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         Wiccan:     more books (100)
  1. The Only Wiccan Spell Book You'll Ever Need: For Love, Happiness, and Prosperity by Marian Singer, Trish MacGregor, 2004-08-06
  2. The Encyclopedia of Magickal Ingredients: A Wiccan Guide to Spellcasting by Lexa Rosean, 2005-10-18
  3. Wiccan Beliefs & Practices by Gary Cantrell, 2001-05-01
  4. No Rest for the Wiccan (Bewitching Mysteries, No. 4) by Madelyn Alt, 2008-11-04
  5. Wiccan Warrior: Walking a Spiritual Path in a Sometimes Hostile World by Kerr Cuhulain, 2000-03
  6. Wicca 101: A New Reference for the Beginner Wiccan: Wicca, Witchcraft, and Paganism: A Solitary Guide for the New Wiccan: Solitary Study for a Beginner: The New Practitioner of Wicca and Witchcraft by Kristina Benson, 2007-09-21
  7. Provenance Press's Guide To The Wiccan Year: A Year Round Guide to Spells, Rituals, and Holiday Celebrations by Judy Ann Nock, 2007-06-04
  8. Wiccan Magick: Inner Teachings of the Craft by Raven Grimassi, 2002-09-08
  9. Full Contact Magick: A Book of Shadows for the Wiccan Warrior by Kerr Cuhulain, 2002-09-08
  10. Witch School: Living the Wiccan Life by Debbe Tompkins, 2009-01-08
  11. The Green Wiccan Herbal: 52 Magical Herbs, Spells & Withcy Rituals by Silja, 2009-09
  12. The Wiccan Mysteries: Ancient Origins & Teachings by Raven Grimassi, 2002-09-08
  13. Morgan Le Fay's Book Of Spells And Wiccan Rites by Jennifer Reif, 2001-07-19
  14. Her Wiccan, Wiccan Ways (Rhiannon Godfrey) by Traci Hall, 2008-12-01

1. Wicca - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Some of these groups prefer to refer to themselves as Witches, thereby distinguishing themselves from the BTW traditions, who more typically use the term wiccan (see Etymology
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation search This article is about the duotheistic religion. For other uses, see Wicca (disambiguation) This pentacle , worn as a pendant , depicts a pentagram , or five-pointed star, used as a symbol of Wicca by many adherents. Wicca /ˈwɪkə/ ) is a Neopagan religion and a form of modern witchcraft . Often referred to as Witchcraft or the Craft its adherents are commonly referred to as Wiccans, or as Witches or Crafters. Developing in England in the first half of the twentieth century, Wicca was popularised in the 1950s and early 1960s by a Wiccan High Priest named Gerald Gardner , who at the time called it the "witch cult" and "witchcraft", and its adherents "the Wica". From the 1960s onward the name of the religion was normalised to "Wicca". Wicca is typically a duotheistic religion, worshipping a Goddess and a God, who are traditionally viewed as the Triple Goddess and Horned God . These two deities are often viewed as being facets of a greater pantheistic Godhead , and as manifesting themselves as various polytheistic deities. Nonetheless, there are also other

2. Witchcraft: Wicca Witchcraft, Wicca.htm
a wiccan believes fairy stories and legends of the Grail doesn't mean that a wiccan is harmless or good. Just because wiccans gather herbs and dance naked in the moonlight doesn
Wicca Witchcraft
Keywords: Wicca witchcraft, Wicca, the Craft, sorcery, wicca, witchcraft, magic, Wicca Witchcraft
For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers , having itching ears; And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables . 2 Timothy 4:3-4
Wicca is the name, and witchcraft is the gameand the Devil is laughing his head off. It's time to examine some more paganistic mumbo-jumbo gumbo. Into darkness we go to discover the evil force that mascarades behind the name Wicca... Wicca witchcraft calls itself "white witchcraft". This supposedly denotes that Wiccans only do "good" witchcraft. As I see it,
  • the witches in Wicca have been watching too much Bewitched
  • the witches in Wicca have been watching too much I Dream of Jeannie
  • the witches in Wicca having been watching too much Sabrina the Good (or Teen) Witch , and
  • the witches in Wicca having been watching too much Casper the Friendly Ghost
According to the Bible, there is no such thing as a good witch.

3. Wicca, The Religion
The latter are often not known outside the solitary practitioner or wiccan coven. So we describe the beliefs and practices that most wiccans hold in common.
About this site About us Our beliefs Your first visit? Contact us ... Vital notes World religions BUDDHISM CHRISTIANITY Christian def'n Shared beliefs ... Comparing Religion s Non-theistic... Atheism Agnosticism Humanism Other About all religions Main topics Basic information Handling change Quotes ... More information Spiritual/ethics Spirituality Absolute truth Peace/conflict Attaining peace Religious tolerance Religious freedom Religious hatred ... Religious violence "Hot" topics Very hot topics 10 commandments Abortion access Assisted suicide ... Other topics Laws and news Religious laws Religious news
World religions; Neopagan religions
Wicca: a Neopagan, Earth-centered religion
Sponsored link. document.write(''); CURRENT MOON moon phase Wiccan pentacle symbol Current phase of the moon
" We are not evil. We don't harm or seduce people. We are not dangerous. We are ordinary people like you. We have families, jobs, hopes, and dreams. We are not a cult. This religion is not a joke. We are not what you think we are from looking at T.V. We are real. We laugh, we cry. We are serious. We have a sense of humor. You don't have to be afraid of us. We don't want to convert you. And please don't try to convert us. Just give us the same right we give youto live in peace. We are much more similar to you than you think. "

4. Wiccan Videos - By Video Site
Tags Wicca Witchcraft Paganism Goddess Worship FOI Felllowship of Isis Barbara Lee, a white witch for 30

5. Shinygrape Animation Studios - Home Of The Wiccan Chicken
Philadelphiabased animation studio presents wiccan Chicken, South Street Sewer Yak, and more.
Click the Grape to sign up for our newsletter! (unsubscribe here.
Here are a few of our current projects:
OpenCube Drop Down Menu (
Nagymama American Goulash ... Contact

6. Wiccan (comics) - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
wiccan (real name William Billy Kaplan) is a comic book character, a member of the Young Avengers, a team of superheroes in the Marvel Universe.
Wiccan (comics)
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation search Wiccan
Artwork from the cover to Avengers: The Children's Crusade #1 by Jim Cheung. Publication information Publisher Marvel Comics First appearance Young Avengers #1 (April, 2005). Created by Allan Heinberg
Jim Cheung
In-story information Alter ego William "Billy" Kaplan Team affiliations Young Avengers
Secret Avengers (Civil War)
Notable aliases Asgardian Abilities
Wiccan (real name William "Billy" Kaplan ) is a comic book character , a member of the Young Avengers , a team of superheroes in the Marvel Universe . His appearance is patterned on that of Thor and Scarlet Witch He first appeared in Young Avengers #1 (April, 2005). The issue was scripted by Allan Heinberg and drawn by Jim Cheung

7. Celtic Attic: Olde Worlds - Wiccan
wiccan Northern California COG; A place to find a huge variety of product's and service's pertaining to Wicca, New Age etc..

8. Good Wiccan Beginner's Guide - Introduction To Wicca Welcome Solo Practitioner
History, background, principles and stepby-step how-to guide for wiccan rituals and spells. Site can serve as a beginning Book of Shadows. is Your Complete Resource Guide for the Beginner Solo Wicca Practitioner intro getting started elementary magic sabbaths ... new beginnings Welcome to the Good Wiccan - Complete How To Resource Reference Guide for Beginner Solo Practitioner
One of the rules of Wicca is not to charge willing students for information. Therefore in accordance with Wiccan philosophy, this site contains the entire Good Wiccan book which you may read and printout for * FREE . If you like what you read, please order the professionally printed book HERE ONLINE at Cafe Press for only $17.99. The Wire-O Binding is very convenient for everyday use as a Ritual Guide.
The Good Wiccan(tm) Site is Written and Designed by Anand Sajaha
more information
Welcome to the Good Wiccan TM
Complete How To Resource Reference Guide for Beginner Solo Practitioner
Annoucing The Good Wiccan Halloween Ritual!!!
Only $20 gets you a professionally written 14 page ritual that you can download and share with your friends this Halloween. It includes all the instructions you need to conduct a safe and sane, life affirming ritual:
  • How to Prepare for a Ritual
  • Introduction and Tools Required
  • How to Cast a Circle
  • Consecration Exercise
  • Halloween-specific Sabbath Rituals
  • Chants and Specific Language to Say
    DOWN INSTANTLY HERE: Wicca is an Old English word literally translating to witch or Witchcraft. It is a form of Paganism and one of the oldest religions in the world. Wicca is the preferred title used instead of 'witch' because of past negative or false connotations.
  • 9. Paganism & Wicca - Pagan And Wiccan Religion
    If you're wondering about the world of wiccans and modernday Pagans, or if you're already a follower of earth-based spirituality, join us for the latest in wiccan and Pagan news.
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  • Paganism / Wicca
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    Patti Wigington
    Paganism / Wicca Guide zSB(3,2)
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    Meeting Other Pagans
    Pagan and Wiccan Networking
    Wondering how to find a coven, or just like-minded individuals? Here's where you'll find info about meeting other Pagans. Read more
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    Pagan Tattoo Art Magical Herbs
    Pagan Families
    Pagans and Wiccans marry and raise families just like people of other faiths, but there are sometimes a unique set of issues for Pagan families. Read on for information about Pagan family life! Read more
    Additional Reading
    Paganism / Wicca Spotlight
    Patti's Paganism / Wicca Blog
    King Arthur Manuscript Up for Auction
    Monday November 15, 2010

    10. Wiccan Moonsong
    Merry Meet ) Welcome to my online home. My magickal name is Jasmeine Moonsong. I have always been interested in the wiccan ways but started my personal journey in July of
    @import url(; Wiccan Moonsong Home Wiccan Moonsong Blog Wiccan World News Wiccan Blogs ... Wiccan Online College
    Jasmeine Moonsong
    Get the Wiccan World News widget and many other great free widgets at Widgetbox Get the Live Luna / Moon Phase + Witch widget and many other great free widgets at Widgetbox

    11. Wiccan Weddings
    Information for the wiccan bride.
    Welcome to Wiccan Weddings You have crossed the threshold and been brought into the circle. Congratulations. Entering into the Craft is a spiritual odyssey, a journey of self realization, and a commitment. Now you are about to commit your life to another person. Take time to appreciate the experience. Choosing to formalize this relationship can be done with a ceremony known as handfasting. The following pages will help you on your quest for information. The Circle is cast Ariadnespider-THE pagan search engine

    12. The Wandering Wiccan Intro
    The Wandering wiccan . is one of the largest Wicca and Witchcraft sites with a complete information site for all your magickal needs.

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    The Wandering Wiccan is one of the largest Wicca and Witchcraft sites with a complete catalog for all your magickal needs. A place where Witches', Shaman's, Druids and Pagan's meet to celebrate the magickal life. Magic,Magick,Magickal,Pagan,Paganism,Earth and Nature Religions,Spirit, Spirits,Spirituality,Herb,Herbs,Herbal,Moon,Moon Lore,Gods,Goddess, Goddesses,Witta,Runes,Crystals,Holidays,Rites,Spells,Spellcraft,Astral Travel,Astral Projection,Magickal Tools,Jewelry,Pentagram,Pentagrams,Pentacle,Earth,Nature,Shaman, Shamanism,Druid,Druidic,Meditation,Tantra, Sacred,Candles,Candle Magic,Candle Magick,Medieval Clothing,Renaissance Cloting,Chainmail,Online Shopping,Witchcraft Catalogs,Retail and Wholesale,Statues,Altar Statues,Goddess Statues,Wiccan,Witch,Witches,Witch's,Witches Magic,Magick,Magickal,Pagan,Paganism,Religions,Spirituality,Religion, Religions,Herb,Herbs,Herbal,Spells,Crystals,Gemstone,Incense,Essential,Oil,Fragrance,Scents,Wiccan,Witch,Witches,Witchs,Wicce Wandering Wiccan The Wandering Wiccan

    13. Canadian Wiccans. This Site Is Geared Towards Networking Wiccans And Pagans From
    Offers resources for networking among wiccans and Pagans and educational information about Wicca.
    The purpose of this site is to encourage networking amongst Canadian Wiccans and Pagans and to educate those who are interested in pursuing Wicca. If you are new to Wicca or Paganism, I hope that this site provides you with the information you are seeking pertaining to the "Old Ways". If you are currently practicing whether it be solitary or within a coven, I wish to include up and coming events for Toronto and the surrounding areas. For any comments or questions, please sign the guestbook at the bottom of the page. If you have any events you would like listed in the Calendar please feel free to email me at the bottom of the page. For quite some time now I've been struggling with my spirituality. Am I Wiccan or am I not? These questions have been playing around in my head and although I knew that I'm deeply Pagan, I've found myself confused about what belief system I really fell under. I've finally awaken and realized that Wicca has always been who I am and having said that, I chose to resurrect this page, get myself a domain and give this page the respect that it deserves. Wicca is a way of life that is peaceful, beautiful, soulful and fulfilling. The magic in it, is that it sort of finds you, not you finding it. And the great thing about it, is that you don't have to conform to anyone's rules or have to live your life the way someone else tells you to. You can practice by yourself or with a group, that is entirely a personal choice. But it allows you to be who you are. Just open your mind, heart and soul and let it in. May peace be with you, and many happy returns to you on your spiritual journey.

    14. What Is Wicca, Witchcraft And Paganism?
    One can be a Witch, without being a wiccan, just as a person can be a Christian, without being a Baptist. Wicca is a recognized religion, while Witchcraft itself is
    The article below describes how Wicca draws from the Old Traditions of Witchcraft. While this is true, we would simply like to clarify that Witchcraft and Wicca, while simular in many respects, are not the same. One can be a Witch, without being a Wiccan, just as a person can be a Christian, without being a Baptist. Wicca is a recognized religion, while Witchcraft itself is not considered a religion. Thus, Wicca might best be described as a modern religion, based on ancient Witchcraft traditions. What Is Wicca Contrary to what those who choose to persecute or lie about us wish to believe, Wicca is a very peaceful, harmonious and balanced way of life which promotes oneness with the divine and all which exists.
    Wicca is a deep appreciation and awe in watching the sunrise or sunset, the forest in the light of a glowing moon, a meadow enchanted by the first light of day. It is the morning dew on the petals of a beautiful flower, the gentle caress of a warm summer breeze upon your skin, or the warmth of the summer sun on your face. Wicca is the fall of colorful autumn leaves, and the softness of winter snow. It is light, and shadow and all that lies in between. It is the song of the birds and other creatures of the wild. It is being in the presence of Mother Earths nature and being humbled in reverence. When we are in the temple of the Lord and Lady, we are not prone to the arrogance of human technology as they touch our souls. To be a Witch is to be a healer, a teacher, a seeker, a giver, and a protector of all things. If this path is yours, may you walk it with honor, light and integrity.

    15. Wiccan Passions - 100% Free Dating & Social Networking For Wiccans & Those Inter
    A 100% free online dating social networking site for wiccans, Wicca lovers people who are interested in learning about Wicca. Browse the wiccan Groups to find others who
    [translate] Wiccan Passions - 100% Free
    Wiccan Passions

    16. Wiccan Children S Bibliography And Bookstore
    wiccan children and youth resources. An extensive bibliography and bookstore.

    17. Store Temporarily Closed For Maintenance
    wiccan Supplies, Witchcraft Supplies and Pagan Supplies at affordable prices. Secure transactions. Carefully packed and shipped out the next business day.
    The Wiccan Way store will be CLOSED November 16th through November 19th, 2010 while we finalize the transfer over to our new store design and functionality. No orders will be accepted during that time. Thank you for your patience while we implement our upgraded store!

    18. Wiccan Cottage Home Page
    Click to enter Shop Merry Meet and Welcome to wiccan Cottage. We are proud to be a wiccanowned and operated business dedicated
    Wiccan Cottage
    CURRENT MOON moon phase info Click to enter Shop Merry Meet and Welcome to Wiccan Cottage We are proud to be a Wiccan-owned and operated business dedicated to providing the finest in Pagan, Wiccan, and esoteric spiritual items. It is the goal of Wiccan Cottage to offer quality Wiccan Supplies, Witchcraft Supplies, Pagan Supplies, Magick Supplies, New Age Supplies and Metaphysical Supplies at fair prices. You can shop for divination supplies including runes, tarot decks, crystal balls, candles, pendulums, scrying mirrors and scrying bowls to help you look into the future and ritual supplies such as altar cloths, athames, bells, candles, chalices and besoms / brooms to aid you in the daily practice of witchcraft. To assist you in your magical workings, enchantments and spell casting, we have a nice selection of herbs, herbal spell mixes and spell kits. Wiccan Cottage has blank Books of Shadows to record your experiences in The Craft.

    19. Welcome To Firecraft
    A website for wiccan teenage women in the UK.
    Welcome to Firecraft
    A Short Note (We do not mean to offend you)
    • If you are a crusading Christian trying to convert us, them please don't enter this site. You will probably find much here to upset you, and we don't like hate mail, so farewell and best wishes. If you are male and wish to enter, please do not be offended by anything you see here. Blessed Be.
    "We are a more powerful species of wiccan, with all the beliefs of a traditional witch, but with the skills many females would kill to get their hands on." Merry Meet and welcome to the Firecraft homepage, a Wiccan study group for teenage fire angels in the UK. This is the first webpage we've done so its not very good, but hopefully it will give you all the information you need about us, how to join,our projects etc. It basically an online community for girls 13-17 in the UK to discuss their problems, learn some magick and discover how to develop themselves into Fire Angels. Happy Surfing Blessed Be Layla Information About Us
    Joining Firecraft

    Current Projects


    20. Celtic Connection Entry To Wicca, Witchcraft And Pagan Pages
    One of the largest Wicca, Witchcraft and Pagan information sites with online stores for wiccan books, jewelry and magical supplies. A place of magic where wiccans, Witches
    One of the largest Wicca, Witchcraft and Paganism sites on the internet, offering links to several hundred pages of information about the Witch, Wiccan and Pagan lifesyles, plus online stores for Wiccan and Pagan Books, Jewelry and Magical Tools. A place where followers of the nature-based Earth religions can meet to celebrate the magickal life!
    Please continue by clicking our logo above to find the truth about who we really are. Learn the facts from those who follow these paths instead of being misguided by Hollywood or those who perpetuate unfounded superstition because of their own fears. Our beliefs, practices, morals, values and ethics are openly discussed within.
    Merry Meet and Welcome!
    May The God And Goddess Bless
    Attention Parents!
    The pages within this site are rated appropriate for all ages with RSAC. We have no content which would be considered of an offensive nature by those of open mind. If you have concerns in this regard, please review our site prior to allowing your children or teenagers to visit. If you feel that the rating for this site is not correct, please use one of the many email options to communicate with the Webmaster.
    Positive feedback from the community is always appreciated.

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