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         Weather Monitoring In Space:     more detail
  1. Space Weather & Telecommunications (The Springer International Series in Engineering and Computer Science) by John M. Goodman, 2010-11-02
  2. Space Station Organization Approved / NASA Associate Administrator to Leave / Paul J. Weitz Named Johnson Deputy Director / NASA Instrument Aids Ocean Weather Monitoring / NASA 1986: The Year in Review (The Astrogram, Volume 29, Number 9, January 15, 1987) by NASA, 1987
  3. Satellite Monitoring of the Earth's Surface and Atmosphere by Arnault, 1995-04-01

1. Voyager - 2000's MAG Publication Bibliography
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2000's MAG Publication Bibliography Mag - Magnetic Fields Investigation
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2. Delaware Space Grant Consortium - DESGC Publications 1997-2002
Ness, N.F., Interplanetary Magnetic Field Dynamics The key to space weather monitoring, in Space Storms and Space Weather Hazards, NATO Science Series, II.
Delaware Space Grant Consortium
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DESGC Publications 1997-2002
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