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         Spooner Lysander:     more books (108)
  1. The Lysander Spooner Reader by George H. Smith, 1992-05-01
  2. Lysander Spooner: American Anarchist by Steve J. Shone, 2010-06-16
  3. No Treason The Constitution of No Authority by Lysander Spooner, 2010-08-12
  4. Let's Abolish Government by Lysander Spooner, 2007
  5. Collected Works of Lysander Spooner (34 works/6 volumes) by Lysander Spooner, 1971
  6. The Constitution of No Authority by Lysander Spooner, 2010-04-27
  7. The Spooner Collection: An Essay on the Trial by Jury, Vices are not Crimes, The Unconstitutionality of Slavery (with linked TOC) by LYSANDER SPOONER, 2010-03-31
  8. Vices Are Not Crimes: A Vindication by Lysander Spooner, 2010-05-23
  9. Poverty: its illegal causes and legal cure. by Lysander Spooner, 1846-01-01
  10. NO TREASON - The Constitution of No Authority - With Supplemental Essays by Lysander Spooner, 2008-08-24
  11. The unconstitutionality of slavery: including parts first and second by Lysander Spooner, 2010-06-26

1. Audiobook: Essay On The Trial By Jury By Spooner, Lysander
FOR more than six hundred years that is, since Magna Carta, in 1215 there has been no clearer principle of English or American constitutional law, than that, in criminal cases

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Audiobook: Essay on the Trial by Jury by Spooner, Lysander
FOR more than six hundred years that is, since Magna Carta, in 1215 there has been no clearer principle of English or American constitutional law, than that, in criminal cases, it is not only the right and duty of juries to judge what are the facts, what is the law, and what was the moral intent of the accused; but that it is also their right, and their primary and paramount duty, to judge of the justice of the law, and to hold all laws invalid, that are, in their opinion, unjust or oppressive, and all persons guiltless in violating, or resisting the execution of, such laws. So begins Spooner's epic on the jury, its origins and history. Spooner examines the history and powers of a jury, from the magna carta in King John's time, to the practices in the 18th century. A classic work on law, Spooner argues that the decision of the jury is sovereign over the king's law. (Summary by Bethanne)
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2. | Lysander Spooner: Lawyer, Abolitionist, Entrepreneur, And
Website dedicated to the individualist anarchist Lysander Spooner.
  • Home Biography Works Letters ...
    Welcome to
    Entreprenuer, scholar, radical abolitionist, principled believer in natural law and liberty Lysander Spooner is one of the most provocative, eclectic and prolific American legal theorists of the 19th century. His writing continues to influence those today interested in consent, natural law, individual rights, and constitutional order in political theory and practice. Nearly all of the information available at the old site is now available at this site. The next major project is to add new information scanned copies of the microfilm showing the actual letters referred to in our HTML pages. This task may take some time, but when we're finished this will be another one-of-a-kind resource for Spooner scholars.
    Content created and owned by Randy E. Barnett , Carmack Waterhouse Professor of Legal Theory, Georgetown University Law Center Site designed by Pax Hammericana using Drupal

3. Lysander Spooner - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Lysander Spooner (January 19, 1808 – May 14, 1887) was an American entrepreneur, libertarian, political philosopher, abolitionist, supporter of the labor movement, and legal
Lysander Spooner
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation search This article is missing citations or needs footnotes . Please help add inline citations (October 2010) This article may contain original research . Please improve it by verifying the claims made and adding references . Statements consisting only of original research may be removed. More details may be available on the talk page (October 2010) Lysander Spooner Born January 19, 1808
Massachusetts Died Nationality American Genres Nonfiction Subjects Political philosophy Notable work(s) No Treason The Unconstitutionality of Slavery Influenced Murray Rothbard Randy Barnett Frederick Douglass Lysander Spooner entrepreneur libertarian , political philosopher, abolitionist , supporter of the labor movement , and legal theorist of the nineteenth century. He is also known for competing with the U.S. Post Office with his American Letter Mail Company , which was forced out of business by the United States government
  • Life overview Early years
    edit Life overview
    Spooner was born on a farm in Athol Massachusetts , on January 19, 1808, and died "at one o'clock in the afternoon of Saturday, May 14, 1887, in his little room at 109 Myrtle Street, Boston, MA, surrounded by trunks and chests bursting with the books, manuscripts, and pamphlets which he had gathered in his active pamphleteer's warfare over half a century long."

4. - The Unconstitutionality Of Slavery Spooner, Lysander : ISBN 378561
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5. Lysander Spooner - Wikipedia, La Enciclopedia Libre
Biograf a del anarquista individualista y iusnaturalista estadounidense con enlace a t rminos relevantes.
Lysander Spooner
De Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre Saltar a navegación búsqueda Lysander Spooner Nacimiento 19 de enero de
Estados Unidos
Massachusetts Fallecimiento 14 de mayo de
Nacionalidad estadounidense Lysander Spooner 19 de enero de 14 de mayo de ) fue un jurista filósofo político empresario abolicionista ... iusnaturalista y un anarquista individualista de origen estadounidense . Fue partidario de la resistencia fiscal y del movimiento de reforma del trabajo.
editar Abolicionista
Nació en Massachusetts , Estados Unidos el 19 de junio de 1808. Jurista de formación y de profesión, milita en las filas de los abolicionistas , desplegando una gran actividad contra el juicio y ejecución de John Brown , en 1859. Ya en 1845 había escrito Unconstitutionality of slavery , ensayo radical contra la esclavitud, y en 1850, A Defense for fugitive Slaves , defendiendo el derecho de fuga de los esclavos. En 1870 escribe The Constitution of No Authority , donde se afirma como pensador anarquista radical: cualquier gobierno es una asociación de ladrones y asesinos; toda legislación se opone al derecho natural y, por tanto, es criminal. Este libro tendrá gran influencia entre los filósofos anarquistas norteamericanos.
editar Anarquista
Considerado como un figura excepcional de su tiempo, su interpretación libertaria del

6. Irish Anarchism Bibliography
Irish Anarchism Bibliography In Northern Ireland. St. Paul, Minnesota Michael l E. Couglin. Spooner, Lysander. Revolution, the Only Remedy for the Oppressed Classes of Ireland,
An Online Research Center on the History and Theory of Anarchism Home Search About Us Contact Us ... Critics Corner The Cynosure Michael Bakunin William Godwin Emma Goldman Peter Kropotkin ... Bright but Lesser Lights Cold Off The Presses Pamphlets Periodicals Anarchist History Worldwide Movements ... Bibliography
Irish Anarchism Bibliography
In Northern Ireland. St. Paul, Minnesota: Michael l E. Couglin.
Spooner, Lysander. Revolution, the Only Remedy for the Oppressed Classes of Ireland,
This page has been accessed times since December 23, 2001. ANARCHY ARCHIVES [Home] [Search] [About Us] [Contact Us] ... [Critics Corner]

7. Fully Informed Jury Association
FIJA is a nonprofit organization aiming to inform all Americans about their rights, powers and responsibilties when serving as trial jurors.
@import url( );
Fully Informed Jury Association
American Jury Institute

8. A Letter To Grover Cleveland, On His False Inaugural Address, The Usurpations An
Author Spooner, Lysander, 18081887 Subject Cleveland, Grover, 1837-1908; United States Politics and government Publisher Boston B.R. Tucker Possible copyright status NOT_IN
Web Moving Images Texts Audio ... Additional Collections Search: All Media Types Wayback Machine Moving Images Community Video Ephemeral Films Movies Sports Videos Videogame Videos Vlogs Youth Media Texts American Libraries Canadian Libraries Universal Library Community Texts Project Gutenberg Biodiversity Heritage Library Children's Library Additional Collections Audio Community Audio Grateful Dead Live Music Archive Netlabels Non-English Audio Radio Programs Software CLASP Tucows Software Library CD Bulletin Board Software archive Education Math Lectures from MSRI Chinese University Lectures AP Courses from MITE MIT OpenCourseWare UChannel Forums FAQs Advanced Search Anonymous User login or join us Upload Ebook and Texts Archive University of Toronto - Robarts Library A letter to Grover Cleveland, on his false inaugural address, the usurpations and crimes of lawmakers and judges, and the consequent poverty, ignorance, and servitude of the people
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(~122 pg) Read Online (13.9 M)

9. Natural Law By Lysander Spooner
Lysander Spooner s essay from 1882.
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Lysander Spooner
Natural Law.
Part First.
Chapter 1.
The Science of Justice.
Section I.
The science of mine and thine – the science of justice – is the science of all human rights; of all a man's rights of person and property; of all his rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. It is the science which alone can tell any man what he can, and cannot, do; what he can, and cannot, have; what he can, and cannot, say, without infringing the rights of any other person. It is the science of peace; and the only science of peace; since it is the science which alone can tell us on what conditions mankind can live in peace, or ought to live in peace, with each other. These conditions are simply these: viz., first, that each man shall do, towards every other, all that justice requires him to do; as, for example, that he shall pay his debts, that he shall return borrowed or stolen property to its owner, and that he shall make reparation for any injury he may have done to the person or property of another. The second condition is, that each man shall abstain from doing to another, anything which justice forbids him to do; as, for example, that he shall abstain from committing theft, robbery, arson, murder, or any other crime against the person or property of another.

10. Spooner, Lysander Quotes On Quotations Book
Lysander Spooner (January 19, 1808 May 14, 1887) was an American individualist anarchist political philosopher, abolitionist, and legal theorist of the 19th century.

11. Liberty Index: Part One D
See also Spooner, Lysander and Lysander Spooner's Pamphlets. Democracy in America on majority rule, 66p.4. See also De Toc queville. Desert Evening News
Liberty Index (No Frames) Part ITitles -D-
Daily Chronicle (Newcastle)
on banking, 173p.2-3.
Daily News (London)
30p.1, 85p.6, 188p.5, 310p.1; on imperial ism, 286p.7; on speculation, 18p.1; on tariff, 301 p.7; on Whit man, 386p.6; Tucker on, 2p.3.
Dandenong Express
on politics, 297p.5.
Daniel Deronda (novel)
on love, 68p.5. See also Elliot, George.
Das Kapital
See Capital
Data of Ethics
See Principles of Ethics
The Daughters of Leucippus
Le Temps on 400p.39-43.
The Dawn
151p.1, 152p.6, 211p.2, 318p.10; Tucker on, 184p.4. See also Bliss, W.D.P. (editor).
The Dawning
78p.5; advertisement, 72-74, 82-85, 89-91, 93, 97, 99, 101-103, 105-109, 111; Vera on, 71p.8.
La Debacle
C.L. Swartz on, 244p.2. See also Zola, Emile.
"A Defense of Fugitive Slaves" (Pamphlet)
100p.4. See also Spooner, Lysander and Lysander Spooners' Pamphlets.
In Defense of Anarchy
298p.1, 300p.1; D. on, 298p.6-8. See also Donisthorpe, Wordsworth.
"A Degenerate's View of Nordau"
See The Sanity of Art
315p.l, 323p.1, 327p.1, 352p.6, 400p.1, 401p.1; Kansas City Journal on, 324p.7; G.B. Shaw on, 318p.2-10; Yarros on, 324p.2-3. See also Nordau, Max.

12. No Treason
Lysander Spooner s book from 1870.
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No Treason
The Constitution of No Authority
by Lysander Spooner
The Constitution has no inherent authority or obligation. It has no authority or obligation at all, unless as a contract between man and man. And it does not so much as even purport to be a contract between persons now existing. It purports, at most, to be only a contract between persons living eighty years ago. [This essay was written in 1869.] And it can be supposed to have been a contract then only between persons who had already come to years of discretion, so as to be competent to make reasonable and obligatory contracts. Furthermore, we know, historically, that only a small portion even of the people then existing were consulted on the subject, or asked, or permitted to express either their consent or dissent in any formal manner. Those persons, if any, who did give their consent formally, are all dead now. Most of them have been dead forty, fifty, sixty, or seventy years. and the constitution, so far as it was their contract, died with them. They had no natural power or right to make it obligatory upon their children. It is not only plainly impossible, in the nature of things, that they

13. Spooner, Lysander Biography -
US abolitionist and libertarian political philosopher biography from

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Oops! We're having unexpected technical difficulties. Our highlytrained team of engineers has already been scrambled to fix things. If you'd like to be notified when it is, Lysander. (1870) 1966. No Treason: The Constitut

15. Spooner,Lysander Books (Used, New, Out-of-Print) - Alibris,
Alibris has new used books by Spooner,Lysander, including hardcovers, softcovers, rare, outof-print first editions, signed copies, and more.,Lysander
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16. The Unconstitutionality Of Slavery | House Divided
Spooner, Lysander. The Unconstitutionality of Slavery. Boston Bela Marsh, 1845.

17. Spooner, Lysander Quote - A Man Is No Less A Slave Because He Is Allowed To Choo
Famous quote by Spooner, Lysander A man is no less a slave because he is allowed to choose a new master once in a term of years. on Quotations Book

18. (Page 49 Of 49) - On The Social Contract And The Persistence Of Anarchy Authored
Spooner, Lysander. 1992. The Lysander Spooner Reader. George H. Smith, ed. San Francisco Fox Wilkes; http// .

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Authors: Plauche, Geoffrey. Page 49 of 49
Pennsylvania State Press. Sciabarra, Chris Matthew. 1995. Marx, Hayek, and Utopia . New York: State University of New York Press. Shermer, Michael. 2001. The Borderlands of Science: Where Sense Meets Nonsense New York: Oxford University Press. Spooner, Lysander. 1992. The Lysander Spooner Reader . George H. Smith, ed. San Tannehill, Linda and Morris Tannehill. 1993 [1970]. The Market for Liberty . San Wendt, Alexander. 1999. Social Theory of International Politics . New York: Cambridge University Press. Wendt, Alexander. 1992. “Anarchy is What States Make of it: The Social Construction of Power Politics.” International Organization 46 (2), (Spring): 391-425. Wendt, Alexander and Daniel Friedheim. 1995. “Hierarchy Under Anarchy: Informal International Organization 49 (4), (Autumn):
Whiston, Thomas. 2002. “Medieval Iceland and the Absence of Government.” Mises Daily Article . The Ludwig von Mises Institute;

19. Spooner, Lysander (1808–1887) : The International Encyclopedia Of Revolution A
Blackwell Reference Online is the largest academic online reference library giving instant access to the most authoritative and upto-date scholarship across the humanities and

Spooner, Lysander Verne, Jules Wells, H.G. Verne, Jules Shelly, Mary Wells, H.G. Arnold, Edwin L. Swift, Jonathan Spyri, Johanna Lang, Andrew
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