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  1. Biography - Pyle, Howard (1853-1911): An article from: Contemporary Authors by Gale Reference Team, 2003-01-01
  2. Howard Pyle by Howard (1853-1911). Introduction By Rowland Elzea Pyle, 1975
  3. Some merry adventures of Robin Hood, of great renown in Nottinghamshire / written and illustrated by Howard Pyle by Howard (1853-1911) Pyle, 1903
  4. The merry adventures of Robin Hood of great renown in Nottinghamshire / written and illustrated by Howard Pyle by Howard (1853-1911) Pyle, 1883
  5. The WONDER CLOCK. Or Four & Twenty Marvelous Tales, Being One for Each Hour of the Day. Embellished with Verses by Katherine Pyle. by Howard [1853 - 1911]. Pyle, Katherine - Contributor. Pyle, 1888
  6. The AUTOCRAT Of The BREAKFAST-TABLE. by Oliver Wendell [1809 - 1894].Pyle, Howard [1853 - 1911].[Whitman, Sarah Wyman1842 - 1904]. Holmes, 1895
  7. Rejected Of Men; A Story Of To-day by Pyle Howard 1853-1911, Twain Mark 1835-1910, 2010-09-29
  8. Sir Christopher; A Romance Of A Maryland Manor In 1644 by Pyle Howard 1853-1911, 2010-10-15
  9. The wonder clock, or, Four & twenty marvellous tales : being one for each hour of the day / written & illustrated by Howard Pyle ; embellished with verses by Katharine Pyle by Howard (1853-1911) Pyle, 1887
  10. The Rose of Paradise : being a detailed account of certain adventures that happened to Captain John Mackra, in connection with the famous pirate, Edward England, in the year 1720, off the island of Juanna in the Mozambique Channel by Howard, 1853-1911 Pyle, 2009-10-26
  11. Rejected of men; a story of to-day. by Howard Pyle. by Pyle. Howard. 1853-1911., 1903-01-01
  12. Men of iron. by Howard Pyle. by Pyle. Howard. 1853-1911., 1892-01-01
  13. Some merry adventures of Robin Hood of great renown in Nottingha by Pyle. Howard. 1853-1911., 1902-01-01
  14. The ruby of Kishmoor by Pyle Howard 1853-1911, 1908-01-01

1. Howard Pyle Online
Howard Pyle American Golden Age Illustrator, 18531911 Guide to pictures of works by Howard Pyle in art museum sites and image archives worldwide.

2. Howard Pyle Biography
An illustrated biography.

Howard Pyle
artwork Four classic Howard Pyle pen and ink pieces in
First Annual Collection
Second and foremost, Howard Pyle was a teacher. That said, firstly he was an artist, an artist who changed the way the world looked at illustration and the way illustration looked to the world. Before Pyle, and indeed for many years after his career started, illustrations for adventure stories looked like the image at right. Their most noticeable trait was their "staginess" - the flat "stage" of the ground, the posed "actors" and the scenery "props" to support them. It could easily have been photographed from front row center. The stage manger might call "break" and the actors would walk off and prepare for the next scene. And this is the good stuff - A.B. Frost from 1890.
Then Pyle showed up. Born in 1853, he seemed determined from a precociously early age to become an author and more importantly an artist. By 1876, he moved to New York at the encouragement of Scribner's Magazine , for whom the drawing at left was made, also in 1890. Compare it with the Frost. First off, we know this isn't a stage - we can't even see the ground. The scenery seems very un-prop-like, and it's quite obvious that the only "break" that's going to occur at the end of this scene is someone's leg or head. The tension in the Frost scene is in our minds, that of Pyle's is before our eyes. His every drawing wasn't this dynamic, nor was every assignment rife with such potential scenes, but Pyle saw the action in art, and put it on the page for all to share. He also shared his views and skills with an amazing student body at his 1896 classes at the

3. Howard Pyle —
Brief biography for the American illustrator and writer, born in Wilmington, Delaware.
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    Pyle, Howard
    Pyle, Howard, , American illustrator and writer, b. Wilmington, Del., studied at the Art Students League, New York City. His illustrations appeared regularly in Harper's Weekly, and in many other American magazines. He both wrote and illustrated tales of chivalry and adventure for young people, among them The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood The Wonder Clock The Garden Behind the Moon (1895), and The Story of King Arthur and His Knights (1903). His illustrations are of marked individuality. Scenes from both medieval folklore and American history are rendered with engaging simplicity and penetrating realism. Pyle's reconstructions of the past, of which he had an exhaustive knowledge, were uniquely believable. He also painted murals and taught painting. In 1894 he became director of illustration at Drexel Institute, Philadelphia. In 1900 he started the Howard Pyle School of Art next to his own studio in Wilmington, and classes were offered free to a limited number of students. A large collection of his pictures is preserved at the Wilmington Society of the Fine Arts. See biography by E. Nesbitt (1966); H. C. Pitz

4. Howard Pyle - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Pyle, Howard Alternative names Short description Date of birth March 5, 1853 Place of birth Wilmington, Delaware, United States Date of death November 9, 1911
Howard Pyle
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation search For the 1950s Arizona governor, see John Howard Pyle Howard Pyle Born March 5, 1853
Wilmington, Delaware
United States Died
Italy Nationality American Influenced by Winslow Homer Influenced N.C. Wyeth Sir Kay breaketh his sword at ye Tournament", one of Pyle's Arthurian illustrations. Howard Pyle (March 5, 1853 – November 9, 1911) was an American illustrator and writer, primarily of books for young audiences. A native of Wilmington Delaware , he spent the last year of his life in Florence Italy In 1894 he began teaching illustration at the Drexel Institute of Art, Science and Industry (now Drexel University ), and after 1900 he founded his own school of art and illustration called the Howard Pyle School of Illustration Art. The term the Brandywine School was later applied to the illustration artists and Wyeth family artists of the Brandywine region by Pitz (later called the Brandywine School Some of his more famous students were Olive Rush N. C. Wyeth

5. Pyle, Howard 1853-1911 [WorldCat Identities]
Howard Pylewriter, illustrator, founder of the Brandywine school by Henry Clarence Pitz ( Book ) The Brandywine heritage Howard Pyle, N.C. Wyeth, Andrew Wyeth
Wed Sep 1 02:18:41 2010 UTC lccn-n79-72830 Cartoonists IllustratorsUnited States lccn-sh85-114612 Robin Hood (Legendary character) lccn-n79-55479 Arthur King lccn-n80-32729 Holmes, Oliver Wendell lccn-n88-674290 Baldwin, James lccn-n92-74167 Johnson, Merle De Vore com lccn-sh85-74285 Lancelot (Legendary character) lccn-n85-73147 Pyle, Katharine d. 1938 lccn-n79-54878 Wyeth, N. C. (Newell Convers) ill lccn-n80-39689 Cabell, James Branch lccn-n50-36751 Mitchell, S. Weir (Silas Weir) Pyle, Howard Pyle, Howard Adventure fiction Folklore Legends Young adult fiction Children's literature Young adult literature Children's stories Historical fiction Digital images Historical fiction, American Perceval (Legendary character) Bunker Hill, Battle of (Boston, Massachusetts : 1775) MassachusettsBoston Conduct of life Young adult works EnglandNottinghamshire Illustrated children's books Poetry Tales Criticism, interpretation, etc. Children's stories, American Grail Folklore Catalogs Painting, American Illustrations Artists United StatesBrandywine Creek Valley Illustration of books Courts and courtiers Courtly love Adventure stories Audiobooks Chivalry Exhibition catalogs Lancelot (Legendary character) Children's poetry Middle Ages Influence (Literary, artistic, etc.)

6. Pyle, Howard - Hutchinson Encyclopedia Article About Pyle, Howard
US illustrator and teacher. He illustrated historical events and characters for major publishers and periodicals, had a studio in New York 1876–80, and established the Brandywine, Howard

7. Howard Pyle Posters
Pyle Howard Title Anne Hutchinson Preaching in Her House in Boston 1637 Illustration from Colonies and Nation Size 61 cm x 46 cm / 24'' x 18'' Availability
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Howard Pyle
Artist Pyle Howard Title An American Privateer Taking a British Prize Size 61 cm x 46 cm / 24'' x 18'' Availability 3-5 Days Item# Artist Pyle Howard Title His Army Broke up and Followed Him Weeping and Sobbing Size 61 cm x 46 cm / 24'' x 18'' Availability 3-5 Days Item# Artist Pyle Howard Title A Banquet to Genet Illustration from Washington and the French Craze of 93 by John Bach Mcmaster Size 61 cm x 46 cm / 24'' x 18'' Availability 3-5 Days Item# Artist Pyle Howard Title A Committee of Patriots Delivering an Ultimatum to a Kings Councillor Size 61 cm x 46 cm / 24'' x 18'' Availability 3-5 Days Item# Artist Pyle Howard Title A Lonely Duel in the Middle of a Great Sunny Field Size 61 cm x 46 cm / 24'' x 18'' Availability 3-5 Days Item# Artist Pyle Howard Title Along the Canal in Old Manhattan from The Evolution of New York by Thomas A. Janvier

8. Howard Pyle - Books, Biography, Quotes - Read Print
Read works by Howard Pyle for free at Read Print.

9. The Deacon's Masterpiece, By Oliver Wendell Holmes
Complete online version of Holmes One Horse Shay , with the Howard Pyle illustrations.
^ToC /Search/ !Warn! ?Help? ...
By Oliver Wendell Holmes
with illustrations by
Howard Pyle
[D] Boston and New York
Houghton, Mifflin and Company
The Riverside Press, Cambridge, Mass., U.S.A.
. . . ." The Wonderful One-Hoss Shay " is a perfectly intelligible conception, whatever material difficulties it presents. It is conceivable that a being of an order superior to humanity should so understand the conditions of matter that he could construct a machine which should go to pieces, if not into its constituent atoms, at a given moment of the future. The mind may take a certain pleasure in this picture of the impossible. The event follows as a logical consequence of the presupposed condition of things. There is a practical lesson to be got out of the story. Observation shows us in what point any particular mechanism is most likely to give way. In a wagon, for instance, the weak point is where the axle enters the hub or nave. When the wagon breaks down, three times out of four, I think, it is at this point that the accident occurs. The workman should see to it that this part should never give way; then find the next vulnerable place, and so on, until he arrives logically at the perfect result attained by the deacon The localities referred to are those with which I am familiar in my drives about Essex County O. W. H.

10. Pyle, Howard Definition Of Pyle, Howard In The Free Online Encyclopedia.
Pyle, Howard, 1853–1911, American illustrator and writer, b. Wilmington, Del., studied at the Art Students League, New York City. His illustrations appeared regularly in Harper's, Howard

11. The Book Of Pirates By Pyle, Howard
This illustrated collection of stories includes The Ghost of Captain Brand, Tom Chist and the Treasure Box, Jack Ballister's Fortunes, The Ruby of Kishmoor, and more.

12. Howard Pyle Fonts & Art
Collections of art, designs, illuminated characters and fonts. Several examples from Tennyson s Lady of Shalott. Online sales.
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13. Howard Pyle - Free Online Library
Free Online Library books by Howard Pyle best known authors and titles are available on the Free Online Library
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Howard Pyle
Howard Pyle was born in Wilmington, Delaware (Brandywine Valley) on March 5th, 1853. After short stints at schools like the Friends' School , Howard's parents allowed him to begin studying art instead of going to college. When he was sixteen, Howard began three years of study with the Belgian artist Van der Weilen. Howard returned home, helped his father in the family business, and continued to practice drawing. In 1876, Howard sent a set of verse, with illustrations, to Scribner's Monthly . They were accepted, and Howard then submitted a fairy tale to a children's magazine, Saint Nicholas , in 1877, which was, again, accepted. Spurred on by these successes and encouraged by his father, Howard left for New York late in 1876. By the age of twenty-five, Howard's work was in demand. He returned to Wilmington to live with his family and work from there. In 1881, Howard married Anne Poole. In 1883, Howard published his first book for children

14. Pyle, Howard- The Story Of King Arthur
LotPyle, Howard The Story of King Arthur, Lot Number715, Starting Bid$10, AuctioneerRachel Davis Fine Arts, AuctionWorks on Paper, African and Decorative Arts, Date600

15. Pyle, Howard, Studios - Wilmington, DELAWARE Historic Landmark
Pubcrawler Beer search engine for North America including the United States and Canada- find breweries, brewpubs and beer bars near you.

16. Pyle Howard: Free Encyclopedia Articles At Online Library
Research Pyle Howard and other related topics by using the free encyclopedia at the online library.

17. Results For Pyle Howard Page 1
Pyle, Howard, 18531911 F PYL pyle howard&letter=P&a

18. Howard Pyle
Howard Pyle Howard Pyle Research Links. Virtualology is not affiliated with the authors of these links nor responsible for each Link's content.
You are in: Museum of Art Hall of American Art Howard Pyle
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Howard Pyle
PYLE, Howard , artist, b. in Wilmington, Del., 5 March, 1853. He studied art in a private school in Philadelphia, and in 1.876 came to New York. After spending three years in that city writing and illustrating for various magazines, he returned to Wilmington, where he has since resided. Besides furnishing illustrations for various books and periodicals, he has written and illustrated numerous articles, most of them for the publications of Harper Brothers. He is the author of the text and drawings of "The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood" " Pepper and Salt " and "Within the Capes" (1885) ; and "The Wonder Clock" and " The Rose of Paradise" (1887). Mr. Pyle is favorably known as a writer of juvenile fiction, in his illustrations for which he has adopted a quaint style of design. Edited Appleton's Cyclopedia American Biography 2001 by Virtualology TM Research Links Virtualology is not affiliated with the authors of these links nor responsible for each Link's content.

19. Pyle, Howard - Pyle - Family History & Genealogy Message Board -
Pyle, Howard/Pyle family history genealogy message board. Hosted by Forum of community contributed messages helping members research the Pyle, Howard/Pyle topic.

20. Pyle, Howard
Howard Pyle (March 5, 1853 – November 9, 1911) was an influential American illustrator, who is sometimes referred to as the Father of American Illustration.
Pyle, Howard
From New World Encyclopedia
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Howard Pyle
March 5, 1853
Wilmington, Delaware, United States Died November 11, 1911 (age 58)
Italy Nationality American Howard Pyle (March 5, 1853 – November 9, 1911) was an influential American illustrator, who is sometimes referred to as the "Father of American Illustration." A native of Wilmington, Delaware , he opened an art school in his hometown where he taught other illustrators, including protégé, N. C. Wyeth . During the Golden Age of Illustration, Pyle, along with many illustrators trained by him, brought the printed word to life through their vivid descriptions of pirates , fair maidens and other medieval characters, such as the legendary Robin Hood Pyle was also a prolific writer who authored and illustrated over 24 books, mostly for children, including the four part series, The Story of King Arthur and His Knights While his attention to historical accuracy can be seen in his works depicting Revolutionary War themes, (see

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