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         Microbiology:     more books (100)
  1. Microbiology PreTest Self-Assessment and Review 13th Edition (PreTest Basic Science) by James Kettering, 2010-02-18
  2. Benson's Microbiological Applications: Laboratory Manual in General Microbiology, Short Version by Alfred Brown, 2008-01-14
  3. Medical Microbiology, Updated Edition: With STUDENT CONSULT Online Access (Trauma Manual) by Cedric Mims BScMDFRCPath, Hazel Dockrell MD, et all 2004-11-18
  4. Review of Medical Microbiology and Immunology (Medical Microbiology & Immunology) by Warren E. Levinson, 2006-03-10
  5. Lippincott's Illustrated Q&A Review of Microbiology and Immunology by Bonnie A. Buxton, Lauritz A. Jensen, et all 2009-09-23
  6. Fundamental Food Microbiology, Fourth Edition by Bibek Ray, Arun Bhunia, 2007-10-08
  7. Microbiology Laboratory Theory and Application, 1st Edition by Michael Leboffe, Burton Pierce, 2002-02-01
  8. The Microbiology of Anaerobic Digesters (Wastewater Microbiology Series) by Michael H. Gerardi, 2003-08-18
  9. Essential Microbiology for Dentistry by Lakshman Samaranayake Hon DScHon FDSRCS (Edin)DDS(Glas)BDSFRCPathFHKCPathMIBiolFCDSHKFHKAM(Path)FHKAM(DSurg), 2006-07-28
  10. Food Microbiology: An Introduction by Thomas J. Montville, Karl R. Matthews, 2008-05
  11. Environmental Microbiology
  12. The Essentials of Microbiology (Essentials) by Tammy S. Race McCormick, 1998
  13. Microbiology: A Human Perspective w/ARIS bind in card by Eugene W Nester, Denise G. Anderson, et all 2005-11-07
  14. Microalgae: Biotechnology and Microbiology (Cambridge Studies in Biotechnology) by E. W. Becker, 2008-04-24

81. MicrobeWiki
Student-initiated community resource on microbes and microbiology, including material on bacteria, archaea, eukaryotic microbes, viruses, bacteriophages, microbiology in the news, and common errors and controversies in the field.
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From MicrobeWiki, the student-edited microbiology resource
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Welcome to MicrobeWiki
Study Microbes Microbial Biorealm Viral Biorealm Microbial Mythology
MicrobeWiki is a free wiki resource on microbes and microbiology, authored by students at many colleges and universities. Curated pages such as those linked to the Taxonomy Index are reviewed and updated by microbiologists at Kenyon College Student pages authored independently, or for coursework, are not monitored further. Interested readers are encouraged to add information, after registering a free account
Study Microbes
is a new section of study questions and recommended species for students to learn, based on the textbook Microbiology: An Evolving Science
Educators: You may assign MicrobeWiki page creation and editing as projects for your students. We create a template page for your assignment, which you may edit to meet your needs. See for example the pages created by the following classes:
  • BIMM120 Bacteriology , Dr. Rachel Larsen and Dr. Kit Pogliano, University of California at San Diego

82. Microbiology Guide - Algae, Bacteria, Fungi, Protozoa, Virus
Guide with a wealth of data usable by microbiology students and researchers. Includes a bacteria identification handbook, resources, blogs and forum.

83. Molecular Microbiology
Journal of Molecular microbiology and Biotechnology is a peer-reviewed journal from Horizon Scientific Press.
Journal of Molecular Microbiology and Biotechnology: Current Issues in Molecular Biology
Journal of Molecular Microbiology and Biotechnology (JMMB) is a journal of molecular microbiology formerly published by Horizon Scientific Press . Volumes 1 to 4 are available from Horizon Scientific Press . JMMB is currently published by Karger Current Issues in Molecular Biology (CIMB) is a reviews molecular microbiology journal publishing reviews in molecular microbiology. CIMB is currently published by Horizon Scientific Press
Current Issues in Molecular Biology
Impact Factor for CIMB: 4.588
Current Issues in Molecular Biology (CIMB) has a 2009 impact factor of 4.588 (assigned in June 2010). The 5 year Impact Factor for CIMB is 5.057. Assigned by Thomson Scientific (ISI).
Call for papers
CIMB is currently seeking high quality papers in all areas of molecular microbiology and virology. All manuscripts undergo a peer-review process. Submit online Instructions for Authors Online journal
Journal of Molecular Microbiology and Biotechnology
A major journal of molecular microbiology and biotechnology. Formerly published by

The first on-line journal about chromogenic and fluorogenic assays in microbiology. The use of chromogenic culture media in microbiology
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85. Food Microbiology - Elsevier
Articles and news dealing with all aspects of the microbiology of foods.

86. Journal Of Medical Microbiology -- Home
Journal of the Pathological Society of Great Britain and Ireland. Covers medical, dental and veterinary microbiology and infective diseases, including bacteriology, virology, parasitology, and mycology.
Instructions for Authors Submit Online Subscriptions Free Sample Issue ...
The Society for General Microbiology
publishes Journal of Medical Microbiology Online with the assistance of HighWire Press JMM Impact Factor for 2009
Papers in Press
By Date
By Subject
Updated October 28, 2010
View Future Titles

Through December 2010 Select an Issue from the Archive
August 1968 - November 2010 Search for Articles
August 1968 - November 2010 Collected Papers Editorials Review articles Case reports Correspondence Browse Articles Most-read articles Most-cited articles Supplementary data Quick
Author: (e.g., Smith, JS) Keyword(s): Year: Vol: Page: Current Issue: November 2010 RSS feeds INT J SYST EVOL MICROBIOL MICROBIOLOGY J GEN VIROL ... Society for General Microbiology Online ISSN: 1473-5644 Print ISSN: 0022-2615

87. Peter Large's Microbiology Page
Subscribe to and submit research articles to the World Journal of microbiology and Biotechnology.
Peter Large's Microbiology Page
Home Page
This Page
Dutch Pages

Beer Page
Reference Page
Church Page 1
Church Page 2
Microbiology Links

88. The Microbiology Network | Dedicated To The Improvement Of Regulatory Science An
Links to users groups on the WWW, mail lists, forums, and file libraries. Major areas of interest are regulatory microbiology in the pharmaceutical, food, and personal care industries.
Dedicated to the improvement of regulatory science and compliance - (585) 594-8273.
Welcome to the Microbiology Network
The Microbiology Network provides expert consultation training , and expert witness services to GMP pharmaceutical, medical device, and over-the-counter companies around the globe. Founded by Scott Sutton, Ph.D. in 1996, Microbiology Network, Inc. specializes in services to the regulated industries of healthcare manufacturing.
A Network of National Experts
The Microbiology Network provides a network of subject matter experts for consulting, training and expert witness services to industry. Our focus is GMP and contamination control. Our resource consultants are successful, proven and experienced consultants with national reputations.  Their focus is on addressing your problems while working within your system and corporate culture to design practical systems in collaboration with your staff, enabling them able to meet future issues.
Practical, Proven Solutions

89. Cell Biology And Microbiology News - Biology News, Microbiology
Provides articles on recent news items and research findings.
Science and technology news

90. Microbiology - Wash. Univ. St. Louis
Research, graduate and post graduate education opportunities, courses, and faculty.

91. Welcome — University Of Louisville
Faculty research interests and publications, and science employment opportunities.

92. Department Of Microbiology | NYU School Of Medicine, New York, NY
Provides information on the Department, the faculty, current research, the curriculum and seminars.

93. Jinnah University For Women
Provides information about the department, its laboratories, courses and faculty.
Department of Microbiology Faculty Members Dr. Shazia Tabassum Hakeem. Assoc. Professor, Chairperson Ms. Aliya Hayat Asst. Professor Ms. Saima Jehan Asst. Professor Ms. Syeda Ghufrana Javaid Asst. Professor Ms. Naheed Afshan Lecturer Ms. Sabahat Saeed Lecturer Ms. Fasiha Saeed Lecturer Ms. Farkhanda Afaque Lecturer Courses of Study BS(Hons) Microbiology Course No Title Course No Title MIC 1011 Fundamentals of Microbiology MIC 3132 Biostatistics MIC 1022 Immunology MIC 3142 MIC 2031 Medical Microbiology MIC 4151 Introductory Microbial Technology MIC 2042 Microbial Taxonomy MIC 4161 MIC 3051 MIC 4171 Genetic Engineering MIC 3061 Bacterial Genetics MIC 4181 Clinical Haematology MIC 3071 Clinical Bacteriology MIC 4191 MIC 3081 Soil Microbiology MIC 4202 Biotechnology MIC 3091 MIC 4212 Epidemiology MIC 3102 MIC 4222 Molecular mech.Antimicrobial Drugs

94. Microbiology Conferences And Meetings
List of worldwide symposia, conferences and meetings in microbiology for the current year.
Microbiology Conferences and Meetings
Microbiology Conferences and Meetings
Microbiology Conference List
Any conference missing from this list? Please send details
Microbiology conferences 2010
February 14 - 19, 2010 Antibiotics and Resistance: Challenges and Solutions
Santa Fe, NM, USA Further information
Suggested reading: Microbiology Books
February 16 - 21, 2010 Cell Biology of Virus Entry, Replication and Pathogenesis
Taos, NM, Canada Further information
Suggested reading: Virology Books
February 18 - 19, 2010 Invasive Fungal Infections
Rome, Italy Further information
ESCMID Conference. Participants attending this conference will learn about the microbiological aspects, pathophysiology and clinical presentations of common and emerging invasive fungal infections. Up-to-date information on diagnosis and treatment for these infections will also be discussed in detail and future prospects will be highlighted.
Suggested reading: Mycology Books February 21 - 24, 2010 ASM Biodefense and Emerging Diseases Research Meeting Baltimore, MD, USA

95. Microbiology Conference
Provides a regularly updated list of microbiology conferences, meetings, symposia, workshops and advanced courses.
Microbiology Conferences 2011
This page lists microbiology conferences, meetings, symposia, workshops and advanced courses for 2011. See also:

96. Clinical Microbiology Software: Expert System To Interpret And Report For Antimi
ASASI is assistant software to interpret and report antimicrobial susceptibility tests in clinical microbiology departments.
Antibiotics Rule List
A ssistant S oftware for A ntimicrobial S usceptibility I nterpretation ( ASASI (version 0.61, Build 1, Jan. 2003) 1. General Information
  • 1.1. What's ASASI(Assistant Software for Antimicrobial Susceptibility Interpretation)
      This software is assistant software to interpret and report antimicrobial susceptibility tests for clinical microbiology department It is based on "rule-based expert system". End-user can modify and add rules. Freeware .2. Problems in this software
        User interfaces are not good, Code optimization is needed, bugs, etc............ Sometimes, Paradox tables in this software will be damaged and must be repaired. you can download repair software from
      1.3. System Requirements
        Windows 95 or Windows 98 At least Pentium 200 MHz is recommended. At least 16Mb of RAM is recommended. Resolution is 1024 X 768 BDE(Borland Database Engine)
      2. Caution

97. Institute Of Aquaculture: 404: Index
of faculty research....... Institute of Aquaculture at the University of Stirling.
Institute of Aquaculture
404 Page Not Found.


Contact Us

Aquaculture News

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News Archive

Research Conference
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Aims to promote the study of microbiological sciences internationally and the open exchange of scientific information, coordinate research and disseminate the results of international conferences and meetings.
Members Divisions ComCoFs Congresses ... Awards Overview The INTERNATIONAL UNION OF MICROBIOLOGICAL SOCIETIES is one of the 29 Scientific Unions of the International Council of Science (ICSU).
It was founded in 1927 as the International Society of Microbiology, and became the International Association of Microbiological Societies affiliated to the International Union of Biological Sciences (IUBS) as a Division in 1967. It acquired independence in 1980 and became a Union Member of ICSU in 1982.
The objectives of the Union are to promote the study of microbiological sciences internationally: initiate, facilitate and coordinate research and other scientific activities which involve international cooperation; ensure the discussion and dissemination of the results of international conferences, symposia and meetings and assist in the publication of their reports; represent microbiological sciences in ICSU and maintain contact with other international organizations.
Code of Ethics
to prevent misuse of scientific knowledge and resources.

99. The Biogroup Home Page
A technical forum for discussing enhanced bioremediation science and engineering, and monitored natural attenuation.
Welcome to the Home Page Welcome to the home page of the BioGroup,
a moderated ListServer: Hosted/Managed By:
     Schaffner Applied BioGeoSciences, LLC

A technical forum for discussing enhanced bioremediation science/engineering and monitored natural attenuation.
Founded By:

100. Analyseur De Gaz - Oxygene, Hydrogene, Air, Gaz De Combustion - Arelco
Manufacturers and distributors of scientific instruments for environmental analysis.

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