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  1. The King's Men: by Robert; John Boyle O'Reilly; J.S. of Dale (Frederick J. Stimson) & John T. Wheelwright Grant, 1884
  2. Roving And Fighting: Adventures Under Four Flags by Edward S. O'Reilly, 2010-09-10
  3. Roving And Fighting: Adventures Under Four Flags by Edward S. O'Reilly, 2007-07-25
  4. Retinopathies: An entry from Thomson Gale's <i>Gale Encyclopedia of Nursing and Allied Health</i> by Martha S., OD Reilly, 2002
  5. Wilmington. Past, present & future, embracing historical sketches of its growth and progress from its establishment to the present time, together with ... mercantile, naval, and general bu by J S Reilly, 2010-06-20
  6. Wilmington. Past, Present by J. S Reilly, 2010-01-12
  7. Roving And Fighting: Adventures Under Four Flags by Edward S. O'Reilly, 2010-09-10
  8. E.Enge's .S.Spencer's .R.Fishkin'sThe Art of SEO(The Art of SEO: Mastering Search Engine Optimization (Theory in Practice) [Paperback]2009) by E.Enge.S.Spencer.R.Fishkin, 2009
  9. S.Berkun's(The Myths of Innovation (Hardcover))(2007) by S.Berkun, 2007
  10. S.O. Douglas'sAjax on Java [Paperback]2007) by S.O. Douglas, 2007
  11. A.Northrup's .S.Wildermuth's.M.A.Stoecker's S.J.Stein's(MCPD Self-Paced Training Kit (Exams 70-536, 70-526, 70-548): Microsoft .NET Framework Windows Developer Core Requirements: Microsoft(r) NetFrameworkDeveloperCore [Paperback]2007) by A.Northrup.S.Wildermuth.M.A.StoeckerS.J.Stein, 2007
  12. S.Souders's HighPerformanceWebSites(HighPerformanceWebSites:EssentialKnowledgeforFront-EndEngineers)[Paperback]2007) by S.Souders, 2007
  13. S.M.M.Tahaghoghi's .H.Williams'sLearning MySQL [Paperback]2006) by S.M.M.Tahaghoghi.H.Williams, 2006
  14. Mr. Perryman=s Christmas Eve by Frances S. Poreher, 1912

81. Ruby In A Nutshell - O'Reilly Media
By Yukihiro Matz Matsumoto; O Reilly and Associates, 2001, ISBN 0596002149. By programmer, and Ruby creator; concise broad reference guide assumes reader knows programming. O Reilly and Associates
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    Ruby in a Nutshell
    Yukihiro Matsumoto
    O'Reilly Media
    November 2001
    Tweet Description Written by Yukihiro Matsumoto ("Matz"), creator of the language, Ruby in a Nutshell Ruby in a Nutshell is for readers who want a single desktop reference for all their needs. Full Description Ruby is an absolutely pure object-oriented scripting language written in C and designed with Perl and Python capabilities in mind. While its roots are in Japan, Ruby is slowly but surely gaining ground in the US. The goal of Yukihiro Matsumoto, creator of Ruby and author of this book, is to incorporate the strengths of languages like Perl, Python, Lisp and Smalltalk. Ruby is a genuine attempt to combine the best of everything in the scripting world. Since 1993, Ruby mailing lists have been established, Web pages have formed, and a community has grown around it. The language itself is very good at text processing and is notable for its broad object orientation. Ruby is portable and runs under GNU/Linux (and other Unices) as well as DOS, MS Windows and Mac. With Ruby in a Nutshell , Matsumoto offers a practical reference to the features of this new language including the command-line options, syntax, built-in variables, functions, and many commonly used classes and modules. This guide covers the current stable version of Ruby (1.6), yet is applicable to the development version 1.7 and the next planned stable version 1.8. You will find a thorough description of Ruby's language syntax, and a description of the core functionality built into the standard Ruby interpreter, which has more than 800 built-in methods in 42 classes and modules.

82. FIRE JOE MORGAN Most Stuff Sucks
FIRE JOE MORGAN Where Bad Sports Journalism Came To Die FJM has gone dark for the foreseeable future. Sorry folks. We may post once in a while, but it's pretty much over.
Where Bad Sports Journalism Came To Die
FJM has gone dark for the foreseeable future. Sorry folks. We may post once in a while, but it's pretty much over. You can still e-mail dak, Ken Tremendous, Junior, Matthew Murbles, or Coach
Archives Merch ... Goodbye
Friday, April 04, 2008
Most Stuff Sucks
I want to point something out in the quickly-becoming-tiresome Old Media vs. Bloggers debate: most stuff sucks. All stuff. In all forms. Most books suck. Most movies suck. Most magazines suck. Most trees likely suck if you get to know them. Fish, bugs, various metals they all probably mostly suck.
So yes, pipe-smoking Old Media dudes, you're technically correct: most blogs do suck. But then, so does most everything. Don't act like you're surprised about this development. And please, America's most talented sportswriter (or at least the guy compensated and esteemed as such), don't resort to hoary old clichés when criticizing the great new unknown.
"It’s all over the map," Reilly says about sports journalism on the world. "There's some good journalism, and some really horrible crap on there...
Again, this could be said about

83. PHP DevCenter
O Reilly Network s source for PHP developer news and information.
We've expanded our PHP news coverage and improved our search! Search for all things LAMP across O'Reilly!
Search Search Tips
Content All Articles PHP Admin Basics PHP Forms PHP Foundations
ONLamp Subjects Linux Apache MySQL Perl ... Building Photo Uploaders with XAML Who says Windows can't play nice with open source applications? Jack Herrington uses the XAML technology on Windows Vista to create a visually appealing and user-friendly image uploading application for getting pictures into a PHP web application. [Windows] Managing Sessions and State with PHP HTTP is stateless. If you've ever written a web application where user data matters, you know that managing that data can be troublesome. There are two kinds of data, though: page and session data. Understanding the differences can help you develop better and more easily. Brian Fioca explains. [PHP] Autofilled PHP Forms PHP makes handling interactive web pages easybut when you have large forms to fill out, errors to handle, and lots of data to pass back and forth, you can make your life easier by making PHP fill in all the form values for you. Gavin Andresen shows how to make forms autopopulate from PHP arrays. [PHP] Implementing MVC in PHP: The Model The most popular "proper" way to build a web application seems to be to use the Model-View-Controller design pattern. While it sounds complex, the concepts are sound and the ease of development it provides are compelling. Joe Stump shows how the Model works by developing a working version in PHP 5.

84. Democratic Underground Forums - Request Error
That's okay by me. O'Reilly's a tit! If he fears the truth it's his problem. NT

85. Perl - O'Reilly Media
Current and past products, resources, and news on O Reilly and Associate s Perl involvement.

86. O Reilly Network Gnutella Articles
The complete collection of the O Reilly Network technical articles on Gnutella and related links.
Weblogs Books School ... Podcasts
Topic: Gnutella
O'Reilly Network articles about this topic:
Distributed Systems Topologies: Part 1 (
How does Gnutella's "network" differ from the one that Napster used, or SETI at Home? Nelson Minar describes the essential frameworks for distributed networks used today. Gnutella Blown Away? Not Exactly (
Two recent articles compared Morpheus' and Gnutella's simultaneous users, and found Gnutella lagging. But before we write off Gnutella, the author writes, we should realize these numbers say nothing about the number of network users. The JuxtaNet (
With the unveiling of Project JXTA, Sun is launching an open and decentralized peer-to-peer network, that will likely eclipse Gnutella. alt.napster (
Now that Napsters filters are in place, where should one go to continue file-sharing? We take a look at the most popular file-sharing programs being used as an alternative to Napster. Gnutella and the Transient Web (
Gnutella returns the Web to Tim Berners-Lee's original vision of a two-way web, where every machine is a server. Gnutella is essentially a two-way, but very transient web.

87. O Reilly Network Linux Tutorials
The tutorial section of O Reilly Networks. Contains Linux related a large number of tutorials on a variety of subject - ranging from system administration to working with emulators.
We've expanded our Linux news coverage and improved our search! Search for all things Linux across O'Reilly!
Search Search Tips
Linux Tutorials
Open Source Beyond Software
by Michael Stutz
Software isn't the only thing that can be open source. Michael Stutz shows us how to apply the open source philosophy to other projects. Helix GNOME: Unix For Humans
by Daniel Solin
Daniel Solin introduces a special distribution of the GNOME desktop developed to provide an easy-to-use and easy-to-install open source desktop. Linux and the Tools Philosophy
by Michael Stutz
Michael Stutz explains the Unix tools philosophy of piping commands together and how it applies to Linux Scanning Images With SANE
by Michael Stutz
Getting a scanner to work on a Linux system hasn't always been smooth going. SANE works with a variety of scanning hardware, and Michael Stutz shares some tips for using it. Transforming Images
by Michael Stutz Need to rotate, resize, or resample an image for the web? Michael Stutz shows us some really useful image tools that you can run from a script. Beyond Browsing the Web by Michael Stutz Speeding up Linux Using hdparm by Rob Flickenger Instantly double the I/O performance of your disks or, in some cases, show 6 to 10 times your existing throughput!

88. O'Reilly School Of Technology
Web-based courses to learn programming and computer skills. Each course comes with a complimentary copy of an appropriate O Reilly Book to use as reference material. 7-day risk-free trial. View the full list of courses and their prices.

89. Reilly McMordie, Accountants For Contractors, Freelancers, Consultants Providing
Registered auditor and chartered certified accountants based in Sale, Cheshire. Specialist contractors accountants; offers profile, details of services, resources, news and job opportunities.
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90. Instant Replay: The BuzzFlash Interview With Al Franken. Bill O'Reilly Gag On Th
Al Franken is asked about Bill O Reilly, Bernard Goldberg, and reaction to his book Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them A Fair and Balanced Look at the Right.
BuzzFlash Interviews June 12, 2003 INTERVIEW ARCHIVES Support BuzzFlash
Get a copy of

click image MORE
INTERVIEWS WORLD MEDIA WATCH P.M. CARPENTER MAUREEN FARRELL ... FAQ Instant Replay: The BuzzFlash Interview with Al Franken. Bill O'Reilly Gag on this One! A BUZZFLASH INTERVIEW During a recent panel discussion on media bias at Book Expo America 2003, Al Franken called Bill O'Reilly on his lies - and O'Reilly didn't take to it so kindly. The heated exchange, which was covered by C-SPAN's Book TV , became the subject of media coverage around the nation [ LINK ]. BuzzFlash interviewed Franken about his first round KO against O'Reilly and about the larger issue of the media's right-wing bias, which Franken covers in his new book, Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them: A Fair and Balanced Look at the Right . (It is scheduled for release in the fall. Check back with BuzzFlash later this summer for more details). Franken is one of BuzzFlash's heroes. Author of the must-read

91. Triumphant Loser | Film | The Guardian
Interview with the actor about his role in Magnolia, working with Paul Thomas Anderson, and the role of randomness in everyday life.
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92. John C. Reilly Faces The Challenges Of 'The Perfect Storm': 7/3/00
Associated Press interview.


Dine-Out Guide

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Graphic Gallery
On-line yellow pages
John C. Reilly faces the challenges of 'The Perfect Storm'
By Elizabeth A. Kennedy, Associated Press writer
Playing a fisherman in "The Perfect Storm" was no easy task for John C. Reilly. His days were spent working on a boat off the coast of Gloucester or in a tank filled with 1.8 million gallons of water on a Los Angeles soundstage.
The film, which stars George Clooney, Mark Wahlberg and Diane Lane, is based on Sebastian Junger's 1997 best seller. It is the true story of a crew of commercial fishermen who battled three colliding storms in the Atlantic Ocean in 1991. Reilly plays Dale Murphy, or "Murph," whose wife leaves him because he spends too much time on the boat.
"I wanted Murph to be the biggest guy on the boat. I gained about 30 pounds, and I grew this big old burly beard and my hair was all crazy," said Reilly, who loves stories about the ocean.
"My dad was a big fisherman. He passed away, but a lot of time I spent growing up was on the water, so a lot of my best memories are from that. There's something about the water that solitary kind of peaceful feeling. You're on Earth but not quite."
The 35-year-old actor said he tries never to take easy roles.

Originally founded in 1946 by a group of World War II veterans. 1994 saw the formation of the current Alumni Corps , consisting of past members complimented by a younger breed of Reilly families and friends.
Honoring our Heritage
Committed to our Future

WILLOW GROVE, PA BREAKING NEWS Savannah Pictures and video now available
A Tribute to our Friend Bob Glovna, Director of Park City Pride HOME SCHEDULE ... rabbitt

94. Reilly Concrete Pumping - UK Mobile Concrete Pumps Hire
UK concrete pumping company with large fleet of mobile concrete pumps for hire. Also mobile concrete pumps for sale.
At Reilly Concrete Pumping we take pride in utilizing modern technology to provide quality concrete pumping services. Our fleet includes truck mounted boom pumps from 16 metres through to 52 metres as well as trailer mounted static concrete pumps and other specialised machinery and services. All our operators are C.I.T.B registered and our back-up team of fitters and office management staff are readily available to ensure a quality commitment to our customers.
Send us your Concrete Pumping Enquiry or Contact Our Sales/Hire Personnel
Reilly Concrete Pumping Ltd
Station Road Industrial Estate, Sutton, ST. HELENS
Tel Fax e-mail
Site design
Internet Marketing Maximum Internet Marketing, UK

95. Duker-Reilly-McPherson & Assoc: Supplier Of H.V.A.C And Electrical Products For
Manufacturer s representative for electrical, mechanical (HVAC) and appliance parts.
Phone: 586-725-2552, Fax: 586-725-2945
Content on this page requires a newer version of Adobe Flash Player.
Content on this page requires a newer version of Adobe Flash Player.
in the State of Michigan and surrounding areas.
Please click your description below to find out how we can help you.
  • Welcome to Our Site Line Card Distributor Contractor Manufacturer Architect / Engineer What's New
Welcome to Download Product Catalog / Brochure The Download Section is currently being updated to PDF's Click On Company Logo to visit Web Site.
Featuring " XLERATOR"
Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners
for HAzardous and Serve-Duty Locations
Electronic Setback Thermostats, Telephone Controllers, Programmable Light, and Motor Timers, Contractors, Relays, Variable Frequency Drives, Etc.
Controlling Temperature room to room -Warm air zoning for homes and business.

96. O'Reilly Media - Technology Books, Tech Conferences, IT Courses, News
Archives of the column written by the late Frank Willison, editor-in-chief.

97. Travelers' Tales - Publishers Of Stories, Wit And Wisdom From Travelers Around T
Produces the award-winning experiential guide series, based on a simple and ancient premise the experience of other travelers are our best map to a strange land. Travel books available online.
(updated October 23, 2010)
The Best Travel Writing 2010 Now in Bookstores
The Best Travel Writing 2010
, seventh in our annual series, is now available in bookstores and online. This year's edition is introduced by William Dalrymple , author of the recent Nine Lives , and one of the world's foremost historian-traveler-adventurersa writer in the mold of Wilfred Thesiger, Norman Lewis, Patrick Leigh Fermor, Bruce Chatwin, and Redmond O'Hanlon. The stories in The Best Travel Writing 2010 are guaranteed to have an alchemical influence on your life and outlook. Editors' Choice October 23, 2010
Winged Victory
by Erin Byrne Paris and the art of transformation. Imagine being placed at the top of the main staircase inside the most visited museum in the world. Daylight streams from above, bathing the arched walls in golden light, illuminating and exposing you. Youre there for thousands to see, but have neither head nor arms. Winged Victory stands boldly atop the sweeping Daru staircase inside Musee du Louvre in Paris. Her legs, caressed by wind-whipped fabric, are sturdy. Her chest is thrust forward, and her feathered wings fly out behind her. The loss of her head and arms is said to enhance her ethereal beauty, what she has more than makes up for what she lacks. She beams with boldness, for she is authentic. Sometimes, if we are in the right place at the right time, a work of art can release a current of electric insight that challenges us to our very core. Thus did a trip to Paris became a pilgrimage in which Winged Victorys spirit entered my bloodstream.

98. John Callahan's QUADS! Presented By Nelvana & Media World Features Present, Quad
An animated sitcom about a quadriplegic, Reilly O Reilly, and his rather physically challenged friends. The characters, clips from some episodes, and production notes.
Nelvana and Media World Features present J ohn Callahan's QUADS!,
an animated sitcom about a quadriplegic, Reilly O'Reilly, and his rather physically challenged friends This site contains no nudity and no swearing - but there are plenty of adult concepts. If you are under 16 ask Mum or Dad.

99. Accountant Cumbria, Accountant Yorkshire - O'Reilly Chartered Accountants
Providers of accountancy, taxation advice, auditing and book keeping. Several offices in the county.

100. Reilly Elementary School
Serving students in kindergarten through third grade.

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