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         Clinton William Jefferson:     more detail
  1. CLINTON, WILLIAM JEFFERSON (1946): An entry from Macmillan Reference USA's <i>Encyclopedia of the American Constitution</i> by NEAL DEVINS, 2000
  2. CLINTON, WILLIAM JEFFERSON [1946]: An entry from Macmillan Reference USA's <i>Encyclopedia of the Modern Middle East and North Africa 2</i> by Michael R. Fischbach, 2004
  3. Biography - Clinton, William Jefferson (1946-): An article from: Contemporary Authors Online by --Sketch by Glenn Wright, 2005-01-01
  4. Putting People First: How We Can All Change America by William Jefferson Clinton, 1992-09-12
  5. William Jefferson Clinton : Great Speeches by Bill Clinton, Clinton, 1999-09-01
  6. The Meaning of Is: The Squandered Impeachment and Wasted Legacy of William Jefferson Clinton by Bob Barr, 2004-07
  7. The Impeachment of William Jefferson Clinton by R. Emmett TyrrellJr., 1997-10-01
  8. William Jefferson Clinton (Profiles of the Presidents) by Ann Heinrichs, 2002-01
  9. So...Help Me God! An Inspired Letter to President William Jefferson Clinton by April Shenandoah, 1999-05-07
  10. William Jefferson Clinton: 42nd President of the United States (Presidents of the United States) by David R. Collins, 1995-09
  11. The Breach : Inside the Impeachment and Trial of William Jefferson Clinton by Peter Baker, 2000-09-18
  12. William Jefferson Clinton: Forty-Second President of the United States (Encyclopedia of Presidents) by Zachary Kent, 1994-08
  13. Poetry Under Oath: From the Testimony of William Jefferson Clinton and Monica S. Lewinsky
  14. No One Left to Lie To: The Triangulations of William Jefferson Clinton by Christopher Hitchens, 1999-04-01

21. Research Paper : Bill Clinton William Jefferson Clinton, The Twice-elected 42nd
Clinton William Jefferson Clinton, the twiceelected 42nd president of the United States (1993-2001) was a paradox. While he is frequently
School Book Report on Bill Clinton William Jefferson Clinton, the Twice-elected 42nd President of ... Custom Book Reports Writers
Essay - Bill Clinton William Jefferson Clinton, the Twice-elected 42nd President of...
Bill Clinton William ***** Clinton, ***** twice-elected 42nd president of the United States (1993-2001) was ***** paradox. ***** he ***** frequently counted among ***** most ***** American presidents of the 20th century who presided over the longest period of ***** growth ***** prosperity ***** the country, he was only the second U.S. president to have been impeached for his personal indiscretions. Although it may still ***** too ***** to pass a definitive judgment on his place in history, his political leadership and personal style that he brought to the Oval office offers a fascinating subject for study and analyses. This paper presents an overview of ***** Clinton's ***** leadership ***** reviewing glimpses of his leadership qualities during his early life, student days, and his political career, particularly his Presidency. Early Life Clinton initially attended a Roman Catholic school ***** then went to ***** schools ***** his primary education. ***** was an outstanding as well as a popular student ***** the ***** got high grades, held several student offices, ***** elected as a delegate from Arkansas to American Legion ***** Nation, and even met President ***** F. Kennedy at a ceremony in the White House ***** 1963. The event was a ***** one for the young Clinton, and he is said ***** have ***** at the time to enter politics. ("It ***** Began...")

22. Assessing Bill Clinton's Legacy: How Will History Remember Him? - Brookings Inst
Transcript of a second forum in January 2001.

23. Clinton, William Jefferson School In Compton, CA Phone Number, Test Scores, Demo
Clinton, William Jefferson School in Compton, CA Phone Number, Test Scores, Demographics, Faculty, Address, and Students

24. Index
Compares a variety of economic data for the Reagan and Clinton administrations in the form of year-by-year tables and charts.
Clinton vs. Bush (soon) Impeach Bush Central Dakota PFLAG Contact Me ... Federal debt (gdp)
This image can be used with permission
Reagan Versus Clinton
Producer price index
Consumer price index Manufacturing Corporate profits ... Black poverty Index Charts and Commentary Charts 1977-2000 Sources
Federal Receipts
[current dollarsbillions] Year Reagan Year Clinton Average Average Federal Receipts
[as % of GDP] Year Reagan Year Clinton Average Average
Federal Outlays
[current dollarsbillions] Year Reagan Year Clinton Average Average Federal Outlays
[as % of GDP] Year Reagan Year Clinton Average Average Federal Deficits [billions of dollars] Year Reagan Year Clinton Average Average Federal Deficits [as % of GDP] Year Reagan Year Clinton Average Average Federal Deficits [current dollars] Year Reagan Year Clinton Average Average Interest on Public Debt [1996 dollarsbillions] Year Reagan Year Clinton Average Average Median Family Income [in 2000 dollars] Year Reagan Year Clinton Average Average Savings [as % of GDP] Year Reagan Year Clinton Average Average Unemployment [civilian] Year Reagan Year Clinton Average Average Poverty [percent below poverty level] Year Reagan Year Clinton Average Average Federal Debt [Gross Federal] Year Reagan Year Clinton Average Average Gross Debt [as % of gdp] Year Reagan Year Clinton Average Average Producer Price Index [percent change] [Dec.-Dec.]

25. Documents Relating To The Foreign Policy Of The Clinton Administration
Links to reports, speeches and articles.
Documents Relating to American Foreign Policy
Clinton Administration
U.S., USSTRATCOM/J53/J54, "Strategic Nuclear Forces: STRATCOM's View," November 23, 1992. US Strategic Command, "Sun City," n.d. [1993]. "The Unipolar Illusion: Why New Great Powers Will Rise." By Christopher Layne. International Security ... Return to Vinnie's Home Page

26. CBC News Indepth: Bill Clinton
Summary of his life and presidency. Also coverage of his 2004 visit to Toronto, with photos and audio and video interviews.
CBCCat = "Sports,News,Arts,Kids,Interactive"; Sports = "Hockey,Baseball,Football"; News = "Canada,World,SciTech,Local,Consumers,SpecialReports,Business"; Arts = "ArtsNews,Infoculture,Music,Books,ArtsFeatures"; Kids = "CBC4Kids,PreSchool,Teachers"; Interactive = "MessageBoards,Forums,Games,Media"; Former U.S. president Bill Clinton signs books during an appearance in Toronto. INDEPTH: CLINTON
William Jefferson (Bill) Clinton: 42nd president of the United States
Bill Clinton at a glance
  • Born Aug. 19, 1946, Hope, Ark.
  • Son of William Jefferson Blythe II and Virginia Kelley
  • Blythe died in an auto accident three months before his son's birth.
  • Boy named William Jefferson Blythe III.
  • Mother later married Roger Clinton, an alcoholic. Bill mainly raised by maternal grandmother.
  • At age 15 he changed his named to William Jefferson Clinton.
    President Clinton, followed by Vice-President Al Gore arrive in the presidential inaugural reviewing stand in front of the White House, Jan. 20, 1997. (AP Photo)
  • In 1963, he met and shook hands with President John Kennedy during a student group visit to the White House.

27. Clinton, William Jefferson | Define Clinton, William Jefferson At
Cultural Dictionary Clinton, William Jefferson (Bill) An American political leader of the late twentieth century. A Democrat , he handily defeated President George H. W. Bush, william jefferson

Biographical timeline and photo essays.

29. Clinton, William Jefferson | Clinton, William Jefferson Information | HighBeam R
Clinton, William Jefferson Research Clinton, William Jefferson articles at Find information, facts and related newspaper, magazine and journal articles in our

30. Hot Springs, Hometown Of President Clinton
Lists hometown sites associated with Clinton s boyhood.
President Bill Clinton's Hometown Homepage
Click here to receive free vacation information!
Note: Some of the material in this report contains graphic descriptions of sexual encounters.
    The content of the following materials are verbatim as forwarded by the Office of the Independent Counsel. The conversion to HTML has altered the pagination and format. The original Table of Contents is not provided.
    "Video of The Grand Jury Testimony of William Jefferson Clinton: August 17, 1998"
    "The Starr Report: The Findings of Independent Counsel Kenneth W. Starr on President Clinton and the Lewinsky Affair"
    "The Starr Report: The Official Report of the Independent Counsel's Investigation of the President"
    "The Starr Report: The Independent Counsel's Complete Report to Congress on the Investigation of President Clinton"
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    Table of Contents
    Table of Names
    The Principals
    The First Family
End Page
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[ ]

31. Compton Unified School District Schools
Clinton Elementary. Principal's Message. The Annual School Accountability Report Card serves as an opportunity for William Jefferson Clinton Elementary School to share with the school

32. Pearly Gates - The Clinton Legacy
Links to sites with a pro-Clinton point of view.
Build your own FREE website at Share: Facebook Twitter Digg reddit document.write(lycos_ad['leaderboard']); document.write(lycos_ad['leaderboard2']); The Clinton Legacy "If they focus on Clinton's accomplishments,
it'll have to be a 10-year course."
James Carville

support freedom
  • "There is nothing wrong with America that cannot be cured
    by what is right with America." "Fanatics are defined by their hatreds; free people by their humanity." "The real differences around the world today are not between Jews and Arabs;
    Protestants and Catholics; Muslims, Croats, and Serbs. The real differences are
    between those who embrace peace and those who would destroy it; between
    those who look to the future and those who cling to the past; between
    those who open their arms and those who are determined to clench their fists." "I think we can walk and chew gum at the same time.
    That is, I think we can turn up the heat on Iraq and retain our focus on terror." "My philosophy is the United States should cooperate with others whenever we can and act alone only if we have to. In the current government, the conservatives, at least, believe that we should act alone whenever we can and cooperate when we have to."

33. Clinton, William Jefferson - Compton - California Schools Guide - Los Angeles Ti
Profiles, test scores and demographics, plus reader comments on California's public schools, charter schools and private schools.
    California Schools Guide
    Clinton, William Jefferson
    6500 Compton Blvd., Compton, 90221 ( Schools in Compton public K ENROLLMENT STUDENT-TEACHER RATIO UNOFFICIAL API RANK DIVERSITY RANK
    Student body
    Student body ethnicity
    • Enrollment: 794 students Free and reduced-price lunch: English language learners: Diversity rank:
    Source: 2007 state data
    Faculty ethnic breakdown
    • Total teachers: Median teacher experience: 10 years Student-teacher ratio:
    Source: 2007 state data
    • of kindergartners in 2008 were exempt from vaccinations. The percent exemption rate puts the school at low-risk for an outbreak, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
    Source: California Department of Public Health, U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
    Academic Performance Index (API) Unofficial Rank: Source: 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 state data

34. U.S. News: Latest Headlines, Video And Photos From Across The United States - AB
News coverage of Clinton s presidency and afterward.

35. Clinton, William Jefferson°
Cyber encyclopedia of Jewish history and culture that covers everything from antiSemitism to Zionism. It includes a glossary, bibliography of web sites and books, biographies
CLINTON, WILLIAM JEFFERSON Bill nd Although Clinton came from a state with a small Jewish community, he polled exceedingly well among Jewish voters in both the presidential primaries and the general election of 1992. In the general election he polled dramatically better among Jewish voters (80 percent) than any Democratic presidential nominee since Hubert Humphrey in 1968. His close relationship with the African-American community led more than one African-American leader to remark that Clinton was the first black president. Similarly, his policies, his opening up of the White House to numerous Jewish events, and his remarkable ability to empathize with Jewish audiences led Jewish leaders to claim Clinton as one of their own. , and and ), and many other cabinet-level officials (such as UN Ambassador , National Security Advisor , Trade Representative , and OMB ) were Jewish. Clinton took an intense personal interest in the Middle East peace process from his earliest days in office. Once Israelis and Palestinians reached an agreement in secret talks held in Oslo, Clinton arranged for the PLO to sign the Oslo Declaration of Principles on the White House lawn on September 13, 1993.

36. FAIR Issue Area: Clintons
Articles about media coverage of President Clinton, from the media watch group FAIR (Fairness Accuracy in Reporting).

37. Clinton, William Jefferson
Brother Billy (Clinton, William Jefferson ) and the Decay of the American Meme Who cares about a couple of blowjobs A Chronology of Treason The Mena Scandal

Brother Billy
(Clinton, William Jefferson )
and the Decay of the American Meme
Who cares about a couple of blow-jobs
A Chronology of Treason
The Mena Scandal
The Drudge Report
Clinton Coke Lines
Impeach Clinton Now
when there are far larger issues afoot?
To the delight of the White House, Ambrose Evans-Pritchard has left Washington. Time and again his stories on the Clintons and their abuses of power have been proved correct. He leaves with a warning for Americans. Goodbye, Good Riddance by Ambrose Evans-Pritchard From the (London) Electronic Telegraph April 20, 1997 It was something of a compliment, I suppose, when the White House singled me out for attack in their report on the media "food chain" assault against the Clintons. Now, apparently, the President's men are relishing the prospect of my departure after four years as Washington correspondent for The Telegraph the notorious London "tabloid", as they call it. "That's another British invasion we're glad is over," the White House told George magazine. "The guy was nothing but a pain in the ass."

38. Bill Clinton: The Long Road - TIME
Time magazine cover story on Clinton s successful campaign for the presidency in 1992.,9171,976924-1,00.html

39. Clinton, William Jefferson - Be–Col - West's Encyclopedia Of American Law - Au
Clinton, William Jefferson Be–Col - Wests Encyclopedia of American Law, Jeffrey Lehman. Shirelle Phelps- With his election as the forty-second president of the United
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Clinton, William Jefferson
West's Encyclopedia of American Law Be–Col Author: Jeffrey Lehman, Shirelle Phelps Date: January 01, 2005 Linked as: Extract Clinton, William Jefferson With his election as the forty-second president of the United States on November 3, 1992, William Jefferson Clinton became the first Democrat in the White House since JIMMY CARTER left office in 1981. Clinton began his presidency pledging to reduce the federal government's budget deficit; streamline bureaucracy; increase public investment in education, job training, and the environment; and initiate widespread domestic reforms in HEALTH CARE, WELFARE, and taxation. Although the United States achieved significant economic growth under Clinton, his presidency was eventually marred by personal and legal problems, including the second IMPEACHMENT of a president in the history of the country. Although Clinton made progress toward reducing the budget deficit during his presid...

40. Bill Clinton : Beginning Of The Road - TIME
During the 1992 presidential campaign, Time magazine set out to discover the real Bill Clinton.,9171,976019,00.html

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