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         Copland Aaron:     more books (104)
  1. What to Listen For in Music by Aaron Copland, 2009-03-03
  2. Aaron Copland and His World (The Bard Music Festival)
  3. What to Listen for in Music (Mentor) by Aaron Copland, 1967
  4. Music and Imagination (Charles Eliot Norton Lectures) by Aaron Copland, 1980-08-05
  5. Art Songs and Arias: Medium/Low Voice (Boosey & Hawkes Voice)
  6. Aaron Copland: THE LIFE AND WORK OF AN UNCOMMON MAN (Music in American Life) by Howard Pollack, 2000-03-08
  7. Copland on Music by Aaron Copland, 1963-01-01
  8. Old American Songs Complete Low Voice (Bk/CD) with Piano Accompaniments (Boosey & Hawkes Voice) by Aaron Copland, 2009-06-01
  9. Orchestral Anthology - Volume 1: The Masterworks Library (Boosey & Hawkes Masterworks Library)
  10. Aaron Copland (Getting to Know the World's Greatest Composers) by Mike Venezia, 1995-09
  11. Music for the Common Man: Aaron Copland during the Depression and War by Elizabeth Bergman Crist, 2009-01-12
  12. The Selected Correspondence of Aaron Copland by Aaron Copland, 2006-04-26
  13. Aaron Copland: A Reader: Selected Writings, 1923-1972
  14. Copland : 1900 through 1942 by Aaron Copland, Vivian Perlis, 1994-01-01

1. Aworks :: "new" American Classical Music: Copland, Aaron
why listening to this music is interesting, important, and maybe even fun. /robert gable/
aworks :: "new" american classical music
why listening to this music is interesting, important, and maybe even fun. /robert gable/
24 posts categorized "copland, aaron"
Hoedown (1942). Aaron Copland /also not completely ludicrous/
ELP via Wikipedia Speaking of ELP and Aaron Copland Hoedown is also not completely ludicrous: Hoedown (Taken From Rodeo) - E... March 10, 2009 in copland, aaron Permalink Comments (0) TrackBack (0) ... barbara gallardo via Flickr Deceptively Simple has found a YouTube video of Barak Obama narrating Aaron Copland's Lincoln Portrait I happened to blog about the performance at the time in 2005. Unfortunately, the link to the Chicago SunTimes article I used no longer works and a quick search on the site doesn't turn it up. I don't really remember why I thought this important enough to post although I was aware of Obama's speech at the Democratic Convention the year before. But any additional context remains cloudy. In any case, the quote from the newspaper about Obama's performance skills foreshadows recent events: Obama brought an orator's skill without an actor's slick veneer to Copland's "Lincoln Portrait.'' The comforting quality of his voice gave added emotional resonance to Lincoln's words.

2. Aaron Copland - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Copland, Aaron (1939; Revised 1957), What to Listen For in Music, New York, New York McGrawHill Book Company, reprinted many times. Copland, Aaron (2006).
Aaron Copland
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation search Aaron Copland Aaron Copland (1900–1990) was an American composer of concert and film music. Instrumental in forging a distinctly American style of composition, he was widely known as "the dean of American composers." Copland's music achieved a balance between modern music and American folk styles. The open, slowly changing harmonies of many of his works are said to evoke the vast American landscape. Copland incorporated percussive orchestration metric changes, polyrhythms polychords , and tone rows in a broad range of works for the concert hall, theater, ballet and films. In addition to being a composer, Copland was a teacher, lecturer, critic, writer and conductor – generally, but not always, of his own works.

3. Aaron Copland | American Composer
Books By/About Aaron Copland. Aaron Copland The Life and Work of an Uncommon Man Author Howard Pollack Pollack tells of the life of a man who seems as warmly appealing as his music.
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Aaron Copland
American Composer
Inspiration may be a form of super-consciousness, or
sure it is the antithesis of self-consciousness. Aaron Copland was born on November 14, 1900 in New York City. His musical works ranged from ballet and orchestral music to choral music and movie scores. For the better part of four decades Aaron Copland was considered the premier American composer.
Copland learned to play piano from an older sister. By the time he was fifteen he had decided to become a composer. His first tentative steps included a correspondence course in writing harmony. In 1921 Copland traveled to Paris to attend the newly founded music school for Americans at Fontainebleau. He was the first American student of the brilliant teacher, Nadia Boulanger . After three years in Paris he returned to New York with his first major commission, writing an organ concerto for the American appearances of Madame Boulanger. His "Symphony for Organ and Orchestra" premiered in at Carnegie Hall in 1925.

4. Welcome To The Website Of Copland House: Home
Aaron Copland's longtime home near New York City now administered as a composers' retreat and creative center for American music. Includes biography, works, calendar, contact

5. Classical Net - Basic Repertoire List - Copland
Copland basic repertoire list.
The Internet's Premier Classical Music Source
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Aaron Copland
Virgil Thomson Roy Harris , and Walter Piston Igor Stravinsky once remarked, "Why call Copland a great American composer? He's a great composer." Copland's music, after his juvenalia, falls into three large periods. In the first two, he concerns himself with, among other things, trying to find a serious style which sounds American, rather than European. His main teacher, Nadia Boulanger, encouraged him in this, usually pointing out (to her) odd rhythms in his work. Copland had not noticed them before, because they were part of him. As Leonard Bernstein noted, they were the rhythms of someone who had grown up with jazz and American pop, although not necessarily jazz rhythms. As a young man in his 20s, he composes a ballet

6. The Aaron Copland Collection Ca. 1900-1990 - (American Memory From The Library O
Home page for the online presentation of the Aaron Copland Collection at the Library of Congress celebrating the centennial of the birth of the American composer Aaron Copland
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    Aaron Copland by candlelight, studio in the Berkshires, September, 1946
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    The Aaron Copland Collection
    ca. 1900-1990
    The inaugural online presentation of the Aaron Copland Collection at the Library of Congress celebrates the centennial of the birth of the American composer Aaron Copland (1900-1990). The multiformat Aaron Copland Collection from which the online collection derives spans the years 1910 to 1990 and includes approximately 400,000 items documenting the multifaceted life of an extraordinary person who was composer, performer, teacher, writer, conductor, commentator, and administrator. It comprises both manuscript and printed music, personal and business correspondence, diaries, writings, scrapbooks, programs, newspaper and magazine clippings, photographs, awards, books, sound recordings, and motion pictures. The first release of the online collection contains approximately 1,000 items that yield a total of about 5,000 images. These items date from 1899 to 1981, with most from the 1920s through the 1950s, and were selected from Copland's

7. Copland, Aaron - Definition From Longman English Dictionary Online
Definition of Copland, Aaron from the Longman Online Dictionary of Contemporary English. The Longman English Dictionary provides support and resources for those who want to learn

8. American Composers Orchestra - David Raksin Remembers His Colleagues
Insightful biography and reminiscence from the American Composers Orchestra series David Raksin Remembers His Colleagues.
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David Raksin Remembers his Colleagues
Aaron Copland The distinguished composer Aaron Copland was born on November 4,1900 in New York City. While still a child he began to study piano; subsequently he had lessons in harmony and counterpoint with composer Rubin Goldmark and began to compose. In 1920 his first published piece, The Cat and the Mouse, for piano, was printed, and that same year he entered the American Conservatory at Fontainebleau, near Paris. There he studied composition and orchestration with the renowned pedagogue Nadia Boulanger. He returned home in 1924 and soon became active as a pianist, lecturer and activist in musical societies. One of his compositions, Music for the Theater, attracted the attention of Serge Koussevitzky, who conducted its first performance with his Boston Symphony Orchestra in 1925; Copland later appeared as soloist in his Piano Concerto with the same forces. In New York City, Walter Damrosch conducted the Symphony for Organ and Orchestra, with Nadia Boulanger, for whom it had been written, as soloist. After the performance, Damrosch turned and said to the audience, "If a young man in his twenties can compose a piece like that, by the time he is thirty he should be ready to commit murder." (Many years later, when I was interviewing Aaron for one of my radio programs, I asked him whether he had fulfilled Damrosch's prophecy. His answer, complete with his characteristic grin, was, "I don't believe so.")

If any one musician today can be singled out as the dean of American music, it is Aaron Copland. Without his scores, without his generous encouragement of an entire generation

10. The Aaron Copland Free Music Page -- Classic Cat
Biography, links, and directory of MP3 audio files from Classic Cat.

11. Aaron Copland - About The Composer | American Masters
Aaron Copland was one of the most respected American classical composers of the twentieth century.
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  • Home Episodes July 11th, 2005 Aaron Copland About the Composer Copland was born in Brooklyn, New York, on November 14, 1900. The child of Jewish immigrants from Lithuania, he first learned to play the piano from his older sister. At the age of sixteen he went to Manhattan to study with Rubin Goldmark, a respected private music instructor who taught Copland the fundamentals of counterpoint and composition. During these early years he immersed himself in contemporary classical music by attending performances at the New York Symphony and Brooklyn Academy of Music. He found, however, that like many other young musicians, he was attracted to the classical history and musicians of Europe. So, at the age of twenty, he left New York for the Summer School of Music for American Students at Fountainebleau, France. Martha Graham Connected artists: Related Web sites:

12. Musica Viva Encyclopedia: Copland, Aaron
Perhaps the best known US classical composer. Aaron Copland wrote in a national romantic style, celebrating the US nation. Good examples are his three ballets Appalachian Spring

13. IBDB: The Official Source For Broadway Information
Official credits from the Internet Broadway Database. Includes performers, choreographers, and other principals of each production.

14. Copland, Aaron - Definition Of Copland, Aaron By The Free Online Dictionary, The
Thesaurus Legend Synonyms Related Words Antonyms. Noun 1. Aaron Copland United States composer who developed a distinctly American music (1900-1990), Aaron

15. Download Mp3 Copland, Aaron, Buy Copland, Aaron Mp3 Music At
Copland The Populist Appalachian Spring Rodeo Billy The Kid Michael Tilson Thomas San Francisco Symphony(Michael Tilson; Thomas; San Francisco Symphony)

16. Malaspina Great Books - Aaron Copland (1900-1990)
Library of Congress citations.
Biography and Research Links:
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17. Copland, Aaron Definition Of Copland, Aaron In The Free Online Encyclopedia.
Copland, Aaron (kōp`lənd), 1900–1990, American composer, b. Brooklyn, N.Y. Copland was a pupil of Rubin Goldmark and of Nadia Boulanger, who introduced his work to the United, Aaron

Copland, Aaron Copland, Aaron is recorded on the following albums AeolianSkinner Presents The King of Instruments, Vol VII, Aaron

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Copland, Aaron
Copland, Aaron is recorded on the following albums: page_title('Composer Page') News Loading... Recent User Ratings Loading...

19. Aaron Copland
Information about his operatic works, especially the both the two and the three act versions of The Tender Land.

20. Copland, Aaron
Copland, Aaron Encyclopedia article; The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition, 2004. Read Copland, Aaron at Questia library.
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