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         Tonga Culture:     more books (27)
  1. The Art of Tonga: Ko E Ngaahi'Aati'O Tonga by Keith St. Cartmail, 1997-11
  2. A Strategic Assessment of Tonga, 2000 edition (Strategic Planning Series) by The Tonga Research Group, The Tonga Research Group, 2000-04-25
  3. Tonga: Tonga. History of Tonga, Politics of Tonga, Economy of Tonga, Demographics of Tonga, Culture of Tonga, Sport in Tonga, Outline of Tonga, Music of Tonga, Geography of Tonga, Tongan language
  4. Tongan Culture: Culture of Tonga
  5. Sipatsi: Basketry and Geometry in the Tonga Culture of Inhambane (Mozambique, Africa) by Paulus Gerdes, 2009-01-01
  6. Culture of Tonga
  7. TONGA: An entry from Macmillan Reference USA's <i>Countries and Their Cultures</i> by GIOVANNI BENNARDO, 2001
  8. Lwaano Lwanyika: Tonga Book of the Earth by Pamela Reynolds, Colleen Crawford Cousins, 1994-03
  9. Taboo: Taboo, Tongan language, Tapu (Polynesian culture), Fiji, Tonga, James Cook, Hawaiian language, Kapu, Abomination
  10. Life Among the Cattle-Owning Plateau Tonga. The Material Culture of a Northern Rhodesia Native Tribe. by E Colson, 1949
  11. Eighteenth century Tonga: New interpretations of Tongan society and material culture at the time of Captain Cook by Adrienne Lois Kaeppler, 1971
  12. Appropriating Old Cultures into New Futures: From the Kingdom of Tonga to California by Geraldine Cynthia Forte, 1995-06
  13. Pieces of Cloth, Pieces of Culture: Tapa from Tonga & The Pacific Islands by Ping Ann Addo, 2004
  14. A field guide to the birds of Tonga by Douglas Cook, 1984

1. Kingdom Of Tonga Culture And History
A guide to the culture and history of the people of the Kingdom of Tonga.
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  • A guide to the culture and history of the people of the Kingdom of Tonga.
    Tonga - A Short Pre-History
    A look at the history, culture and religious life of the people of Tonga.
    Tonga Culture - Lonely Planet
    A look at the culture of Tonga from Lonely Planet. zSB(3,3)
    Tonga History - Lonely Planet
    A look at the history of Tonga from Lonely Planet. Free Hawaii Travel Newsletter! Sign Up if(zSbL<1)zSbL=3;zSB(2);zSbL=0
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    Must Reads Most Popular Decide When to Visit Hawaii Nudist Beaches in Hawaii Top 10 Maui Activities Top Things to Do on Oahu ... Hawaiian Island Scorecard Free Hawaii Travel Newsletter! Sign Up By Category splitList(gEI('bcl'));

    2. NYAMINYAMI - Celebrating Tonga Culture
    Celebrating Valley Tonga culture, an ethnic group living in the middle Zambezi Valley on both sides of the Zambezi River in Zambia and Zimbabwe.
    N Y A M I N Y A M I
    Celebrating Valley Tonga Culture
    "Budima" Linocut Patrick Mweemba

    Forty Years of Survival
    The Valley Tonga - On the Edge of Development

    The Valley Tonga Cultural Project

    Music of the Buntibe
    Big Meetings

    The Tongas have 10 Toes SIMONGA Ngoma Buntibe from Siachilaba OTHER ACTIVITIES THE NYAMINYAMI TIMETABLE
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    3. Culture Of Tonga - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
    However formal kava drinking is an important and intrinsic part of Tonga culture. Tongan cuisine and health. Tonga is notable for its high obesity rates with over 90% of the
    Culture of Tonga
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation search Tonga College students performing a Kailao dance The Tongan archipelago has been inhabited for perhaps 3000 years, since settlement in late Lapita times. The culture of its inhabitants has surely changed greatly over this long time period. Before the arrival of European explorers in the late 17th and early 18th centuries, the Tongans were in frequent contact with their nearest Oceanic neighbors, Fiji and Samoa . In the 19th century, with the arrival of Western traders and missionaries, Tongan culture changed dramatically. Some old beliefs and habits were thrown away and others adopted. Some accommodations made in the 19th century and early 20th century are now being challenged by changing Western civilization. Hence Tongan culture is far from a unified or monolithic affair, and Tongans themselves may differ strongly as to what it is "Tongan" to do, or not do. Contemporary Tongans often have strong ties to overseas lands. They may have been migrant workers in New Zealand, or have lived and traveled in New Zealand, Australia, or the United States. Many Tongans now live overseas, in a Tongan diaspora , and send home remittances to family members (often aged) who prefer to remain in Tonga. Tongans themselves often have to operate in two different contexts, which they often call

    4. Tonga Attractions – Best Attractions In Tonga – Tripwolf
    best sights and cultural attractions travel guide for Tonga. The top 10 sights and cultural attractions include Tongan National Cultural Centre, Ha monga -Maui, Flying Foxes

    5. Tongan Culture Guide
    Information about tonga golf holidays and golf courses on Oahu, Kauai, Maui and the Big Ilsand of Tonga. Includes detailed holiday planner and travel guide to Tonga plus
    Tonga Culture Guide
    South Pacific Resorts

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    Tonga Travel Guide Tongan Culture Guide South Pacific Culture - Traditional Life
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    Good Cook Average Tahiti Poor Hawaii Tongan culture and its political spin-off is one of the most complex and traditional in the region. The Tongans once ruled much of Polynesia and since the European invasion during the 18th century, Tonga retained its powerful monarchy. However, Christian religion was quickly adopted and today Tongans are amongst the most stout believers on earth. Sunday is an absolute strict day of rest when only policemen may work to ensure its observance. school girls woman in mat man in mat village The Tui Tonga, the hereditary king of Tonga, rules the Kingdom with absolute power. Tongan culture retains a strong divide between the royal families and the commoners and even today common people must use a special dialect when addressing someone of royal status. Much has been criticized of the system, particularly by folks who have moved abroad to free themselves of the incestuous restrictions in commerce. That saying, Tongans are proud people and outwardly amongst the happiest and friendliest of the South Pacific peoples. Women here have more freedom and status than anywhere else in the South Pacific.

    6. From The Dentist's Chair To A Funeral: Immersion In Tonga Culture In Zambia - Bl
    June 29, 2010. John Deason Lipscomb College of Pharmacy Namwianga, Zambia . As time goes on I am getting more responsibilities in the clinic. As of late, I have been working

    7. Tongan Culture
    The Contemporary Pacific. 10(1998) 130. Welcome to the Royal Kingdom of Tonga, Kingdom of Tonga Culture. http//
    Tongan Culture
    Tonga is located in the beautiful waters of the South Pacific. It is set between New Zealand and Australia. Like all other cultures, the cultural identity of the Tongan is constructed and reconstructed. Tradition and culture is invented and reinvented in response to the different yet continuous encounters with other cultures. Migrants do not build their own ethnic identity from scratch; they bring in their own version of it. It then evolves to fit their new home. As is such the case in the Tongan culture. Many migrants, coming in and leaving, bring or leave their ideas of culture. So there is not really a set culture in Tonga, but a variety. There is still the influence of the old ways or Anga Fakatonga. Anga Fakatonga is a fluid, manipulable, yet powerful concept. It is translated to mean culture or tradition. It is said to hold all that is Tongan in values and behavior. The main points of Anga Fakatonga that have stayed strong throughout the generations are song, dance, gender roles and the most central point is respect. Although Anga Fakatonga is still present, the daily life of the Tongans revolves primarily around church. There are both morning and afternoon services on Sundays, both lasting up to two hours. There is a break between the services. Food and beverages are supplied and the people have a time to socialize. There is also a service on Wednesday along with bible study and choir practice. On Fridays, there is a youth group for the adolescents. The church is not simply a place for worship but a place for social interactions. Migrant and natives come together to discuss the Tongan Way.

    8. Malawi - Culture, Customs & Etiquette
    Guide to travel, doing business, and studying in Malawi culture, greetings, gestures, etiquette, taboos, negotiations, gift-giving, and more.

    9. Tonga: History, Geography, Government, And Culture —
    Information on Tonga — geography, history, politics, government, economy, population statistics, culture, religion, languages, largest cities, as well as a map and the national
    Site Map FAQ in All Infoplease Almanacs Biographies Dictionary Encyclopedia Spelling Checker
    Daily Almanac for
    Nov 16, 2010
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    10. NationMaster - Tongan Background Statistics
    I enjoy the Tonga Culture it's just like my culture. I have two friends that are from Tonga and i'ts kind of cool because because they could help me out on my report on Tonga if I

    11. Tonga - Culture
    A selection of articles related to Tonga Culture Tonga, Tonga - Culture, Tonga - Demographics, Tonga - Economy, Tonga - Geography, Tonga - History, Tonga - Kings and queens of

    12. Artwork
    Maintaining Indigenous Tonga Culture via Arts and Crafts. The community will still be working with gardening and sustainable agricultural techniques to grow vegetables for the people
    Home Artwork
    Meet the Artisans
    Boswell Siambweda
    Age: 25 years
    Home: Mkuni Village; Southern Province, Zambia
    Craft: wooden sculpture made from various trees: zebra wood, African acacia, African ebony; wooden jewelry; stone bookends
    Mohamed Clifford Kamara
    Age: 30 years
    Home: Upper Brooks Street; Freetown, Sierra Leone
    Craft: West African batik, painting, silk-screening
    Nathaniel Fume Jones
    Age: 29 years
    Home: Liverpool Street; Freetown, Sierra Leone Craft: Graphic design, painting, silk-screening, beading, woven jewelry, pins Gilford McCormack Age: 34 years Home: Freetown, Sierra Leone Craft: Painting, visual arts
    Maintaining Indigenous Tonga Culture via Arts and Crafts
    The Tonga culture in Southern Province, Zambia that evolved along the banks of the Zambezi River - the Tongas, Leyas, Toga Leyas, even the Lenje tribe - makes crafts that preserve the culture of the Southern Region of Zambia. This indigenous culture makes variations on Nkisi statues from Zaire (the chief of Mukuni Village near Victoria Falls originates from Zaire (D.R.C., currently). They are currently making traditional things like baskets, spoons, bracelets, bowls, animals, and necklaces made of seeds. Also they are creating little dolls adorned with the traditional dress of long ago, to preserve this aspect of their culture. The artisans of SSAAP - people from the Zambezi River, woodworkers, artisans, and craftsmen and women - interpret this as a long-term project and that for every community group that clears land for using to grow vegetables, each group will plant 3-5 trees which can grow to be used either medicinally, for furniture/household products, or to make art - all of which help to preserve the indigenous beauty of the Tonga People.

    13. Tongan Culture Pictures
    A unique tonga pictures travel guide including photos and travel shows ofthe various island groups, plus a comprehensive tonga picture library.
    Tongan Culture Pictures
    Tonga Pictures Home

    Tonga Picture Library
    Tonga Travel Photos
    tongatapu pictures
    ... Hawaii Pictures
    Tongan Culture
    function school girls man in mat village elder village woman in mat women in mats tapa cloth handcrafts weaving mat presentation Nature whale bird pigs plantation View Our Tonga Travel Guide This Hotel Picture Guide is brought to you by South Pacific Picture , the photographic division of Pacific Travel Guides. This leading independent travel publisher is based in Fiji and aims to provide unbiased travel information to help potential holiday-makers plan their trip to the South Pacific. We do not sell individual hotels, tours or packages - we simply provide an overview to help you make the decision and provide links for you to make further enquiries and bookings. All the pictures in this website have been taken by us and try to show a true representation of our destinations. No picture has been staged - all were taken as presented. Our small team of researchers travel around the south pacific on a regular basis to update our guides and to ensure their accuracy. Please feel free to contribute your own travel experiences to pass on to fellow travellers.

    14. Tonga Encyclopedia Topics |
    Copy paste this link to your blog or website to reference this page Tonga culture

    15. Tonga Culture
    Travel Document Systems; Passport and Visa Services. This is the site for the latest Travel Information and the most complete collection of online Visa Applications on the web.
    Tonga Oceania
    CULTURE Dance in Tonga has traditionally been an important art form, turning oral histories and folk tales into a visual form praising and honouring gods, chiefs, places and people. Weaving with the leaves of the pandanus palm is at its zenith as an art form in Tonga, and baskets and intricately worked mats produced by a variety of means are among the most beautiful in the Pacific. A reasonable body of literature has been produced in or about the archipelago in spite o f its tiny size, and some of it goes beyond oral histories and folk tales. The earliest accounts are by castaway Will Mariner and Captain Bligh after he lost command of his ship. There are also several more recent collections of poetry and prose by contemporary writers. Tongan food is delightful, and consists mostly of root vegetables such as taro and sweet potato, coconut products, fresh fruit, roasted suckling pig, chicken, corned beef, fish and shellfish. The delicious dishes made from these ingredients are an excuse in themselves to visit the islands. The traditional Tongan feast gets cooked in an underground oven, umu , common throughout Polynesia. The most refreshing drink available is coconut juice, and the locally grown Royal Coffee is excellent if you're after a caffeine hit. Beer is popular, and of course kava (

    16. Does Culture Affect Language?
    Language is a means of communication. Culture is the activities of people of different nations. Both seem to be different; then what is the relationship between the two? Lets us

    17. Culture Of Tonga - Traditional, History, People, Women, Beliefs, Food, Customs,
    Culture of S o Tom e Pr ncipe, Culture of Saudi Arabia, Culture of Scotland, Culture of Senegal, Culture of Serbia and Montenegro, Culture of Seychelles, Culture of Sierra
    Powered by JRank
    Countries and Their Cultures
    Countries and Their Cultures To-Z
    T ONGA
    Friendly Islands
    Identification. to (to plant) and nga B.C.E. Location and Geography. Demography. The population was 97,784 according to the 1996 census. Since 1891, the growth rate has increased steadily, peaking in the 1950s and 1960s. Migration to New Zealand, Australia, and the United States in the 1970s and 1980s resulted in slower growth. Internal migration has been from the outer, northern, and central islands toward the southern island of Tongatapu. A third of the population (31,404) lives in the capital. Linguistic Affiliation.
    Emergence of the Nation. National Identity.

    18. Tonga History | IExplore
    The ruling family of Tonga, the last remaining Polynesian kingdom, can be traced back more than 1000 years. The 170island group was first visited by the Dutch in the early-17th

    19. Tonga Culture
    Tonga Culture Thanks for submitting links or comments about Tonga Culture

    20. Tonga Culture, Tonga Heritage, Museums, Art Galleries, History, Indigenous Cultu
    Cultural Heritage in Tonga. Jasons Tonga Cultural and Heritage Guide has details on arts crafts, cultural attractions, indigenous culture, galleri

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