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         Wilson Woodrow Us President:     more books (31)
  1. Woodrow Wilson (Getting to Know the Us Presidents) by Mike Venezia, 2007-03
  2. Philosophy and Policies of Woodrow Wilson (Midway Reprint Ser) by Latham, 1958-03
  3. Woodrow Wilson The State of the Union Address (President) by Woodrow Wilson, 2009-07-18
  4. President Wilson's Addresses - Woodrow Wilson by Woodrow Wilson, 2009-07-17
  5. The Inaugural Speeches of the President - Woodrow Wilson by Woodrow Wilson, 2009-10-15
  6. Woodrow Wilson as president (1916) by Eugene Brooks, 2010-10-17
  7. Address of the President of the United States, delivered at a joint sessio by Woodrow Wilson United States. President (1913-1921 : Wilson), 2009-08-14
  8. PRESIDENT WILSON'S FOURTEEN POINTS SPEECH by Woodrow Wilson, 2009-05-12
  9. President Wilson's Addresses by Woodrow Wilson, 2010-05-21
  10. "State of the Union Addresses of Woodrow Wilson" by Woodrow Wilson, 2008-12-31
  11. Woodrow Wilson, the Story of His Life by William Bayard Hale, 2010-05-18
  12. Woodrow Wilson, His Life and Work by William Dunseath Eaton, Harry Cyril Read, 2010-05-18
  13. Woodrow Wilson a Biography by Current History Maga, 1925
  14. Woodrow Wilson as I Know Him by Joseph P. Tumulty, 2009-03-18

1. The Cambridge History Of Russia - Cambridge University Press
The Cambridge History of Russia Volume 3, The Twentieth Century Series The Cambridge History of Russia Edited by Ronald Grigor Suny University of Chicago and University of Michigan

2. The Cambridge History Of The Cold War - Cambridge University Press
The Cambridge History of the Cold War Volume 2, Crises and D tente Series The Cambridge History of the Cold War Edited by Melvyn P. Leffler University of Virginia

3. US Presidents: Adams, John To Wilson, Woodrow From
US Presidents Adams, John to Wilson, Woodrow from Biographical information, political appointments, historical documents, online references and other points of Presidents BoW

4. US Presidents
Wilson, Woodrow US President (28) 12/28 /1856 02/03 /1924 Harding, Warren G. US President (29) 11/02 /1865 08/02 /1923 Coolidge, Calvin US President (30), VP (29)
United States Presidents in Born Today
Click a birth or death date to see US President quotes and pix. Name Born Died Washington, George US President (1) Adams, John US President (2), VP (1) Jefferson, Thomas US President (3), VP (2) Madison, James US President (4) Monroe, James US President (5) Adams, John Quincy US President (6) Jackson, Andrew US President (7) Van Buren, Martin US President (8), VP (8) Harrison, William Henry US President (9) Tyler, John US President (10), VP (10) Polk, James K. US President (11) Taylor, Zachary US President (12) Fillmore, Millard US President (13), VP (12) Pierce, Franklin US President (14) Buchanan, James US President (15) Lincoln, Abraham US President (16) Davis, Jefferson US Confederate President Johnson, Andrew US President (17), VP (16) Grant, General Ulysses S. US President (18) Hayes, Rutherford B(irchard) US President (19) Garfield, James Abram US President (20) Arthur, Chester Allen US President (21), VP (20) Cleveland, Grover US President (22) Harrison, Benjamin US President (23) Cleveland, Grover US President (24) McKinley, William

5. Index
Agricultural Adjustment Act, 1933, 13 Agricultural Adjustment Act, 1935, 13 Wilson, Woodrow (US President and
eBook World Food Security: A History since 1945
Useful links
MAC/WFY Page-508 Index United States (US) Agricultural Adjustment Act, 1933, 13
Agricultural Adjustment Act, 1935, 13
Agricultural Trade Development and Assistance Act (PL 480), 1954,
Agriculture Act, 1949, 34
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 409 Commodity Credit Corporation (CCC), European Recovery Programme (Marshall Plan), 1948­53, 13, 34 Export-Import Bank, 1934, 34
Federal Farm Board (established 1929), food aid programme, 86, 133
Grain Stabilization Board, 1933, 13, 34
International Food and Nutrition Act, International Grains Reserves System proposal, 1974, 155­8; House of Representatives resolution, 1974, Lend-Lease Act, 1941, 13, 34 Mutual Security Act, 1951, 34, 49 Overseas Development Council, 119 Public Law (PL) 480 Food Aid (Food-for-Peace) Programme record cereals exports 1974, 116 Surgeon General's Report on Nutrition and Health, 1988, 411 Surplus Act, 1944, 34 US reservations concerning the right to food: at the 1996 World Food Summit, 354­5; at the 2002 World

6. Highlights From The Archives Of The American Colllege Of Surgeons: Previous High
Wilson, Woodrow (US President) Writes to Franklin Martin, MD, FACS (September 2006) (Document) Clinical Congress Exhibit Hall, Then and Now (October 2006) (Photo)
Previous Highlights Martin, Franklin H. MD, FACS, Portrait of (1857-1935) (May 2005) (Photo) History of ACS Sectional Meetings, The (June 2005) (Photo) Journal of the American College of Surgeons Celebrates its Centennial (July 2005) (Document) Finney, John M. T., MD, FACS, first president of the American College of Surgeons (August 2005) (Photo) Starr, Frederick Newton Gisborne, MD, FACS (September 2005) (Photo) Clinical Congress: Then and Now (October 2005) (Photo) Clarkson, Grosvenor B. (November 2005) (Photo) Martin, Isabelle and Franklin (December 2005) (Photo) Fosdick Commission, The (January 2006) (Photo) J.B. Murphy Auditorium, The (February 2006) (Photo) Ireland, Major General Merritte Weber (March 2006) (Photo) Visiting Doctors from Abroad (April 2006) (Photo) Bowman, John G. PhD, First Director of the American College of Surgeons (May 2006) (Photo) 1919 "Minimum Standard" document, The (June 2006) (Document) (July 2006) (Photo) Kanavel, Allen B., MD, FACS (August 2006) (Photo) Wilson, Woodrow (US President) Writes to Franklin Martin, MD, FACS (September 2006) (Document) Clinical Congress Exhibit Hall, Then and Now

7. Highlights From The Archives Of The American Colllege Of Surgeons: Previous High
Wilson, Woodrow (US President) Writes to Franklin Martin, MD, FACS (September 2006) (Document) For more information, contact Susan Rishworth, Archivist, at 312202-5270 or srishworth
Previous Highlights Previous Highlights from the Archives are now organized in three ways: alphabetically, by date of creation, and by media type. The alphabetical listing is below, the media type index can be found here , and the list by date of creation can be found here American Clinical Surgical Society, 1912 German-Austrian Tour of the (November 2009) (Photos) American Gynecological Club travels to Scandinavia (Summer 1926) (May 2009) (Photos) Andrews, Edward Wyllys, MD, FACS, 1856-1927 (September 2009) (Photo) Archives Launches Digital Collections Besley, Frederic Atwood , MD, FACS (1868-1944) (March 2007) (Photo) Bevan , Arthur Dean , MD, FACS, 1861-1943 (August 2009) (Photo) Bispham, Colonel William N., MD, FACS, 1875-1945 (May 2007) (Photo) Bowman, John G. PhD, First Director of the American College of Surgeons (May 2006) (Photo) Bridge, Norman M., MD, 1844-1925 (June 2007) (Photo) Clark, Herbert C., and the Gorgas Memorial Laboratory (January 2010) (Photo) Clarkson, Grosvenor B. (November 2005) (Photo) Clinical Congress Convocation (October 2007) (Photo) Clinical Congress Exhibit Hall, Then and Now

8. Great Lives
Wilson, Woodrow (US President) Xiaoping, Deng (Chinese leader) Yeltsin, Boris (Russian President) Zedong, Mao (Chairman of Chinese Communist Party)!Biography.htm
The Jacana Great Lives Site they made a difference Leaders . Revolutionaries . Heroes . Explorers . Scientists Thinkers . Inventors . Builders . Titans . Artists . Entertainers Legends . Authors . Poets . Rogues . Criminals . Philosophers Tycoons . Musicians . Actors . Composers . Photographers Pirates . Outlaws . Gangsters . Sportsmen . Engineers Astronomers . Conquistadors . Adventurers HOME SAFARI CLOTHING LEATHERMAN MULTI-TOOLS GARMIN GPSs ... OTHER STUFF JACANA STUFF HOME SAFARI CLOTHING LEATHERMAN MULTI-TOOLS GARMIN GPSs ... SITE MAP Alexander the Great (Macedonian King) Alfred the Great (English ruler) Antoinette, Marie (French Queen) Arafat, Yassir (PLO Chairman) Ataturk, Mustafa (Turkish nationalist leader) Atilla the Hun (Leader of Hunnic Empire) Attlee, Clement (British Prime Minister) Ben-Gurion, David (First Israeli Prime Minister) Bevan, Aneurin (British Labour Minister) Bhutto, Benazir (Pakistani Prime Minister) Bismarck, Otto Von (German Reich Chancellor) Boleyn, Anne (English Queen)

9. Cambridge University Press 0521809959 - The Unquiet Western Front
on the Western Front , ļœ³ļœµ Wilhelm II, Kaiser, ļœµļœ¶ Wilson, A. N., author, ļœøļœµ Wilson, Trevor, historian, ļœ³ļœ³, ļœ·ļœ¹, ļœ¹ļœ·ļœø, ļœ±ļœ°ļœ° Wilson, Woodrow, US president

10. Big Book Names
welcome to nicd national institute on chemical dependency a national clearinghouse organization for information on alcoholism, drug addiction and addictive behaviors.
At NICD, we oppose catch and punish- We advocate identify and help...
People in AA
B C D ... X .. Y .. Z
Bill, Dr. Bob, Clarence S Morgan R Paul S Dr. Russell Blaisdell [Rockland State Hospital], Dr. Harry Emerson Fosdick [religion], Dr. Foster Kennedy [medical profession], Dr. Silkworth Nelson Rockefeller chaired father sick. (A 14,182-183) (H 62,63,66,146) (MS 11) (P 233)
Ab A . - wealthy Oklahoman offered Bill $60,000 pay debts (P 351)
Abbot - 1 of original group publishing Grapevine (A 201)
Abby G - wife Grace ; early Cleveland A.A., lawyer, sometimes known as Al G., entered hospital April 17 1939; 1st A.A. mtg in Cleveland met in his home May 18 1939 16 members; 1st chairman central committee Cleveland October 1939, set A.A. principle of rotation, his story "He Thought He Could Drink Like a Gentleman" in 2nd & 3rd edition (A 21) (D 164-6,169,201-3) (G 24) (N 78,88) (S 32) (BB 2/3 210-21)

11. Winter Denis - Email, Address, Phone Numbers, Everything!
Index Asquith, Herbert, Prime Minister, Attenborough, Richard, producer and Wilson, Woodrow, US president, Winter, Denis, historian, Winter, Jay, historian, denis

12. AA History -- People In AA Literature
People In A.A. History Mentioned In The Literature Who Were They? What Did They Do? We Know A Little About These Listed Below
Click The Images To Go To Page Indicated People In A.A. History Mentioned In The Literature
Who Were They?
What Did They Do?

We Know A Little About These Listed Below History is never an accurate portrayal of what has gone before. Based as it is on the interpretation of whatever data might be available, even the best historical record fails at its task of reconstructing the past. Even events that happened only yesterday cannot be reconstructed perfectly in the present. The event is forever gone. Our knowledge of A.A. history is therefore sometimes little more than a patchwork of facts and assumptions made by consenting individuals. The data presented below are the research and recollections by individuals involved in that history as preserved in the written word over the passing years since the beginnings of Alcoholics Anonymous. Archie M. originally compiled much of this data, Nancy O. and Bill L. added some, as have I, in the process of programming and linking. REFERENCE SOURCES:
(A) Alcoholics Anonymous Comes Of Age (AA)
(B) Bill W by Robert Thomsen
(C) Children Of The Healer by Bob Smith and Sue Smith Windows as told to C. Brewer

13. ARMENIA: The Survival Of A Nation
Wilson, Woodrow, US president 277, 280, 281; Award to Armenia 315ā€“16; Fourteen Points 264. Wolf, L. 104. Woods, H. C. 185 . Xenophon 21, 48. Ximenes, Ottoman agent 143
Free Web Site Free Web Space and Site Hosting Web Hosting Internet Store and Ecommerce Solution Provider ... High Speed Internet Search the Web Welcome! Close Would you like to make this site your homepage? It's fast and easy... Yes, Please make this my home page! No Thanks Don't show this to me again. Close Electronic version of  “ ARMENIA : The Survival of a Nation”, revised second edition © 1990 Christopher J. Walker Home [Page 466 – blank] [Page 467] Index Abbas I, shah of Persia Abbas Mirza 45–7 Abdul Hamid II, Ottoman sultan 69, 98, 107, 122, 123, 134–5, 157, 158, 160, 168, 195, 236, 358, 359; attitude to Armenians 145–6; overthrow 179, 180–1 Abovian 399 Abovian, Kh. 55–6, 343; biography Act of United Armenia Adana 100, 299; disturbances (1909) 182–8; in 1919–20 292 Adrianople 110, 111; treaty of 54, see also Edirne Afghanistan Afghans 40 Agha Mohammed 42 Aghbalian, N. 275, 324; biography Aghanbekyan, A. 393, 398 Aghin 286, 313 Aghtamar 30, 32n; catholicosate 86 Agn, massacre in (1896) 170 Aharonian, A. 259, 265, 278, 282, 314; biography Ahmed Mukhtar, Kemalist commissar 313, 324

14. Sherlock Holmes Pastiche Characters - W
Wilson, Woodrow (US President (19131921), 1856-1924) The Case of the Last Battle (L.B.Greenwood) 485, 488-489, 492 The League of Heroes (Xavier Maum jean) 84-87, 127, 140

Wace - Werther Wesley - Wilhelmina
A B ... HOME A heading in Red indicates that the character appears in, or plays an important offstage role in, the story. Titles in regular type are those in which the character appears. Titles in italics indicate that the character is merely mentioned. Page numbers indicate the page on which the character appears or is mentioned. Click on these links for publication details of editions used for indexing: short stories novels children's stories Wilkes, Charles (American Captain of the San Jacinto
Wilkinson, James (British Swordsmith)
Lestrade and the Magpie (M.J. Trow) 121 Will Scarlett (Robin Hood Legend)
Faction Paradox: Erasing Sherlock (Kelly Hale) 84; Sherlock Holmes Meets Annie Oakley (Stanley Shaw) 43 Willard, Jess (American Boxer, 1881-1968)
Nevermore (William Hjortsberg) Willat, Irvin (American Film-maker, 1892-1976)
Nevermore (William Hjortsberg)
Merv Letofsky Willemse, Cornelius (New York Police Captain)
Nevermore (William Hjortsberg) William (Struwwelpeter - Heinrich Hoffman): see The Inky Boys William II (William Rufus, King of England (1087-1100), 1056-1100)

15. Western Philosophers, Scientists And Theologians - By Miles Hodges
C Cabot, John (Italian/English explorer late 1400s) Cabot, Sebastian (English explorer - early 1500s) Cabral, Pedro Alvares (Portuguese explorer - early 1500s)

16. Chris Harman: A People's History Of The World (Glossary)
Wilson, Woodrow US president 191321. Wycliffe, John 14th century English precursor of Reformation. Zhou Enlai (Chou En-lai) Prominent Chinese Communist from mid-1920s onwards, prime
MIA Archive Harman
Chris Harman

Abelard, Pierre: Alexander the Great: Macedonian ruler who established Greek Empire over whole of Middle East from Indus to Nile. Ali: Allende, Salvador: Middle of road member of Chilean Socialist Party president of country 1970-73, overthrown by military coup which killed thousands. Committed suicide after organising armed defence of presidential palace. Aquinas, Thomas: Aristotle: Ancient Greek philosopher and scientist. Disciple of Plato but developed very different philosophy dominant in Europe in late Middle Ages. Ashoka (sometimes Asoka): Ruler of Mauryan Empire at its peak in 4th century BC. Converted to Buddhism. Augustine of Hippo: Christian bishop of around AD 400, writings influenced mainstream Christian theology for next 1,000 years. Augustus: First Roman emperor, 27 BC to AD 14. Aurangzeb: Last Mogul emperor to exercise great power. Imprisoned his father, Shah Jahan, in fort in Agra. Tried, unsuccessfully to cement his rule by imposing Islam upon imperial officials. Averroes (ibn-Rushd): 12th century Arab philosopher in Moorish Spain, commentaries on works of Aristotle very influential among 13th century Christian scholars.

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