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1. A Look Inside A Waldorf School | Glacier Waldorf School
Although teachers in the Waldorf method teach from spiritual impulses and adhere to Steinerian representations of childhood development, Estep and others emphasized that teachers
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A Look Inside A Waldorf School
by Martha Sadler The following article was published in The Independent of Santa Barbara, California in April 30th, 1992. While some things have changed since it was printed, Martha Sadler's report is still accurate and reflects much of the essence of Waldorf education, seen from an outsider's view. In a vague way, Waldorf School has been familiar to me for a long time. My editor's daughter, Elizabeth, entered Waldorf kindergarten at the age of five, and at times when my editor was unable to find her car keys I have driven her to pick up Elizabeth, who is now in the sixth grade, and more recently, her little brother Justin, who is now in kindergarten. Since our editor's idea of on-site child care is having employees' kids and their friends take over the newspaper's conference room, my colleagues and I have had a front-row view of many Waldorf children. We have been treated to impromptu string concerts, and to their singing as they frolicked up and down the hallways, and have occasionally become the targets of their raffle-ticket selling drives. I even willingly attended a couple of their plays.
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