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         Scully W C:     more detail
  1. Reminiscences of a South African pioneer (1st series--"Wanderjahre") by W C. 1855-1943 Scully, 2010-08-06
  2. By Veldt and Kopje by W C. 1855-1943 Scully, 2010-08-09
  3. Between sun and sand: a tale of an African desert by W C. 1855-1943 Scully, 2010-09-04
  4. The white hecatomb, and other stories by W C. 1855-1943 Scully, 2010-09-01
  5. Lodges in the wilderness by W C. 1855-1943 Scully, 2010-09-05
  6. Stories by English Authors: Africa (Selected by Scribners) - Addleshaw, Percy, 1866-1916, Doyle, Arthur Conan, Sir, 1859-1930 by Henry Rider, 1856-1925 Haggard, Percy, 1866-1916 Addleshaw, et all 2009-07-02
  7. Between sun and sand a tale of an African desert. by Scully. W. C. (William Charles). 1855-1943., 1898-01-01
  8. William Charles Scully (Twayne's World Authors Series, 490) by Jr. John Robert Doyle, 1978

81. MSLC
Music videos, photos, sounds, and episode ratings.
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82. X-Files Shippers
Photo galleries, fan fiction, message board, video clips, and links to romantic sites.
Web gertie's shippers
Welcome to Gertie's 'Shippers This webpage was closed on May 15, 2003 but remains open to this day as an archive for Mulder and Scully fans. With the arrival of the new X-Files movie The X-Files: I Want to Believe I hope that a new generation of fans find the characters of Mulder and Scully as wonderful and fascinating as I do. Please enjoy this archive and continue to believe... GertieBeth - July 25, 2008
Thursday May 15, 2003
X/F Season 7 DVD Deleted Scenes and Extras
I added a bunch of screen caps from the X-Files Season 7 DVDs to the Screen Grabs Archive . Part of the extras have an interview with David on the set of Hollywood AD . You can watch clips of David with Garry on the set and Téa on the set . It also included an interview with Gillian on the set of All Things. You can watch that interview here . Screen caps include some deleted scenes as well.
Season 7 Episodes
Lots and lots of season 7 captures have been added to the Screen Grabs Archive , courtesy of the ever diligent Marie Eve ! Just added: The Sixth Extinction Amor Fati Hungry Millennium and Rush
Thursday February 27, 2003

83. Untitled
Fan fiction, reviews, links, and a message board.
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If I hear one more ecoplasmic alien antimatter story I'm
going to take out my
gun and shoot somebody."
Fox Mulder
"Not surprisingly we
have no evidence of any of this... So you're free
to go."
Dana Scully All alone I came into
this world. All alone I will someday die.
Solid stone is just sand and water, baby. Sand and water, and a million years gone by. - Beth Chapman Click on the picture to enter Updated April, 2001

84. Musings Of An X-Phile Butterfly
Images and a memorial to occasions when the characters have hugged each other.
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85. Philers
Fan fiction, movie information, multimedia, spoilers, chat room, discussion board, pictures, gossip, and episode summaries.
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86. ~~NOROMO VALUES: We Celebrate Platonic Relationships!~~
Interviews, an episode guide, quotes, and fan fiction celebrating a platonic Mulder/Scully interaction.
If you're a Noromo, noromo, NoRoMo, NoRomo, anti-shipper, anti-shippie, no-romo or No-Romo - this is where you need to be! Last Updated:
October 24th, 1999 Yes, back from China if anyone even noticed, it was lovely, thankyou.
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So, anyone know of another reliable NO ADS free web space provider?
Stupid ads!!!! a guestbook! SPOILER WARNING. If you have not seen all of S#6, there could be spoilers. There is definitely movie spoilers. This is your only warning. I'm an Aussie,
and proud of it...if you see this flag, it means that person / site is, too
Join Noromos at Random
I am proud to be a Bee Squad webringger.
Random Next From Acacia, the NoRomo Safe Webring . It rocks!
Random Next This site is certifiably Noromo-friendly - click to gets yours declared This ARINL site owned by Brianna L
Random Next PLEASE NOTE the following:
    This site is not intended to promote Shipperbashing or personal attacks on Shippers. It is meant only as a pro-Noromo site.

87. Absolute X-Files Version 2.0 By XF-Manic
Episode reviews, Mulder/Scully fan fiction, and wallpaper.
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Special Thanks to Lisa Feimster for the graphic above. :) Minor updates were done by yours truly.
Last update: February 4, 2005 I'm listed!
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88. Flaming Cucumber's X-files Multimedia
Images, videos, sounds, themes, fonts, and screensavers.

89. The Official Melissketeer Home Page
Information and features for fans of Melinda McGraw or the character Melissa Scully.

90. The Angst Archive
Angsty Mulder/Scully stories by various authors.

91. The Animal Files
Stories centered around animals, including Scully s ill-fated pooch, Queequeg.
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92. Lara's Favorites
A wide variety of stories, many Mulder/Scully romances, with reviews.
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Recommended by Lara Means Collage by Azar
Updated August 12, 2002 Note Some stories on this site contain adult content. Those stories are clearly marked as rated NC-17 . If you are under age, please read something else . If you ignore this notice, neither I nor the authors can be held responsible. Got a recommendation?
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