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  1. A history of Babylon from the foundation of the monarchy to the Persian conquest by L W. 1869-1919 King, 2010-08-28
  2. First steps in Assyrian; a book for beginners, being a series of historical, mythological, religious, magical, epistolary and other texts printed in cuneiform ... and a sketch of Assyrian grammar, si by L W. 1869-1919 King, 2010-08-27
  3. Egypt and Western Asia in the light of recent discoveries by L W. 1869-1919 King, 2010-08-28
  4. A history of Sumer and Akkad: an account of the early races of Babylonia from prehistoric times to the foundation of the Babylonian monarchy by L W. 1869-1919 King, 2010-08-23
  5. Bronze reliefs from the gates of Shalmaneser, King of Assyria, B.C. 860-825 by L W. 1869-1919 King, E A. Wallis Budge, 2010-09-07
  6. The letters and inscriptions of Hammurabi, King of Babylon, about B.C. 2200, to which are added a series of letters of other kings of the First Dynasty of Babylon. The original Babylonian texts by L W. 1869-1919 King, 2010-09-10
  7. Records of the reign of Tukulti-Ninib I, King of Assyria, about B.C. 1275 by L W. 1869-1919 King, 2010-09-08
  8. Paganism and Christianity in Egypt by Philip David Scott-Moncrieff, H R. 1873-1930 Hall, et all 2010-08-06
  9. Legends of Babylon and Egypt in relation to Hebrew tradition by L W. 1869-1919 King, 2010-08-24
  10. Babylonian magic and sorcery: being "The prayers of the lifting of the hand", the cuneiform texts of a group of Babylonian and Assyrian incantations and ... and full vocabulary from tablets of the K by L W. 1869-1919 King, 2010-08-27
  11. The seven tablets of creation: or The Babylonian and Assyrian legends concerning the creation of the world and of mankind by L W. 1869-1919 King, 2010-08-06
  12. History of Egypt, Chaldea, Syria, Babylonia, and Assyria in the light of recent discovery by L W. 1869-1919 King, H R. 1873-1930 Hall, 2010-07-30
  13. Catalogue of the cuneiform tablets in the Kouyunjik collection of the British museum by Carl Bezold, L W. 1869-1919 King, 2010-09-08
  14. Babylonian religion and mythology by L W. 1869-1919 King, 2010-08-25

101. ReVision - Cinema - Three Kings
Approfondimento critico.

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Three Kings
Regia: David O. Russell Salvate Il Soldato Ryan La Sottile Linea Rossa
Three Kings ci porta direttamente nel cuore del problema, costituendo un magnifico esempio di scollamento tra narrazione e visibile Three Kings Spanking The Monkey Amori E Disastri
Apocalypse Now
, dove c'erano gli elicotteri, qui le musiche sono di Bach o dei Chicago invece che Wagner.
Il piacere, finalmente, di vedere la guerra in diretta, come un gioco, certo, ma sempre meglio dei soliti finti cormorani che agonizzano nelle acque sporche di petrolio... reVision, Andrea Caramanna

102. Three Kings THREE KINGS Con George Clooney GEORGE CLOONEY
Recensione del film con George Clooney.

103. Stephen King - Wikipedia, Den Frie Encyklopædi
Biografi og bibliografi.

104. King-Father Norodom Sihanouk Of Cambodia
Information about the King and the Royal Family including biographies and activities.

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