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  1. Helen's Babies - Habberton, John, 1842-1921 by John, 1842-1921 Habberton, 2009-07-01
  2. All He Knew A Story - Habberton, John, 1842-1921 by John, 1842-1921 Habberton, 2009-07-01
  3. Romance of California Life - Habberton, John, 1842-1921 by John, 1842-1921 Habberton, 2009-07-01
  4. HelenÃ?¯Ã'¿Ã'½s babies by John (1842-1921). Tod Dwiggins (ill.) Habberton, 1908
  5. Helen's babies : with some account of their ways innocent, crafty, angelic, impish, witching, and repulsive ; also, a partial record of their actions during ten days of their existence / by their latest victim by John (1842-1921) Habberton, 1876
  6. HELEN'S BABIES. With Some Account of Their Ways Innocent, Crafty, Angelic, Impish, Witching, and Replusive. Also, A Partial Record of Their Actions During Ten Days of Their Existence. By Their Latest Victim. by John. 1842 - 1921]. [Habberton, 1876-01-01
  7. Poor boys' chances by John Habberton 1842-1921, 1900-12-31
  8. Budge & Toddie; or, Helen's babies at play; being an account of the further doings of these marvelously precocious children by John, 1842-1921 Habberton, 2009-10-26
  9. Little Guzzy and other stories by John, 1842-1921 Habberton, 2009-10-26
  10. The annals of a baby : how it was named; how it was nursed; how it was a tyrant; and how its nose got out of joint : also, a few words about its aunties, its grandfathers, grandmothers, and other important relations by John, 1842-1921 Habberton, 2009-10-26
  11. My country, 'tis of thee; or, Great national questions. America's marvelous developement, and boundless possibilities by Habberton John 1842-1921, 1895-01-01
  12. The worst boy in town by John, 1842-1921 Habberton, 2009-10-26
  13. Who was Paul Grayson? by John, 1842-1921 Habberton, 2009-10-26

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2. Habberton, John. HELEN'S BABIES. At
Habberton, John. HELEN'S BABIES. Cleveland New York World Publishing Co., nd (ca 1930's) at

3. Habberton, John. POOR BOYS' CHANCES. At
Habberton, John. POOR BOYS' CHANCES. Philadelphia Henry Altemus Company (1900). at

4. Habberton, John
habberton john american biography united states history writer
@import url(../index.css); Habberton, John Practical Reference Library Hab'berton, JOHN (1842- ), an American story-writer, born in Brooklyn, N. Y., and educated in the public schools there. He learned the printing trade and then began editorial work. He is best known as the author of Helen's Babies and many other stories of child life, including Trif and Trixy and The Worst Boy in Town.

5. Audiobook: Helen's Babies By Habberton, John
In this hilarious novel, Harry Burton, a bachelor whitegoods salesman, goes to take care of his sister Helens two little boys for ten days while she and her husband are out of

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Audiobook: Helen's Babies by Habberton, John
In this hilarious novel, Harry Burton, a bachelor white-goods salesman, goes to take care of his sister Helen's two little boys for ten days while she and her husband are out of town. Helen says, "The children won't give you the slightest trouble; they're the best children in the world!" but, as you can imagine, Toddie and Budge are always up to something, and all sorts of comic mischief ensues. It just so happens that there's a lovely young lady in the neighborhood whom Harry admires very much, but she always seems to be passing by when he's deep in some terrible mess of the boys' making... (Summary by Kara)
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6. Habberton, John - Hutchinson Encyclopedia Article About Habberton
US writer. His most popular work was Helen's Babies 1876. He also wrote the play Deacon Crankett 1880 and the novel Other People's Children 1877., John

7. Publishers' Bindings Private Sale
Habberton, John. Helen's Babies. Illustrated. New York A.L. Burt Company, n.d., 1881 but this copy likely 1916 based on adverts in the book.
Book Sale
Now open to the public Book sales are open only to subscribers for the first week.
For subscription information, click here Click here for additional books at my eBay Store You are welcome to inspect the books in person at the gallery in Hudson, New York (a half hour southeast of Albany).
All items are offered subject to prior sale.
We update this page regularly to delete items that are sold, so the books below should be available.] Please call (516) 729-9227 to reserve any item(s) you wish to purchase.
If you get the answering machine please leave your name, phone number, and the book(s) you would like to order.
You also can use the order form We will e-mail an electronic invoice to you with a secure online shopping cart that accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express, or PayPal. If you wish to pay by check, we will reserve the item for seven days pending receipt of your payment. Institutions that have previously paid by purchase order may continue to do so, 30 days net. New institutional accounts please inquire. Please Note: [signed] indicates a designer's monogram, not a signature, and "pos" indicates a previous owner's signature. Even if not noted, most of the books have either bookplates or pos. All books are shipped in their polyester dust wrappers (removed for the photos below). Condition is as described and as shown in the photos, but no attempt has been made to collate any of the books. They are offered as examples of the art of cover design. Some of the books are in excellent condition, and are duplicates, or books eliminated from the collection either because they fall outside the guidelines (date or place of publication) or to make room for other books. There are also reference copies that have been replaced in the collection by copies in better condition, or by other books.

8. Habberton John - Encyclopedia
Habberton John Meaning and definition, John

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  • Habberton, John
    (1842-1921) US writer. His most popular work was Helen's Babies 1876. He also wrote the play Deacon Crankett 1880 and the novel Other People's Children 1877. He was on the editorial staff of the...
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  • 9. Habbakuk - Hutchinson Encyclopedia Article About Habbakuk
    Habbakkuk Habbakuk Habberton, John Habbit Habbit Habbit Habbit Habbo Basketball Association Habbo Club Habbo Fan World Habbo Forum Habbo Hotel

    10. The Oxford Companion To Children's Literature
    HABBERTON, JOHN, see HELEN'S BABIES. HACK, MARIA, n e BARTON ( 17771844), English children's author, sister of Bernard Barton, the poet and friend of Charles LAMB.

    11. Habberton, John (Harper's Magazine)
    SEE ALSO A real queen. A novel; Ayres, Anne; Dobson, Austin; Elbon, Barbara; Bethesda; Bound together a sheaf of papers; Perkins, Charles C. (Charles Callahan); Leland, Charles

    12. Antiques Unique - Books By Title
    of the Wilderness McCarter, Margaret Hill 1914 Wit Humor James W. Riley/Bill Nye 1905 With The DreamMaker Habberton, John
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    13. Aleph-Bet Books | HABBERTON, JOHN | HELEN'S BABIES
    HABBERTON JOHN HELENS BABIES BY THEIR LATEST HABBERTON,JOHN HELEN'S BABIES by Their Latest Victim Bost Loring 1876 12mo, wraps, 206p + ads, slightest of edge fraying and soil on

    14. Buckingham Books - Search Results
    Habberton, John. Publisher Philadelphia T. B. Peterson Brothers, 1882. Title ONCE UPON A POND. View Details Add to Cart Author Guthrie, Jr.,

    15. Diablo Da Sobrinos, ... El Libro De Habberton, John: Compra Y Venta Nuevos Y De
    Author Habberton, John Title Adventures of amethyst. By Cecily Hallack. Illustrated by Rosemary de Souza Cat. Number 0297 Date 1937 1st Edition

    16. HELEN'S BABIES By JOHN HABBERTON From Aleph-Bet Books, Inc. - Used Book - Paperb
    1876. Paperback. 1. HABBERTON,JOHN. HELEN'S BABIES by Their Latest Victim. Bost Loring (1876).
    Customer Sign In Create Account Find books by keyword: Find books by author: Find books by title:
    by HABBERTON,JOHN Price: - OR - Buy from the website of Aleph-Bet Books, Inc. Ask a question E-mail to a friend
    • Bookseller: Aleph-Bet Books, Inc. Seller Inventory # Format : Paperback Book condition Binding : Paperback Date published
    Book Description
    wraps , 206p. + ads, slightest of edge fraying and soil on fragile paper covers else FINE. 1st edition, mixed6 state ( Blanck says that the first edition was issued in wrappers only. This copy matches first state with perfect type page 13 and rear cover listing 5 titles with this title last, but has damaged type on page 18, is on wove paper and has ad for "Pique" inside front cover). Very rare is such nice condition. Paper bound children's books of this type have rarely survived. Peter Parley To Penrod p. 45-6. Not sure what some of these terms mean? Look it up in our glossary wraps : The paper covering on the outside of a paperback. wrappers : Paperback or softbound. Also, wraps.

    17. Illinois! Illinois! The Prairie Years 1818-Civil War
    145. HABBERTON, JOHN, 18421921. The Jericho Road, A Story of Western Life, by John Habberton. Author of Helen's Babies, and The Barton Experiment Chicago Jansen
    Illinois! Illinois! The Prairie Years: 1818-Civil War
    D-G H-L M-P ... U-Z 145. HABBERTON, JOHN, 1842-1921. The Jericho Road, Based on the parable of the Good Samaritan, The Jericho Road is an allegory in which the author theorizes what might have happened to the unfortunate traveler on the road to Jericho had the Samaritan not happened along. Lemuel Pankett, the traveler, is cast ashore at Mount Zion, Illinois, when the river packet Helen Douglas, on which he works, is destroyed while trying to run the locks on the Wabash River during a flood. Weak and ill, Lem is pitied by the town's people, but is ignored, refused help, and denied work until, in desperation he falls prey to the sleek words and devious methods of counterfeiters and horse thieves. The author's thesis that the Biblical age had no monopoly on hypocritical priests and Levites is well expressed in this satire of the church and the professed Christian, set in southeastern Illinois about 1848. Atlantic, 3/1877, p. 373. Harper's, 3/1877, p. 618-9. Nation

    18. Barbara Farnsworth, Bookseller HELEN'S BABIES. By (Habberton
    Barbara Farnsworth, Bookseller 407 Route 128 West Cornwall, CT 06796, USA (860) 6726571

    19. Habberton, John (Nuttall Encyclopædia)
    Habberton, John

    20. Western Habberton, John: Romance Of California Life. 02 Sept 07 [Archive] - Mobi
    Archive Western Habberton, John Romance of California Life. 02 Sept 07 Mobi/PRC Books

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