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         Weather History:     more books (103)
  1. The Way the Wind Blew: A History of the Weather Underground (Haymarket Series) by Ron Jacobs, 1997-11
  2. Weather Matters: An American Cultural History Since 1900 (Cultureamerica) by Bernard Mergen, 2008-10
  3. Fixing the Sky: The Checkered History of Weather and Climate Control (Columbia Studies in International and Global History) by James Rodger Fleming, 2010-08-10
  4. A history of the United States Weather Bureau by Donald Robert Whitnah, 1961
  5. Weather by the Numbers: The Genesis of Modern Meteorology (Transformations: Studies in the History of Science and Technology) by Kristine C. Harper, 2008-09-30
  6. Storm Warning: The Origins of the Weather Forecast by Pauline Halford, 2006-01-25
  7. Weather on the Air: A History of Broadcast Meteorology by Robert Henson, 2010-08-16
  8. Weather for Dummies by John D. Cox, 2000-10-09
  9. American Weather Stories by Patrick Hughes, N .O. A. A., 2006-08-09
  10. Atmosphere: A Scientific History of Air, Weather, and Climate (Discovering the Earth) by Michael Allaby, 2009-02-28
  11. Braving the Elements: The Stormy History of American Weather by David Laskin, 1996-01-01
  12. We Are the Weather Makers: The History of Climate Change by Tim Flannery, 2010-03-09
  13. Blame It on the Rain: How the Weather Has Changed History by Laura Lee, 2006-08-01
  14. The Weather Factor: How Nature Has Changed History by Erik Durschmied, 2002-06-05

1. Cleveland Weather History: Find Weather Details For Any Date Since 1900 | Clevel
When did that big snowstorm hit? Has Cleveland's temperature ever reached 105 degrees? What's the history of weather on St. Patrick's Day? How about the weather on the day you were

2. Weather History - Lessons On Meteorology Through History
The history of meteorology and weather science is a vast knowledge category covering topics ranging from the creation of the National Weather Service, to historical events
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  • Weather
    The history of meteorology and weather science is a vast knowledge category covering topics ranging from the creation of the National Weather Service, to historical events changed by the weather, to the men and women of forecasting. Join us on a step back in time as we look at the history of meteorology and weather!
  • This Day in Weather History (0)
  • The History of the United States Weather Bureau 1753-1891
    US Weather Bureau History is covered from 1753-1891 zSB(3,3)
    Weather History: Meteorological Agencies in the United States
    Weather history is an exciting topic of research. Here, I present a condensed and edited version of the chronological evolution of meteorological institutions in the United States. The original publication was through a supplement of the United States Weather Bureau Monthly Weather Review from January 1931 written by Eric R. Miller.
    10 Famous Meteorologists
    Whether you call them meteorologists or weather people, these famous forecasters and scientists provide a lot of insight into weather science!

    3. National Weather Service - NWS San Diego
    Government Internet Service Home page. The starting point for official government weather forecasts, warnings, meteorological products for forecasting the weather, and

    4. Weather History - The Weather Vane Wiki
    Weather History. This is the Weather History section of The Weather Vane, and this section will gain more and more content as time goes on. 18001950 Tornadoes and severe storms

    5. Weather History | What's On | Australia Day
    Weather History on Australia Day . To get the latest weather information for this Australia day by sure to visit The Bureau of Meteorology
    What's On

    6. Weather History -
    Weather history data including temperature, relative humidity, precipitation, cloudiness and weather extremes in tabular and graphical formats.
    Weather history, precipitation, temperature and other historical weather data in tabular and graphical formats. City Guides School Rankings City Search Cost of Living ... Weather History Weather history is one of the most important factors to take into consideration when looking for the best places to live. offers a wide variety of historical weather data that includes temperature, relative humidity, precipitation and cloudiness. Please select the city that interests you from the list below. You will be presented with tabular and graphical historical weather data for your convenience.
    If you are only interested in the average temperature for a city, please visit the average temperature page. Select Your City: Akron, OH

    7. Weather History
    Weather events on this date in history. Also search for events by day, date or words. Search: All Months January February March April May June July August September October November December All Days
    without with Welcome to Today In Weather History for Tuesday, November 16, 2010. On this day in weather history ..
    • - More than six inches of snow fell at Tucson, AZ. (David Ludlum) (The Weather Channel)
    • - The most severe November cold wave in U.S. history was in progress. A weather observing station located 14 miles northeast of Lincoln MT reported a reading of 53 degrees below zero, which established an all-time record low temperature for the nation for the month of November. Their high that day was one degree above zero. (David Ludlum) (The Weather Channel)
    • - High winds and heavy snow created blizzard conditions across parts of eastern Colorado. Wind gusts reached 68 mph at Pueblo, and snowfall totals ranged up to 37 inches at Echo Lake. In Wyoming, the temperature dipped to 14 degrees below zero at Laramie. Strong thunderstorms in Louisiana drenched Alexandria with 16.65 inches of rain in thirty hours, with an unofficial total of 21.21 inches north of Olla. Flash flooding in Louisiana caused five to six million dollars damage. (15th-16th) (Storm Data) (The National Weather Summary)
    • - A powerful low pressure system in the north central U.S. produced high winds across the Great Lakes Region, with wind gusts to 60 mph reported at Chicago IL. Heavy snow blanketed much of Minnesota, with eleven inches reported at International Falls. (The National Weather Summary) (Storm Data)

    8. Weather History
    If I told you there would be one day this winter where all 50 states would have snow someplace on the ground would you believe me. Well that was the case on Friday February

    9. Weather History & Data Archive : Weather Underground
    View historic global weather conditions. Enter a city, state, zip code, or airport code and a date to find weather history.
    Favorites You don't appear to have any favorites yet, or your cookies may be disabled. Edit My Favorites WunderPhotos Photos! Browse All Photos WunderMap View WunderMap Website Spotlight WU News Blog Welcome to Weather Underground! Sign In or Create an Account . Edit my Page Preferences Full Screen Mobile iPhone ... Download Search: Weather Conditions Personal Weather Stations WunderPhotos Blogs Local Weather
    Weather History
    View historic global weather conditions! Location: City, State or ZIP Code, or Airport Code Date: January February March April May June July August September October November December
    Sponsored Links: Real Estate Guide Hot Travel Savings Singles Financial Advice Cheap Vacation Ideas Investment Property How to save on Car Insurance Instant Weight Loss Facts Real Estate Attraction Tickets and Vacations College Students Find the Weather for any City State or ZIP Code , or Airport Code or Country Custom Weather Services In addition to this website, we provide a number of free and professional weather services.

    10. Weather History -
    Top questions and answers about WeatherHistory. Find 49 questions and answers about Weather-History at Read more.

    11. Geelong Water Ski Club - Home
    News, links, weather, history, rules, contacts, and members. Australia.

    12. Weather History @
    Weather History, Records and Averages Worldwide. City, State or ZIP Code, or Airport Code
    GMT Gears Of War Microsoft Best Price
    StormWatch Travel ... Links
    World City Forecast StormWatch
    Weather Cams


    Watcher Free

    Climate Records and Averages
    Click on an area of interest
    Weather History
    View historic global weather conditions! Location: City, State or ZIP Code, or Airport Code Date: January February March April May June July August September October November December Climate Averages Links
    NOAA US Climate NOAA US Average ... Climate Prediction Center Charts and Maps US Average Temps US Average Rainfall US Average Wind US Average Snowfall ... Weather for Kids!

    13. U.P. Weather History
    Take a journey into the past and read stories of the early pioneers and the obstacles they faced in settling the Upper Peninsula of Michigan under 'So Cold A Sky'.
    Cold Sky Publishing
    POB 228
    Negaunee,MI 49866
    email Karl

    Once Again TV weather Anchor, regional weather historian and AMS (American Meteorological Society) seal approved meteorologist, Karl Bohnak offers another armchair ride thru the land above the bridge. ," is an illustrated 580 page comprehensive guide full of information with over 200 photos. Enjoy fun facts, covering every acre of the region with details on subjects like : John Dillinger, Big Louie, Chase Osborn, Hemmingway in the U.P., Businesses , Tourism, Agriculture, Sports facts and history, weather extreme statistics , casinos, historical markers and more.
    Revealing little known, interesting details of this region, Ron Jolly and Karl Bohnak deliver the goods.
    Published by University of Michigan Press and Petosky Publishing.
    - Tom Skilling, AMS Fellow and chief meteorologist, WGN-TV, Chicago
    - Russ Magnaghi, Professor of history, Northern Michigan University

    14. - The Website Devoted To Fuerteventura - Tourist Information
    Portal featuring weather, local history, resort reviews, and an accommodation guide.

    15. Weather History For Houston, Texas
    QUICKSTUDY laminated reference guides - fund-raising programs available. Interesting topics. Get better school grades.
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    Weather History for Houston, Texas
    Classified Ads
    SCIENCE FUN for Kids and Parents! Experiments, projects, videos, and more! Visit:

    16. Climate Statistics For Australian Locations
    Monthly climate statistics for selected Australian sites produced by the Bureau of Meteorology

    17. The Times Of Swaziland
    Daily newspaper. News, weather, history, and sports.

    18. Weather History And Archives
    A resource for locating historical weather information and archives
    The best resource for finding historical weather data is the National Climatic Data Center . Their most detailed information is available at their Online Store . Because the site is so big and hard to navigate, here are the most helpful areas:
    Extreme Weather/Events
    Temperature Extremes



    El Nino/La Nina

    Data Graphs
    Graph for 1 Month

    Specific Time Period

    Compare Two Stations
    Other Information Radar Image Archive Upper Air Data Archive 30-year Climatological Data National Diurnal Climatology New! More Resources NCDC Complete List Historical Weather Facts Publications If you want quick information for a specific date, nothing is easier than the Weather Underground. Type in your City State or Zipcode Near the bottom of that page there will be a section marked "Historical Conditions". Just select the date you are interested in. If you still can't find what you're looking for... If you can not find it on the internet, go to your local library. There you can find newspapers from past dates. Look at the weather section for the date you are looking for. That has worked well for many people. Home Features News Search ... Matt Haugland

    19. Weather History
    Weather history is a fascinating topic to look over. I'm only aware of two books which focus on the forecasting and prediction history over time. They speak about weather

    Features information on the services, parking and airlines. Flight status, maps, weather, history and news are included.
    Willow Run Employment Badging Press Room ... Contact Us
    Welcome to Detroit Metro Airport
    Welcoming more than 30 million passengers each year, Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport (DTW) is one of the busiest airports in the United States and among the world's largest air transportation hubs. As the second-largest hub and primary Asian gateway for Delta, the world’s largest airline, DTW serves as the SkyTeam™ Alliance's major Midwestern hub. DTW is also a major base of operations for ultra low cost carrier Spirit Airlines. Together with 14 additional passenger airlines – including four foreign flag carriers – Detroit’s airlines and their regional partners offer service to more than 160 non-stop destinations around the globe. DTW is also one of the newest, most operationally-capable and efficient airports in North America. With two new passenger terminals, 145 gates, six jet runways, and two modern Federal Inspection Services facilities for international arrivals. We hope you enjoy our website, and thank you for flying!

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