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         Franklin Benjamin:     more books (100)
  1. Life Of Benjamin Franklin. On The Basis Of His Autobiography; by Franklin Benjamin 1706-1790, 2010-09-29
  2. The life of Benjamin Franklin, written by himself. Now first edited from original manuscripts and from his printed correspondence and other writings Volume 1 by Franklin Benjamin 1706-1790, Bigelow John 1817-1911, 2010-10-14
  3. The Autobiography Of Benjamin Franklin, To Which Is Added Jared Sparks' Continuation (abridged) by Franklin Benjamin 1706-1790, 2010-09-27
  4. The Select Works Of Benjamin Franklin; Including His Autobiography by Franklin Benjamin 1706-1790, Sargent Epes 1813-1880, 2010-10-06
  5. The autobiography of Benjamin Franklin and a sketch of Franklin's life from the point where the autobiography ends by Benjamin Franklin 1706-1790, 1896-12-31
  6. The Life Of Dr. Benjamin Franklin. [electronic Resource] by Franklin Benjamin 1706-1790, Price Richard 1723-1791, et all 2010-09-29
  7. Mackintosh's Collection Of Gaelic Proverbs, And Familar Phrases: Englished A-new : To Which Is Added, 'the Way To Wealth,' By Benjamin Franklin by Macintosh Donald 1743-1808, Franklin Benjamin 1706-1790, 2010-09-30
  8. The Life Of Benjamin Franklin.: Illustrated By Tales, Sketches, And Anecdotes. : Adapted To The Use Of Schools. : With Engravings by Franklin Benjamin 1706-1790, 2010-09-29
  9. The Autobiography Of Benjamin Franklin by Franklin Benjamin 1706-1790, 2010-10-06
  10. The autobiography of Benjamin Franklin by Benjamin Franklin 1706-1790, 1896-12-31
  11. Patriotic Nuggets; Franklin, Washington, Jefferson, Webster, Lincoln, Beecher by Franklin Benjamin 1706-1790, Washington Geor 1732-1799, 2010-10-14
  12. An address to the good people of Ireland, on behalf of America, October 4th, 1778 by Benjamin Franklin 1706-1790, 1891-12-31

41. Franklin, Benjamin - Definition Of Franklin, Benjamin In The Medical Dictionary
Frank lin (fr ngk l n), Rosalind 19201958. British biophysicist. Her x-ray diffraction studies of DNA led to the description of the full structure of DNA by James Watson and, Benjamin

42. Franklin, Benjamin - Astro-Databank, Benjamin Franklin Horoscope, Born 17 Januar
Astrology data, biography and horoscope chart of Benjamin Franklin born on 17 January 1706 Boston MA, USA,_Benjamin
Franklin, Benjamin
From Astro-Databank
Jump to: navigation search Benjamin Franklin natal chart (Placidus) natal chart English style (Equal houses) Benjamin Franklin Name Franklin, Benjamin Gender : M born on 17 January 1706 at 10:30 (= 10:30 AM ) Place Boston MA, USA, Timezone LMT m71w03 (is local mean time) Data source Conflicting/unverified Rodden Rating DD Astrology data Asc. add Benjamin Franklin to 'my astro'
American printer, author, publisher, inventor, scientist, public servant and diplomat, a renaissance man, extraordinarily gifted. He left his mark on history in the files of science, invention and engineering; statesmanship; education and the study of nature; finance, insurance, commerce and industry; mass communication; printing, advertising and the graphic arts; religion, fraternal organizations and the humanities; medicine and public health; agriculture; and music and recreation. Born humbly in Boston, the 15th of 17 kids, he became a printer's apprentice at 12. At 17, he opened his own print shop, a physically robust youth. Printing led to writing, publishing, business success and fame. At 26, he initiated his "Poor Richard's Almanac." Retiring at 42, he dedicated himself to science, until called to politics five years later. When Franklin died on 4/17/1790, he was the best-loved public figure in the world. He wrote his own epitaph, saying that he would "appear once more in a new and more elegant Edition, revised and corrected by the Author."

43. - Benjamin Franklin
Read a short biography and answer quiz questions.

44. Benjamin Franklin — A Man Of Many Talents
Houghton-Mifflin Social Studies mini-course.
Houghton Mifflin Social Studies
America Will Be
Students research and identify the many talents of Benjamin Franklin, as well as his role in the formation of an independent United States. What You Need: Suggested Time:
4-5 hours over 2-3 days Building Background:
Ask students what they know about Benjamin Franklin. Record their responses on the board. Guide the discussion to point out that Franklin was a man of many accomplishments a printer, a writer, a philosopher, a scientist, an inventor, a musician, a statesman, and an economist. Tell students they will be learning more about the life and accomplishments of Benjamin Franklin. What To Do: Divide students into seven groups. Assign each group one area of Franklin's life to research: printing, science and technology, philosophy, music, writing, economics, or politics. Distribute the Benjamin Franklin worksheet to help them record the findings of their research. Have groups use the school or local library to find biographies or encyclopedia entries on Franklin. One possible biography is

45. Franklin, Benjamin - Definition Of Franklin, Benjamin By The Free Online Diction
Thesaurus Legend Synonyms Related Words Antonyms. Noun 1. Benjamin Franklin printer whose success as an author led him to take up politics; he helped draw up the, Benjamin

46. Benjamin Franklin: An Enlightened American
A look at his life, including a biography, quotations, anecdotes, facts and detailed descriptions of his inventions.

47. Franklin, Benjamin | Define Franklin, Benjamin At
Science Dictionary Franklin (frāngk'lĭn) Pronunciation Key American public official, scientist, inventor, and writer who fully established the distinction between negative, Benjamin?fromRef=true

48. - The Home Of Ben & Verse By John D McCall
John McCall s distillation of sayings from Benjamin Franklin s Poor Richard s Almanac .
The wisdom of Benjamin Franklin - in Ben's words and today's.
Welcome to, the home of - over 200 pearls of wisdom from Benjamin Franklin's Poor Richard: An Almanac, each one interpreted as a modern verse 'jingle' by John D McCall. Also included are a Ben bio, Ben's 13 virtues and Ben on Civilized Ways Also on this site: Phony Pearls of Fictitious Wisdsom - John McCall's other writings. Help for writers in the form of Clerihew verse, a rhyming dictionary, jingles for the I Ching, short stories and more!

Originally published in 38 monthly parts, now available complete online, including 'Ben to Go' e-Book version to download and keep!
New -
(Parental Warning: Work on this Half of this Website is Occasionally the
Product of a Mature Mind.)
Get a Ben and Verse of the Day free for your website - here's how!
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This work is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 License

49. Benjamin Franklin | Statesman And Inventor
Purchase this DVD edition of Ben Franklin. Benjamin Franklin Citizen of the World (2004) A E's video biography of founding father and American icon, Benjamin Franklin.
Other Languages French Version German Version Italian Version Spanish Version Serving Coffee, Art, History and Literature Lovers on the World-Wide-Web since 1995 Revised: October 23, 2010
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Statesman and Inventor, 1706 - 1790
Benjamin Franklin was born on January 17, 1706 in Boston, Massachusetts. He was the youngest child, and tenth boy of 17 children. Franklin was one of the leading founding fathers of the United States of America. He was a member of the committee that drafted the Declaration of Independence and was one of its signatories. He also signed the Constitution of the United States
Franklin was also unequaled in America as an inventor until Thomas Edison
If you are aware of books, movies, databases, web sites or other information sources about Benjamin Franklin or related subjects, or if you would like to comment, please

50. Benjamin Franklin —
Encyclopedia Franklin, Benjamin. Franklin, Benjamin, 1706–90, American statesman, printer, scientist, and writer, b. Boston. The only American of the colonial period to earn

51. Franklin Benjamin - United Kingdom | LinkedIn
View Franklin Benjamin's professional profile on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the world's largest business network, helping professionals like Franklin Benjamin discover inside

52. Benjamin Franklin, How I Became A Printer In Philadelphia
HTML etext from the USA Project.
Benjamin Franklin,
How I Became a Printer in Philadelphia
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note I disliked the trade, and had a strong inclination for the sea, but my father declared against it; however, living near the water, I was much in and about it, learnt early to swim well, and to manage boats; and when in a boat or canoe with other boys, 1 was commonly allowed to govern, especially in any case of difficulty; and upon other occasions I was generally a leader among the boys, and sometimes led them into scrapes. From a child I was fond of reading, and all the little money that came into my hands was ever laid out in books. Pleased with the Pilgrim's Progress, my first collection was of John Bunyan's works in separate little volumes. l afterward sold them to enable me to buy R. Burton's Historical Collections; they were small chapmen's books, and cheap, 40 or 50 in all. This bookish inclination at length determined my father to make me a printer, though he had already one son (James) of that profession. In 1717 my brother James returned from England with a press and letters to set up his business in Boston. I liked it much better than that of my father, but still had a hankering for the sea. To prevent the apprehended effect of such an inclination, my father was impatient to have me bound to my brother. I stood out some time, but at last was persuaded, and signed the indentures when I was yet but twelve years old. I was to serve as an apprentice tffl I was twenty-one years of age, only I was to be allowed journeyman's wages during the last year. In a little time I made great proficiency in the business, and became a useful hand to my brother.

53. Franklin Benjamin - Munising, Michigan (MI) | Company Profile
Franklin Benjamin company profile in Munising, MI. Our free company profile report for Franklin Benjamin includes business information such as contact, sales and financial data.

54. From Revolution To Reconstruction: Documents: A Modest Enquiry Into The Nature A
Etext from the USA Project.
FRtR Documents A Modest Enquiry into the Nature and Necessity of Paper Currency (1729)
Benjamin Franklin
A Modest Enquiry into the Nature and Necessity of Paper Currency (1729)
Quote There is no Science, the Study of which is more useful and commendable than the Knowledge of the true In terest of one's Country; and perhaps there is no Kind of Learning more abstruse and intricate, more difficult to acquire in any Degree of Perfection than This, and there fore none more generally neglected. Hence it is, that we every Day find Men in Conversation contending warmly on some Point in Politicks, which, altho' it may nearly concern them both, neither of them understand any more than they do each other. Thus much by way of Apology for this present Enquiry into the Nature and Necessity o/ a Paper Currency . And if any Thing I shall say, may be a Means of fixing a Subject that is now the chief Concern of my Countrymen, in a clearer Light, I shall have the Satisfaction of thinking my Time and Pains well employed. To proceed, then

55. Franklin, Benjamin (Informational Paper)
An overview of Ben Franklin's contributions that changed the landscape of the United States' political, international, educational and social life.

56. From Revolution To Reconstruction: Documents: Journal Of A Voyage, Benjamin Fran
Etext from the USA Project.
FRtR Documents Journal of a Voyage, Benjamin Franklin
Benjamin Franklin
Journal of a Voyage
Journal of Occurences in My Voyage to Philadelphia on board the Berkshire, Henry Clark, Master. From London
FRIDAY, July 22d, 1726.
-Yesterday in the afternoon we left London, and came to an anchor off Gravesend about eleven at night. I lay ashore all night, and this morning' took a walk up to the Windmill Hill, from whence I had an agreeable prospect of the country for above twenty miles round, and two or three reaches of the river, with ships and boats sailing both up and down, and Tilbury Fort on the other side, which commands the river and passage to London. This Gravesend is a cursed biting place; the chief dependence of the people being the advantage they make of imposing upon strangers. If you buy anything of them, and give half what they ask, you pay twice as much as the thing is worth. Thank God, we shall leave it tomorrow.
Saturday, July 23.
Sunday, July 24th.
-This morning we weighed anchor, and coming to the Downs, we set our pilot ashore at Deal, and passed through. And now, whilst I wn.te this, sitting upon the quarterdeck, I have methinks one of the pleasantest scenes in the world before me. Tis a fine, clear day, and we are going away before the wind with an easy, pleasant gale. We have near fifteen sail of ships in sight, and I may say in company. On the left hand appears the coast of France at a distance, and on the right is the town and castle of Dover, with the green hills and chalky cliffs of England, to which we must now bid farewell. Albion, farewell!

57. Welcome To Benjamin Franklin
What defines Benjamin Franklin .Well we at Benjamin Franklin provide you with with up to date information you need to know about Benjamin Franklin that you don
Benjamin Franklin
Welcome to Benjamin Franklin
Feature Article September 21, 2010
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The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin Benjamin Franklin: An American Life ... The Real Benjamin Franklin (American...

58. Benjamin Franklin Biography Pictures Portrait Books Online Forum
The complete online HTML text, extensively annotated, with references cross-linked to the Encyclopedia of the Self.

59. From Revolution To Reconstruction: Biographies: The Autobiography Of Benjamin Fr
Text divided by chapter, with other related writings.
FRtR Biographies Benjamin Franklin
Benjamin Franklin
His Autobiography 1706-1757
Introductory Note
Chapter 1 Chapter 7 ...
  • The Whole Autobiography in one file
  • Journal of Occurrences in my Voyage
    to Philadelphia
  • How I Became a Printer in Philadelphia
  • Benjamin Franklin : Glimpses of the Man
  • 60. Franklin Benjamin High School
    Franklin Benjamin High School is a high school website for Franklin Benjamin alumni. Franklin Benjamin High provides school news, reunion and graduation information, alumni

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