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         Wolverine Wildlife:     more books (21)
  1. Demon of the North by Peter Krott, 1959
  2. A bibliography on the wolverine, Gulo gulo (Fish and wildlife bulletin) by Vivian A Banci, 1982
  3. Ecology of wolverines in northwest Alaska: Report to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service by Audrey J Magoun, 1981
  4. Lynx, wolverine, and fisher in the western United States: Research assessment and agenda by John Weaver, 1993
  5. Wildlife in Peril: The Endangered Mammals of Colorado : River Otter, Black-Footed Ferret, Wolverine, Lynx, Grizzly Bear, Gray Wolf by John A. Murray, 1987-05
  6. Wolverine: Global Jeopardy (World Wildlife Fund) (Vol. 1, No. 1, December 1993) by Marvel Comics, 1993
  7. Wolverine demography and ecology in southcentral Alaska: Project outline and phase I progress report by Howard N Golden, 1993
  8. Ecology of wolverines in an arctic ecosystem: Progress report by Audrey J Magoun, 1980
  9. Wolf and wolverine density estimation techniques by Earl F Becker, 1992
  10. Wolverine - A Look Into the Devils Eyes by Mark Allardyce, 2000-09-05
  11. Bounty Hunter, The by Marian Flandrick Bray, 1992-06
  12. Kristin's Wilderness: A Braided Trail by Garrett Conover, 2006-02-15
  13. A wolverine management strategy for British Columbia (Wildlife bulletin) by David F Hatler, 1989
  14. The Big Five by Magnus Elander, Staffan Widstrand, et all 2002

1. Wolverine Facts And Video - Defenders Of Wildlife - Defenders Of Wildlife
Get the facts on wolverines. Wolverine habitat is being threatened by global warming. Take action and help save wolverines.

2. FURCANADA - Wildlife Mounts - Polar Bear, Arctic Timber Wolf, Muskox, Moose Head
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Muskox (Ovibos Moschatus)
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3. Wolverine - Colorado Division Of Wildlife
Wolverines have a reputation larger than life, but they are impressive weasels by any standard. Wolverines are three feet long, with a rather short tail, just one......
Colorado Department of Natural Resources Home Shop Maps ... Contact Hunting Fishing Viewing Rules/Regs Education Wildlife Species Land/Water Research Wildlife Commission
  • Hunting Fishing Viewing Rules/Regs ... Wildlife Commission
  • Wildlife Species Species Profiles Species of Concern Living With Wildlife Colorado Wildlife Action Plan Grassland Species Colorado Wildlife Heritage Foundation
    Wildlife Species
    Species of Concern Mammals Wolverine Wolverine Printer friendly version
    Gulo gulo Description: Wolverine have a reputation larger than life, but they are impressive weasels by any standard. Wolverine are three feet long, with a rather short tail, just one-quarter the total length. Otters are longer, but wolverines are the heaviest of weasels, tipping the scale at 20 to 30 pounds or more. They are stocky mammals, built like a small bear. Their fur is dark brown to black, and the sides have a characteristic yellowish brown to whitish stripe. Like other weasels, wolverine have anal musk-producing glands. Range: Wolverine are animals of high alpine environments in both North America and Eurasia. In North America, they occupy western mountains in Alaska and Canada; the southern portion of their current range extends into the contiguous United States, including Washington, Idaho, Montana and Wyoming. Habitat: Wolverine have a circumpolar distribution in the Northern Hemisphere and are found in tundra, taiga, boreal and alpine biomes. These relatively unproductive habitats are areas where daily low temperatures can fall below freezing most of the year, growing seasons are short and snow persists into the summer months. The wolverine occupies a unique niche by accessing scarce food resources available in these environments, despite the presence of deep snow-cover, and caching these resources in cold, rocky areas that inhibit competition from insects, bacteria and other scavengers.

    4. Scientists Say CBM Experiment Too Risky | Wildsight
    “For species like bears, lynx, and wolverine, wildlife habitat affected by CBM drilling operations is habitat that can never be regained,” says Sexton.
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    Scientists Say CBM Experiment Too Risky
    Mar 26, 2008
    FERNIE, B.C. Research scientist from the University of Montana Erin Sexton states CBM drilling in wildlife-rich areas such as the Flathead and Elk Valleys will inevitably lead to loss of wildlife. The land footprint associated with Highway 3 is considered relatively small when compared with the enormous tracts of land that will be used to install the network of roads, well-pads and compressor stations associated with a CBM extraction operation. Wildsight believes the evidence illustrated by these respected members of the scientific community is proof that further large industrial experiments should not proceed. - xxx - For more information, contact: Casey Brennan Wildsight Southern Rockies and Flathead Program Manager 250.423.2603 (h) 250.423.0402 (c)
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    5. Wolverine: Wildlife Notebook Series - Alaska Department Of Fish And Game
    Wolverine fox species description from the Alaska Department of Fish and Game Wildlife Notebook Series.
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    The wolverine a relative of the mink and weasel, is the largest terrestrial member of the family Mustelidae. Its scientific name is Gulo gulo The wolverine is valued as a fur resource and as a symbol of wilderness. Its fur is commonly used for parka trim and hoods because of its beauty and durability and because the guard hairs of wolverine fur resist frost accumulation. General description: Wolverines have long dense fur that is generally dark brown to black with a creamy white to gold stripe running from each shoulder along the flanks to the base of the tail. A white hair patch on the neck and chest is common. It has a thick body, short legs, short ears, and a broad flat head. Adult males are 30-40% heavier than females and generally weigh 24-40 pounds (11-18 kg) while adult females weigh 13-26 pounds (6-12 kg). Like humans and bears, wolverines walk on the soles of their feet, called semiplantigrade posture. They have curved, semi-retractile claws and can climb trees readily. They are well suited to travel through deep, soft snow. Because of their great endurance, strength, and foraging behavior, wolverines have become a center of folklore. However, its fierce reputation has often been exaggerated. They are known to steal furbearers from traps and to damage cabins but contrary to stories will not attack a larger predator, like a wolf or a bear. Instead, they avoid these animals as encounters with either of these predators may be fatal to the wolverine. Wolverines will defend a food source or its territory against other wolverines or smaller predators.

    6. Alaska Department Of Fish And Game - Wildlife Conservation - GIS Mapping
    Bison (none), Black Bear, Brown Bear, Caribou, Deer, Elk, Moose, Mt. Goat (none), Muskox (none), Sheep, Wolf, Wolverine; Wildlife Home Range Maps

    7. Wolverine - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
    The wolverine (Gulo gulo), also referred to as glutton, carcajou, skunk bear, quickhatch, or gulon, is the largest landdwelling species of the Mustelidae (weasel) family in the genus
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation search For other uses, see Wolverine (disambiguation) Wolverine Conservation status
    Least Concern
    IUCN 3.1 Scientific classification Kingdom: Animalia
    Phylum: Chordata
    Class: Mammalia
    Order: Carnivora
    Family: Mustelidae
    Genus: Gulo
    Species: G. gulo
    Binomial name
    Gulo gulo
    Wolverine range The wolverine Gulo gulo Gulo is Latin for “glutton”), also referred to as glutton, carcajou, skunk bear, quickhatch, or gulon , is the largest land-dwelling species of the family Mustelidae (weasels). It is a stocky and muscular carnivore, more closely resembling a small bear than other mustelids. The wolverine has a reputation for ferocity and strength out of proportion to its size, with the documented ability to kill prey many times its size. The wolverine can be found primarily in remote reaches of the Northern boreal forests and subarctic and alpine tundra of the Northern hemisphere , with the greatest numbers in Alaska, Canada, the Nordic countries of Europe and throughout western Russia and Siberia . Their populations have experienced a steady decline since the 19th century in the face of trapping , range reduction and habitat fragmentation , such that they are essentially absent in the southern end of their European range. It is, however, estimated that large populations remain in North America and North Asia.

    8. (TBA132) Travel Bug Dog Tag - Traveling Crawler
    MaxB on the River retrieved it from Wolverine Wildlife Adventures And Travel Bug Hotel Michigan Visit Log Traveling Crawler has joined MaxB's Escorted

    9. Wolverine – Saving Wildlife - Wildlife Conservation Society
    Wolverines are elusive, ferocious, and yet vulnerable. WCS has established longterm research and conservation programs to conserve the wolverine.

    10. Off Yonder Photography - Cameron L. Martindell : Photo Keywords : Wildlife
    Keywords alaska animal wolverine wildlife adventure outdoors brooks range anwr christian science 1144 arctic national wildlife refuge kongakut 100628 british mountains romanzof montains

    11. Wolverine - Defenders Of Wildlife
    Information about Defenders' work to protect and recover wolverines in North America.

    12. Price's Country Store, Gilbert SC 29054 --
    Gifts, Flags, Field Seed Fertilizer, Carhartt Wrangler Clothing, Carhartt, Breyer Errl Toys, Horse, Lawn Garden, Nutrena, Wolverine Boots, Wolverine, Wildlife Feed Seed

    13. Wolverine : Facts, Pictures, Video : Animal Planet
    Meet the wolverine! View pictures, watch video, read facts, explore interactives and more.

    14. Price's Feed Mill Gilbert, SC, 29054 - YP.COM
    Wolverine Boots, Wolverine, Wildlife Feed Seed, Purina Nutrena Feeds, Purina, Pet Livestock, Nutrena, Lawn Garden, Horse, Gifts, Flags, Field Seed Fertilizer, Carhartt
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    15. Mink Art - Mink Paintings & Mink Sculptures (Marten,Fisher,Wolverine)- Wildlife
    Mink Paintings Mink Sculptures (Marten,Fisher,Wolverine) Wildlife art and nature art for sale by leading wildlife artists and nature artists. Wildlife paintings and wildlife

    16. The Beauty Of Lake Tahoe
    Lake Tahoe is one of the most beautiful and tranquil places I've visited. Although I'm not a travel expert or an expert on Lake Tahoe, I have created this hub as both a

    17. FURCANADA - Wildlife Mounts - Wolverine
    FURCANADA provides bear skin rugs, fur rugs, wildlife mounts, skulls and Arctic ivory and traditional Inuit hunters outfits. Ideal for country home and log cabin decor, taxidermy
    Wolverine Mounts
    Wolverine Wildlife Mounts - CANADIAN DOLLARS
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    FURCANADA provides bear skin rugs, fur rugs, wildlife mounts, skulls and Arctic ivory and traditional Inuit hunters outfits. Ideal for country home and log cabin decor, taxidermy, home, office and corporate or institutional use. We ship worldwide. Bear rugs, bear skin rugs, bear fur, polar bear fur, polar bear rugs, fur carpets, fur rugs, fur blankets, fur comforters, taxidermy for sale.
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    18. Alaska Hunting Guides & Outfitters, Alaskan Outfitters, Alaska Outfittings, Alas
    Black Bear, Brown Bear, Caribou, Dall Sheep, Grizzly Bear, Moose, Wolf, Wolverine Wildlife Adventures, Bear Watching, Bird Watching, Clear Stream Fishing, Dog Sledding, Eco

    19. NDIS Wolverine Wildlife Page
    Habitat Wolverines are animals of boreal forests and tundra. In Canada and Alaska, they prefer marshy areas such as the lowland spruce forests that support extensive wetlands (D

    20. YouTube - WCS Greater Yellowstone Wolverine Program
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