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81. The Execution Of Nathan Hale, 1776
The making of America s first martyr.
The 18th Century
Daily Life on a Colonial Plantation

A London Hanging, 1726

George Washington's Rules of Good Behavior
The Death of George Washington

The Execution of Nathan Hale, 1776
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I n the early summer of 1776, the British evacuated Boston leaving the city and New England to the rebelling colonialists. Where would the British strike next? The mystery was solved when a British naval force appeared off the coast of Staten Island in late June - New York would be their target. The city had great strategic value. Its deep harbor could shelter the British fleet and its capture would pave the way for the Red Coats to battle northward up the Hudson and link with a force moving south from Canada. This would separate New England from the rest of the colonies. In late June, the British occupied Staten Island in a landing unopposed by the Colonials. In late August a combined force of British and Hessian troops crossed Lower New York Bay and invaded Long Island. The British attacked the Americans from two sides forcing the Colonials to cross over to Manhattan Island. In early September, General Washington retreated again, this time across the Harlem River leaving New York City to the British. The Making of a Martyr Nathan Hale was a lieutenant in the Continental Army. In his early twenties, Hale had worked as a schoolteacher before the Revolution. In late September 1776 he volunteered to cross the British lines and travel to Long Island in order to gather intelligence. Unfortunately, his mission was soon discovered and he was captured by the British. Taken to General Howe's headquarters (commander of the British forces) in New York, the young spy was interrogated and executed on September 22. Word of the execution was brought to General Washington's headquarters shortly after by a British officer carrying a flag of truce. Captain William Hull of the Continental Army was present and recalled the event:

82. The State Hero - Nathan Hale
Biographical information on Connecticut s State Hero.

Commentary on the Biblical prophet from the traditional Catholic perspective.
Home Encyclopedia Summa Fathers ... N > Nathan
Nathan (God-given), the name of several Israelites mentioned in the Old Testament
Nathan, successor of Samuel and prophet in the times of David and Solomon
No indication is given as to his origin, and he appears in the narrative for the first time when David is contemplating the erection of a house to the Lord 2 Samuel 7 ). He assures the monarch of the Lord's support and of the divinely ordained establishment of his kingdom for all time , but dissuades him from the idea of building the proposed temple , stating that this honour was reserved for his son and successor 2 Samuel 7:13 1 Chronicles 17:1-15 Nathan appears later to reproach David in the name of the Lord for his crime of adultery and murder narrated in 2 Samuel 11 , and, after skilfully proposing the allegory of the poor man's little ewe lamb , surprises the king with the words: "Thou art the man ". He then declares the anger of the Lord and the punishments that are to fall upon David , although in view of the latter's repentance his sin is pronounced forgiven, for his crimes had given occasion to the enemies of the

84. Bible Study - Nathan The Prophet
Biblical biography of King David s spiritual advisor.
Nathan The Prophet
by Wayne Blank Nathan, in Hebrew meaning God has given , was a prophet of God who served King David and his son and successor King Solomon . He was a wise and steadfast servant of God, and of the Israelite monarchy, who was often consulted by the kings. He was also fearless; it was Nathan who rebuked David after the incident with Bathsheba, and it was Nathan who intervened during the attempted palace coup by Adonijah. "A House For My Name" It was through Nathan that The Lord decreed to David to make the preparations for the building of the original Temple (see Temples ) in Jerusalem "But that same night the word of The Lord came to Nathan, "Go and tell My servant David, 'Thus says The Lord: Would you build Me a house to dwell in? I have not dwelt in a house since the day I brought up the people of Israel from Egypt to this day, but I have been moving about in a tent for My dwelling. In all places where I have moved with all the people of Israel, did I speak a word with any of the judges of Israel, whom I commanded to shepherd My people Israel, saying, "Why have you not built Me a house of cedar?"' ... When your days are fulfilled and you lie down with your fathers, I will raise up your offspring after you, who shall come forth from your body, and I will establish his kingdom. He shall build a house for My Name, and I will establish the throne of his kingdom for ever." (2 Samuel 7:4-7,12-13 RSV) "You Are The Man!"

85. Nathaniel Hale Was Born June 6th, 1775, In The Small Town Of Coventry, Connectic
Presents the story of this American patriot who volunteered as a spy in General Washington s army and gave his life for his country.
Nathan Hale Nathaniel Hale was born June 6th, 1775, in the small town of Coventry, Connecticut. The sixth of ten surviving children, he was born to Deacon Richard Hale and his wife, Elizabeth Strong Hale. As young boy, his mother encouraged Nathan to learn and appreciate knowledge. Unfortunately, she died in childbirth, while bringing into the world Nathan's sister. However, his love of learning kept growing after her death. Eventually, Deacon Hale remarried. Nathan was around eleven at the time, and Abigail Hale made life happier in his home. The Deacon was a strict man, but taught his children to have faith in their God, and to have courage. Nathan, along with his older brother Enoch, was also tutored by Rev. Dr. Joseph Huntington. They studied hard, and when their years of learning under the minister were over, the Deacon sent his sons to Yale. It was 1769, and Nathan was 14; Enoch, 16. It was the beginning of an exciting time, both in their lives and for their country. Called "Hale Secondus" by his peers at Yale, Nathan was also known as a hard worker. He was a smart young man, and very quick at his studies. During his four years of college, Hale belonged to a literary fraternity, Linonia. They met once a week to discuss and debate such subjects as astronomy, literature, slavery, and women's rights. Hale held many positions in Linonia, including the office of Chancellor. Nathan decided to teach school after he graduated from Yale. He applied for and received a position at the East Haddam School. The students all loved their schoolmaster, but after one year, Nathan decided to accept a job at the Union Grammar School in New London. Every morning, he prayed with his students before beginning their studies. After that, Hale taught the thirty boys in writing, mathematics, and the classics. He also started teaching the sisters of his regular students before their class began. Every morning from five to seven o'clock, girls would study the same subjects as their brothers. Hale was a patient teacher, and students seemed to thrive under his tutelage. However, the young man felt that perhaps this wasn't all he was meant to do.

86. Nathan Bedford Forrest: Nashville Statue Raises Controversy
Considered by many the most brilliant cavalryman of the Civil War, Nathan Bedford Forrest (1821-1877) is still exciting controversy in his state of Tennessee. A new statue of Forrest has reopened old debates regarding his racism.
Things to Do Art Exhibits Free Things to Do Dining in Nashville ... Lobby of Union Station
New Statue of Nathan Bedford Forrest Raises Old Controversy in Nashville Considered by many the most brilliant cavalryman of the Civil War, Nathan Bedford Forrest (1821-1877) is still exciting controversy in his home state of Tennessee, and particularly in Nashville. On July 11, 1998, a new statue honoring Forrest was unveiled in a private confederate flag park. It can be seen along Interstate 65, just north of Brentwood. The citizens of Nashville responded in characteristically mixed fashion to the unveiling. Some have spoken out adamantly in favor of the statue; others have descried it as homage to a brute. The mixed response provoked by the statue is not unique to contemporary times. As far back as the Civil War , Tennesseans were divided in their loyalties to the Confederacy. The state of Tennessee supplied

87. Project Vote Smart - Nathan Deal - Biography
Provides his biography, committee assignments, campaign finances, voting record, issue positions, interest group ratings, speeches and public statements.

88. Contacting The Congress - Nathan Deal Of Georgia
Includes staff members and responsibilities, local offices with maps and contact information, and a political profile.

89. Nathan Deal: Campaign Finance/Money - Summary - Representative 2010 | OpenSecret
Career profile of campaign funds raised and spent.

90. Nathan Deal | Congressional Votes Database |
Features voting record along with a brief biography, roles in Congress and financial disclosure statement.
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Members of Congress / Nathan Deal
Biographical Information
DEAL, John Nathan, a Representative from Georgia; born in Millen, Jenkins County, Ga., August 25, 1942; attended public schools in Washington County, Ga.; B.A., Mercer University, Macon, Ga., 1964; J.D., Mercer University School of Law, Macon, Ga., 1966; United States Army, 1966-1968; lawyer, private practice; assistant district attorney, Northeastern Judicial Circuit, 1970-1971; judge of the juvenile court of Hall County, Ga., 1971-1972; Hall County, Ga., attorney, 1977-1979; member of the Georgia state senate, 1981-1993; elected as a Democrat to the One Hundred Third and to the succeeding Congress, changed his party affiliation to Republican on April 10, 1995 (January 3, 1993-April 10, 1995); elected as a Republican to the One Hundred Fifth Congress and to the six succeeding Congresses (January 3, 1997-present). ( Source More coverage of Nathan Deal on
Roles in Congress
111th Congress : Representative

91. DEAL, John Nathan - Biographical Information
Short biography along with political party, years of service in Congress and bibliography.

92. Computer Science
Researcher working with embedded systems, Linux and wireless sensors.

Biography, filmography, and news.

94. Cold Fusion Video Reviews | Pi (1998)
Review by Nathan Shumate.
Sci-Fi, Horror, and General Whoopass
Cold Fusion Video Reviews
Posted on November 29, 1999 by Nathan Shumate
  • Written and directed by Darren Aronofsky Starring
    • Sean Gullette Mark Margolis Ben Shenkman Pamela Hart Stephen Pearlman
    Preamble #1: When I was in my early teens and first decided I wanted to be a writer, I conceived a tale of a man who started to understand . He understood completely, perfectly, wholly, one little infinitesmal part of the world. And then he found that, because he understood that, be started understanding everything around it. And then he discovered he could extrapolate perfectly from that perfectly understood present into the past or the future. In the end he was consumed by spontaneous human combustion. Preamble #2: End of Preambles Pi Maximillian Cohen is a driven young mathematician with terrible headaches, working in his computer-crowded NY apartment to find a pattern in the stock market. His basic theory: Everything has a pattern to be discovered. He discusses his obsession with his mentor, Saul Robeson, a retired teacher who had devoted his life to finding the pattern in Pi before having a stroke; now his life is devoted to his fish and playing Go with Max. Nadja ). But

95. Nathan Jurevicius
Bizarre and humorous illustration and animation site.
Follow Nathan Jurevicius on Twitter: Also check out: Contact:

96. Cheryl Nathan Illustration/Design
Selection of painted and colored pencil children s book illustrations.

97. Nathan's Notebook
Contains writings, interests and links of a freelance writer.

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