaeology from the World Atls. Free Archaeology Newsletter! Sign Up if(zSbL<1)zSbL=3;zSB(2);zSbL=0
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    2. Culture Of Togo - Traditional, History, People, Clothing, Women, Beliefs, Food,
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    T OGO
    Togolese; Togolais
    Republic of Togo; Republique du Togo; Togoland
    Identification. Location and Geography. Covering a total area (land and inland water) of 21,925 square miles (56,785 square kilometers), Togo extends 365 miles (587 kilometers) inland, 40 miles (64 kilometers) wide at the coast and 90 miles (145 kilometers) wide at its widest point. It is bordered by Ghana, Burkina Faso, and Benin. The climate is tropical and humid for seven months, while the dry, desert winds of the Harmattan blow south from November to March, bringing cooler weather though little moisture. Annual temperatures vary between 75 and 98 degrees Fahrenheit (23 and 35 degrees Celsius) in the south and 65 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit (18 to 38 degrees Celsius) in the north. Demography.

    3. Language And Culture Program In Togo: Global Crossroad
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    Day 2: Orientation at the contact office A 3-hour orientation on Togo covers language, religion, history, culture, politics, geography, and necessary health and safety precautions. Day 3: Togolese language class begins.
    Day 4: Togolese language class continues.
    Day 6: Togolese language class continues.

    4. Togo Culture
    Togo culture has notable characteristics like the existence of the sophisticated French along with native languages, colorful festivals and different types of people united by a
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    Togo Culture
    Togo culture has been influenced by the country's historical periods that have shaped the various aspects of its culture. Right from the people to races and religions to languages, Togo culture is as unique as possible. A tourist would get thrilled by the varied elements of Togo culture.
    Togo People
    The diversity of Togo culture can be accounted by the fact that various tribes such as the Guin and Mina from Ghana and the Ewe from Benin and Nigeria, had settled along the coastal regions of Togo. The religions practiced by the Togo people are Christianity, various indigenous beliefs and Islam. The official language of the Togolese people is French, while the other local languages has constitute Togo culture are Mina, Ewe, Kabye Dagomba and many other dialects.
    Togo Festival
    Togo culture is highlighted by its prominent festivals, out of which Evala is the traditional fighting festival that last for 10 days at a stretch. The very ablest of sportsmen enter the arena to engage in a battle of the best. Such is its importance that even the President of Togo watches its proceedings. This festival is celebrated with a lot of pomp and joy by the native people and it showcases the ancestry of Togo culture.
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    5. Togo Culture Plus
    Reforestation work and raising environmental awareness in the Maritime region of Togo Gape, Zio August 16 September 5, 2010
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    Plus de 25 .000 témoins oculaires, auditifs et émotionnels au stade municipal de la ville de Sokodé, les 19, 20 et 21 décembre ont vécu en direct cette première édition de « FESTÉKPÉ » ou Festival National de Musique Traditionnelle Tem. Ni le soleil de plomb de plus de 30°, ni le vent sec de l’harmattan et son cortège de poussière n’ont pu décourager le public pour lequel la fête riche en couleurs et en rythmes aurait été de trop courte durée. Des dizaines de milliers de femmes, d’hommes et d’enfants, dans les ateliers, dans les champs, à la maison, au marché ou même dans les hôpitaux, rivés à leurs postes transistors, ont vécu le festival grâce aux retransmissions en direct et synchronisées des stations régioales de radios : La Voix d’Assoli, Radio Tchaoudjo, Radio Méridien et Radio Venus. Et rarement un évènement culturel, à l’intérieur du pays en plus, n’aura polarisé l’attention des media, rassemblé autant de journalistes et connu pareille couverture.

    6. Togo Culture
    Togo Culture. Visiting Togo's people like to make visits that are unexpected. They do this because It is a fun thing for them to do, When they make these visits they can stay as long
    Togo Culture
    Togo's people like to make visits that are unexpected. They do this because It is a fun thing for them to do, When they make these visits they can stay as long as they want to but but they do not leave until they have been served something to drink and eat. They will not visit during a meal time.
    Togo's men eat alone with other men, and the women sometimes eat with there children or alone. Before anyone eats they wash both of their hands in a bowl of water. When togo people eat they sit on a mat. there food is served in a commural bowl. When they eat meat, diners express satisfaction with the food by breaking the bones and sucking out the marrow.
    A Togo's woman primary role is to give birth to children and to raise and educate them, while offering submission to her husband. Obligations within the extended family are many, but none are more significant than when a family member dies. All relatives are duty bound to support and comfort the family. Funeral and burial practices vary by ethnic group, religion, music,dance, and farewell ceremonies.
    Dating and marriage
    Many young people are allowed to choose their spouces, but families often frown on unions outside of their ethnic group. Dating patterns depend on weather the match was arranged on weather the family is traditional or modern. And the groom must pay a dowary to they brides family.

    7. Agence De Presse Africaine - Article
    Togo Culture - Beauty A cha Fofana wins beauty contest in Togo APA-Lom (Togo) Aicha Pamela FOFANA was on Saturday night crowned Togo’s nicest

    8. Culture Of Togo - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
    of pyroengraving, and his monumental achievements decorate Lom . See also. Music of Togo. References. CIA World Factbook Togo; U.N. Togolese Mission (French) Lonely Planet's Togo Culture
    Culture of Togo
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation search Togo 's culture reflects the influences of its 37 tribal ethnic groups, the largest and most influential of which are the Ewe Mina , and Kabre . French is the official language of Togo, but many native African languages are spoken there as well. Despite the influence of Western religion, over half of the people of Togo follow native animistic practices and beliefs. Ewe statuary is characterized by its famous statuettes which illustrate the worship of the twins, the ibéji. Sculptures and hunting trophies were used rather than the more ubiquitous African masks. The wood-carvers of Kloto are famous for their "chains of marriage": two characters are connected by rings drawn from only one piece of wood. The dyed fabric batiks of the artisanal center of Kloto represent stylized and colored scenes of ancient everyday life. The loincloths used in the ceremonies of the tisserands of Assahoun are famous. Works of the painter Sokey Edorh are inspired by the immense arid extents, swept by the harmattan, and where the laterite keeps the prints of the men and the animals. The plastics technician Paul Ahyi is internationally recognized today. He practises the "zota", a kind of pyroengraving, and his monumental achievements decorate

    9. People And Culture Of Ghana
    People of Ghana, Ashanti, languages, religion, music, art, crafts, carvings, jewellery, cookings, recipes, masks, mudcloth
    var country_id = ''; HOME CONTACT US LINK TO US NEWS LETTER ... CHARITIES Jump to a Country Algeria Angola Benin Botswana Burkina Faso Burundi Cameroon Cape Verde Central African Republic Chad Congo Dem.Rep. Congo (Zaire) Djibouti Egypt Equatorial Guinea Eritrea Ethiopia Gabon Gambia Ghana Guinea Bissau Guinea Ivory Coast Kenya Lesotho Liberia Libya Madagascar Malawi Mali Mauritania Mauritius Morocco Mozambique Namibia Niger Nigeria Reunion Rwanda Senegal Seychelles Sierra Leone Somalia South Africa Sudan Swaziland Tanzania Togo Tunisia Uganda Zambia Zimbabwe

      Ghanians come from six main ethnic groups: the Akan (Ashanti and Fanti), the Ewe, the Ga-Adangbe, the Mole-Dagbani, the Guan, and the Gurma.
      Ashanti Tribe
      The Ashanti tribe of the Akan are the largest tribe in Ghana and one of the few matrilineal societies in West Africa. Once renown for the splendour and wealth of their rulers, they are most famous today for their craft work, particularly their hand-carved stools and fertility dolls and their colourful kente cloth. Kente cloth is woven in bright, narrow strips with complex patterns; it's usually made from cotton and is always woven outdoors, exclusively by men.
      The village is a social as well as an economic unit. Everyone participates in the major ceremonies, the most frequent of which are funeral celebrations which typically last several days. Attendance at funerals is normally expected from everyone in the village and expenditure on funerals is a substantial part of the household budget.

    10. Togo Culture
    Travel Document Systems; Passport and Visa Services. This is the site for the latest Travel Information and the most complete collection of online Visa Applications on the web.
    Togo Africa
    CULTURE Like other African peoples, the Togolese have a strong oral tradition. Little has been done, however, to promote vernacular literature. Before independence there were a few Togolese writers using French. Since independence, regional (especially Ewe) literature emerged with the works of several novelists and playwrights. Founded in 1967, the African Ballet of Togo has aimed at popularizing the finest traditional dances.
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    11. Travel In Lome Togo Culture
    Lome Culture . Lome, capital of West African republic Togo, is the country’s principal administrative, transport, and economic centre.
    Lome - Culture Lome , capital of West African republic Togo, is the country’s principal administrative, transport, and economic centre. It is a city divided split between Togo and its western neighbor, Ghana. Most of Togo’s international trade passes through the city’s port, which was enlarged and deepened in 1968 to accommodate ocean-going vessels. Its huge market, one of the biggest in Francophone Africa, home to the famous "mercedes-ladies", those formidable queens of the wholesale cloth trade. The main exports here are cotton, coffee, cacao, and palm nuts. Textiles and processed food are the major goods manufactured in the city. Tropical; hot, humid in south; semiarid in north. The rainy season lasts from April to July. Short rains occur from October to November. The driest and hottest months are February and March. Togo Location: West Africa Independence: April 27, 1960 Nationality: Togolese Capital City: Lome Population: Important Cities: Kpalime, Atakpame, Dapango, Tsevie

    12. Togo: History, Geography, Government, And Culture —
    Information on Togo — geography, history, politics, government, economy, population statistics, culture, religion, languages, largest cities, as well as a map and the national
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    13. Togo:@:Culture_and_Conduct_or_Local_Customs - Tourist Information And Traveling
    Free network of people around the world who offer free accommodation, advice and help when they are traveling hospitality exchange. Free membership.

    14. Togo - Art And Culture Destination |
    Ask an Expert International Register of Arts and Culture Experts. Ask a Question Share Your Knowledge. 'Sharing our creative worlds'

    15. King Ayi, Symbolic King Of Togo
    King Ayi, The Symbolic King of Togo For More information about ~ King Ayi ~ Please go to a website about King Ayi
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    16. Togo Culture
    Togo Culture Thanks for submitting links or comments about Togo Culture

    17. Togo Travel Guide
    Latest information on Togo including maps, photos, weather, key places to visit, attractions, hotels, restaurants, events, shopping and nightlife.
    Home Destinations Africa Travel Guide › Togo Travel Guide
    Frederick and his mum Amida, Togo
    Traditional tower-houses, Koutammakou, Togo iStockphoto / Thinkstock
    Lagoon and Ocean meeting, Togo iStockphoto / Thinkstock
    Aneho Beach, Togo iStockphoto / Thinkstock Previous Pause Next
    Togo Travel Guide
    Togo is a tiny sliver of a country but manages to squeeze in dense forests, savannah, coastal lagoons, long sandy beaches and swampy plains. Despite its uncertain political situation, the country boasts many captivating wonders. Togo's national parks are home to buffaloes, elephants and antelope, as well as numerous tropical bird species. Coffee and cocoa farms, waterfalls and palm plantations characterise the country's plateau, which rises behind the coast. In northeastern Togo, the traditional mud-tower settlements of the Batammariba in the Koutammakou landscape gained UNESCO World Heritage status in 2004.
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    18. Togo Culture
    Togo Culture Virtuoso Togo Travel Specialists Recommended by NBC, and Travel Channel TV Get value, priceless Togo vacation information, complimentary upgrades, and luxury africa
    Sitemap Africa Vacations Togo Vacation Advertise on this Site ... Email this page to a friend Togo Culture Population: 5,018,502
    note: estimates for this country explicitly take into account the effects of excess mortality due to AIDS; this can result in lower life expectancy, higher infant mortality and death rates, lower population and growth rates, and changes in the distribution of population by age and sex than would otherwise be expected (July 2000 est.)
    noun: Togolese (singular and plural)
    adjective: Togolese
    Ethnic groups: native African (37 tribes; largest and most important are Ewe, Mina, and Kabre) 99%, European and Syrian-Lebanese less than 1%
    Religions: indigenous beliefs 70%, Christian 20%, Muslim 10%
    Languages: French (official and the language of commerce), Ewe and Mina (the two major African languages in the south), Kabye (sometimes spelled Kabiye) and Dagomba (the two major African languages in the north)
    definition: age 15 and over can read and write
    total population: 51.7% male: 67% female: 37% (1995 est.)

    19. Togo Culture | IExplore
    Voodoo and animism are central to Togolese indigenous beliefs (though a small percentage of the population are Muslim or Christian) and visitors should respect local customs, as

    20. Togo Culture | GlobalEDGE
    globalEDGE is an international and global business knowledge portal with cultural, trade, and economic resources and information on industries, countries, and states
    Your location is: > Countries Region: Africa > Togo > Culture
    Key Facts
    GDP (ppp) per CAPITA
    $830.00 (2008 est.)
    Inflation Rate
    3.30% (2009 est.)
    6.03 million (2009 est.)
    Country Risk Ratings
    Ease of Doing Business Rankings
    163 out of 181 (2008 est.)
    Togo : Culture
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