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         Houdini Harry:     more books (51)
  1. Houdini, Harry (1874-1926): An entry from SJP's <i>St. James Encyclopedia of Popular Culture</i> by Michael Baers, 2000
  2. Houdini's Paper Magic : The Whole Art of Performing with Paper, Including Paper Tearing, Paper Folding and Paper Puzzles by Harry (1874-1926) Houdini, 1934
  3. Harry Houdini : Young Magician by Kathryn Kilby Borland, Helen Ross Speicher, 1991-04-30
  4. Spellbinder: The Life of Harry Houdini by Tom Lalicki, 2000-05
  5. Harry Houdini (DK Biography) by Vicki Cobb, 2005-08-01
  6. Harry Houdini: Escape Artist (Level 2) by Patricia Lakin, 2002-09-01
  7. Who Was Harry Houdini? (Who Was...?) by Tui Sutherland, 2002-07-22
  8. Harry Houdini: Escape Artist and Master Magician (Historical American Biographies) by Zachary Kent, 2002-09
  9. Escape King: The Story of Harry Houdini by John Ernst, 1975-09
  10. Houdini's Fabulous Magic by Gibson, 1977-09
  11. The Life and Many Deaths of Harry Houdini (Kodansha Globe) by Ruth Brandon, 1995-10
  12. Harry Houdini: Master Magician (Book Report Biographies) by Dana Meachen Rau, 2000-03
  13. Houdini: Master of Escape by Lane Kendall, 1960-06
  14. The Anatomy of Keys: Poems by Steven Price, 2006-05-29

1. Houdini, Harry (Open Library)
Books by Houdini, Harry The Miracle Mongers An Expose 7 editions first published in 2002

2. Houdini, Harry
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3. The American Experience | Houdini
Houdini follows the transformation of Jewish Hungarian immigrant Ehrich Weiss to the worlds greatest escape artistHarry Houdini
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4. Harry Houdini - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Harry Houdini (born Erik Weisz; March 24, 1874 – October 31, 1926) was a HungarianAmerican magician and escapologist, stunt performer, actor and film producer.
Harry Houdini
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation search Harry Houdini
Houdini in 1899 Born Erik Weisz
March 24, 1874
Austria-Hungary Died
Detroit, Michigan
Occupation magician escapologist stunt performer , actor, historian film producer pilot and debunker Signature Harry Houdini (born Erik Weisz ; March 24, 1874 – October 31, 1926) was a Hungarian-born American magician and escapologist stunt performer , actor and film producer noted for his sensational escape acts. He was also a skeptic who set out to expose frauds purporting to be supernatural phenomena.
  • Early life Magic career Notable escapes
    edit Early life
    Harry Houdini was born as Erik Weisz (he later spelled his birth name as Ehrich Weiss) in Budapest Austria-Hungary , on March 24, 1874. From 1907 on, however, Houdini would claim in interviews to have been born in Appleton, Wisconsin , on April 6, 1874. His parents were Rabbi Mayer Samuel Weisz (1829–1892) and his wife, Cecelia (née Steiner; 1841–1913). Houdini was one of seven children: Herman M. (1863–1885); Nathan J. (1870–1927); Gottfried William (1872–1925); Theodore "Theo" Leopold D. (1879–1962); and Gladys Carrie (born 1882-unknown year of death).

5. Houdini, Harry
Houdini, Harry Encyclopedia article; The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition, 2009. Read Houdini, Harry at Questia library.
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6. Harry Houdini - Biographies Of Famous Magicians | Magic Tricks .Com
Little known facts about the life of magician Harry Houdini. Rare photos, posters. Hear him speak, see him perform. Online anniversary seance.

7. Houdini | Harry Houdini
Houdini photos (400+), Houdini video clips, Houdini's voice, Houdini animations, Houdini's biography and more honoring the life and death of the world's most famous magician and


click above contains 400+ Harry Houdini photos, audio of Harry Houdini's voice, Houdini video clips, Bess Houdini's voice, Harry Houdini animations, Harry Houdini's biography, multimedia of Harry Houdini and much more honoring the life and death of the world's most famous magician and illusionist, Harry Houdini.
Houdini was a masterful performer on a most unconventional world stage and a genius at media manipulation and self-promotion. He reached the public through a variety of means, including the circus; under-water packing crate escapes; prison breakouts; manacled bridge jumps; upside-down straitjacket escapes; newspapers, magazines, and books; radio; silent films; and as a magician at the bedside of hospitalized children. Omnipresent, he transcended the individual venues of his time. Houdini compelled an international audience to enter his performance; as he broke through one barrier after another he liberated their imaginations with his own. He knew he could make many people in an audience think and feel as he chose. He knew the power of his art and he knew its danger. Houdini Tribute highlights - Houdini, Harry Houdini, Houdini pictures, Houdini video, Houdini magic, Houdini's death, Houdini's voice, Bess Houdini, illusions, Houdini biography, metamorphosis illusion, Houdini Brothers, who fooled Houdini, The Houdinis, handcuffs, Houdini, Harry Houdini, Bess Houdini, Houdini, Hardeen, Dai Vernon, water torture cell, arsenic, exhume, exhumation, milk can, escape, Houdini, king of handcuffs, Harry Houdini, king of cards, Halloween, Houdini stamp, stamp, Houdini bust, bust

8. Harry Houdini Biography Pictures Portrait Books Online Forum
The complete online HTML text, extensively annotated, with references cross-linked to the Encyclopedia of the Self.

9. Houdini, Harry - Hutchinson Encyclopedia Article About Houdini, Harry
Houdini, Harry (1874–1926) US escapologist and conjuror. He was renowned for his escapes from ropes and handcuffs, from trunks under water, from straitjackets, and from prison, Harry

10. HOUDINI: Harry Houdini Biography 1913-26, Magician, Escape Artist, Lock Picker.
HOUDINI Harry Houdini biography, Magician, Escape Artist, Lock Picker. Houdini magic museum, Houdini magic show, in the Scranton, Wilkes Barre, Steamtown, Pennsylvania, Pocono
Sponsor Search for magic items at Magic USA ! Use one word, or two for exact phrase. Type in Keyword Houdini Biography: Harry Houdini Magician-Escape Artist
Harry Houdini: The most famous magician of all time.
In 1913 he introduced his legendary Chinese Water Torture Cell.
click on picture for larger image
Large repro available from souvenir page

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Houdini's film career.
In 1916 Houdini began a film career. This gave people all over the world a chance to see the great artist. Houdini made five major silent films up until1923. He is the only magician in history to have starred in 5 films. He also wrote several of them. His films include "The Master Mystery," "The Grim Game," "Terror Island" and "The Man From Beyond." Houdini was given one of the first stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for his contribution to the film industry. The star is in a prominent spot out side of Hollywood's famous Chinese Theater. Houdini was the first magician to be so honored. Houdini is the only magician in history to make five feature films, and the only one to have a full length feature film made about his life story. Houdini wrote and even directed several of his movies. Had Houdini lived longer he would have probably made more films, possibly a talking movie, as they were just coming into prominence. Houdini's film "The Man From Beyond," as well as"Terror Island"
click on Picture for larger image
Large repro available from souvenir page
is on constant view at the Houdini Museum in the Scranton, Pennsylvania Pocono region. Both are also available from the museum.

11. The American Experience | Houdini | People & Events | Harry Houdini
From the PBS network - a short biography.
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Harry Houdini (1874-1926)
Few performers have ever captured the public imagination like Harry Houdini. From his breakthrough in 1899 to his death in 1926, Houdini was one of the world's most popular entertainers, a true star of stage and screen. Time and again, his escapes from seemingly impossible predicaments thrilled audiences, who found in him a metaphor for their own lives, an affirmation of the human capacity to overcome adversity. Escapism in both senses of the word. But while nearly everyone is familiar with Houdini's stage persona, his little-known personal life is equally revealing. Taken as a whole, the public and private views make "The Elusive American" a uniquely powerful window on his times.
His love of America was such that he always claimed Appleton, Wisconsin, as his birthplace. But the man known as Houdini was actually born Ehrich Weiss in Budapest, Hungary. He would not arrive in Wisconsin until four years later, when he, his mother Cecelia, and four brothers joined his father, who had become rabbi of a small Reform congregation there. Although an educated man, Herman Mayer Weiss (Weisz was changed to Weiss courtesy of immigration officials) was not destined for success in America. His life-long struggle to provide for his family would make a lasting impression on his son "Ehrie," who was forced to work from an early age to help make ends meet. Still, the boy was drawn to performing, making his debut in a neighborhood circus as the nine year old trapeze artist, "Ehrich, The Prince of the Air."

12. Harry Houdini - IMDb
Filmography, awards, biography, agent, discussions, photos, news articles, fan sites.
IMDb Search All Titles TV Episodes Names Companies Keywords Characters Videos Quotes Bios Plots Go More Register Login Help ... More at IMDbPro
Harry Houdini
Actor Director Writer The great American escape artist and magician Houdini (immortalized by a memorable performance by Tony Curtis in the eponymous 1953 film) was born Erich Weiss on March 24, 1874 in Budapest, Hungary, though he often gave his birthplace as Appleton, Wisconsin, where he was raised. One of five brothers and one daughter born to rabbi Samuel Weiss and his wife Cecilia... See full bio
Erich Weiss
March 24
in Budapest, Austria-Hungary (now Hungary)
October 31 (age 52) in Detroit, Michigan, USA 11 photos 6 videos 70 news articles 1 win See more awards
See all 11
Known For
Haldane of the Secret Service (1923) The Man from Beyond (1922) Terror Island (1920) The Master Mystery (1920)
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Jump to: Actor Director Writer Producer ... Archive Footage Hide Show Actor (5 titles) Haldane of the Secret Service Heath Haldane The Man from Beyond Howard Hillary/The Man From Beyond Terror Island Harry Harper The Master Mystery Quentin Locke (as Houdini) The Grim Game Harvey Hanford Hide Show Director (2 titles) Haldane of the Secret Service The Soul of Bronze Hide Show Writer (1 title) The Man from Beyond Hide Show Producer (1 title) The Man from Beyond (executive producer) Hide Show Archive Footage (9 titles) Phenomenon (TV series) Magic Himself (as Houdini) (TV series)

13. Houdini Harry Houdini Attractions Magic Scranton Poconos Pocono Birthday Party S
Harry Houdini Entertainment MAGICIANS showattractions Museum Harry Houdini. Scranton, Wilkes Barre, Pocono region Pennsylvania (PA). Bio and Biography. Tour magic show, birthday
The Harry Houdini Museum
attraction in Scranton in Northeastern Pennsylvania - NE PA.
NEPA North East - Poconos - Pocono Mountains - Wilkes Barre.
Other than July and August when we are open everyday, the Houdini Museum is open only on weekends by reservation. We can do events any day of the week for groups of seniors or schools, birthday parties or day care centers, etc. All put together in a 150 year old historic house at 1433 N. Main Avenue in Scranton, PA in the Pocono Mountain Region.
NEW! Click the following outside links for reviews of our events.
Top 10 Greatest Road Trip Destinations in the U.S. Amazing! Others on this list of 10 include Ripley's Believe It or Not! Museum. Henry Ford Museum. Hoover Dam. Niagara Falls. State and National Parks. Grand Canyon
"a must see place"
Road Trip
"first-rate magic show" "a spellbound audience"
"a must see", "a perfect day", "Great place."
"largest collection of Houdini material", "only building devoted to the widely acknowledged Greatest Magician Ever
Pennsylvania Day Trips
"great fun for the family". "one of the most unique museums and attractions in the world. The show also includes two of the best, nationally known magicians, Dorothy Dietrich and John Bravo."

14. "Barstow And The Balance"
Term Houdini, Harry 1874 1926. Definition Magician, showman; Although Harry Houdini claimed Appleton as his home town, he was born Erich Weiss in Budapest, Hungary, and only

15. Houdini In The New York Times
Resource for Houdini enthusiasts who want to access hundreds of articles, features, and letters that appeared in the Times during the first half of the twentieth century.

16. Harry Houdini - Biography
Harry Houdini A biographical essay by staff at the Appleton Public Library. This essay is based primarily on material provided in the biography
Harry Houdini
A biographical essay by staff
at the Appleton Public Library This essay is based primarily on material provided in the biography Harry Houdini by Adam Woog (Lucent Books, 1995). Early Life Professional Career Houdini the Man Houdini was able to perform his difficult feats by remaining in excellent physical and mental condition. He pushed himself relentlessly. To develop his capacity for holding his breath, Houdini installed an oversize bathtub in his house so that he could practice regularly. Through extensive training, he was able use his left hand nearly as well as his right. While casually chatting with friends, he would perform card and coin tricks without looking at his hands, or tie and untie knots in pieces of rope with his feet. Determined to stay on top of the entertainment field, Houdini refined techniques he had already mastered and continually developed new and more daring escapes. In 1909, just six years after the Wright brothers proved that human flight was possible, Houdini became fascinated with airplanes. He bought his own plane, and learned to drive a car solely in order to get to the airport faster. In 1910, he became the first to successfully fly a plane in Australia. After that flight, however, his interest ended and he never piloted a plane or drove a car again. Houdini was also a great collector, with extensive collections of locks, magic memorabilia, autographs, historical items and, especially, books. Houdini collected so many books that he hired a full-time librarian to care for them, and traveled with hundreds at a time.

17. Harry Houdini
Offsite search results for Harry Houdini Harry Houdini of a Magical Career A Man in a Milk Can Choose another Athlete or Entertainer Harry Houdini A Man in a Milk Can
United States
Harry Houdini
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Performing Arts, 1874-1926
Harry Houdini, born Ehrich Weiss on April 6, 1874, in Budapest, Hungary, was the son of Dr. Mayer Samuel Weiss, a Jewish rabbi, and Cecilia Steiner Weiss. He legally changed his name in 1913. Houdini is said to be one of the most influential magicians of the 20th century. His specialty was any type of escape, including slipping out of ropes, chains, and handcuffs while locked in trunks and milk cans, or submerged under water. Houdini became world famous by barnstorming across America and around the globe. He died on October 31, 1926, at the age of 52, after his appendix ruptured and peritonitis set in. Houdini had little formal education, but his self-education was a lifelong pursuit. "My mind," he is often quoted as saying, "is the key that sets me free." By the time Houdini was six, he had already developed a taste for magic and sleight of hand. His first trick was making a dried pea appear in any one of three cups. As a boy, he spent his time practicing acrobatics, and doing odd jobs as a newspaper seller and bootblack.

18. Houdini Harry: Free Encyclopedia Articles At Online Library
Research Houdini Harry and other related topics by using the free encyclopedia at the online library.

19. QI Talk Forum
I thought I would start this topic off. I hope that it will be as much about the man as the brand that he created and those he has inspired. One of the interesting things about him

20. Haldane Of The Secret Service (1923) - IMDb
Filmography, awards, biography, agent, discussions, photos, news articles.
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Haldane of the Secret Service
84 min - Crime X Users: 31 votes 4 reviews Heath Haldane (Houdini) tracks down a vicious gang of counterfeiters, narrowly missing death several times. He must rescue Adele Ormsby, whom he loves despite her pending marriage.
Harry Houdini
Release Date:
30 September 1923 (USA) 1 photo
Cast overview: Harry Houdini Heath Haldane Gladys Leslie Adele Ormsby William Humphrey Edward Ormsby / Fuh Wong / Dr. Yu Richard Carlyle Joe Ivors Edward Boulden Raoul Usher (as Edward Bouldin) Jane Jennings Mrs. Clara Usher Charles Fang Ah Sing Myrtle Morse Andrea Dayton Irving Brooks Bruce Dayton Full cast and crew
Heath Haldane (Houdini) tracks down a vicious gang of counterfeiters, narrowly missing death several times. He must rescue Adele Ormsby, whom he loves despite her pending marriage. Add Synopsis
Plot Keywords:
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Release Date:
30 September 1923 (USA) See more
Company Credits
Production Co:
Houdini Picture Corporation See more Show detailed company contact information on IMDbPro
Technical Specs
84 min
Sound Mix:
Black and White
Aspect Ratio:
See full technical specs
Down 35% in popularity this week. See

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