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         Boulanger Nadia Juliette:     more detail
  1. Biography - Boulanger, Nadia (Juliette) (1887-1979): An article from: Contemporary Authors by Gale Reference Team, 2002-01-01
  2. Prélude. Petit canon. Improvisation. [Organ.] (J.) Les Maîtres contemporains de l'orgue, by Nadia Juliette Boulanger, 1912

1. Nadia Juliette Boulanger
Highlights of compositional and other musical achievements from Distinguished Women of Past and Present.
Distinguished Women of Past and Present
First Page
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Nadia Juliette Boulanger
Boulanger, Nadia Juliette (1887-1979), French teacher, composer, and conductor, who influenced a generation of American composers. Born in Paris, she studied under the French composer Gabriel Faur. In 1918 she stopped composing, after the death of her sister Lili, who was also a gifted composer. Boulanger taught privately and at the Paris Conservatoire (1909-24 and after 1946), at the cole Normale de Musique, Paris (1920-39), and at the American Conservatory in Fontainebleau (beginning in 1921; director, 1949). During World War II she taught at various U.S. colleges. Her students include the American composers Marc Blitzstein, Elliott Carter, Aaron Copland, David Diamond, Roy Harris, Walter Piston, Roger Sessions, and Virgil Thomson. "Boulanger, Nadia Juliette" Microsoft(R) Encarta

2. Boulanger, Nadia Juliette - Hutchinson Encyclopedia Article About
Boulanger, Nadia Juliette (1887–1979) French music teacher and conductor. She studied under Gabriel Faur at the Paris Conservatory, where she later taught, as well as at the, Nadia Juliette

3. Biographical Dictionary Of The Organ | Nadia Boulanger
Biography of the Composer Nadia Boulanger Boulanger, Nadia Juliette. Studied at the Paris Conservatoire under Gabriel Faur accompaniment

4. Boulanger, Nadia (-Juliette) Summary |
Boulanger, Nadia (Juliette). Boulanger, Nadia (-Juliette) summary with encyclopedia entries, research information, and more.

5. Jose Sanchez-Penzo: The Way Famous String Instruments Went - Players
1839, a docile instrument that sounds well wherever I play. ' 143 Teachers Eisenberg, Maurice Ecole Normale Paris Piatigorsky, Gregor - Paris and USA Boulanger, Nadia Juliette
Players: (M-O)
(Player section of The Way Famous String Instruments Went
Ma, Yo-Yo
b 07.10.1955 Paris
C Goffriller C Montagnana, Domenico C Davidoff Strad., A. Remarks: p 484 Teachers:
  • Scholz, Jnos - Julliard School of Nusic New York
  • Rose, Leonard - Julliard School of Nusic New York
Maisky, Mischa
b 10.01.1948 Riga
C Montagnana, Domenico Remarks: p 491 Teachers:
  • Rostropovich, Mstisla - Conservatoire Moscow
Markevitch, Dimitry
b 16.03.1923 La Tour-de-Peilz C Lt C Markevitch Strad., A. Remarks: On his Strad Markevitch says: 'I performed all the Bach suites on it in Carnegie Hall. However, I sold it in 1972. It was painful to do because I would have liked to have kept it in the family, but I wasn't happy with it. I don't like Strads for the simple reason that they always have a "Strad" sound. I prefer to create my own sound. I play a French cello now, a Lt from 1839, a docile instrument that sounds well wherever I play. Teachers:
  • Eisenberg, Maurice - Ecole Normale Paris
  • Piatigorsky, Gregor - Paris and USA

6. Nadia Boulanger
Biography, articles, photographs, list of students, and writings.
25th Anniversary
Year Events
  • Nadia Boulanger and American Music Symposium (10/14-17/2004)
    Conference Schedule
    American Guild of Organists commission
  • Biography
    Quotations from Master Teacher
List of students
  • American composers listed in the New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians who studied with Nadia Boulanger Compiled by Lisa M Cook
Important Links
  • Nadia and Lili Boulanger Foundation in Paris The Fontainebleau Conservatory of Music The American Boulanger Foundation Boulanger America Other Resources
"So far as musical pedagogy is concerned — Nadia Boulanger is the most influential person who ever lived" Ned Rorem, 1979 Queries to

7. Boulanger, Nadia Juliette
French music teacher and conductor

8. Biographical Dictionary Of The Organ | Names Beginning With BORT
Boulanger, Nadia Juliette (18871979) Boulay, Jos phine Pauline (1869-1925) Boulding, James Frederick (1915-) Bouldjoua, Daniel (1948-) Boulfart, C. (G.)

9. Boulanger, Nadia
Biographical data, recommended CDs, books and sheet music, bibliography, and link to biographical essay from Dr. Estrella s Incredibly Abridged Dictionary of Composers.
Boulanger, Nadia
Boulanger, Nadia
Period: Early 20th Century
Born: Friday, September 16, 1887 in Paris, France
Died: Monday, October 22, 1979 in Paris, France
Nation of Origin: France
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Major Works:

Les heures claires
Other Information:
Nadia Boulanger is remembered most as a teacher to such notable composers as Carter, Copland, and Piston. General Bibliography: Kennedy, Michael, The Oxford Dictionary of Music, Oxford University Press, 2nd Edition, 1997, ISBN: 0198691629 Sadie, Stanley and Tyrrell, John; Editors, The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians, Groves Dictionaries, Inc., January 2001, ISBN: 1561592390 Slonimsky, Nicolas and Kuhn, Laura; Editors, Baker's Biographical Dictionary of Musicians, Gale Group, December 2000, ISBN: 0028655257 Slonimsky, Nicolas, ... Schirmer Books, July 1994, ISBN: 0028724186 Links to essays at other sites: Twentieth Century Music: An Introduction by Eric Salzman Please note: These links will open in a new window.

10. Boulanger, Nadia Juliette | Boulanger, Nadia Juliette Information | HighBeam Res
Boulanger, Nadia Juliette Research Boulanger, Nadia Juliette articles at Find information, facts and related newspaper, magazine and journal articles in our online

11. Boulanger[-2] - Definition And More From The Free Merriam-Webster Dictionary
Definition of word from the MerriamWebster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games.[-2]

12. Http:// - Nadia Boulanger Remembered
Albert Alan Owen recalls his time as her composition student in Paris in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Gives glimpses of her personality as well as musical abilities.

13. Boulanger, Nadia (Juliette) - Paris, Cons, Organ, Composition, Music, And Teache
Boulanger, Nadia (Juliette), illustrious French teacher, sister of Lili (Juliette Marie Olga) Boulanger; b. Paris, Sept. 16, 1887; d. there, Oct. 22, 1979.

14. French Composers. | Classical Composers Database
Boulanger, Nadia (Juliette) (1887–1979) Boulez, Pierre (1925–) Boyer, Jean (1600–1648) Bozza, Eug ne (1905–1991) Brumel, Antoine (1460–1515)
Newsletter/free member account Classical Composers Database a2a_linkname="Classical Composers Database";a2a_linkurl="";a2a_color_main="cc3333";a2a_color_border="AECADB";a2a_color_link_text="333333";a2a_color_link_text_hover="333333"; Search: Advanced search

15. American Students Of Nadia Boulanger
List of composers compiled by Bruce Brown and updated by Lisa M. Cook shows her influence on music in the United States.
American Composers listed in the
who studied with Nadia Boulanger
compiled by Bruce Brown, 1974; updated by Lisa M Cook, 2002 Name Date of Birth Date of Death Other information Alexander, Josef b. May 15, 1907 Boston MA d. Dec 23, 1990 Seattle WA Allanbrook, Douglas b. Apr 1, 1920 Amlin, Martin Anderson, Ruth b. Mar 21, 1928 Kalispell MT Bassett, Leslie (Raymond) b. Jan 22, 1923 Hanford CA Bauer, Marion Eugenie b. Aug 15, 1882 Walla Walla WA d. Aug 9, 1955 South Hadley MA Bearer, Elaine Bennett, Robert Russell b. Jun 15, 1894 Kansas City MO d. Aug 18, 1981 New York NY Berger, Arthur (Victor) b. May 15, 1912 New York NY Berlinski, Herman b. Aug 18, 1910 Leipzig *no longer listed in New Grove Blackwood, Easley b. Apr 21, 1933 Indianapolis IN Blitzstein, Marc [Marcus] (Samuel) b. Mar 2, 1905 Philadelphia PA d. Jan 22, 1964 Fort-de-France, Martinique Bowles, Paul b. Dec 30, 1910 Jamaica NY d. Nov 18, 1999 Tangier, Morocco Briggs Sadovnikoff, Mary Brunswick, Mark b. Jan 6, 1902 New York NY d. May 26, 1971 London Carter, Elliott (Cook) b. Dec 11, 1908 New York NY

16. Boulanger, Nadia Juliette Biography -
1887 She was born in Paris on the 16th of September. - She studied at the Paris Conservatoire. - She became the staunch, admiring friend of Stravinsky.1921 - Her music and Faur's
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Boulanger, Nadia Juliette (Nadia)
Born: 1887 AD
Died: 1979 AD, at 92 years of age.
Nationality: Unknown
Categories: Conductors
1887 - She was born in Paris on the 16th of September.
- She studied at the Paris Conservatoire.
- She became the staunch, admiring friend of Stravinsky.
- She was the most energetic, influential teacher, attracting pupils from all over the world; Copland and Carter were among them.
- As a conductor, she was a pioneer in performing French Baroque and Renaissance music and she gave new works.
1979 - She died on the 22nd of October.
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17. Boulanger - Pipl Profiles
Arts Music Styles C Classical Conductors (136) Arts Music......Top Arts Music Composition Composers B Boulanger, Nadia Juliette (6)
People Named Boulanger : page of
Magalie Boulanger
Magda Boulanger
Maggie Boulanger
Makenzi Boulanger ...
Marie Boulanger
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18. Boulanger, Nadia Juliette Synonyms, Boulanger, Nadia Juliette Antonyms | Thesaur
No results found for boulanger, nadia juliette Please try spelling the word differently, searching another resource, or typing a new word. Search another word or see, nadia juliette

19. Romy The Cat's Audio Leftovers
Boulanger, Nadia (Juliette van Baaren, Kees (22 Octob Lentz, Georges (22 October

20. Boulanger, Nadia (Juliette) | Definition Of Boulanger, Nadia (Juliette) | HighBe
Find out what Boulanger, Nadia (Juliette) means Baker’s Biographical Dictionary of Musicians has the definition of Boulanger, Nadia (Juliette). Research related newspaper

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