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  1. The childhood of Ji-shib the Ojibwa by Jenks Albert Ernest 1869-1953, 1900-01-01
  2. The childhood of Ji-shib, the Ojibwa, and sixty-four pen sketches by Albert Ernest, 1869-1953 Jenks, 2009-10-26

1. Albert Ernest Jenks
A Biography of the Anthropologist Albert Ernest Jenks 18691953. Dr. Albert Ernest Jenks was born in Ionia, Michigan on November 28, 1869.
Albert Ernest Jenks
Dr. Albert Ernest Jenks was born in Ionia, Michigan on November 28, 1869. He married Maude Huntley on Oct 22, 1901 with whom he had a son, Clifford Huntley. He received two Bachelor of Science degrees, one at Kalamazoo College in 1896 and one at the University of Chicago in 1897. He earned his graduate degree in economics at the University of Wisconsin in 1899 and a Science Degree at Kalamazoo College in 1924. His expertise was economics, but his dissertation, The Wild Rice Gatherers of the Upper Lakes (1900) led him into ethnology and anthropology. His dissertation explains the primitive economics of the Indians surrounding the Great Lakes. He describes how some of the Indians sow wild rice, while others do not sow and do or do not believe in the motive behind it. The tribes that did sow the wild rice displayed a unique economic activity. Jenks published Bontoc Igorot in 1905, which was a major anthropological study of the Philippines. He described the cultures as a hierarchy according to arbitrary, ethnocentric criteria. Jenks and his wife had their only child while located in the Philippines in 1902-1903. He started teaching Sociology at the University of Minnesota in 1906, but in 1907 he became a Professor of Anthropology. Jenks created the Department of Anthropology at the University of Minnesota in 1918. He was the Chairman of the Department until his retirement in 1938. Dr. Jenks was described as a good lecturer by

2. John K. King Used & Rare Books: Results For (Minnesota) : Michigan's Largest Use
Jenks, Albert Ernest. POSTELSIA The Year Book of the Minnesota Seaside Station, 1901. - *** SCHOONER DAYS IN DOOR COUNTRY. - Hirthe, Walter M., and Mary K. Hirthe.



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3. The Bontoc Igorot
Jenks, Albert Ernest, 18691953, The Bontoc Igorot
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Jenks, Albert Ernest, 1869-1953
"The Bontoc Igorot"
It is
believed they occupy all the mountain country northward in the island
except the territory of the Ibilao in the southeastern part of the
area and some of the most inaccessible mountains in eastern Luzon,
which are occupied by Negritos.
There are from 150,000 to 225,000 Igorot in Igorot land. The census
of the Archipelago taken in 1903 will give the number as about 185,000. In the northern part of Pangasinan Province, the southwestern part of the territory, there are reported about 3,150 pagan people under various local names, as "Igorrotes," "Infieles" [pagans], and "Nuevos Christianos." In Benguet Province there are some 23,000, commonly known as "Benguet Igorrotes." In Union Province there are about 4,400 primitive people, generally called "Igorrotes." Ilokos Sur has nearly 8,000, half of whom are known to history as "Tinguianes" and half as "Igorrotes." The Province of Ilokos Norte has nearly 9,000, which number is divided quite evenly between "Igorrotes,"

4. Encyclopedia - Britannica Online Encyclopedia
The Bontoc Igorot By Jenks, Albert Ernest The Bontoc IgorotAlbert Ernest Jenks Letter of Transmittal Preface Introduction PART 1. The Igorot Culture Group PART 2. Rufino Barrios

5. Coyote Press: Ethnic Amalgamation. By Jenks, Albert Ernest.
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Title: Ethnic Amalgamation. Author: Jenks, Albert Ernest.
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6. Ojibway Sharing Circle - Links
Jenks, Albert Ernest, b. 1869. The childhood of Jiship, the Ojibwa and sixty-four pe Posted on Feb 23, '09 825 AM for everyone

7. Project Gutenberg Titles By Albert Ernest Jenks (Jenks, Albert Ernest, 1869-1953
Project Gutenberg Titles by Albert Ernest Jenks (Jenks, Albert Ernest, 18691953), Albert Er

Jenks, Albert Ernest. (1905). The Bontoc Igorot. Manila Bureau of Public Printing. Worchester, Dean C. (1912). “HeadHunters of Northern Luzon.”
Two gangsa gongs with human jawbone handles,
ca. 1900. High up in the terraced rice fields of the Philippine Cordillera mountains, traditional tattooing ( batek, Kalinga) among the former headhunters of northwestern Luzon is nearly extinct. Today, you can only see traces of the indelible art in all of its splendor among the Kalinga and maybe one or two other groups living in the area. But back in 1900, just before American authorities outlawed headhunting, tattoo was to be seen everywhere, especially among the Bontoc Igorot, Kalinga, and Ifugao peoples. Two Bontoc Igorot men with chaklag (chest tattoo), ca. 1900. Bontoc warriors oftentimes tattooed over scars received on the field of battle
Bontoc Igorot chaklag , ca. 1900. His facial markings indicate his status as a warrior of the highest rank.
Generally speaking, the Bontoc Igorots recognized several kinds of tattoos and very often the amount of designs worn by a man was directly related to the proportion of human heads he had taken in the headhunt. The chaklag maingor ) had tattoos placed at the back of their hands and wrists after their first kill. These striped designs were called

9. PLEISTOCENE MAN IN MINNESOTA: A Fossil Homo Sapiens. By Jenks, Albert Ernest. :
Jenks, Albert Ernest. PLEISTOCENE MAN IN MINNESOTA A Fossil Homo Sapiens. Univ. of Minnesota Press Minneapolis 1936. 12 x 9.5 , blue cloth, 197pp, 89 figures, bib, index, exlib



Jenks, Albert Ernest.
Univ. of Minnesota Press: Minneapolis 1936. 12 x 9.5", blue cloth, 197pp, 89 figures, bib, index, ex-lib with moderate markings, no jacket, vg. FIRST EDITION.
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10. Wild Rice: Facts, Discussion Forum, And Encyclopedia Article
Asian Vegetables; Zizania aquatica; Jenks, Albert Ernest (1901). The wild rice gatherers of the Upper Lakes a study in American primitive economics.
Home Discussion Topics Dictionary ... Login Wild rice
Wild rice
Overview Wild rice (also called Canada rice Indian rice , and water oats ) is four species of grasses Poaceae Poaceae is a family in the Class Liliopsida of the flowering plants. Plants of this family are usually called grasses, or, to distinguish them from other graminoids, true grasses; the shrub- or tree-like plants in this family are called bamboo...
forming the genus Zizania , and the grain which can be harvested from them. The grain was historically gathered and eaten in both North America North America North America is the northern continent of the Americas, situated in the Earth's northern hemisphere and in the western hemisphere...
and China China China is seen variously as an ancient civilization extending over a large area in East Asia, a nation and/or a multinational entity.China is one of the world's oldest civilizations and is regarded as the oldest continuous civilization...
. While it is now something of a delicacy in North America, the grain is no longer eaten in China, where the plant's stem is used as a vegetable.
Wild rice is not directly related to Asian rice Rice Rice is the seed of the monocot plant Oryza sativa. As a cereal grain, it is the most important staple food for a large part of the world's human population, especially in East, South, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Latin America, and the West Indies...

11. The Bontoc Igorot : Jenks, Albert Ernest, 1869-1953 : Free Download & Streaming
Book digitized by Google from the library of Harvard University and uploaded to the Internet Archive by user tpb.

12. "Recent Additions To The Library," Compiled By HELEN M. MCFARLAND, Librarian, Ka
JENKS, ALBERT ERNEST, Minnesota's Browns Valley Man and Associated Burial Artifacts. Menasha, Wis., American Anthropological Association, 1937 (Memoirs, No. 49).
Recent Additions to the Library
Compiled by HELEN M. MCFARLAND, Librarian
May, 1939 (Vol. 8, No. 2), pages 184 to 207.
Transcribed by lhn;.
digitized with permission of the Kansas State Historical Society.
Quarterly. KANSAS ASHLEY, GEORGE T., "If I Only Had Money," Hollywood, Cal., Author [c1935].
BARNARD, AMBROSE, The Emporia City Directory, 1887-8. Emporia, O T Kendall [pref 1887].
BARROW, PHILIP SHERIDAN, Booklet of the Golden Anniversary of the First Baptist Church of Horton, Kansas. [Horton, The Horton Headlight.
BARROWS, HARLAN H., The Need for Conservancy Legislation [Address Before the Kansas State Legislature, February 12, 1937]. Topeka, State Planning Board, 1937 Mimeographed.
BARTLING, EDWARD D., John Henry Kagy and the Old Log Cabin Home. Nebraska City, Neb [The Press Printing Company], c1938.
BASS, N WOOD, Origin of the Shoestring Sands of Greenwood and Butler Counties, Kansas. [Topeka, Kansas State Printing Plant, 1937] (Kansas Geological Survey, Bulletin, No. 23). MIRY, WILLIAM A], When the Reliefers Took Rome.

13. Full Text Of "The Bontoc Igorot"
Book from Project Gutenberg The Bontoc Igorot Library of Congress Classification DS
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Full text of " The Bontoc Igorot

14. The GOOPFIC Collection: Author Index
Jenks, Albert Ernest BT3jVIQcUx8C {0158} The Childhood of Jishib', the Ojibwa (1900) Jerome, Jerome K. W35qjk85SysC {0480} Paul Kelver (1902)

15. The Practical Value Of Anthropology To Our Nation
Title The Practical Value of Anthropology to Our Nation Authors Jenks, Albert Ernest Publication Science, Volume 53, Issue 1364, pp. 147156 Publication Date
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The Practical Value of Anthropology to Our Nation Authors:

Science, Volume 53, Issue 1364, pp. 147-156 ( Sci Homepage Publication Date:

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16. Natives, American Indians References - Food Resource [http://food.oregonstate.ed
Jenks, Albert Ernest. 1977. The Wild Rice Gatherers of the Upper Lakes A Study in American Primitive Economics. Lincoln, NE J L reprint Co. Johannessen, C.L. 1967.
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Aricles Presented at "CULTURAL ASPECTS OF FOOD: Past, Present, Future" Symposium April 1999 at Oreogn State University, Corvallis, OR. from the Department of Nutrition and Food Management. to Top
Adams, Robert M. 1971. Development stages in ancient Mesopotamia. Prehistoric Agriculture . Ed. by Stuart Struever. Garden City, N.Y.: National History Press. Adams, T. 1992November 13. The delicate art of piki bread. The Independent Gallup, N.M., p. 14. Alaskan Area Native Health Service. 1976. Leading Problems of the Alaska Natives. Abler T. 1980. Iroquois Cannibalism: Fact Not Fiction. Ethnohistory. 27:309-316. Angier, Bradford. 1961. Wilderness cookery. Harrisburg, Penn.: Stackpole Books. Alford, b.B. and E.B.R.D. Nance. 1976. Customary Foods in the Navajo Diet. Journal of the American Dietetic Association 69(November): 538.
American indian, Navajo diet
Angier, Bradford. 1966 ad 1969. Feasting Free on Wild Edibles. [a volume edition of Free for the Eating and More Free-for the -Eating.

17. Bernstein, Bruce And Gerald McMaster
299.793 JEN 2004 Jenks, Albert Ernest. The Childhood of Jishib, the Ojibwa and 64 Pen Sketches. 977.004 JEN 1900 2005 reprint Johnston, Basil.

18. Browse By Author: J - Project Gutenberg
Jenks, Albert Ernest, 18691953. The Bontoc Igorot (English) (as Author) Jenks, Jeremiah Whipple, 1856-1929. Wikipedia; The Making of a Nation The Beginnings of Israel's History (English
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Jaakkola, K., 1853-1932
Jääskeläinen, Kaapro, 1862-1932
Jack, George
Jackman, William James, 1850-
Jacks, L. P. (Lawrence Pearsall), 1860-1955

19. The Bontoc Igorot / Jenks, Albert Ernest, 1869-1953
The Bontoc Igorot / Jenks, Albert Ernest, 18691953

20. The Wild Rice Gatherers Of The Upper Lakes - Wisconsin Historical Society
Jenks, Albert Ernest. The wild rice gatherers of the upper lakes a study in American primitive economics. (Washington Government Printing Office, 1900).

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