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         World War Ii History:     more books (107)
  1. World War II: A History in Documents (Pages from History) by James H. Madison, 2009-11-13
  2. The United States Coast Guard in World War II: A History of Domestic and Overseas Actions by Thomas P. Ostrom, 2009-05-13
  3. A Short History of World War II by James L. Stokesbury, 1980-01-01
  4. LIFE: World War II: History's Greatest Conflict in Pictures by Richard B. Stolley, 2005-04-20
  5. The Real History of World War II: A New Look at the Past (Real History Series) by Alan Axelrod, 2008-05-06
  6. War at Sea: A Naval History of World War II by Nathan Miller, 1997-01-30
  7. World War II: A Short History (5th Edition) by Michael J. Lyons, 2009-07-11
  8. Forgotten Voices of World War II: A New History of World War II in the Words of the Men and Women Who Were There by Max Arthur, 2004-11-01
  9. The Forgotten War: A Pictorial History of World War II in Alaska and Northwestern Canada- Vol. One by Stan B. Cohen, stan Cohen, et all 1981-04-01
  10. A Radar History of World War II: Technical and Military Imperatives by Louis Brown, 1999-01-01
  11. Life: World War 2: History's Greatest Conflict in Pictures by Richard B. Stolley, 2001-10-31
  12. The Last Mission: The Secret History of World War II's Final Battle by Jim Smith, Malcolm McConnell, 2003-05-06
  13. Life's Picture History of World War II by Arthur and other Editors of Life Incorporated Tourtellot, 1950
  14. Japanese American Internment during World War II: A History and Reference Guide by Wendy Ng, 2001-12-30

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2. World War II History Info
World War II history articles, books, Web site recommendations, an art and image gallery, and more for people who are interested in the history of the 20th century's greatest

3. OpenUW A Series Of Free Courses Presented By UW Educational Outreach
Introduction The Second World War ranks with the 1930s as a period of major political, economic, and social change in American history. Without question, war mobilization was

4. History Of 212th AFA In ETO: Chap 6, To The Rhine
The closing of the Saar pocket in March 1945. From the World War II history of US Army 212th Armored Field Artillery Battalion.
Table of Contents
To the Russians
Initially upon its return to France and assignment to the Seventh Army, the Sixth Armored Division was placed in XV Corps Reserve. The Siegfried Line was not yet pierced in the Seventh Army sector, and it was the mission of XV Corps to crack the line with infantry divisions before using armor in exploitation; the Sixth had a few more days of rest in store. But the artillery was detached from the division on March 13 and sent to support the initial corps attack east of Sarregnemines. Assigned to reinforce the 10th Field Artillery Battalion, Third Infantry Division, the 212th left its assembly area the morning of the 13th, and moved east through Dieuze and Sarre-Union to positions around Gros Rederching.
Through the Siegfried Line for the second time . . . an M-7 rolls into Ormesviller. The firing was halted abruptly at 1515 the 19th, however, with word that the 63rd Infantry Division had achieved a breakthrough of the Siegfried north of Sarreguemines. The battalion was ordered south immediately with Combat Command A to assemble behind the 63rd in preparation for a dash through the hole. Ormesheim, a town ten miles north of Sarreguemines, became the 212th's position area, and the battalion remained there for the night. The reported breach of the line was not yet fully accomplished, but the job was expected to be complete by noon of the 2Oth, and ready for exploitation by Combat Command A. It was ready. At 1200 March 20 Combat Command A moved north from its assembly area through Ormesheim and the Siegfried towns of Hassel and Kirkel and then out into the open where nothing but the darkness of the night stood between it and the Rhine. The command split into two columns at Limbach, just past Kirkel, and both forces reached the high ground short of the Rhine by morning without opposition. The south column held up at Biedesheim after 71 miles; the north task force stopped temporarily at Marienthal with 85 miles behind it, and then at noon moved right up to the Rhine at Rhine Durkeim, some 20 miles north of Worms. Both columns contacted Third Army elements advancing south from the Moselle River; the Saar pocket was closed. Net proceeds 80,000 German prisoners.

5. World War II History Library
World War II history resources and tools a virtual library.
World War II History Home Page
WWII Reference Library
World War II History Reference Library
A Brief History of WWII
This 16-page e-text makes for a good introduction or refresher on World War II history. Includes sections for the War in Europe and the Pacific War with short discussions on the outbreak of war , the U.S. entrance , the campaigns in North Africa Sicily, and Italy , the massive D-Day invasion of Fortress Europe, the long period of attrition that followed, and the bloody Battle of the Bulge that marked the beginning of the end of Nazi Germany ... plus discussions on Japan's offensive , the turning point in the Pacific, the twin drives to American victory , and the aftermath . There's also a page with recommended books for further reading.
World War II Timeline
A detailed calendar of the key events of the war from the German invasion of Czechoslovakia to the Japanese surrender.
World War II History by Nation
Basic information on the role of nearly every nation directly involved in the war from Albania to Yugoslavia
World War II Index/Glossary of Terms
Definitions and links for common military acronymns, uncommon lingo, and proper names from

6. World War II History Textbooks Project
Net Lessons Sample Lesson World War II History Textbooks Project. Students research and compare how events of World War II are treated in various countries’ school textbooks
Net Lessons: Sample Lesson
World War II History Textbooks Project
Students research and compare how events of World War II are treated in various countries school textbooks through linking with another classroom from that country.
Subject: History, Social Studies, Diversity Education, Conflict Resolution
Grade level: Grades 9-12
Activity type: Web Collaboration
Activity level: Intermediate
Partners: One classroom per designated country
Timeframe: 9 weeks
  • Students learn about the events of World War II. Students explore cultural stereotypes. Students delve into issues of revisitionist history. Students use the Web to explore issues of public policy.
Materials Needed
  • One computer with email/World Wide Web access
  • Chartpaper or chalkboard
  • Have students in small groups identify countries with which they want to partner to explore how World War II is treated in their countries textbooks. What issues do they want addressed? Bring the groups together and on the board or chart paper outline the project, including the desired countries to participate and the issues to be addressed. Some potential issues include:
      How are the Germans/Japanese/British/Americans portrayed in each countrys textbooks (positively, negatively, aggressor, victim)?
  • 7. World War II — Articles, Video, Pictures And Facts
    World War II (193945) pitted the Axis Powers (Germany, Japan and Italy) against the Allied Powers (France, Britain, United States and China) in the costliest conflict in
    Search Follow HISTORY
    World War II
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    People and Groups
    Related Topics
    This Day in History
    Nov World War II
    Goebbels publishes his screed of hate
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    Recommended Articles
    • Pearl Harbor
      The Japanese air attack on Pearl Harbor (on the Hawaiian island of Oahu), December 7, 1941, was the climax of a decade of rising tension between Japan and the United States.
      Known as D-Day, the Allied invasion of Normandy on June 6, 1944, was the largest amphibious assault in history.
      The Holocaust
      From 1941 to 1945, Adolf Hitler's totalitarian Nazi regime murdered some six million European Jews during World War II.

    8. The National World War II Museum World War II History
    October 28, 2010 Meet the Author Col. B. Wayne Quist presents “God’s Angry Man The Incredible Journey of Private Joe Haan” 500 pm reception, 600 presentation

    9. World War II LCTs
    The Official home page of the LCT flotillas of World War II, History, photos, personal accounts and reunion news.
    The Official Home Port of The LCT Flotillas of World War II ETO PTO
    Click here for reunion information
    One happy group of WW II LCT vets, 20th LCT reunion June 7, 2003 taking their first ride on an LCT in almost 60 years on the former LCT 203 in Bayfield, Wis. The group would like to express our heart felt thanks to the owners of the Outer Island for making this day possible. The Outer Island cruise 11, August 2007 Photos Click Here For more photos and information on the Outer Island Click here
    Choose your version to Launch below
    Enter with frames Enter without frames
    A special Tribute to our men and women in the military Click here for the US Department of Defense Support Our Troops web page and Sign a virtual thank you card and find links to other groups that support our troops. The Last of a long history of LCT/LSU/LCU landings Elements of the 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU), offload personnel and equipment from LCU 1664 at Camp Patriot in Kuwait, March 29, 2003, in preparation for missions in Iraq . The 24 MEU is embarked aboard the amphibious assault ship USS Nassau (LHA 4).
    Sponsored by the LCT Flotillas of World War II ETO PTO Reunion Association
    Join Our email newsletter and get updates on the web site and reunion Subscribe to ww2lct web site
    E-mail newsletter
    Powered by

    10. Into Life’s School Blog » World War II History Round Table
    World War II History Round Table Cliff is looking forward to participating in the monthly meeting of The Dr. Harold C. Deutsch World War II History Round Table.

    11. WWII History Of The 2nd Chemical Mortar Bn
    World War II History of the 2nd Chemical Mortar Bn This history was written at the end of WWII, when David W. Meyerson was Bn CO, and is based largely on unit records compiled
    World War II History
    of the 2nd Chemical Mortar Bn
    This history was written at the end of WWII, when David W. Meyerson was Bn CO,
    and is based largely on unit records compiled and edited by Bob Ladson, Bn S-3.
    This is the history of the Second Chemical Mortar Battalion in the European Theater during World War II. It has been taken from the unit journal and written especially for both the former and present members of the battalion. Though it would be impossible to cover each action completely or go into details of individual accomplishments, the reading of this history, names of towns and places, supported units, and battles will bring to mind individual experiences, gay times, hardships, and tragedies as well, that were shared with old friends and all sorts of events long forgotten in the maze of actions that took place during this period. Herein lies the story of a fresh, inexperienced battalion seasoning into a battle-tested machine ready for nay task. It is the story of a new type unit and with no precedent working with such determination, ingenuity, and adaptability as to bring only praise for every assigned mission. It is a record covering three invasions and operations under as many and as varied conditions as that of any Army unit. Serving under Seventh Army in Sicily, Fifth Army in Italy, the French First Army and Seventh Army in France, and then on through Germany and into Austria, the battalion has compiled an outstanding record that has earned for it six battle participation awards. Through this is reflected the sincerity of purpose of each individual in making a real contribution to the war effort. It is a record of which each member of the battalion may well be proud.

    12. 13th Air Force Veterans Homepage
    Official website of the 13th Air Force Veterans Association. Information on annual reunions, history of the 13th Air Force examines World War II history in a quarterly, online newsletter.
    13th "Jungle" Air Force Veterans Association
    We, the 13th Air Force Veterans welcome you to our website! We're glad you have stopped by these pages, and invite you to read a little about us , look at some photos , read our newsletters , and check up on what's happening! If you are interested in any information about our Association please contact any of the officers listed in the officer directory
    2010 Reunion!
    The 2010 Reunion in Branson, MO was a big success thanks to the efforts of President B.C. Pipes and his wife Sherri and Reunion Committee Chair Ray Perkins. The membership elected Cliff Johnson as our incoming President, and Ray Perkins is the President-Elect. President Cliff Johnson is carefully researching the possibility of us returning to Dayton, OH for the 2011 Reunion. Keep watching for more information!
    Joining the Association
    The 13th AFVA welcomes new Veteran members and those wishing to renew! Membership dues are now $35 per year for each member or associate. Any descendant, surviving spouse, or supporter shall be considered an "associate" and ALL are welcome to join. Your membership dues cover periodic newsletters, mailings, web site maintenance, administrative expenses, and annual reunion committee expenses. Dues are for a calendar year, and dues paid up to and during reunion apply in the current year. Click to download an application form.

    13. World War II - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
    World War II, or the Second World War (often abbreviated as WWII or WW2), was a global military conflict lasting from 1939 to 1945, which involved most of the world's nations
    World War II
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation search "WWII" redirects here. For other uses, see WWII (disambiguation) World War II
    Clockwise from top left: Chinese forces in the Battle of Wanjialing , Australian 25-pounder guns during the First Battle of El Alamein , German Stuka dive bombers on the Eastern Front winter 1943–1944, US naval force in the Lingayen Gulf Wilhelm Keitel signing the German Surrender , Soviet troops in the Battle of Stalingrad Date September 1, 1939 – September 2, 1945 Location Europe Pacific Atlantic South-East Asia ... Mediterranean and Africa Result Allied victory
    Belligerents Allies
    Soviet Union

    United States

    United Kingdom
    (at war 1937-45)

    Free France
    Poland Canada ... Axis and Axis-aligned Germany Japan (at war 1937-45) Italy Romania Hungary Finland ... and others Commanders and leaders Allied leaders Joseph Stalin Georgy Zhukov Franklin D. Roosevelt ... and others Casualties and losses Military dead: Over 16,000,000

    14. USS Santa Fe 1942-1946
    World War II history of the light cruiser USS Santa Fe (CL-60), the Lucky Lady.
    During World War II, my father, Frederick P. (Andy) Anderson, was a U.S. Marine stationed aboard the USS Santa Fe (CL-60), a Cleveland Class light cruiser that saw action from the Aleutians, to the Philippines, to Iwo Jima. Especially noteworthy for the Santa Fe was her role in the rescue of the aircraft carrier Franklin and a large portion of her crew. The text of this account of the voyages of the Santa Fe was prepared in 1947 by the Ships Data Section, Office of Public Information, the Navy Department. Many of the photos on this website are scanned from the U.S.S. Santa Fe Cruise Record with captions I have written. Additional photos come from the Naval Historical Society website, private collections, and other online sources.
    Bill Anderson
    Washington, DC
    Click on Andy's picture to send him an E-mail message. Here's a picture of Andy a little over 60 years later, and he's still wearing a Marine hat. He hasn't changed so much, has he? That's Leta sitting to his right. Click on the autograph to hear Andy tell about his visit to the Hollywood Canteen! (Short)

    15. History Of World War II
    The Chronology of WWII Includes photographs, and description Learn about all the major battles of the World War II. From the Nazis invasion of Poland in 1939 to the surrender of
    '); document.write(''); document.write(''); document.write(''); document.write(''); document.write(''); // > Home Search Site About MultiEducator History Shopping ... Contact US Navigation: America's Wars: Revolutionary War War of 1812 Civil War Chronology of WW II ... Vietnam War American History: Civics: A Glossary Amistad Gallery of Railroad Stations Elections: US Elections Aviation: WW II: American Aircraft Navy History: US Carriers US Navy Battleships US Patrol Boats US Cruisers Other: History of The Middle East
    America's Wars World War II Learn about all the major battles of the World War II. From the Nazis invasion of Poland in 1939 to the surrender of Japan in 1945 after the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Here is a chance to learn the details of the great battles of the century. Personal Experiences and Stories Reports on the War Subscribe To the Receive all the latest news and info: Related Products Resources
    Report Problems here

    16. February World War II History Roundtable Explores Norwegian Resistance - MHS Med
    Event World War II History Roundtable ‘The Norwegian Resistance Movement’ Date Thursday, Feb. 14. Time 7 p.m. Place Historic Fort Snelling, 200 Tower Avenue, St. Paul

    17. SS Fallschirmj Ger Batl. 500/600
    SS FJ. concentrates on Front Line impressions, which are most appealing to the public, researchers and hobbyists, interested in World War II History.

    18. A Brief History Of World War II
    This is a brief overview of World War II, including the War in Europe against Nazi Germany and fascist Italy, and the War in the Pacific against the Japanese Empire.
    World War II History Home Page WWII Reference Library U.S. Army
    A Brief History of the U.S. Army in World War II
    Table of Contents
    The War in Europe
  • Further Reading Recommended Books
    Jump to: A Brief History of U.S. Army in World War II Index Introduction
    The War in Europe
    Outbreak of War The United States Enters the War ... Recommended Books This text has been converted from " A Brief History of the U.S. Army in World War II " published by the U.S. Army Center for Military History
    World War II history books and items from Amazon

    World War II posters and prints from AllPosters
  • 19. Axis And Allies .org Forums: World War II History
    World War II History Topic you have posted in Normal Topic Hot Topic (More than 15 replies) Very Hot Topic (More than 25 replies)

    20. World War 2 Timeline 1939-1945 - is a complete World War 2 Timeline, detailing every event, day by day through World War II from 1939 through to 1945.

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