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         Kennedy John F:     more books (99)
  1. The Assassination of John F. Kennedy: A Complete Book of Facts by James P. Duffy, Vincent L. Ricci, 1992-09
  2. Sounding the Trumpet: The Making of John F. Kennedy's Inaugural Address by Richard J. Tofel, 2005-09-02
  3. The Uncommon Wisdom of JFK: A Portrait in His Own Words by John F. Kennedy, 2003-10-28
  4. A Thousand Days: John F. Kennedy in the White House by Arthur M. Schlesinger Jr., 2002-06-03
  5. John F. Kennedy: Person, Policy, Presidency
  6. John F. Kennedy: Our Thirty-Fifth President (Presidents of the U.S.a.) by Judith E. Harper, 2008-08-08
  7. Profiles in Courage: Simulations Based on John F. Kennedy's Pulitzer Prize Book (Etc Simulation, No. 4.) by Richard W. Hostrop, Leeona S. Hostrop, et all 1995-05
  8. Jack and Lem: John F. Kennedy and Lem Billings: The Untold Story of an Extraordinary Friendship by David Pitts, 2008-03-25
  9. John F. Kennedy Assassination, The (Perspectives on Modern World History)
  10. John F. Kennedy (Encyclopedia of Presidents) by Zachary Kent, 1987-06
  11. Portrait of a President: John F. Kennedy in Profile by William Raymond Manchester, 1967-01
  12. John F. Kennedy: A Photo-Illustrated Biography (Photo-Illustrated Biographies) by Steve Potts, 1996-08
  13. The Assassination of John F. Kennedy, 1963 (Monumental Milestones: Great Events of Modern Times) by Susan Sales Harkins and William H. Harkins, 2007-11-01
  14. Jack: The Early Years of John F. Kennedy by Ilene Cooper, 2003-02-03

81. UWF Special Collections
Newspapers, magazines, journal articles, and other materials relating to the assassination of John F. Kennedy and Robert F. Kennedy including issues of the New York Times, Life

82. John F. Kennedy Assassination
Theories, pictures of Dealey Plaza and the grassy knoll, JFK s limo, and visitors opinions.
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J ohn F. K ennedy What really happened in Dallas on November 22, 1963? View from the Grassy Knoll J.F.K. Remembered After forty four years, it is now safe to say that President Kennedy was murdered as the result of a conspiracy. This logical conclusion was reached by approaching the assassination from three directions. First, the presence of a second shooter in Dealey Plaza is proof of a conspiracy in itself. However, even if it could be proven that just one person fired all the shots, that in itself would not prove that there was no conspiracy. A lone shooter could have acted alone, or as an agent for others as part of a conspiracy. Although it has been proven with 96% certainty that two shooters fired a total of four shots in Dealey Plaza on November 22, 1963, it is not necessary to prove beyond the shadow of doubt exactly how many bullets were fired from exactly which location(s) if the conspiracy can be proven through other means. Second, admission of guilt by those involved in the assassination, or by those who were associated with those involved, is strong evidence that there was a conspiracy. The Kennedy’s had secretly plotted to assassinate Castro utilizing CIA/Mafia resources along with a group of Cuban exiles. Johnny Roselli was the Mafia’s point man for this project, but mob bosses Sam Giancana (Chicago), Carlos Marcello (New Orleans), and Santos Trafficante (Tampa) were also involved. However, the secrecy of the plan was compromised when Castro learned of the plot through a Cuban infiltrator, or as Roselli believed, through Santos Trafficante. However, Trafficante told a different story to Godfather Joe Bonanno (which he published in his autobiography), indicating that Sam Giancana ordered the hit on Kennedy. Regardless, the evidence still indicates that some of the resources assembled to kill Castro were redirected towards President Kennedy via one or more of the local Mafia bosses.

83. Winter Kills
Comprehensive, searchable archive of documentary evidence pertaining to the assassination of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

84. JFK Assassination -
Books, DVD, chronology, terms and people related to John F. Kennedy s assassination on November 22, 1963.
Cover-Up Stewart Galanor Broken Silence S'identifier

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Who's Who in the JFK assass...
Michael Benson JFK Conspiracy of Silence Charles A. Crenshaw, J... Trauma Room One Charles A. Crenshaw, J... Truth Withheld: A Survivor'... James tague JFK The Second Plot Matthew Smith An Unfinished Life: John F.... Robert Dallek Richard James House of Sugar Sheldon Burton Webster


Death of Fletcher Prouty
Tuesday June 5, 2001 16 million dollars for the ... Friday July 16, 1999 3,000 autopsy pages released Sunday August 2, 1998 George W. Hickey loses trial Monday September 29, 1997 J. Lee Rankin's files relea... Thursday July 3, 1997 George W. Hickey sues Menni... Friday April 21, 1995 Jackie Kennedy dies Thursday May 19, 1994 Release of the movie JFK in... Friday December 20, 1991
A New Look at the Zapruder Film

Welcome on this brand new website dedicated to JFK's assassination forty years ago. is on the web for a long time now, but this english version is the big novelty of 2004. Of course, english is not my native language (I am a Belgian, and I speak french), so I count on you to warn me if I make grammatical errors ;-)

85. John Kennedy Head Wound :INDEX
Essays and close analysis of the medical evidence relating to Kennedy s death.
Index to various JFK assassination related pages on this site Th " Dr. Boswell said one of the problems with the treatment
at Parkland was that the doctors did not fully realize the
extent of the head wound
." Boswell, interview Andy Purdy , August 17, 1977
looking for books?

Problems With The Dox Skull Drawing
Acoustics JFK X-Ray Densities ... More Web Resources

86. The Assassination Of John F. Kennedy
Offers biographies of people involved in the case including witnesses, investigators, and possible conspirators.
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The Assassination of John F. Kennedy Important Figures in the Case James Abercrombie Albert E. Jenner Joseph Alsop Josefa Johnson ... Harris Wofford Important Witnesses Gordon Arnold Evelyn Lincoln William Attwood Marita Lorenz ... Part 3 and Part 4 Investigators, Researchers and Journalists Gary L. Aguilar Daniel Marvin Jean-Guy Allard Carl Marzani ... Our Man in Mexico Possible Conspirators James Jesus Angleton Edward Lansdale Manuel Artime Meyer Lansky ... The Man Who Knew Too Much Organizations and Operations Central Intelligence Agency Federal Bureau of Investigation Communist Secret Police: KGB American Communist Party ... Brothers: The Hidden History Reports on the Assassination The Warren Commission CBS: The Warren Report Select Committee on Intelligence Activities House Select Committee on Assassinations Kennedy Assassination Issues Deaths of Witnesses Grassy Knoll Zapruder Film Dealey Plaza ... Who's Who Primary Sources: Key Issues Lee Harvey Oswald in 1963 Assassination of JFK Murder of J. D. Tippit Jack Ruby and the Mafia ... Kennedy's Autopsy Primary Sources: Theories Oswald the Lone Assassin The Mafia Soviet Union/Cuba Anti-Castro Activists ... Secret Service/FBI Student Activities Overview of the Assassination of JFK Theories: Who Killed Kennedy Assassination of JFK: Primary Sources Research Project: Who Killed Kennedy?

87. Automatic Redirection Page - This Site Has Moved
European site analyses the Dealey Plaza photographic evidence from a conspiracy perspective.
Automatic Redirection Page - Copweb JFK has moved !!!

88. Radio Ceylon Mourns The Death Of President John F.Kennedy
Offers an international perspective on the assassination.
Build your own FREE website at Share: Facebook Twitter Digg reddit document.write(lycos_ad['leaderboard']); document.write(lycos_ad['leaderboard2']); Radio Ceylon mourns the death of President John F.Kennedy Home Links Radio Ceylon in 1963
Where were you on the 22nd of November 1963? It is a question on the lips of so many around the world and they think back to the day President John.F.Kennedy was assasinated in Dallas, Texas in the United States of America. President Kennedy's death stunned the people of Ceylon. John F.Kennedy was viewed as a highly intelliegent, charismatic US President by many in South Asia including Ceylon. He was the youngest President of the United States, narrowly beating Richard Nixon in the Presidential Elections in 1961. He was 43 years old. 1961 was a historic year for both Ceylon and the United States of America.On 20th January 1961, John F.Kennedy was sworn in as the youngest ever elected President of the US. In Colombo, on the 20th of July 1961, Mrs. Sirimavo Bandaranaike widow of Prime Minister S.W.R.D.Bandaranaike was sworn in as the world's first woman prime minister. Radio Ceylon, the first radio station in South Asia, broadcast news of both occasions.

Offers information about Dale K. Myers computer-generated reconstruction of the JFK assassination.
Secrets of a Homicide: JFK Assassination is a continuing project involving computer analysis of photographic evidence in the infamous 1963 crime by award-winning computer animator Dale K. Myers.
Through a series of graphic reports, Secrets of a Homicide seeks to educate and enlighten students, scholars and historians by providing a unique geometric and technological perspective on the assassination. The results of the Secrets of a Homicide project have been cited in many publications and broadcast by television networks worldwide including ABC News, The BBC, The Discovery Channel, and The History Channel.
Secrets of a Homicide: JFK Assassination
Published by Oak Cliff Press, Inc., P.O. Box 608, Milford, MI 48381-0608

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90. Long Lost Kennedy Film Found, Could There Be More?
Article describing how top television reporters covered the assassination of President John Kennedy.

91. JFK Assassination: Articles By Grover Proctor
A collection of articles by Dr. Grover B. Proctor, Jr.
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the jfk assassination website:
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the raleigh call: article

the raleigh call: docs.

FAQ's on the assassination
... (poem)
see also:
ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS ... A Poem About the Killing of a President Dr. Grover B. Proctor, Jr. is a historian and former university Dean who is widely acknowledged as an expert on the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. He has published numerous articles, lectured extensively, and has frequently been consulted by print and broadcast media. While most of his work comprises analysis and interpretation of the assassination research phenomenon, he broke new ground in the investigation in the early 1980's with his work on Lee Harvey Oswald's alleged telephone call from the Dallas jail to a former military counterintelligence agent in Raleigh, N.C. Index of Articles: F O R N E W C O M E R S T O T H E S U B J E C T:
  • A Reply to a Student's Questions An informal and abbreviated set of answers to questions recently mailed to me by a student who is just beginning to become interested in the assassination. Updated January 1999.
T H E R A L E I G H C A L L:
  • Collected for the first time anywhere, Grover Proctor's newly-expanded article on "The Raleigh Call," along with all of the major primary and research documents in the

92. John Fitzgerald Kennedy Assassination By Marcel Dehaeseleer
Marcel Dehaeseleer offers an analysis of photographs of the JFK assassination.
- JFK Assassination Materials -
The assassination of the 35th President of the United States of America, John Fitzgerald Kennedy in Dallas, TX.
This research website presents several studies and analyses of cameras, still cameras, films and photographs related to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Introduction From the Webmaster... This third version of Copweb JFK was launched in August 2006. Some old topics were removed and several news will be occasionally added. Previous mailing lists were deleted, consequently you may subscribe again to remain informed of future updates. Web There is no possible doubt in my mind that the assassination of John F. Kennedy is the result of a well-orchestrated conspiracy, covered by a group of very powerful people. I am also convinced that those involved people and/or their heirs still continue to conceal proofs and vital information to prevent from solving the mystery of the Kennedy assassination. Their main motivation, beyond the protection of their freedom and honour, is the safeguard of their substantial incomes and the continuity of their business for future generations. God Bless America !!!

93. JFK Research
Heavily conspiracy-oriented, sometimes wacky, and often interesting discussion of the assassination, related conspiracy theories.

94. Dave Perry's JFK Assassination Pages
An examination of various theories concerning the assassination of John F. Kennedy
Dave Perry's John F. Kennedy Assassination Pages Can you have a lone gunman and a conspiracy? Yes - because that is exactly what happened in the Lincoln assassination. John Wilkes Booth was the lone assassin but four others including Mary Surratt were executed on Friday, July 7, 1865. Four more were sentenced to life in prison in the Dry Tortugas. "It will be pretended that this foul murder was the work of maniac, or the result of a combination gotten up by crazy fanatics." Sunday Morning Chronicle ~ Sunday, April 16, 1865 Washington, D.C. newspaper on the Lincoln assassination FYI On June 21, 2010 Wim Dankbaar posted the following on the forum: Re: JFK Motorcade Route by dankbaar on Mon Jun 21, 2010 6:34 pm "David Perry and Gary Mack maintain that it was not possible to get onto The Stemmons Freeway from Main Street. Jack Rivell (Dallas Police) assured that it was possible. The investigation that I have done, indicates that Mack and Perry were right. It would be worthwhile for Dallas residents to check with people from that timeframe. Jerry Craig or Dealey Joe? Wim" I cannot speak for Gary Mack but just to be clear I never said you couldn't get from Main to Stemmons. What I said was:

95. The Assassination Of John Fitzgerald Kennedy — Introduction — Crime Library
Reasonably well-written treatise arguing that a conspiracy killed John Kennedy.

96. The Men On The Sixth Floor
Website based on a book written by Glen Sample and Mark Collom. Released on November 22, 1995, the book suggests Malcolm Wallace and LBJ may have been involved in the assassination.
on July 3, 2010
A fresh look at the JFK assassination!
Whether you are a serious researcher or just have a casual interest in the JFK assassination, we hope you will find these pages useful and interesting. The name of our web site -"The Men On The Sixth Floor," is also the title of a book written by myself (Glen Sample) and my colleague, Mark Collom. Originally released on November 22, 1995, it is the result of a three year investigation by its authors. Click here How much do you know about the JFK assassination? TRY our TRIVIA Game Here!
Purchase the new 2010 Digital Version of "The Men on the Sixth Floor" HERE! $9.99
Updated with two new chapters! Sent via e-mail anywhere in the world.
The 2003 History Channel documentary: "The Men Who Killed Kennedy - The Guilty Men" is based
in part on our research. This controversial documentary, which WAS until recently
available here, has gone missing. Under extreme pressure from the Johnson Family and former
Johnson staff members, the History Channel - in an unprecedented move - has announced that it will
no longer sell, OR TELEVISE this documentary again. We have interpreted this action as blatant censorship.

97. Bancroft Press - About Gus Russo
Author Gus Russo claims the Kennedy brothers were obsessed with Castro and Cuba. Also suggests that Castro may have been behind the assassination.
About Live by the Sword
Humiliated at the Bay of Pigs, John and Robert Kennedy sought desperately to eliminate Castro. Their strategies for overthrowing the Cuban leader were so elaborate and bizarre, they could only engender paranoia. Castro openly threatened to retaliate. About Gus Russo An acclaimed investigative reporter, Gus Russo was a lead reporter and researcher on the three-hour landmark 1993 documentary, "Who Was Lee Harvey Oswald?" Most recently, he served as an investigative reporter and senior consultant to the producer for ABC's "Dangerous World: The Kennedy Years," hosted by Peter Jennings. The two-hour program received both critical and popular acclaim, and was based on Seymour Hersh's The Dark Side of Camelot , for which Russo was a research consultant. He has also done research for respected authors Gerald Posner and Anthony Summers. Russo has appeared on all major TV networks as a JFK assassination expert, including "CBS Reports with Dan Rather." He has frequently spoken on NPR as well as on many college campuses.

98. The Lee Harvey Oswald Research Page-Index
Information on Oswald s background, and a thorough debunking of the notion that there were two Lee Oswalds.

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99. City Of Dallas, John F. Kennedy Collection, City Secretary's Office
Extensive collection of primary source documents from the Dallas Police Department scanned and online for researchers.
Office of the City Secretary Dallas Municipal Archives
John F. Kennedy/Dallas Police Department Collection
In 1989, and later through City of Dallas Ordinance 92-0438, the Dallas Police Department transferred to the Dallas Municipal Archives, Office of the City Secretary, all police records relating to the assassination. These records have been available to researchers since the transfer. The collection contains 11,406 documents and photographs, including homicide reports, affidavits, witness statements, newspaper clippings and correspondence. The collection is also available on microfilm. The Municipal Archives possesses the original files, except those that have been transferred to the federal government permanently.
Handling of original materials is restricted due to their fragile nature, though researchers are encouraged to use the photographs series through the Portal to Texas History digital library here . The 1992 digitized paper series is maintained on this website, though the entire collection is scheduled for re-scanning in 2010. This site displays all of the scanned images from this collection, which were scanned in 2-bit depth at 300 dpi in the early 1990s in a pioneering digitization project. Each scan is full-screen, so that nothing was cropped. Many documents are difficult to read due to poor originals or due to the low scanning resolution. All copies of images and documents, including all generations of carbon copies, are presented to ensure the integrity of the collection. Most browsers should be able to zoom on images and resize for printing. Please contact the Municipal Archives if you are unable to view any images.

100. The President John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Collection
Index of records contained in the National Archives. No actual records, but data here can be used to order documents from the Archives.

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