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         Kennedy John F:     more books (99)
  1. Jack: The Early Years of John F. Kennedy by Ilene Cooper, 2003-02-03
  2. The Bystander: John F. Kennedy and the Struggle for Black Equality by Nick Bryant, 2006-05-29
  3. John F. Kennedy: His Inaugural Address
  4. John F. Kennedy and the Stormy Sea (Ready-to-Read. Level 2) by Howard Goldsmith, 2006-01-03
  5. JFK: Day by Day: A Chronicle of the 1,036 Days of John F. Kennedy's Presidency by Terry Golway, Les Krantz, 2010-10-05
  6. My Twelve Years with John F. Kennedy by Evelyn Lincoln, 2003-07
  7. John F. Kennedy: Commander in Chief by Pierre Salinger, 2000-10-03
  8. The Assassination of John F. Kennedy: A Comprehensive Historical and Legal Bibliography, 1963-1979 by DeLloyd J. Guth, 1980-09-25
  9. John F. Kennedy: America's 35th President (Encyclopedia of Presidents. Second Series) by Kieran Doherty, 2005-05-15
  10. John F. Kennedy and New Frontier Diplomacy, 1961-1963 by Timothy P. Maga, 1994-02
  11. The Assassination of John F. Kennedy: An Annotated Film, TV, and Videography, 1963-1992 (Bibliographies and Indexes in Mass Media and Communications)
  12. John F. Kennedy and PT109 (Survivor) by Philip Abraham, 2002-03
  13. Four Days in November: The Assassination of President John F. Kennedy by Vincent Bugliosi, 2008-05-17
  14. John F. Kennedy (The United States Presidents) by Megan M. Gunderson, 2009-01

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