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1. Davis, Arthur Hoey [Steele Rudd] (1868 - 1935) Biographical Entry - Australian D
Davis, Arthur Hoey Steele Rudd (1868 1935) Biographical Entry - The Australian Dictionary of Biography Online, or ADB Online, is a biographical dictionary featuring concise

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Davis, Arthur Hoey ( Steele Rudd ) Our Nursery Rhyme Book Littlewood, Letty and Frank (Edited by) Our Old Nursery Rhymes Strang, Mrs Herbert (Edited by)
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Oaklands Park
Email: web: Phone: +61 8 8298 4645 Fax: +61 8 8377 2355 Click on the title for more details on that title. Previous block: Next block: Our Allies and Enemies Strang, Herbert (Edited by) Our Animal Friends Golding, Harry Our Anzacs Loomal Our Australian Cousins Inglis, James (“Maori”) Our Australian Cousins Our Avenue: ’Av-in’ You – ’Av-in Me’ – ’Av’-in’ Ev’rybody Our Bird Book Rogerson, Sydney Our Blue Mountains Yesterdays Vol. 1 Spriggs, PW Our Boys’ Tip Top no author Our Brother Nick and the Old Quarry Hayle, Felicity Our Brother Nick and the Tattooed Gardener Hayle, Felicity Our Brother Nick and the Tolling Bell Hayle, Felicity Our Brother Nick And The Tolling Bell Hayle, Felicity Our Brother Nick and the Ugly Idol Hayle, Felicity Our Cats Cowlishaw, Arthur (Edited by) [Fabre, Lindsay] Our Centenary. Lindsay Fabre presents “The Battle of Flowers” Wayville, October 10th, 1936: Official Programme South Australian Centenary Our Century: A History of the First Hundred Years of the Savings Bank of South Australia 1848-1948 The Savings Bank of South Australia Our Church at Enfield: 125 Years of History of the Enfield Uniting Church Hartley, Shirley

3. Davis, Arthur Hoey [Steele Rudd] (1868 - 1935) Article History - Australian Dict
Davis, Arthur Hoey Steele Rudd (1868 1935) Article History - The Australian Dictionary of Biography Online, or ADB Online, is a biographical dictionary featuring concise

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Ardie A. Davis Arthur Hoey Davis Arthur Q. Davis Aubrey Davis Barbara Davis Barbara Gross Davis Barbara J. Davis Barbara Peterson Davis Belinda J. Davis
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5. Davis, Arthur Hoey [Steele Rudd] (1868 - 1935) Summary - Australian Dictionary O
Davis, Arthur Hoey Steele Rudd (1868 1935) Summary - The Australian Dictionary of Biography Online, or ADB Online, is a biographical dictionary featuring concise, informative

6. Food For Thought: Biographies D
Davis, Arthur Hoey (pen name Steele Rudd) (Australian writer) 18681935 Davis, Benjamin Oliver (American army officer) 1877-1970 Davis, Benny (American songwriter)
Food For Thought
A Collection of Heretical Notions and Wretched Adages
compiled by Jack Tourette



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7. Facts About Davis, Arthur Hoey, As Discussed In Britannica Compton's Encyclopedi
Facts about Davis, Arthur Hoey, (1868–1935). Known by his pseudonym Steele Rudd, Arthur Hoey Davis was an Australian novelist, playwright, and shortstory writer whose comic
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    Facts about Davis, Arthur Hoey, as discussed in Britannica Compton's Encyclopedia Davis, Arthur Hoey
    (1868–1935). Known by his pseudonym Steele Rudd, Arthur Hoey Davis was an Australian novelist, playwright, and short-story writer whose comic characters are a well-known part of Australia's literary heritage. A champion of Australian writing, he also helped promote the careers of many unknown writers who later achieved fame. Get Random Facts Britannica Content: Other Britannica sites:
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Back at Our Selection DAVIS,ARTHUR HOEY. Back From the Dead PETIT, CHRIS. Back in the USSR DAVIES, HUNTER. BACK NUMBERS MACQUEENPOPE, W Back on Track; Rethinking Transport Policy in
Hard to Find Books Internet NZ Ltd. PO Box 1084
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9. Book Section - Davis, Arthur Hoey [Steele Rudd] (1868 - 1935) - Colonial Austral
Book Section Davis, Arthur Hoey Steele Rudd (1868 - 1935) - Colonial Australian Popular Fiction - NAME is a biographical, bibliographical and archival database of SUBJECT with

10. Online Used & Out Of Print Book Search USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand N
By his son E.D.Davis DAVIS, ARTHUR HOEY Kodak (841164) Stories by Kodak KODAK (Ernest O'Ferrall) Alvan - (841165) Alvan Clark Sons WARNER, D.J

11. The Biography Of Early Australia
DAVIS, ARTHUR HOEY, Steele Rudd (18681935), writer of humorous sketches and novels,
DAVIS, ARTHUR HOEY, "Steele Rudd" (1868-1935),
writer of humorous sketches and novels, Bulletin which appeared on 14 December 1895. This afterwards became the first chapter of On Our Selection when it was published in 1899. Encouraged by Archibald (q.v.), Davis continued the series of sketches, 26 of which were included in the volume. Within four years 20,000 copies had been printed. It afterwards appeared in numerous cheap editions and by 1940 the number of copies sold had reached 250,000. It has also been the subject of a play and more than one picture. In 1903 appeared Our New Selection and in the same year Davis who had reached the position of under-sheriff, retired from the public service, and in January 1904 brought out Rudd's Magazine , a monthly magazine published at 6d. a copy, which continued for nearly four years. It was issued first from Brisbane and was afterwards transferred to Sydney. It had a much longer life than most Australian magazines, but there was not then a large enough public in Australia to enable a cheap popular magazine to be successful. It was revived under various names between 1923 and 1930. Davis published a long series of volumes continuing the On Our Selection series, including Back at Our Selection Dad in Politics From Selection to City Grandpa's Selection (1916), and others. Most of them were successful, but there could not have been a great deal of profit for the author from the cheap editions. Towards the end of his life appeared two capable books

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002179 RUDD, STEELE DAVIS, ARTHUR HOEY Our New Selection 7250 RUFF, DONALD G AND KURT BECKER - Bottling And Canning Of Beer 6632 RUHEN, OLAF - Mountains in the Clouds
Renaissance Books
PO Box 335, Dunedin 9054, New Zealand. Tel.: +64 3 4719294 Email: Search our books Search Antiqbook Search on this page Click on booknumber for full information : READE, CHARLES - It's Never Too Late to Mend: A Matter-of-Fact Romance
: REAGAN, H. C. - Locomotives: Simple, Compound, and Electric
: RECORD, ROBERT; AUGMENTED BY M. JOHN DEE; ENLARGED BY JOHN MELLIS - Records Arithmetick: or, The Ground of Arts: Teaching The perfect work and practice of Arithmetick, both in whole Numbers and Fractions, after a more easie and exact form then in forer time hath been set forth: [. . .]
: REDFERN, JAMES - Looking for Luck: the Life Story of a Rolling Stone
: REDGRAVE, GILBERT R. - Manual of Design: Compiled from the Writings and Addresses of Richard Redgrave, R.A.
: REDGROVE, H. STANLEY - Bygone Beliefs: Being a Series of Excursions in the Byways of Thought
: REDWOOD, ROSALINE - On Copra Ships and Coral Isles
: REECE, W. H. (TRANSLATED FROM THE FRENCH BY) - An Essay on the Mysteries and the True Object of the Brotherhood of Free Masons

13. Dictionary Of Australian Biography D
DAVIS, ARTHUR HOEY, Steele Rudd (18681935), writer of humorous sketches and novels, also refer to Steele RUDD page at Project Gutenberg Australia
Project Gutenberg Australia
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DAGLISH, HENRY (1866-1920),
first labour premier of Western Australia, Wilson (q.v.) ministry. Losing his seat at the 1911 election, from 1912 until his death on 16 August 1920 he was employers' representative in the court of arbitration. He married in 1894 Edith Bishop, who survived him with a son and a daughter. J. S . Battye, The Cyclopedia of Western Australia The West Australian , 17 August 1920. ^Top of page
DAINTREE, RICHARD (1831-1878),
geologist, son of Richard and Elizabeth Daintree, was born at Hemingford Abbots, Huntingdonshire, England, in December 1831. He was educated at Bedford Grammar School and Christ's College, Cambridge, and came to Australia in 1852. In 1854 he joined the staff of the Victorian government geologist, A. R. C. Selwyn

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15. Steele Rudd - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Davis, Arthur Hoey . Dictionary of Australian Biography. Sydney Angus and Robertson. http// davis1.
Steele Rudd
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation search Steele Rudd was the pseudonym of Arthur Hoey Davis (14 November 1868 – 11 October 1935) an Australian author, best known for On Our Selection
edit Early life
Davis was born at Drayton near Toowoomba Queensland , the son of Thomas Davis, a blacksmith of Welsh descent, and Mary, née Green who was Irish. The boy was the eighth child and fifth son in a family of 13 children. The father later on took up a selection at Emu Creek, and there Davis was educated at the local school. He left school before he was 12 and worked at odd jobs on a station, and at 15 years of age became a junior stockrider on a station on the Darling Downs. When he was 18 he was appointed a junior clerk in the office of the curator of intestate estates at Brisbane . In 1889 he was transferred to the sheriff's office and in his spare time took up rowing and when he began writing a column on rowing in a weekly paper and needed a pseudonym he adopted "Steele Rudder", the first name from the English essayist Richard Steele , the second chosen because he wanted to bring into his name some part of a boat. Later it was shortened to "Steele Rudd".

16. David's In-Progress List. Created: 6 Apr 2010
Davis, Arthur Hoey (14nov186811oct1935) See under Rudd, Steele. Davis, Audrey B. Bloodletting Instruments in the National Museum of History and Technology by Appel, Toby A. - Copyright
Real name: Mrs. Arthur Bell trans. Blockade Runners by Verne, Jules - released 8992 trans. The Fur Country by Verne, Jules - released 8991 D., H. Real name: Doolittle, Hilda Hymen - released 28666 Sea Garden - released 28665 Some Imagist Poets, 1916: An Annual Anthology by D.E.C. See under Digitial Equipment Corporation Da Silva, Venancio trans. Parizina [Esperanto] by Dabney, Richard Heath Dabney, Thomas Ewing The Industrial Canal and Inner Harbor of New Orleans: History, description and economic aspects of giant facility created to encourage industrial expansion and develop commerce - released 31383 Dacier, Andre The Preface to Aristotle's Art of Poetry ed. Monk, Samuel H. - released 29547 Dack, Charles Weather and Folk Lore of Peterborough and District - released 17269 Dacre, Charlotte Zofloya - Suggested book to transcribe Dacres, Edward trans. The Art of War (trans by Peter Whitehorn) The Prince (trans by Edward Dacres) by Machiavelli, Niccolo; trans. trans. Machiavelli, Volume 1: The Art of War; The Prince by Machiavelli, Niccolo; trans.

17. RootsWeb: GENANZ-L Steele RUDD
were actually DAVIS. Arthur Hoey DAVIS (aka Steele Rudd) was the son of Thomas DAVIS and Mary GREEN. I have a distant connection through Arthur's

18. Browse By Author: D - Project Gutenberg
Davis, Arthur Hoey. See Rudd, Steele, 18681935. Davis, Audrey. Bloodletting Instruments in the National Museum of History and Technology (English) (as Author)
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D'Abbadie, Arnauld
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Dabney, Thomas Ewing
Dacier, André, 1651-1722
Dack, Charles, 1848?-1923
Dacres, Edward

19. Browse Bibliography - I - Colonial Australian Popular Fiction
Ikin, Van, 'Davis, Arthur Hoey Steele Rudd (1868 1935)', in Australian Dictionary of Biography, vol. 8, Melbourne University Press, Melbourne, 1981, pp. 235-236.
Colonial Australian Popular Fiction
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    Idriess, Ion L., Drums of Mer Details Idriess, Ion L., The yellow joss : and other tales Details Ikin, Van, 'Davis, Arthur Hoey [Steele Rudd] (1868 - 1935)', in Australian Dictionary of Biography , vol. 8, Melbourne University Press, Melbourne, 1981, pp. 235-236. Also available at Details Ingersoll, Aimée, Nancy Drake , T.C. Lothian, Melbourne, 1907, 208 pp. Details Iota, Children of circumstance , Hutchinson, London, 374 pp. Details Iota, Kooroona : a tale of South Australia Details Iota, A yellow aster Details Iota, A comedy in spasms , Hutchinson, London, 1895, 282 pp. Details Ironbark, 'Handmarks', in Charleton, W. R. (ed.), The Red kangaroo and other Australian short stories , John Fairfax and Sons, Sydney, 1907, pp. 123-127. Details
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20. Arthur Hoey - Email, Address, Phone Numbers, Everything!
Davis, Arthur Hoey Steele Rudd (1868 1935) Biographical Davis, Arthur Hoey Steele Rudd (1868 - 1935) Biographical Entry - The Australian Dictionary of Biography Online, or hoey

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