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         Dufay Guillaume:     more books (71)
  1. Counterpoint and Compositional Process in the Time of Dufay: Perspectives from German Musicology (Criticism and Analysis of Early Music)
  2. Patterns in Play: A Model for Text Setting in the Early French Songs of Guillaume Dufay (American Musicological Society Monographs) by Graeme M. Boone, 1999-07-01
  3. De Guillaume Dufay a Roland de Lassus: Les tres riches heures de la polyphonie franco-flamande (French Edition) by Ignace Bossuyt, 1996
  4. Guillaume Dufay (Piccola biblioteca Einaudi) (Italian Edition) by Massimo Mila, 1997
  5. Dufay by David Fallows, 1988-12-12
  6. A Chronology of the Works of Guillaume Dufay: Based on a Study of Mensural Practice (Da Capo Press Music Reprint Series) by Charles Hamm, 1986-01
  7. Date de Naissance Inconnue (Xive Siècle): Johannes Gutenberg, Arnaud de Cervole, Bartolomeo Colleoni, Donatello, Jan Hus, Guillaume Dufay (French Edition)
  8. Papers read at the Dufay Quincentenary Conference, Brooklyn College, December 6-7, 1974
  9. Kadenzierung und Tonalitat im Kantilenensatz Dufays (Freiburger Schriften zur Musikwissenschaft) (German Edition) by Friedemann Otterbach, 1975
  10. Compositeur de La Renaissance: Martin Luther, Josquin Des Prés, Guillaume Dufay, Roland de Lassus, Leonora Duarte, Loyset Compère (French Edition)
  11. AIM, CMM 1-6 GUILLAUME DUFAY (ca. 1400-1474), Opera omnia, edited by Heinrich Besseler in 6 volumes. Tom. VI Cantiones by Guillaume Dufay, 2006
  12. Compositeur de Musique Sacrée: Joseph Haydn, Guillaume Dufay, Joseph Samson, Christophe Looten, César Malan, Tomás Luis de Victoria (French Edition)
  13. GUILLAUME DUFAY: An entry from Gale's <i>Arts and Humanities Through the Eras</i>
  14. A Chronology of the Works of Guillaume Dufay Based on a Study of Mensural Practice by Charles Hamm, 1964

1. Guillaume Dufay, The Dufay Collective: - ZoomInfo Business Information
Dufay, Guillaume Cappella Romana Dufay, Guillaume The Montana Standard Dufay, John Albuquerque Public Schools Dufay, Jon
Last Update on 7/12/99
The Dufay Collective
Upbeat Classical Management PO Box 479 Uxbridge, London UB8 2ZH
United Kingdom The Dufay Collective has been performing and recording its unique brand of early music for twenty years. During this time the group has performed at major festivals...
Guillaume Dufay
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2. Guillaume Dufay, Cappella Romana: - ZoomInfo Business Information
Dufay, Guillaume The Dufay Collective Dufay, Guillaume The Montana Standard Dufay, John Albuquerque Public Schools
Last Update on 7/5/08
Cappella Romana
3131 NE Glisan St Portland, Oregon 97232
United States Its performances "like jeweled light flooding the space" (Los Angeles Times), Cappella Romana is a vocal chamber ensemble dedicated to combining passion with...
Guillaume Dufay
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3. - Does Dufay Guillaume Have A Family
Can you answer this question? Answer it or get updates discuss research share Facebook Twitter Search Related answers He and his family or him and his family ? He and his

4. Guillaume Dufay - A Discography
Biography, extensive discography (
Guillaume Dufay (1397-1474) - A discography
This page will eventually become a resource on the great French-Burgundian composer Guillaume Dufay. A biographical sketch appears below. Introduction and major recordings might best be reached via the Renaissance Overview Scroll to the end of the page to check the embryonic listing of recordings indexed by individual piece. Discographic material below has been collected to this state primarily by Pierre-F. Roberge. Todd M. McComb
The life and music of Guillaume Dufay (1397-1474) are among the most difficult to circumscribe for major Renaissance composers. One point of clarity is that Dufay was considered by far the leading composer of his day, a musician of almost unparalleled eminence, and one of the most famous men of his generation. Dufay's large and varied musical output, its extent only now coming into focus in some cases, acted to define the new musical style of the early-to-mid-fifteenth century and with it the course of Western music into the High Renaissance. Dufay's influence over musical composition was complete and permanent, affecting every genre and sphere. The singularity of his eminence can best be compared to that of Beethoven or perhaps Machaut , but in fact Dufay had the broader contemporary reputation.

5. HOASM: Guillaume Dufay
Biographical sketch showing the spread of his music and the influence it exerted from the Here Of A Sunday Morning radio program.
Guillaume Dufay
Binchois with Dufay
Guillaume Dufay was born about 1400 and received his musical education as a chorister in the Cathedral of Cambrai. Very early in his life he started to show great talent as a singer and composer and was called to Italy, first to the Court of Malatesta at Rimini and Pesaro, and later as a member of the Papal Choir in Rome as well as the Court of Louis of Savoy at Geneva. 1436 finds him in the service of Pope Eugene IV in Florence, where he composed motels for the inauguration of the dome built by Brunelleschi. He frequently returned to his home in Burgundy and later held canonries at Cambrai, where he spent the rest of his life up to the time of his death in 1474. Dufay's travels brought him in close touch with the musical style of both the North and the South. Thus the year 1425 puts him down as the so-called founder of the Netherland's Polyphonic School, and from 1440 on he was generally considered the leading master of church as well as secular music.
Dufay's autograph letter to de Medici

A Partial Guillaume Dufay Discography
IIID: The Netherlanders to Ockeghem Home

6. Guillaume Dufay | Classical Composers Database
Details of his life and music from the Classical Composers Database includes portrait set with Binchois and links.
Newsletter/free member account Classical Composers Database a2a_linkname="Classical Composers Database";a2a_linkurl="";a2a_color_main="cc3333";a2a_color_border="AECADB";a2a_color_link_text="333333";a2a_color_link_text_hover="333333"; Search: Advanced search

7. Guillaume Dufay - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Guillaume Dufay (Du Fay, Du Fayt) (August 5, 1397? – November 27, 1474) was a FrancoFlemish composer of the early Renaissance. As the central figure in the Burgundian School, he
Guillaume Dufay
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation search Dufay (left), with Gilles Binchois Guillaume Dufay Du Fay Du Fayt ) (August 5, 1397? – November 27, 1474) was a Franco-Flemish composer of the early Renaissance . As the central figure in the Burgundian School , he was the most famous and influential composer in Europe in the mid-15th century.
  • Life
    edit Life
    edit Early life
    From the evidence of his will, he was probably born in Beersel , in the vicinity of Brussels . Circumstantial evidence claims him to have been born the illegitimate child of an unknown priest and a woman named Marie Du Fayt , though this suggestion is as of yet unproven . Marie moved with her son to Cambrai early in his life, staying with a relative who was a canon of the cathedral there. Soon Dufay's musical gifts were noticed by the cathedral authorities, who evidently gave him a thorough training in music; he studied with Rogier de Hesdin during the summer of 1409, and he was listed as a choirboy in the cathedral from 1409 to 1412. During those years he studied with Nicolas Malin , and the authorities must have been impressed with the boy's gifts because they gave him his own copy of Villedieu’s Doctrinale in 1411, a highly unusual event for one so young. In June 1414, at the age of only 16, he had already been given a

8. Lyrichord Discs Inc. World Music CDs DVDs, Early Music CDs, Traditional World Mu
Program notes, including libretti for several masses, from Lyrichord.

9. Dufay, Guillaume - Hutchinson Encyclopedia Article About Dufay
Dufay, Guillaume (c. 1400–1474) Flemish composer. He wrote secular songs and sacred music, including 84 songs and 8 masses. His work marks a transition from the style of the Middle, Guillaume

10. Dufay, Guillaume (1397-1474)
Oxford University Press USA publishes scholarly works in all academic disciplines, bibles, music, children's books, business books, dictionaries, reference books, journals, text

11. Vasilissa Ergo Gaude - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Vasilissa ergo gaude ( Therefore rejoice, princess ) is an isorhythmic motet by the Renaissance composer Guillaume Dufay. In terms of its subject matter, it is sometimes grouped
Vasilissa ergo gaude
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation search Vasilissa ergo gaude Therefore rejoice, princess ") is an isorhythmic motet by the Renaissance composer Guillaume Dufay . In terms of its subject matter, it is sometimes grouped together with Lamentatio sanctae matris ecclesiae Constantinopolitanae Apostolus gloriosus and Balsamus et munda cera which are generically called Dufay's Byzantine motets Its composition was occasioned by the marriage on the 21st of January 1421 of Cleofa Malatesta , daughter of Malatesta di Pandolfo, to Theodore II Palaiologos son of the Byzantine emperor Manuel II and Despot of the Morea It has been surmised that the actual motet was composed in 1420 and is perhaps the earliest example of this choral form if not the earliest work attributed to Dufay. In earlier scholarship it was assumed that the motet's first performance had taken place on May 19, 1419 during the festivities prior to the marriage Vasilissa, ergo gaude,
Quia es digna omni laude,
Cleophe, clara gestis

12. Classical Net - Basic Repertoire List - Dufay
Brief biography and discography.
The Internet's Premier Classical Music Source
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Guillaume Dufay
(c.1400 - 1474)
Dufay's music flows more smoothly than the characteristically complex rhythmic textures of the late Medieval period, and is marked by graceful melodies and a compelling sense of direction. As his career progressed and his fame grew, Dufay increasingly took up the four-voice vocal texture which was to be characteristic of the early Renaissance as a whole. His four cantus firmus masses "Se la face ay pale," "L'homme arme," "Ecce ancilla domini," and "Ave regina caelorum" are landmarks in what was to become the dominant style of mass composition. The Missa "Se la face ay pale" is probably the earliest surviving mass based on a secular theme, previous cantus-firmus masses having been based on liturgical chant. Today, we value Dufay's music not only for its grace and invention, but also for its significant historical position in the quickly evolving style of the early Renaissance. The fact that the life of so cosmopolitan a character from this period has been preserved so well in documentation lends invaluable insight on the musical developments of the time. ~

13. Dufay, Guillaume Definition Of Dufay, Guillaume In The Free Online Encyclopedia.
Dufay, Guillaume (gēyōm` d fā`), c.1400–1474, principal composer at the Burgundian court. After his early training in the cathedral choir at Cambrai, he sang in the papal, Guillaume

14. Dufay, Guillaume From Medieval France |
Dufay, Guillaume from Medieval France. Dufay, Guillaume summary with 5 pages of research material.

15. Guillaume Dufay Biography. Listen To Classical Music By Guillaume Dufay
DUFAY, GUILLAUME BIOGRAPHY (1397 1474) Generally regarded as the leading composer of his time, Guillaume Dufay was born in Cambrai at the beginning of the 15th century.
The World's Leading Classical Music Label
Naxos Worldwide Sites: Choose Country Global Site Australia Canada China Denmark Finland France Germany Hong Kong Japan Korea New Zealand Norway Sweden UK USA E-mail Password New Releases Artists Composers Labels ... D
Generally regarded as the leading composer of his time, Guillaume Dufay was born in Cambrai at the beginning of the 15th century. A chorister at Cambrai Cathedral, he was briefly in the service of the Malatesta family in Italy, and after a further period at home, returned to join the papal choir in 1428. He was subsequently involved with a number of ruling families in Italy, including the d'Estes of Ferrara and the rulers of Savoy, before returning to Cambrai, where he retained a position as canon of the cathedral until his death. Dufay represents the generation influenced by the English composer John Dunstable and forming the so-called Burgundian or First Netherlands School of Composers, flourishing in the territory ruled by the Dukes of Burgundy, but widespread in its own influence as the predominant Renaissance musical style. Church Music Secular Music Dufay wrote more than seventy chansons setting verses in the fashionable forms of the time, the ballade, the virelai and rondeau. It would be invidious to make distinction between many of these, the majority in the form of rondeaux, although Adieu ces bons vins de Lannoys strikes a note of poetic nostalgia that may arouse sympathy.

16. Dufay, Guillaume - Official Artist Page On ILike - Free Music, Pictures, Videos
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Dufay, Guillaume
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17. Medieval Era - Composers
The Medieval Era Composers Dufay, Guillaume (14001474) Guillaume Dufay composed music from the late Medieval era into the early Renaissance.
The Medieval Era
Dufay, Guillaume (1400-1474)
Guillaume Dufay composed music from the late Medieval era into the early Renaissance. He was born in the Duchy of Burgundy, which is today known as Cambrai, located in France. His birthplace was one of the major musical centers of the world. This area influenced many of the composers who lived during the Renaissance. Throughout his life, Dufay resided in many different Italian cities, which brought a high degree of worldliness to his music. The music of Dufay was very calm, soothing, and had direction and clear distinctions. This was in opposition to the typical music of the late Medieval era, which was often harsh and rhythmically complex. As time progressed, and musical norms started changing, so did the music of Guillaume Dufay. He began to explore the music of four voice vocal texture, which became a distinct Renaissance musical characteristic. He was one of the catalysts who helped Medieval music to move forward and transition into the Renaissance age.
de Vitry, Phillipe (1291-1361)

18. Michael Harris- Albums, Pictures – Naxos Classical Music.
Brief biographical sketch, comments on religious and secular music, caricature, and Naxos discography.

19. Dufay, Guillaume - Definition Of Dufay, Guillaume By The Free Online Dictionary,
Du fay (df, d -), Guillaume 1400?-1474. Flemish composer regarded as the first great composer of the Renaissance. He is particularly known for his Mass compositions., Guillaume

20. YouTube - Dufay, Guillaume - Adieu Ces Bons Vins De Lannoys
Rondeau (c. 1426) performed by the Gothic Voices (Dir, Christopher Page).

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