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1. Episode CVIII: So That's How It Works : Pharyngula
We shall prolong the great swirling timesuck of comments with a cute and adorable parable. (Current totals 11,031 entries with 1,128,959 comments.)
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Evolution, development, and random biological ejaculations from a godless liberal
PZ Myers is a biologist and associate professor at the University of Minnesota, Morris
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2. Fanfiction Writers Turning Pro? National Novel Writing Month
I couldn't think of another forum to post this in! Hope it's okay. This has been on my mind a lot this year. Do you think being a fanfiction writer helps or hurts you in that

3. TURNING 60?
Freelance writer about to turn 60, inviting those who have or are about to enter the same decade to share their thoughts and wisdom learned over the past years.
TURNING 60? An Invitation to Share Your Story ~~~~~~~~~~WHAT WOULD YOUR STORY TELL?~~~~~~~~~~
What do YOU believe is important now that you are at or approaching this milestone? I invite you to simply think about how it feels to be where you are today and what you have gone through to get here. Ask yourself what is important - what are the lessons learned that you would like to pass along to someone else? Would you put this collective knowlege in the form of a letter or a short story?
I wish I could claim this quote, but some anonymous person beat me to it!
Now that I think about it, with my 60th birthday a little over a year away, my life does seem to resemble a bunch of short stories. But if I put them all together - these mini novels that show me evolving, learning, and growing more comfortable with my Real Self over the past decades - would they make for a good read? In retrospect, would my stories help me figure out why I am the way I am today at age 58 and counting? Would they help others understand why I did what I did along the way when I was still blazing a path toward my own maturity?
Aging is not something we usually look forward to yet how many times has it been said that going back to our 20s or 30s wouldn’t be so bad as long as we could take along what we have already learned? This is where those little novellas of ours might come into the picture, don't you agree? Each one would account for life’s lessons - the stuff we would like to “take with us” should we have the opportunity to go back and do it all over again.

4. Symposium For Professional Wine Writers | 1 Wine Dude
Last week, I had the pleasure of receiving an email from Jim Gordon, all-around nice talented guy, editor of the wine industry stalwart publication Wines Vines, and Director

5. Memoir Writing & Teaching Resources--workshops, Leader Training, Books
Professional author of book by the same name, offers training aimed at assisting ordinary people and aspiring writers to turn personal stories into written biographies.
SOLEIL LIFESTORY NETWORK Turning Memories Into Memoirs Write your stories this year because they will be lost if you don't!
New Tele-Classes
90-minutes workshops
from your home phone!

Memoir Writing General Info
Write Your First Draft (Intro)
Revise Your Memoir (Adv) Professional Development
for Memoir Writing Professionals Biz Development Seminar SITE INDEX


  • New Lifestory Books
    Through the services of the Soleil Book Production, Jean Crichton has just published Digging for Treasure, Two Pioneer Coal Developers in Portage, Pennsylvania the story of her father Andrew Crichton and the history of Portage. For more on Digging for Treasure After working with Denis Ledoux and Soleil Lifestory Network Editing and Coaching Services Earlene "Kitty" Chadbourne has announced the publication of Parenting Myself, Recovery from Traumatic Brain Injury 2009 Soleil Lifestory Network. Personal and Family Stories and for Writing and Memoir-Based Businesses Memoir Writers: Memory List Question Book,

    6. Making Light: Squick And Squee
    If I have any doubts, it’s because I know that there’s been a steady trickle of fanfic writers turning pro since the days when fanfic was primarily (but not exclusively) about
    Making Light Incorporating Electrolite Language, fraud, folly, truth, knitting, and growing luminous by eating light. Back to previous post: Request for feedback Go to Making Light's front page. Forward to next post: We never knew Subscribe (via RSS) to this post's comment thread. (What does this mean? Here's a quick introduction.)
    December 5, 2004
    Squick and squee
    Posted by Teresa at 12:03 AM * 279 comments Ellen Fremedon, in her Live Journal Cenelice to ganganne hwaer gegan hafde naenig man aer , gets right in there and wrestles with the embarrassingly shameless heart of storytelling; also good fanwriting, bad prowriting, and what she calls the Id Vortex. (And where are my manners? Belatedly: Thank you, Debra Doyle, for the original link.) Further thoughts next morning: Handling that material is a real issue for a lot of writers. Few of the strategies they use for dealing with it are wholly satisfactory. F.I., DIY One of the things you see most often is the narrative collapsing into formulaic language. As Robyn Bender once observed

    7. Making Light: December 2004 Archives
    If I have any doubts, it’s because I know that there’s been a steady trickle of fanfic writers turning pro since the days when fanfic was primarily (but not exclusively) about
    Making Light Incorporating Electrolite Language, fraud, folly, truth, knitting, and growing luminous by eating light. Back to November 2004 To Making Light's front page Forward to January 2005 December 31, 2004 A first-person account
    Posted by Teresa at 07:00 PM * 18 comments
    From Metafilter Also: three tourist videos December 27, 2004 How to help/pass it on
    Posted by Teresa at 11:59 PM * 70 comments
    The South-East Asia Earthquake Please help. This is dreadful beyond words. According to the U.S. Geological Survey, the entire island of Sumatra was moved 100 feet to the southwest. In the lightly populated Andaman and Nicobar islands alone, there are three thousand confirmed dead, 30,000 missing, 15 villages still under water, and several islands nobody can raise on the radio. The extent of the damage around the shores of the Indian Ocean is like thousands of miles of 9/11, in some cases stretching miles inland, from Sumatra to Somalia. Children were hit hard. So were the small indigenous fishing fleets, which would have been out doing early-morning fishing when the waves came. This is world-class bad. The South-East Asia Earthquake says: How you can help: 1. Please pass this

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